Great Art + New Exhibitions at the NAGB

Thursday 13th September 2018  7:00 PM

September ushers in a new season of Bahamian visual brilliance. With the double opening of "Lavar Munroe: Son of the Soil" and "Potcake" exhibitions on Thursday, September 13th, fall is going to truly be a spirit lifter.

Son of sand and sea returns home

Son of sand and sea returns home

A decade of works come to the NAGB

With more than 50 works, the decade-long evolution of Lavar Munroe--a rising star in the contemporary arts world and native of The Bahamas--"Lavar Munroe: Son of The Soil" will be on display, beginning Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 7 p.m.

Then join us again at 7 p.m., on Friday, September 14th, to explore the method behind the mad practice of this incredible talent. The Artist Talk and Walk, featuring Munroe, will be a fantastic discussion we are sure you won't want to miss!

Lavar Munroe: Son of The Soil

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