Cruise To The Cure 2011 - Nassau, Bahamas:

On Sunday, 18th of September, 2011 all participants will meet at the Kelly’s Home Centre entrance at the Mall of Marathon.

  1. Registration begins @ 9:00am.
  2. Complete your registration form.
  3. Submit your registration fee.
  4. Determine your rate of sponsorship per mile.
  5. You are now set to roll! The tour will leave the mall at 12:30pm.

The Friends of Distinction Riders Club (FODRC) and the Antique Auto Club of The Bahamas (AACB) have come together to present the second annual “Cruise to the Cure”.

Cancer is a disease that has touched most Bahamians in some form or another. Additionally, the incidence of terminal cancer cases in The Bahamas is alarming and unacceptably high. It is with this backdrop that the aforementioned entities (FODRC and AACB) have teamed up with the Cancer Society of The Bahamas to bring awareness to and assist in the fight against what is a largely curable disease.

In our CTTC 2011 campaign, we have decided to give primary focus on screening and awareness of cancer in men, specifically prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is stealing many of our brothers at the stage of their lives when they should function as an asset to their families and thereby the country as a whole. Simply put, by the time a man acknowledges pain associated with cancer, it is usually too late!


Cruise To The Cure - September 12th 2010 - Nassau, Bahamas

"Cruise to the CURE" is an event designed to bring national awareness to far reaching effects of Cancer in The Bahamas and to raise much needed funding to conduct research on the particular kinds of Cancer that has been found to affect Bahamians. Everyone seems to have or had a family member, close friend or colleague who's been lost to, or affected by this disease. Research conducted by the University of Miami in conjunction with a group of Bahamian medical doctors has identified a particular gene in Bahamian women which makes them more susceptible to the development of breast cancer and at a very early age when compared to similar cancers in women in other countries. There is also ongoing research into the prevalence of prostate cancer and its high existence among Bahamian men.

Therefore awareness is key. Early detection has proven to be a life saver for many. And, many have been lost needlessly due to the non-existence of the former in their lives.

Antique Auto Club of The Bahamas Cancer Society of The Bahamas Friends of Distinction Riders Club

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Contact details:

Persons needing additional information can contact:

Dwain A. Wallace
Nassau, The Bahamas
242 394 8950 or 242 394 8951 (office)
242 422 6779 (mobile)

Brendan Foulkes
CEO Hospitality Management Services
242 326 8881 (office)
242 357 7028 (mobile)

Route: Cruise To The Cure 2011

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More information to follow soon.

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How to donate:

Checks should be presented to the organizers in the name as captioned below. Cash, credit/debit card payments should be presented to the Cancer Society of The Bahamas in the name: "Cruise to the Cure/Cancer Society of The Bahamas."

Use of funding:

All funds will be used to promote Cancer Awareness and assist with and assist with cancer research specific to the Bahamas.

Dwayne Wallace:


Pastor Paul Scavella and Centreville SDA Church Family supports the "Cruise to the CURE" Centreville SDA Church - "The Church in the heart of the city, with the city in its heart"