Spring Crafters Workshop & Masterclasses

Monday 18th March 2019  6:00 PM

Are you ready to do something new in 2019 for your business? Do you need a refresher or a boost? How about trying it again! Take a look at our Spring classes and get started! REGISTER TODAY!
For more information visit thecreativebusinesssstrategist.selz.com or call us at (242)466.9161.
10 industry focus, results oriented business skills classes focused on helping you the creative entrepreneur develop their handcrafted product into a world-class brand.
Your have to MAKE 2019 your year and as a business professional in the craft and creative markets the #1 way to get ahead is to educate yourself, brand products that you may stand out from the crowd and know how to get to your target audience.

Every one is not your market, it goes beyond Social media, and it means positioning yourself in front of the right people who are decision makers and influencers who wants your product.
The one's who get AHEAD are those who TAKE ACTION everyday!
Are you ready to take action?

Choose one or choose ALL!
- The Crafters Blueprint
- Pricing for A Profit
- Selling Your Crafts Wholesale
- Branding for Crafters
- Marketing and Sales for Crafters
- Start Selling Online
- Drive Traffic To Your Site
- Create An Irresistible Jewelry Brand
- Getting Into Magazines
- Designing with Canvas for Crafters

Spring Crafters Workshop & Masterclasses

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