Purpose Made Me Do It - Mission 300

Sunday 18th February 2018

"Purpose Made Me Do it" An Organization that is committed to helping people meet their best selves through the discovery of identity, purpose and wholeness. Under the umbrella of this organization we aim to host three charitable events each year. Last year we had the privilege of hosting a party for girls from the orphanage and underprivileged areas, with the help of companies and people that believed in the vision. The event was such a success it caught the attention of the Tribune Newspaper. After such an impact we have committed to making this event an annual expectation for our girls.

As we approach each New Year we aim to become as an Organization and expand our reach with teaming up with the best in their craft. In the year 2018 our goal is to tackle a new issue that are prevalent within the island of Nassau, Bahamas. Given the expected impact we?ve noted that we would need all hands-on board to achieve our goal for this project. Below I have taken the time to briefly explain this project and where you possibly can be of great assistance.

The Gideon project is a movement that was birthed from the ministry ?Purpose Made Me Do it?, based in the Bahamas. With social issues being at its peak, we understand that the approach to ministry must evolve in order to assist the needs of the world. There are so many people who are suffering; they feel forgotten and rejected because of their hardships. We are a small group of people that have decided to take action against the lack and needs in our Bahamian communities.
Project Gideon, a war strategy of sorts, is meant to overthrow the enemies of hunger, homelessness, and helplessness in our Bahamian communities. Similar to the Biblical war tale, we will launch a team of three-hundred volunteers into the streets, armed with the basic necessities that so many lack, like food, drinking water, warm clothing, and toiletries and love. We hope that while we bring help, we also bring joy, practical resources for aid, lasting community, shards of hope and healing to those who need it most. We aim to launch this initiative February 18th 2018 in on the Island of Nassau, Bahamas.
Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us @ www.purposemademedoit.org and purposemademedoit@gmail.com.

Purpose Made Me Do It - Mission 300

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