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Track to be refurbished at original Thomas A. Robinson stadium

NASSAU, Bahamas -- On 29th November 2012, the National Sports Authority (NSA) signed a contract with Beynon Sports Company for the refurbishment of the original Thomas A. Robinson stadium. 
The track surface has deteriorated greatly due to the extensive use that the facility receives; the works which are expected to take two months to complete, will commence immediately. 
Upon completion of the upgrades, it is expected that the track will receive an appropriate certification from the IAAF, the governing body for athletics.  Further, the refurbishment coincides with preparations for the CARIFTA Track and Field Championship, which The Bahamas will host in March 2013. 
Pictured seated from left to right: Mr. John Beynon, Beynon Sports Co.; the Hon. Dr. Daniel Johnson, Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture; and Mr. Leroy Archer, Chairman NSA. Standing: Mr. Calvin Balfour, Actg. Permanent Secretary and Mr. Timothy Munnings, Director of Sports.

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The BAAA at 62: Changes in Bahamian and international athletics

When the Bahamas Amateur Athletic Association - now Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) - was founded on May 6 1952, the International Amateur Athletic Association - now International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) - was 40 years old. That was the year of the Helsinki Olympics that spurred the BAAA to seek ratification by the IAAF.
The BAAA's first president was Alfred Francis (AF) Adderley, who died a year later on his way from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. Helsinki was the second Olympic Games after the second World War; the preceding games were held in London in 1948.
London saw the initial participation of many countries from our region, including Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. They made their marks, and 66 years later we wonder just how athletics in the Olympic Games were without the Caribbean influence.
The BAAA sent its first team to an international competition in 1954 - the British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Vancouver. Sports journalist Cyril Richardson, the then president of the BAAA, was the manager of the team that included the late Irrington Isaacs - who was the first to compete, Leonard Dames, and Cyril Johnson.
They came home empty handed, not advancing out of their heats. Sixty years later it is unthinkable for a Bahamian team to return home empty handed. We have won a myriad of medals of all hues in the Olympic Games and world championships, not to mention the Commonwealth and Pan American Games, among other competitions.
On the second anniversary of the BAAA, May 6 in 1954, something happened that would change world athletics forever. On that day at Oxford University, Roger Bannister smashed the world record in the mile. He became the first person to break the four-minute barrier. His time was 3:59.4. Today, 60 years later, the record is 3:43.13, done in Rome on July 7 1999, by Moroccan Hicham El Guerrouj. That is 16 seconds in 47 years.
The Bahamas has hosted numerous regional and area events from the CARIFTA Games in 1976 to the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Senior Championships in 1985 and 2005, and the Pan American Track & Field Championships in 1984.
A few weeks after the 62nd anniversary of the BAAA, The Bahamas will host the inaugural IAAF World Relays in its 15,000-seat state of the art stadium named after track and field pioneer Thomas Augustus Robinson. He was the first Bahamian to make an Olympic track and field final - the 100 meters (m) at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
Much has changed in world athletics. In 1952, the Olympic Games were for amateurs. Today, there is much professionalism in the Olympic Games and other events.
In 1954, there were no world championships, World Indoor Championships, World Junior Championships or World Youth Championships. The changes in women's athletics have been unbelievable. Women did not run the 800m, the 400m hurdles, the steeplechase or the 4x400m relays. They did not participate in the triple jump, the pole vault or many other events.
Numerous athletic pioneers have passed, but at this time we remember A.F. Adderley, the first president of the BAAA; Thomas Augustus Robinson; Oscar Francis and Tom Grant, of the first relay team that participated in 1957 at the British West Indian Games. We think of Reverend Enoch Backford and the late Winston Cooper, under whose presidency the first CARIFTA Games was held. We recall the late Irrington Isaacs and the late Cyril Richardson, the second BAAA President and manager of the first Bahamian international team that participated in the British Empire and Commonwealth Games, respectively. We also remember Cyril Johnson, now aged 80, and Leonard Dames, now 85, who participated approximately 60 years ago in Vancouver.
We cannot forget the first international 4x400m relay team, which finished third in Kingston in 1957, comprised of Oscar Francis, Ulric Whyly, George Shannon, all deceased, and Hubert Dean who is now 80 years of age.
We also honor Dr. Gail North-Saunders, Elaine Thompson, Althea Rolle-Clarke and Christina Jones-Darville, who participated on the first women's 4x100m relay team at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in August of 1962. We cannot forget Sir Orville Turnquest - the only founding member still alive.
None of our successes could have happened without great leadership in the federation, dedicated coaches and officials, great fans and - of course - individuals and businesses who put financial resources into our program. We look forward to the next 10 years of Bahamian and international athletics and dream of where both national and world athletics will be.

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Tourism Chief: Latin America could grow to second largest tourism source

Nassau, Bahamas - Central and South America have the capacity to become the
Bahamas's second largest contributor to tourism arrivals, surpassed only by the
United States, Director General of Tourism David Johnson said Tuesday as the
College of the Bahamas graduated its first Spanish for the Tourism Workplace

College partnered with the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation and the Bahamas
Hotel Association to launch the course.
It was created due to the Bahamas' pursuit of additional Latin American
visitors and the start of regularly scheduled flights to Nassau from Panama
City by Copa Airlines...

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Teacher cadets encouraged to take note of best teaching practices

Teacher cadets were encouraged to take note of current best-teaching practices and the latest learning tools in education during the recent Future Teachers of The Bahamas National Conference.
The 140 cadets from public and private schools around the country were told by Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Jerome Fitzgerald that their presence in the Future Teachers Programme indicated that they were capable of applying their abilities to obtain excellent results. He encouraged them to prepare themselves well, so that they would be equipped to prepare for the country's 21st century students.
"Making the choice to enter the teaching profession is synonymous with making the choice to be a role model for students who will observe you daily," said Fitzgerald at the one-day conference that was held under the theme "Cultivating Educators of the Highest Quality".
Fitzgerald told the future teachers that they must see themselves in the vital role of nation builders whose work directly affects the national development of the country. And that they would be a part of the plan to transform education and assist with the reorganization required to prevent students from falling through the cracks.
"Teachers of the future, you will be charged with the task of equipping our students to succeed in an ever-changing global society. However, you will not be able to assist them if you are not prepared. We have a diverse student population, therefore, we must employ differentiated teaching methods. It is imperative that you take note of current best teaching practices and the latest learning tools in education.
Director of Youth Darren Turnquest, who spoke to the cadets about quality education being of a national imperative, told the future educators that teachers are called to a higher standard and must rise above the standard in order to engage and effect change in society.
"Ignite the fire that every student has within," he challenged. "Engage every student despite his or her challenges. Have an individual success plan to empower students to achieve their own success. Provide an enabling environment," he advised. He told the cadets that a positive classroom environment would yield positive results.
Future Teachers of The Bahamas Programme participant Philane Sargent, an 11th grade student at the C.R. Walker Senior School, said during the conference she learned that as an educator, she must be a mentor, teach with passion, think smart and think ahead.
McTair Grant, a 12th grade student at Eight Mile Rock Senior School in Grand Bahama, said being a part of the program opened his eyes to the reality of the teaching profession.
"I am now aware of the in-depth skill and professionalism that is involved in teaching," said Grant, who wants to obtain a post-secondary education degree in mathematics. "Students come to school to be mentored and even receive the parenting that they do not get at home," he said.
Teleos Christian School's 10th grade student, Princess McHardy, a 10th-grader at Teleos Christian School, said the program taught her that she should be a teacher of quality, and be there to help her students through their struggles and problems.
During the conference, the cadets participated in essay, speech, poster and logo competitions, which organizers hoped would inspire creative thought, foster positive contribution to the field of education and promote innovation that can be used in future classrooms amongst the cadets.
Doris Johnson Senior School won the logo competition.
Alexus Francis of Doris Johnson School took the poster competition; T'andria Wright of C.C. Sweeting Senior School finished second, with Brittany Deal of Doris Johnson School, third.
The essay competition was won by Queen's College student Alexia Major. Ashley McClain from St. John's College was second and Vincent King of Queen's College was third.
The speech competition was captured by Patiqua Rolle of Jordan Prince Williams School. Ashley McClain of St. John's College took the second place trophy and Shantelle Beneby of Jordan Prince Williams finished third.

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The FNM, the equality of women and the progressive cause

By royal mandate the House of Assembly was established in the Bahama Islands in 1729 during the governorship of Woodes Rogers.
The institution was intended for white men of means. Slaves, their descendants and women did not legally qualify to sit in the House. White men of lesser means were unable to sit by virtue of their lower economic standing.
The institution evolved over the centuries, becoming the centerpiece of Bahamian democracy representing the relative advancement and equality of various segments of society.
During the second and third decades of the last century, R.M. Bailey and the politicians C.C. Sweeting and S.C. McPherson formed a political group, the Ballot Party. McPherson, like Stephen Dillette, Walton Young and others before him, were among the first blacks elected to the House.
In the 1940s Dr. C.R. Walker, Bert Cambridge and Milo Butler engaged the struggle for racial equality, championing the cause as members of the House.
Still, the largely undemocratic nature of the assembly involved not only those eligible for election. It also concerned those "qualified" to vote. As noted by Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes in an independence address last year: "One had to be male to register to vote. One had to own or rent property of a certain value. One male could vote in every constituency in which he owned or rented property... A lawyer could cast a vote for each of the companies registered at his office."
The gross inequality of the system was overwhelmingly directed against blacks and women.
In her famous January 19, 1959 philippic and plea for female enfranchisement Dame Dr. Doris Johnson understood how difficult the road ahead was in the face of male intransigence.
She might not have fathomed then the resistance ahead by the men of the PLP in regard to gender equality well beyond voting rights.
She drummed in 1959: "This mobilization of our energies was called forth by the challenging statement issued by the Right Honorable Secretary of State Mr. Lennox-Boyd on 13th April 1958 that there was not sufficient interest on the part of Bahamian women for him to recommend the enfranchisement of women at that time.
"This statement by the secretary was issued despite the fact that a petition signed by more than 3,000 women had been presented to Mr. Lennox-Boyd by a delegation of women from the Suffrage Movement.
"To add insult to injury, Mr. Lennox-Boyd at the same time recommended the extension of the franchise to all males who have reached the age of 21. May we remind you that there has never been any demand from our husbands and sons to secure their rights, but these are freely recommended..."
Women secured the vote in time to participate in the 1962 general election. They would not secure a seat in the House for another two decades. It was not the Old Guard alone which stymied the election of women to the House.
Sadly, ironically, it was some in the New Guard in the PLP who failed in helping secure a woman a seat in the people's assembly.
It is unfathomable, unconscionable, that a PLP which raised eternal hell in dismantling the Old Guard's resistance to blacks attaining political power, failed to move heaven and earth to quickly get a woman elected to the centerpiece of Bahamian democracy.
From the inception of the PLP in 1953, and most certainly from the 1956 general election until 1987 - over 31 years - a Bahamian woman was never afforded nomination for a safe or winnable seat in the House by the party.
It was not until 1982, two and a half centuries after the establishment of the House, that a woman was elected to the chamber. It was the Free National Movement which shattered the glass ceiling, successfully running Janet Bostwick.
What makes the narrative more compelling is that the accomplishment came while the FNM was still in opposition and enjoyed a limited number of winnable seats. The party made a calculated gamble in the advancement of Bahamian women.
For decades prior, the PLP, which enjoyed a surplus of safe seats, refused to run a woman in any of those constituencies, though they nominated any number of men with limited intellectual capacity, poor character and a talent for corruption.
It seemed that the PLP preferred a dumb man over a smart woman. Even the brilliant Dame Doris was given a nomination for a seat in Eleuthera, which she stood no chance of winning.
Likewise the highly accomplished Mizpah Tertullien, who was nominated for the unwinnable Shirlea seat. The sexist pattern was to nominate women as tokens for seats the PLP could not win.
Bahamian women were integral to the success of the PLP in terms of votes, grassroots organizing, fundraising, branch development and other support. But apparently women were not good enough to sit among the men in the House.
Except for the brief period Dame Doris served in an early Cabinet of Sir Lynden Pindling, not a single other woman sat in the Cabinet of The Bahamas during the PLP's initial quarter of a century rule. Apparently, women were also not good enough to serve in Cabinet.
The election of Janet Bostwick was part of a broader progressive vision which became resident in the FNM after the departure of the Dissident Eight from the PLP.
That split came about for a number of reasons, including the abandonment of various progressive principles and ideas by Pindling's PLP. Among the eight were Warren Levarity and Arthur Foulkes, two of the leading architects of the PLP progressive advocacy group the National Committee for Positive Action.
Over the decades they were joined by other progressives including Edmund Moxey and Hubert Ingraham, whose record on gender equality is unmatched by any Bahamian prime minister.
With the FNM's 1992 victory three women were appointed to Cabinet posts with portfolio assignments in health, social services, national insurance, transport and the public service.
After a Cabinet shuffle during that term, women were appointed to portfolios dealing with education, foreign affairs and that of the attorney general.
The FNM irrevocably shattered many glass ceilings for women, including in the judiciary and Mount Fitzwilliam.
Following the 1997 election both the speaker of the House, Italia Johnson, and the president of the Senate, Lynn Holowesko, were female. A mid-term change of senators resulted in 50 percent of the Senate being female.
One of the few progressives remaining in what quickly became a reactionary cult of power around Sir Lynden Pindling was A.D. Hanna, who reportedly noted in recent years that it is the FNM which now appears as the more progressive of the two major parties.
With majority rule secured, the PLP largely abandoned women. At the 1972 Constitutional Conference the party opposed the right of automatic citizenship to children born outside The Bahamas of a non-Bahamian husband.
The issue was a significant matter of contention, with the FNM delegation arguing for full equality for women.
The FNM made another calculated gamble toward the advancement of women with the 2002 referendum, but the PLP, in a gross act of political expediency, campaigned against the equality amendment.
In office, the FNM dismantled institutionalized sexist policies and laws the PLP maintained for a quarter century.
The FNM required that male and female officers engaged in the public service be treated equally regardless of marital status.
It ended the practice whereby male public officers were routinely promoted over women and winning higher salaries because they were invariably seen as the principal "breadwinner".
The FNM abolished the dower and made surviving spouses, regardless of gender, heir to the matrimonial home. It abolished primogeniture.
Who sits at the table, whether in the House or in Cabinet, makes an enormous difference in terms of policies and attitudes generally and on matters relating to equality.
The next wave of equality is on the horizon. It will include not only more pro-family and gender equality policies. It will include also significantly more women at the heart of political decision-making.
Of historic moment this may include Loretta Butler-Turner, the granddaughter of Sir Milo Butler, a progressive with unimpeachable credentials.
Majority rule helped liberate some from their fears and prejudices. The greater involvement of women in elected office may do likewise. But perhaps more significantly she is Milo Butler's kin and an FNM, rooted in the progressive traditions of her grandfather and the party she now calls home.
Like the offspring of prominent PLP families, including those of the late Charles Maynard and Dr. Duane Sands, she decided to leave the PLP and join the more progressive FNM.
Butler-Turner is revealing herself as a champion of all Bahamians, whether black or white; gay or straight; rich, middle class or poor; PLP, FNM or DNA. And no matter whether male or female.
Gender remains a significant factor in political life. Still, today, the bulk of the electorate appears decidedly more motivated by a leader's vision and values. Decidedly less concerned as to whether a leader is addressed as Mr. or Madam.
The FNM may be on track to shatter the biggest glass ceiling yet.

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Two more companies seek oil licenses

The government is considering applications from two oil companies that are seeking exploration and production licenses to search for oil in waters north of Grand Bahama.
Bahamas Petroleum and Atlantic Petroleum have applied to the government for eight licenses for territory covering an area of around 5.4 million acres.
Minister of the Environment and Housing Kenred Dorsett and Bahamas Petroleum Company Limited (BPC), confirmed that the companies are separate and apart from any exploratory efforts being undertaken by BPC, which currently has five active exploratory licenses in the southern Bahamas, close to the border with Cuba.
Dorsett said that the government is now seeking public feedback on the proposed licenses, according to the law.
"We look at each applicant on its merits and make decisions based on each application, and I think that's what has historically been done. BPC are the only ones who have been issued a license, at present, but there are others who have, in this instance, made an application, but they've not been licensed. The law requires a process and the areas involved have to be gazetted."
Dorsett did not say whether the government is minded to approve the licenses.
Permanent Secretary Camille Johnson said that there is a "nexus" between the two companies, Atlantic Petroleum and Bahamas Petroleum, although it is unclear in what regard at this stage.
According to filings before the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in July 2010, a company called Offshore Petroleum Corp (OFC) listed companies called Atlantic Petroleum Limited and Bahamas Exploration Limited as subsidiaries.
While it is unclear if there is a connection between this subsidiary and Atlantic Petroleum, and if Bahamas Exploration Limited and Bahamas Petroleum Limited may, in fact, be one and the same, OFC said that its objective was to "explore and, if warranted, develop the area covered by eight licenses to be granted by the Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas".
The filings later stated that there was "no assurance the licenses will be granted".
"We will not list our shares on any exchange, or further pursue the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus forms a part, until the licenses are received," said OFC.
Guardian Business attempted to reach the company at the phone contact provided, but the number listed, for an office in Fort Lauderdale, was out of service.
The development comes as investors in BPC, which is listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, continue their efforts to identify a partner who will bring the capital needed to spud an exploratory well in Bahamian waters.
Such a well is necessary to test the results of the data gathered by the company so far, which it says indicate a significant possibility of a major oil find in Bahamian waters.
Last week, Guardian Business reported that BPC's share price has fallen to its lowest level since 2009, as investors questioned whether or not the company will be successful in its "farmout" efforts to find a company to partner with in the drilling initiative.

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The Gathering Of The Eagles
The Gathering Of The Eagles

Sunday 4th December 2011  7:00 PM

Global Village Group Presents The Gathering Of The Eagles Guest Speakers: Dr Elizabeth Hairston-Mcburrows PH.D. (From New Mexico) Dr Showalter Johnson (Nassau, Bahamas) Dates: November 30, 7pm December 1, 7pm December 2, 7pm December 4, 11AM & 7PM(11am With Dr Showalter Johnson, CEO of GVG) Global Village Group # 10 Island Lane, Sandyport plaza, Nassau, Bahamas Telephone:(242)327-6024

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The Bahamas settles for silver

It was a tale of two halves last night at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium, as The Bahamas' senior men's national basketball team looked totally clueless in the first half before storming all the way back in the second.

They fell behind by 23 points in the second quarter, and trailed 53-33 at the half, but gradually chipped away at the lead in the second half. In the end the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) proved to be too fundamentally sound though, as they held on for a 91-89 wire-to-wire win, taking the gold in this year's Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships.

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Theo Delon Babbs, 24
Theo Delon Babbs, 24

A funeral service for Theo Delon Babbs, 24, of Bel Air Estate, will be held at 10am on Saturday at St Francis Xaviers Cathedral in West Hill Street. Officiating will be Fr Glen Nixon. Interment will follow in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Tyler Street.
Left to mourn his passing are his son Theo Jr, Father: Roger Babbs; Brothers: Edroy Smith, Rodreko, Lathario and Domineko Babbs; Grandmother and Guardian: Merlene Miller; Aunts: Yvette Johnson, Natasha Weir, Fiona King, Melissa Miller, Gertrude Ward, Vivian Colebrooke and Betty Hepburn, Patricia Johnson & Helena Babbs; Uncles: Don Rahming, Jermaine Miller, Lynden Johnson, Keith King & Charles Babbs; Nephews: Lathario Jr., ...

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Team Bahamas gets trounced in opener

The first full 15-aside match was hard-hitting for the women's national rugby team which got a real taste of the sport, yesterday afternoon.

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Senior Sports Reporter

IT took the Island Luck Truckers two extra innings to avoid another major defeat as they got a grand slam home run from Jamal 'Sarge' Johnson in the top of the ninth inning.

The performance that came in the wee hours of Sunday morning helped to seal a dramatic 16-13 win over New Breed as the battle for the New Providence Softball Association men's pennant and playoff picture intensified.

Two days after losing a 9-8 walk-off decision to the Dorin United Hitmen in a rematch of last year's incomplete championship series, the Truckers denied New Breed the opportunity to clinch the pennant as they broke an 11-11 ...

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The Annual Heart Ball comes Feb 16: Embrace the Opportunity!

Nassau, Bahamas -

It's an
opportunity to get dressed up to the ninth, look your best, walk the fashion
run way and the dance the night away. It's an opportunity to win lots of
wonderful prizes, bid on pieces that are not ordinarily affordable, and have
funs with family and friends. It's an
opportunity to save a little heart while enjoying the company of that special
someone in your life. It's the Annual
Heart Ball.

Under the
theme, "Save a Little Heart.... Embrace the Opportunity", The Heart Ball
Committee will host The Annual Heart Ball.
This event will be held on Saturday, February 16, 2013 at Sheraton
Nassau Beach Resort. As guests enter the door to the reception are they will be
kissed by an angelic floral and fauna décor. The meal will be prepared by
Cacique Award winner, Chef Johnson...

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Third annual Andros Business Outlook set for May 15

Prime Minister Perry Christie will deliver the keynote address at the Third Annual Andros Business Outlook, which is scheduled to take place Tuesday, May 15.
The theme of the forum will be, "Charting a Course for Growth in Andros for 2014", in line with the focus of this year's business outlook on economic growth and development.
"We have been fortunate to secure the participation of Prime Minister Perry Christie to present the keynote address. He has been kind enough to present on the central theme of economic growth and development at the three business outlooks which have taken place so far this year. We have been further favored that the Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government V. Alfred Gray has agreed to give welcome remarks and introduce Mr. Christie," said Joan Albury, president, TCL Group, which organizes the business outlook series.
"In these symposia, insight into the government's thinking, plans and provisions regarding the development of the host community is essential. We are confident that this ministerial combination will provide enough access to stimulate valuable dialogue," she added.
"Appropriately, two people closely connected with Andros development will open the forum. I'm confident in saying that the presentations that fill the day will be dynamic and highly relevant to the Andros context, which means that they will be supremely relevant to the national development context."
She continued, "We have been successful in securing a generally distinguished slate of speakers. We are especially pleased in having Dr. Omer Thomas, who has distinguished himself internationally in a number of high profile posts in the field of food production, including agro-industrial development."
The Third Annual Andros Business Outlook will take place at Love at First Sight Hotel and Restaurant in Stafford Creek, Andros.
A preview of the agenda of the Andros Business Outlook shows that there will be a heavy concentration on agriculture, marine resources, forestry and finance.
The agriculture panel slated for the event will be comprised of individuals who are highly regarded in their specializations. These include Dr. Omer S. Lloyd Thomas, who has more than 32 years of experience in the planning, organization and management of agricultural research and development; Dr. Selima Campbell Hauber, a horticulturalist who has specialized in plant propagation through tissue culture and has won recognition for her skills in this field, and Bishop Caleb Evans of the Church of God of Prophecy, North Andros, a former member of the National Advisory Council for Agriculture.
Christopher Russell, director of forestry in the Ministry of the Environment, will bring to light the economic value of the extensive forests of Andros in a presentation entitled "Small Business Opportunities in the Forestry Sector for Andros". Russell has been intimately involved in the establishment of pilot forestry programs in Abaco and Andros. Also speaking is Lionel Johnson, dean of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences at The College of The Bahamas, who is noted for his commitment to the sustainability of The Bahamas' natural patrimony.
The afternoon session will be moderated by Veronica Owens, president of the North Andros Chamber of Commerce. A member of Parliament between 2002 and 2007, Owens has been significantly involved in cultural development in Andros. As the director of the Andros Cultural Heritage Trail, Owens requested technical assistance from the Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean and the Americas (FAVACA) to raise awareness of the historical significance of Andros, especially as regards Black Seminole settlement.
Owens will give an update from the North Andros Chamber of Commerce and introduce speaker Peter Douglas, manager of the Ministry of Tourism, Andros, whose topic is simply entitled "My Andros".
Peter Douglas, executive director of the Andros Conservancy and Trust (ANCAT), is recognized for his extensive involvement in the economic development of Andros and the protection of its natural heritage. The marine panel at the event will be comprised of a group of professionals recognized for their dedication to the promotion and protection of the marine bounty of the Bahamian archipelago: Dr. Vallierre Deleveaux, Prescott Smith and Eleanor Phillips.
Dr. Deleveaux, a marine biologist, currently serves as the director of marine science at the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute. Phillips, program director of the North Caribbean Program at The Nature Conservancy, has extensive knowledge of and involvement with the marine protected area (MPA) program of The Bahamas and her efforts have contributed much to the drive to establish MPAs. Smith is president of the Bahamas Sportfishing Conservation Association, which is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the natural resources of The Bahamas.
The final hour of Third Annual Andros Business Outlook will be dedicated to the finance panel, led by Michael Cunningham, who chairs Bahamas Entrepreneurial Venture Fund Ltd., which represents the government's major thrust in stimulating the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

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Bahamas Striping, the company founded from a $5,000 Self Starter grant, has completed its first car park striping training stage for four of its seven staff.

The four yesterday applied their new skills in striping the car park at the Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre.

The four, Tristan Johnson (22 years old), Romell Davis (18 years old), Patrick Smith (20 years old), and Darvin Brown (19 years old) have learnt how to clean surfaces, measure, lay out and striping.

Atario Mitchell, president of Bahamas Striping, said: "One of my staff had a criminal record for drug possession. During our interview he broke down and begged me to give him a try. He said: 'How can I get my life together an ...

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Tomal Kelson Stubbs, 31

Funeral Service for Tomal Kelson Stubbs, age 31 years, of Springfield, Fox Dale, will be held on Saturday December 3rd, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at Ebenezer Mission Baptist Church, St. Charles Vincent Street. Officiating will be Bishop Elkin Symonette, assisted by Rev. Michael Symonette. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Solider Road.
Left to cherish his precious memories are: his parents: Rev. Zendel and Sandra Stubbs; three brothers: Judson, Zendel Jr. and Jabari; his fiancé: Aisha Brown; nineteen aunts: Mary Canter, Sherry Baptiste,  Elizabeth Cartalla, Michelle, Fredricka and Lorna Glinton, Barbara McDougal, Evan, Yvonne Stubbs-Rolle, Nicole and Nadia Rolle, Denice Stubbs-Lewis, Manette Stubbs-Darling, Michelle Deveaux, Margaret, Arlina and Tatianna Stubbs, Beulah Hart and Shena Mortimore; fourteen uncles: Min. Patrick Glinton, Fred, Anthony and Lionel Glinton, Joseph Canter, Ruben, Perry and Geno Stubbs, Jeffrey McDougal, Geoffrey Stubbs-Deveaux, Darrel and Dhann Rolle, Kemuel Lewis and Phillip Knowles; nine grand aunts: Francina Cleare, Pamela, Precina, Claudine and Ruth Stubbs, Leah and Nora Rolle, Joyce McClean, and Leatha Brown; eight grand uncles: Rev. Freddie, Rev. JJ., Abraham and Jerry Stubbs, Cornelius Ambrose, Roosevelt Cleare, Leviticus Rolle and Alexander Newbold; nine great grand aunts: Jenny Smith, Florence Moultrie, Barbara Pitt, Icelyn Rolle, Lenora Stubbs, Rosabell, Maudline and Jessimae King and Dorothy Burns; numerous cousins including: Javado Thompson, Jameko Ferguson, Michael, Valentino, Melissa, Lamar, Ashton, Ashley, Sochia, Cedranique,  Tyler, Manesha, Daniella, Daniel, Kyle, Geran, Daria, Gere, Tavashio, Orval, Giovanni, Candia, Astra, Enoch, Mark Stubbs and Ruben Stubbs of Atlanta, Cpl 2052 Anton Hamilton, Cpl 2382 Jeffery Canter, Con.142 Monalisa Woodside, Ellen Archer, Helton and Anika Adderley, Sharon, William, Corrie, Athyma and Andrew Smith, Calvin Brown, Rosemary and Kirkland Glinton, Estelle, Danny, David, Nelson and Shirley King, Rena Wilson, Devon Daley, Owen Williams, Geno Forbes, Ronald and Kitonia Walcott, Kishanique Watson, Shantell, Geno, Geno Jr., Genniqqiah Forbes, Shaquille Moss, Tameka Clarke, Norma Brown, Barbara, Trevor, Demetrius, Valerie, Tanya, Deidre, Ingrid and Prescott Cleare, Doyle Gaitor, Joey, Ellis, Oral, Bobby, Teresa, Debbie, Christina, Mona, Donnie and Brian Ambrose, Keva Romer, Patricka Glinton, Stanley Pitt, Suziemae Dorsette and Leonard Smith of the R.B.D.F., three god parents: Fred Glinton, Noel Dale, Dorethia Bain; other relatives and friends including: Malfred Collie, Paula Crawley, Xavier Cartwright, Vado Major and family, Jakeil Cartwright, Annette Williams and family, Atlantis Laundry Choir, Drexel Newbold and family, Rakeish Major and family, Orie Godet and family, Ellen and Obie Archer, Ervin Moxey, Elcina Knowles, Dorcas Johnson, Elsiemae Stubbs, Alfred and Cindy, Willimae Pratt, Olgamae Meadows, Coralmae, Wendamae, Junior, Nat, Michael, Josey, Philip, Charles Stubbs, Rev Abraham Colebrook, Byron Missick, Karen Missick, Lloyd, Phillipa, Glen, Helena, Bridget, Shanette, Candi Rolle, Denise, Dennis, Bradley Rolle, Ingrid Gibson, Lana Knowles, Jennifer Braynan, Fr. Dwight Rolle, Janis Rolle, Marilyn Taylor, Leroy, Joanna, Bernadette, Diane Rolle, Ambri Close family, Springfield Road family, Charles Strachan, Judy Strachan, Munroe, Mr. Bobby Glinton and family, Canterbury Park family, the Adderely, the Curry, the Brown, Lewis, Bethel and Robinson families, Sidney Deveaux and family, and the Management and Staff of Atlantis Laundry Department.
Friends may pay their last respects at Butlers' Funeral Homes & Crematorium, Ernest and York Streets on Friday December 2nd, 2011, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:30 p.m. and at the church on Saturday December 3rd, 2011 from 9:30 a.m. until service time.

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The Five-Year Engagement
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance
  • Rating : C - 18yrs and Older

A comedy that charts the ups and downs of an engaged couple's relationship....

News Article
Two men charged with possessing 526 pounds of marijuana

Two men were arraigned yesterday in a magistrate's court on drug possession charges in connection with the seizure of 526 pounds of marijuana in New Providence last month.
Raleigh Seymour, 39, of Alexandria Road and Edmar Donavon Johnson, 34, of Leeward Isles Way, Sunshine Park, pleaded not guilty to the charge of possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply. They were arraigned before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell.
Police seized the marijuana on November 10 at a Cowpen Road residence.
The pair was denied bail and remanded to Her Majesty's Prison. Police said the drugs have a street value of $526,000.
A third man was arraigned two weeks ago in connection with the same ...

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News Article


Tribune Features Reporter

THE HARD working and caring Eliza Elizabeth Johnson may not be here in body, but she is definitely with her eight grandchildren in spirit.

Eliza enjoyed the little things in life, said Venteria Johnson, while remembering her grandmother. Whether it was spending time with the neighbourhood kids or taking care of her community church, Ms Johnson said her "ma" was dedicated to it. Most of all, she enjoyed making her famous sweet pineapple tarts, Ms Johnson said.

It was in the farms of Bluff, Eleuthera, where Eliza spent her time with her husband enjoying the sunny days and working as hard as she could. Ms Johnson said some of her most memorabl ...

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