Regatta Week Summer Camp at Goombayland

Friday 19th July 2019  9:00 AM

GB Homecoming Regatta in Association with Goombayland presents Summer Camp Regatta Week July 15th - 19th | 9:00 - 3:00 | Fee: $50

Summer Camp Activities
Carboard Boat Building Challenge
Lessons on Sculling the Boat with Demonstration
Paint a Boat & Make Boat Hats
Boat Safety Movie About Sailing
Lesson on Sir Duward Knowles our Sailing Champion in Olympics
Sail The Made Boat At Regatta Site on Friday 19th

GB Homecoming Regatta Official Opening - Friday, July 19th - 7:00pm @ Smith's Point. For More Info 602-1022 or

Regatta Week Summer Camp at Goombayland

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