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Joseph John Tynes, 39

Funeral service for Joseph John Tynes, 39, and a resident of Fire Trail Road will be held 11.00a.m. Saturday, October 30th 2010 at St Joseph' Catholic Church, Boyd Road. Officiating: Rev. Fr Martin Gomes, SS.CC. Interment will be made in the Church, Cemetery, Boyd Road.

Cherished memories are his mother Ms Barbara Tynes, 2 children Tyreik and Nyla Tynes, 2 sisters Rose Tynes-Johnson and Agnes Tynes-Stubbs, 2 brothers Paul & Patrick Tynes, 3 Aunts Ruby Murdoch-Hill, Jacqueline Pitman and Ruby Ferguson, 4 nieces Darice Hanna, Brittani Johnson, Alphese Stubbs, Shetara Bain, 3 nephews Terron Campbell, Calvin, Nikolas Tynes, 1 sister in law Monique Tynes, Godmothers Carnetta ...

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Johnson's solid Hall of Fame credentials

This space for the past two days has highlighted the cricket outlook of Ivan Johnson. The noted editor of The Punch is without a doubt also one of our sporting legends. During the early 1970s, as a young journalist, just elevated to the Sports Editor's position at this newspaper, I received a communication from Ivan Johnson.
He informed of his United Kingdom activities in cricket. There is no doubt that he paid his dues as the pioneer Bahamian cricket performer on one of the sport's greatest stage. However, while his contribution to our sporting history compares favorably with the best of the best Bahamians, he has never really gotten the credit deserved for his exploits.
We have a National Hall of Fame and while I take no issue with any one so honored, the truth is that a number of them pale in comparison to what Johnson has achieved.
Yet he has not been inducted into our National Hall of Fame.
Let's take a look at Ivan Johnson's cricket background.
As pointed out in the two preceding columns, he is the only Bahamian to play Test and International Level Cricket. An all-rounder, he was a member of England's Worcestershire County Club from 1972 to 1975.
A slow left-arm orthodox spin bowler, Johnson played for Young England versus Young West Indies in a tour of the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Antigua, Nevis, Barbados, St. Vincent, Trinidad and Guyana in the summer of 1972. Johnson topped the batting averages for Young England on that tour, scoring a century and a 70 in Jamaica and an 80 in Barbados.
While at Worcestershire, Johnson played on Worcestershire County Championship winning sides of 1973 and 1974. At Worcestershire Johnson played with Ron Headley (son of the late great Jamaican/West Indies batsman George Headley), Basil D'Oliveira of South Africa and England, Imran Khan of Pakistan, Glenn Turner of New Zealand, Vanburn Holder of the West Indies and Norman Gifford of England.
That's pretty healthy company for the Bahamian lad indeed.
Johnson played in the Worcestershire versus Kent Benson & Hedges Cup Final of 1973 at Lord's Cricket Ground, the recognized home of world cricket.  The Cup Final was played in front of a capacity of 35,000 fans and was televised live in Britain.
The Bahamian cricket pacesetter has the distinction of scoring a half-century at Lord's for Worcestershire in a country game against Middlesex. Ivan made his first-class debut at the age of 18 in 1972 against Warwickshire, a team that boasted two great West Indies players, Rohan Kanhjai and Lance Gibbs.
Johnson quit cricket when he was not yet 23, to major in journalism in London. His highest first-class score was 69 and his best bowling was 5-32. He also played at Worcestershire against the icon Sir Gary Sobers who was captain of Nottinghamshire at the time. In one game against Nottinghasshire, Johnson hit the last ball of the game off bowler Sobers for four to win the match.
Other Bahamians who traveled to England, knew of Johnson's career and have told him often, he informs, of how they watched him play. One such was the late, revered minister of the Gospel, Archdeacon William Thompson.
Yes, there are those who like me, can vouch his for his credentials.
The man belongs in the National Hall of Fame.
It is a travesty that he has not yet been inducted.
(To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Jeff Williams' softball history overview, pt. 2

The history of softball in The Bahamas is convoluted. This is the case in our society with just about every aspect. Softball's history has been difficult for players and supporters to follow. Particularly for those who have become associated with softball in recent decades, the information gotten has been somewhat twisted, depending upon the provider.

For instance, there has been very little documented about the old Garfunkel League and the switch to the night league at John. F. Kennedy Drive Park. In each case, the eras were exciting and noteworthy.

Unfortunately for the full story to be told, a lot of research will now be necessary. Accordingly, every bit of history documented, becomes more important as time goes by.

That's why I was so interested in reviewing material on the nation's softball history provided by sports historian Jeff Williams. What he has done is bring to light several dimensions of the game, important chapters, unknown by most and forgotten by many.

In the first part of this series, the focus was on the establishment of the Bahamas Inter-company Departmental Softball Association (BIDSA). Today, the series concludes with the role played by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Softball team of the 1960s and the relationship to Eleuthera softball. Williams calls that element, the "missing link" to softball history in The Bahamas.

Completing the history of the BIDSA's development, Williams informed that while Richard David Thompson was the first president, largely, he as secretary and Treasurer Percy Hanna did much of the administrative work.

"At the start, we had our growing pains. The league was mostly recreational. After Whitfield 'Sheddie' Mortimer won the first two batting titles, there was a certain centerfielder from Navios Corporation, who also won two batting titles (reputedly without ever getting the ball out of the infield)," informed Williams.

This was the culture until 1963, when non-employees were allowed into the system. The competition got more serious and statistics became more of a focus. On board to replace founding president Thompson was Godfrey Pinder.

The BIDSA for a goodly number of years flourished before fading from the scene during the mid-1970s.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church team was another entity that made a significant contribution to the history of softball, before breaking up for varying reasons.

Williams said: "The next missing link was the Sacred Heart Catholic Church Softball Team. This team called the Eastern Parade its home. There were some outstanding players in the mix, such as the great pitcher, Charlie Mortimer (son of Whitfield, who was one of the team's patriarchs), George Johnson, Ed Knowles, Winston Gee Rolle, Harold Forbes, Daryl Johnson, Livingston Munroe, Godfrey Butler and Roscoe Rox. Other mainstays included Anthony Carey, Ronald Stubbs, Clifton Johnson, Spence Lynes, Dencil Johnson, Vincent Mortimer, Paul Greene, Anthony Capron, Michael Symonette and (a very young future media figure) Fred Sturrup. Several others from this special era of softball have slipped under the radar. I don't quite remember them.

"The interesting thing about this Catholic team was the link to Eleuthera," informed Williams.
This came about because of the close connection to Eleuthera of players Butler, Carey and Dencil Johnson. Sacred Heart arranged to play against the Governor's Harbour Hustlers. The team went to Eleuthera and then entertained the famed Hustlers in New Providence.
The Hustlers would become a noted franchise, well respected by the softball fraternity in New Providence. The Sacred Heart Team however was that initial link.

"A few years later, the Eleuthera players made all-star appearances at the Southern Recreation Grounds. I remember well that first game. As a leadoff batter, I promptly bunted my way on and watched Sonny Haven and Julian Glover strike out on six pitches. Against the wishes of our manager Russell Franks, I stole second base. To my dismay though, after completing my slide the shortstop put a late tag on me and the umpire (from Eleuthera) screamed 'EEEEEEE'SSSS Out!' Our inning ended and an unforgiving Franks benched the only player to put a bat on one of Glen 'the Master' Griffin's risers," Williams recalled.

Eleuthera remained a staple part of the nation's softball diet for quite a few more decades.

"Sometime between 1962 and 1963, David 'Billy' Mycklewhyte invited a group including Rodney Brennan, Preston Stuart (The Tribune) and me to Governor's Habour to form the Eleuthera Softball Association. The truth be told, Eleuthera and San Salvador were a good ways ahead of the rest of the Bahamas' Out Islands because the Americans at the U.S. bases were softball experts who taught the locals the fine art of pitching. Even today, Eleuthera is still eons ahead in pitching talent.

Some of the outstanding national players of that era were (not necessarily in order) Foster Bethel and Charles Moss of Bahamas Gas, Sonny Haven and Russell Franks of Batelco, Willie 'Zack' Patton of Customs, Harry Miller of the Ministry of Works, Whitfield Mortimer of Nassau Bottling and Francis Cancino and Ed Knowles of the Amoury Company.

o End of series. To respond to this sports feature, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Jennie Johnson-Williams, 80
Jennie Johnson-Williams, 80

The funeral service for Jennie Johnson-Williams, 80, of Johnson Road, Fox Hill and formerly of Crossing Rock, Abaco, will be held at 11am on Saturday, January 8, at the Church of God in Bernard Road.
Officiating will be Rev Julia Bain, assisted by Ministers of the Gospel. Interment will be held at Fox Hill Cemetery in Fox Hill Road.
Left to cherish her memory are her husband, Israel Williams; four daughters: Claudia Johnson of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Charlotte Newchurch, and Gertrude and Naomi Johnson; one sister, Louise Saunders; one aunt, Mureal Russell; one son-in-law, Nathan Newchurch; three step-daughters: Gloria Russell, Betty McKinney and Deaconess Carolyn Bain; six step-sons: Elder David Willi ...

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Joanna Hepburn, 50

Funeral Service for Joanna Hepburn, 50, of Hillside Estates and formerly of Green Castle, Eleuthera who died on January 5th 2012 will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. at Robinson Morris Chapel AME, Ridgeland Park, West. Officiating will be Pastor Howard F. Williamson, assisted by Rev. Thelma Williamson. Interment will be made in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

She is survived by 1 daughter: Woman Police Corporal 327 Aramantha Hepburn; 2 sons: Emile and Jomas Hepburn; 7 adopted daughters: Monique Mackey, Brendera and Shanara Johnson, Sharene Kelly, Regina Hanna, Ester Daxon and Marline Louis; 2 adopted sons: T’Shon Collins and Justin Johnson; 3 sisters: Vera Mae Davis, Arabella Nix ...

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Joseph Millard Woodside, 83

Joseph Millard Woodside age 83 years of #12 Hibiscus Ave and formerly of Sweetings Cay, Grand Bahama died at his residence on Tuesday April 24th, 2012. 

He is predeceased by his wife: Monica Woodside and daughter: Rosette Woodside-Benoit.
He is survived by his children: Judith Woodside-Scavella, Linda Woodside-Major, Melony Woodside, Carol Woodside-Phillips, Joanne Woodside-Powell, Joseph Woodside Jr., Dawn Johnson and Dianne Wooside; sisters: Zelma Wood and Theresa Poiter; grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews and numerous relatives and friends.

Funeral Announcements will be announced at a later date.

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Johnson's promising boxing career stalls

Four years ago, Taureano Johnson was at the height of his amateur boxing career. At 24, he had just completed representing his country in quality fashion at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
However, a promising career would stall just two years later, with Johnson campaigning as a professional. In Beijing, Johnson did not win a medal, but he ended up being ranked the No. 5 amateur welterweight in the world. Johnson had made a nation proud. He was fabulous in the three bouts he engaged in. He totally outclassed Grenadian Rolande Moses in his first round match to advance for a meeting with the tough Olexandr Stretskyy of the Ukraine.
In this bout he was at this best. My view is that he was never better before and certainly not since. Stretskyy was tough and game, but the Bahamian had too much going for him. The result was never in doubt and Johnson moved on to the next round against Chinese national hero Hanati Silamu.
With the mighty hometown element in his favor, the tough Silamu got the points win, but in losing the decision, Johnson impressed the boxing world. His market value was solid. He had a number of options. He was approached by a number of professional-interest individuals.
There was though, the one very good option that I spoke to him about after his bout with Silamu. On the bus going back to the Olympic Village, I pointed out to the Bahamian sports elite that the offers for him to turn pro would come, but he had the great choice also of remaining an amateur.
That way, he would most likely retain his government subvention for the rest of his amateur career, enjoy traveling around the world, competing and representing the land of his birth. Also, the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) had made a decision to begin tournaments that would offer good purses for the top performers.
The first of these was scheduled for the Soviet Union in 2009. Most emphatically, I told the young boxer that as an amateur, all his expenses were paid but as a pro, he would have to assume full responsibility for his camp, airline tickets, training and medical costs, etc. He shook his head, in apparent awareness of the position he was in. As an amateur, his reputation was sky-high. As a professional, he would be starting all over again because he did not have a medal to boost his initial professional market rate.
Well, he opted to turn professional. He's has gone through management difficulties and his career stalled in 2010. He did not fight for a year and a half. He finally now seems to have picked up his career again. He won a fight in January to push his record to 5-0. However, Johnson is 28. The window of success is closing, rather rapidly.
I've painted this picture because Johnson has been a truly marvelous sports ambassador for his country. Perhaps, he will still hit a positive stretch that will take him into regional and then world title prominence. Then again, perhaps he would have been better off, staying on in the amateur ranks as one of the very best welterweights in the world. Athletes are thus advised always to seek to make the best choices for the future as competitors.
Best wishes to Taureano, but one has to wonder about what other high-level performances he might have had during the past four years if he had decided to maintain his amateur status.
To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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John Arthur Dames, 45

Funeral service for John Arthur Dames, 45, a resident of Fritz Lane, who died on 12th January, 2012, will be held at Evangelistic Pentacostal Church, Garden Hills, on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Officiating will be Bishop Stanley M. Seymour, assisted by Rev. Stanley W. Seymour. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Cherishing his fond memories are his Wife: Chantel Dames; Father: Henry Dames Sr.; Mother: Alice Chipman Dames; Children: Johntashia Dames, John Dames Jr., Tashara Dames; Sisters: Sophia Dames, Alexis Hepburn, Shamekia Dames; Brothers: Ryan Dames Sr., Henry Dames Jr., Churton Dames, Mark Dames; Nephews: Kevin Butler Jr., Onasis Johnson, Ryan Dames Jr., Kerlin "Ching" King ...

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Johnson impressed with sprint progress

Kevin Johnson knows a lot about sprinting. He happens to be arguably the greatest high school track star in the country’s history.
As a 16-year-old star at Attucks High in Miami, Florida, he ran 9.6 for the 100-yards dash. The Florida newspapers raved about the amazing Bahamian sprinter.
He returned home while still at Attucks and outclassed the veteran Tom Grant in a highly anticipated 200 meters (m) encounter. It was the feature event of the day at the St. Augustine’s College track.
The gun sounded and they were off. There was Grant, who is known also as Berutti (after the Italian speedster Livio Berutti who ran with dark prescription glasses), and ‘The Bird’ ...

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John Gordon Sr., 86

Funeral service for John Gordon Sr., 86 yrs., a resident of Eneas Street off Meadow Lane & formerly of the Cove, Cat Island, who died on 28th December, 2011, wiill be held at Transfiguration Baptist Church, Market & Vesey Streets, on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Stephen E. Thompson & Rev. Dr. Garnet King, assisted by REv. Basil Johnson & Rev. Dr. C.B. Moss. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his daughters: Patricia Bowe, Nurse Eva Mae Gordon, Pandora & Eula Mae Gordon & Deborah Gordon Noncent; sons: John Jr., Franklyn, Jerry & Patrick Gordon; grandchildren: Ricardo & Gail Bowe, Ian & Tamara Cargill, Trevor & Kay Munnings, Ava Cargill, Shamone, Kenneth, shamese, Tameka & Konica Rolle, Cameron, Insa, Jerome & Kenny Gordon,Stephen & Indira Facey, Kevin & Malika Sands, Dr. Anwar Hanna, Sean & Lakesia Gordon, Antonio & Lakeisia Simmons, Ashley Noncent, Gina, Carolyn, Jermaine, James, Vashti, Alexanda, Kevin, Johnell, Demien & Jerry Gordon; great grand children: Donita & Adiron Brown, Jesse, Jamaine, Jerrinque, Nicole, Shamnise & Giovanna Gordon, Renique McKenzie, James, Jermaine & Jemia Gordon, Rikkie Bowe, Ian Cargill Jr., Tia Cargill, Kierra Dean, Samuel & Abigail Facey, Cameo, Shakeem, Sharel, Shervin, Shannon, Shawn, & Shamarco Rolle, Larry Saingilus Jr., Kevin Johnathan Sands & Jahdesha; great great grandchild: Dwight Smith; sisters & spouses: Vernice & Ephriam Nottage, Hazel Hepburn, Ruby Thurston; in-laws: Ruby Gordon, Daisy Rahming, Alphonso & Manekabelle Canter, Hanzel Rahming of Perrine, Fl, & Jerry Rolle; nieces & nephews: Cynthia & Sydney Bowe, Lilly Clarke, Rebecca Watson, Ben & Rodrick Smith, Floyd, Randy, Jerome, Deyonne & Vernon Thurston, Rochelle Forbes, Erma Jones, Beverley, Althamae, Jennifer, Carolyn, Rodney, Dereck & Racquel Hepburn, Geletha, Ruthmae, James, Trevor & Orthnel Thurston, Andrew & Sandra Rolle, Fred, Angie, Renee & Vernitta Brown, Eugene & Beverley Nairn, Charles Hepburn, Max, Elenor, Yonnie, Patricia, Neil & Pat Holbert, Phillip, Linda, Fiona, Debbie, Terry, John, Errison,& Keith Gordon, Wendal Ramsey, Freddie Major, Clarence, Dr. Elliston Rahming, Charles, Lennis, Malfreth & Retired Police Sargent Ernest Rahming, Mr. & Mrs. Lion Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Samuel Duncombe, Esther Rahming, Geraldine & Eloise Rolle, Coralee Young, Alphonso, Berkley, Emeritta, Eunamae & Susiemae Canter, Janetta Pratt, Leonard & Kendal Rahming, Ettamae McKenzie, Eulamae Hall, Cedric, Thaddeaus, Elijah, Sidney, Pricilla & Betty Rahming, Rosetta Gibson & Ivy Rolle; numerous other relatives & friends including: Rev. Dr. Stephen Thompson & family, Rev. Dr. Garnet King & family, Rev. Dr. C.B. Moss & family, Deacon Maxwell Stubbs & family, Edna Mackey & family, Mrs. Francis Ladee & family, Alice Moncur & family, Freda Holbert & family, Mr. Oliver & family, Constance Hall, Mitch & WIllamae Bowleg & family, Janet Lundy & family, Donna Morris & family, Rosmond Cartwright & family, Louise Hanna & family, Ethlyn Arnette & family, Claudette Young & family, Leonard Young, Edna Russell, Val Johnson, Mildred Treco, Pedro Neely & family, Charlene Rahming & family, Patricia Johnson & family, Nathalie Hutchinson & family, Patricia Gilbert, Carman Jones & family, Tsia Bethel, Mel Johnson, the Armbrister, Coakley family, Raymond Bain, Dr. Elwood Donaldson, Evelyn Gibson & family, Edna Glinton & family, Ernestine Colebrooke & family, Jan Bowleg & family, Princess Brown & family, the doctors & nurses of A & E, Male Medical I & the main Operating Theatre, Ministry of Works, Bahamas Taxi Cab Union, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the community of Eneas Lane, Bain Town, the Gaitor, Wallace, Hepburn, Moncur, Seymour, Brown, Ramsey families of Cat Island & others too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday from 9-12:00 noon & at the church from 1:00 p.m. until service time.

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Jackson Burnside Conversations on Culture

Thursday 26th January 2012  6:00 PM

Jan 26 Jackson Burnside Conversations on Culture Doongalik Studios Art Gallery with Carter Marketing and The Endowment for the Performing Arts hold a series of conversations at the Doongalik Studios Art Gallery. The first conversation is on Jan 19 from 6 pm to 9 pm, featuring Robert Bain, Lawrence Carroll, Roderick Johnson and Mervin Smith, discussing Why is it okay for men to wear a skirt on Bay Street but not to take a dance class? The 2nd conversation is on Thurs Jan 26 about Shirley Hall Bass with Dr. Keith Wisdom. Located on Village Rd. T: 394-1886. E:

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Janice Andrea Ferguson

Funeral Service for Janice Andrea Ferguson, 40, Resident of Ivy K. Close, Off McKinney Drive, will be held on Saturday, January 14th 2012, at 11am, at Blue Hill Gospel Chapel, Blue Hill Road, Officiating will be Pastor Ron Shearer, assisted by other ministers of the gospel, Cremation will Follow.

Her memories will forever live in the hearts of her daughter, Eugenia Janae, grandson, Jovon Woodside, mother, Sheva Johnson, stepfather, Lionel Johnson, (6) six sisters, Diana Johnson, Princess Jones, Anna Ferguson-Pierre, Arnette, Kara & Chantell Ferguson, (4) four brothers, Pastor Eric Dawkins of Cosesco Mississippi, Andrew, Edward & Prince Ferguson Jr., sister-in-law, Pauline Dawkins Of Co ...

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Jacquelyn Shirla Culmer Jackie, 49

Funeral Service for the late Jacquelyn Shirla Culmer affectionately called "Jackie" age 49 years of Millennium Gardens and formerly of Arthur's Town, Cat Island will be held on Sunday April 29th, 2012 at 2:00pm at Christ the King Parish Church, Ridgeland Park, West. Officiating will be Rev. Canon Curtis Robinson assisted by Archdeacon Ranfurly Brown, Father Sebastian Campbell and Father Bradley Miller. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
 Her memories will forever linger in the hearts of her children: Lithera, Mrs. Floydena Rolle, Jermaine; son-in-law: Deangelo Rolle; Adopted Mother: Martha Sands; Fiancé: ASP Gregory Johnson; Three Grandchildren: Denielle, Kaymark Jr., and Deangelo Jr. Brothers:  Kenton Thurston, Russell Franks Richard, Dr. Kirtland Dr. Leslie, Addison, R.H. Jr., Sandford, Winston Sr. Kendal, George, Vincent, Stuart, Eardley, Edwin, Raymond and Llewelyn; Sisters: Mrs. Velma Johnson  Mrs. Grace Russell, Ann, Jan, Vernell, Patricia, Pauline, Adina, Edwina, Mavis, Ethlyn, and Ingrid; sister-in-law: Patricia, Rachel,  Beverley, Iris,  Mary, Sylvia, Evalyn, Karen, Mona, Bonaventure, Darlene, Coralese; brothers-in-law: Michael, Alvin; Nieces and Nephews: Kenrico, Kendreka, Alvin Jr., Christopher, Aydan, Rickend, Ashtin, Lauren, Gabrielle, Kenton Jr., Eric, Trevor, Winston Jr., Monique, Dr. Dawn, Dennis, Denise Culmer, Denise Hafidh, Desiree, Tamika, Lynell, Sarah, Janet, Angela, Adina, Dr. Rusanne, Nicole, Lisa, Cheryl, Monique, Dr. Dawn, Cara, Ebony, Sanique, Anishka, Que, Janur, Gill, Rhumer, Jhanell, Christi, Aioki, Hedda, Lisa, Arlene, Ellen, Gigi, Brittney, Nadia, Antonia, Courtney, Leslie, Donielle, Kristianne, Vaughn, Quentin, Ken, James, Raymond, Jason, Jabbah, Kevin, Kirtland II, Andrew, Jules, Allison, Kyle, Christophe, Dwan, Alejandro, Ray Jr., Jackson, Croix, Cruz, H. Campbell III, Robin, Troy, LaRon, Rashad, Brian, Mark; nieces in-laws: Janea, Marrissa; Three Grandnieces: Kenece, Kenria, and Shamare. One Grandnephew: Blake; Aunts and Uncles: Elijah, James, Cleophas, Emily, Sheba, Albena, and Roselda Moxey, Jack Franks; aunt and uncle-in-laws: Leah, Maeoni, Shari, and Allworth; Cousins: Paul, Cozetta, Vincent, Kemuel, Lyndon, Patrice, Georgina, Rose, Richard, Hubert, Michael, Daphane, Donna, Brian, Prescott, Melainie, Ian, Melverne, Sandra, Morlan, Nigel, Mandell, Alcindor, Alphanette, Sherry, Nolan, Kingsley, Hugo, Tanya, Sharlene, Marvin, Stanley, Tara, Carla, Hazel, Michael, Christa, Terrance, Cloyd, Pearl, Sherdon, Anya, Anton, Ramon, Roland, Earl, Cheryl, Daria, James, Raquel, Kenya, Jamaal, Jerome, Jeremy, Jaleel, Jammie, Dario, George, Zona, Sidney, Edna, Fritz, Augusta, Claudia, Clarri, Betty, Carmen, Jose, John, Cleophas, Rhoda, Suzanne Numerous Relatives and Friends including: George Thurston, Cannon Robinson, Father Eldon, Father I. Ranfurly Brown, Father S. Sebastion Campbell, The members of Christ the King Anglican Church,  Derek Edgecombe, Debbie Edgecombe, Carla and Roy Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia, Patricia, The Hon. Dr. Bernard Nottage, Vicky, Julie, Enadell Lundy and family, Floyd Walker, The Hon. Tommy Turnquest, Michelle, DaRhen, Michelle Ifill, Lisa, Tamali, Dencil Lewis, The Sands Family, The Eneas Family, Garnelle Gregory, Liz McKenzie and Family, Beverly Maura, Suline Smith, Mr. Basil Dean and Family, The Department of Meteorology Family, Joyce and Andrea and Family, Maxine Young and Family, Marie, The Campbell Family, Francine Rahming and Family, The Staff of Female Medical II and the Dialysis Department, The Straw Market Family, and the entire community of Arthur's Town, Cat Island and other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.Viewing will be held in the Celestial Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm and at the church on Sunday from 12:30pm until service time.

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James Frederick Strachan, 65

Funeral service for Mr. James Frederick Strachan, 65 yrs., a resident of Victoria Gardens, who died on 16th April, 2012, will be held at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cathedral, West Street, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Father Glen C. Nixon. Interment follows in Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Left to cherish his memory, are his two daughters Mrs. Marcie McPhee and Mrs. Carlene Jane Parnther of Georgia; Sons-in law:Apostle Sterling McPhee and Neal Parnther; Grand Children: Shalom, Chairo, and Charis McPhee, Kayla and Jordon Parnther of Georgia; Sisters: Mrs. Lorraine Hepburn, Mrs.Gertrude Rolle-Wilson & Ms. Maria Strachan; Brothers: Solomon, Kevin & Anthony Strachan; Aunt: Mrs.Delores Johnson; Nieces: Therese Hepburn, Lynette Hepburn, Sophia Rolle, Mrs. Lisa Turnquest (Lionel) of Freeport, Patrell Hepburn- Sullivan (Michael) and Anthonique Strachan. Nephews: Gregory Fernander, Anthony Rolle, Elrod Hepburn Sr. (Ginger), Anwar Rolle (Patrice), Michael Strachan, Lamont Strachan, Alcott Wilson Jr., Anthony Strachan Jr., Kristen Strachan; Grand Nephews & Nieces: Kenton Taylor, Kristen Hepburn, Eirich Walker, Elrod Hepburn Jr., Tristen Strachan, Bravente, Antonio, Deangelo, Travier, and Anthony (T.J.) Rolle, Kaden Taylor, Armani and London Rolle of New York, Kayneshia and Gia Hepburn and Sanaa Gardiner; Brothers-in-law: Alcott Wilson and Jay Koment; Cousins: Mrs. Mary Armbrister & Family, Ms. Grace Kemp, Bertram Kemp & Family, P. Anthony White and Family, Carolia John of Virginia & Family, Mrs. Jane Petronia (Pet) Johnson and Family, Mrs. Brenda Banks (Ron) and Family, Mrs. Gloria Johnson (Charles) & Family, Ms. Sharon Johnson of Abaco & Family, Mr. George Johnson (Mini) of Abaco & Family, Edward Johnson & Family, Mrs. Andrea Adderley & Family, Barbara Johnson, Ernestine, Phillip and Vernett Bethel, Mrs. Geneva Bethel-Johnson, Betty, Peter, Michael, Cyprian, John, Audley Jr., Clement, Chris, Theresa and Margaret Kemp & the entire Kemp Family, Mr. & Mrs. Agatha Rodgers & Family, Mrs. Rose Ferguson, Mrs. Cecilia Cooper, Mrs. Miriam Johnson of New Jersey and Family, Mrs. Frances Rex (God sister) & Family of New Jersey, Linda, Teddy and Eddie Thompson, Carl Armbrister of Florida and Family, Mrs. Helen Giles (Anthony) of Florida, Wendy, Donna, Daphne, Benjamin, Robert (Bobbie), Kelly (Anita) of Virginia, Dr. Adair Johnson of Georgia and Family, John, Ernest, Dennis, Andrew, Rose, Susan Gilbert and the entire Gilbert Family of Ross Corner, Sharon, Agatha (ZeZe) Alfred, Tony, Paul & Dwight Smith & their Families, Kenneth Herious Jr. & Family, Fredrick Clarke Jr. and Family, Mrs. Crystal Strachan & Family, Douglas Wilkinson of New York, Family of the late James (Jim) Russell; Special Family & Friends: Lillis Strachan, Barbara Harvey, Mary Clarke, Sir Orville Turnquest & Family, Michelle Knowles, Kippling Armbrister of Abaco, Jennie Taylor, Basil Cleare, Wendell (Blake) Deveaux, Alvin Paul, James Rahming, Wellington McPhee, former co-workers of B.E.C. Frankie Gibson of New Jersey, Pedro Gibson & Family, Edward Gibson, Henry Goodman of the U.S.A., formerly of Deep Creek, Eleuthera, Terrence (Friday), Management & Staff of MedDentCo Health Center, The McMillan Family, Family of the late Patrick Adderley, Leona Miller (nee Huyler), Mrs. Dorie Bowleg (nee Smith) The Smith & Coakley Families formerly of Lewis Street, Michael Darville, Thaddeus Strachan, Ivan and Rosie Reckley of Freeport, Jackie and Terry Adderley, and many other family and friends too numerous to mention. Special Thanks: Mrs. Kimrice Miller/Social Services Department, Abaco, Fr. Glen Nixon, Mr. Francis Richardson, The Print Shop, Demeritte's Funeral Home, Ms. Althea Neilly.

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Streer, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Jennie Milded Duncombe, 99

Final Rites and Burial for Jennie Milded Duncombe, 99, a resident of Bardey Lane of St. Vincent Road and Formerly of Current Eleuthera will be held at Wesley Methodist Church, Malcolm, on Saturday 3rdDecember, 2011at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Livingstone Malcolm, Rev. Edward Sykes, Rev. Carl Campbell and Rev. Henley Perry. Interment will follow in the Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Solider Road.

Left to cherish her memories are her Daughter: Cynthia Enora Taylor, Six Adopted Daughters: Ann Kelly, Mavis Davis, Leanda Anderson, Karen Munroe, Alana Kelly and Sylvia Tynes, Four Nieces: Muriel Johnson, Maria Roberts, Eloise Cooper and Betty Lillig, Five Nephews: Bernard Moss, Reginald, Huellet ...

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Johnson: Both parties bear responsibility for shanty towns

Both the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and Free National Movement (FNM) governments bear collective responsibility for the proliferation of shanty towns throughout the country, according to the head of a local human rights group.
Elsworth Johnson, president of the Bahamas Human Rights Network (BHRN), said the Department of Environmental Health and the Ministry of Works have failed in their duties.
"These towns didn't just come into being overnight. The building inspectors willfully failed or neglected to exercise due diligence and carry out their responsibilities."
Johnson said there have been numerous complaints about unregulated communities such as Pigeon Pea and the Mud in Abaco but government failed to act.
"When a Bahamian builds a structure, they stop it if something isn't right. It's unthinkable that these communities have been set up without building permits."
Johnson said thanks to the "neglect" of government agencies there are now "unlawful' communities of women, children and men.
According to him, now that the problem has been allowed to fester the government has a duty to deal with these communities in a "humane and lawful way".
He said that the respective government agencies ought to inspect the communities, noting that the Building Regulations Act and Environmental Health Act authorizes these agencies to issue sanctions and seek a court order to have the homes destroyed.
"In the 21st century, we cannot allow people to live in such circumstances, they have to go. Those who are entitled to be regularized, ought to be regularized. Those who are not entitled to be regularized, ought to be removed under the Immigration Act. You cannot play with the situation, it's not in the best interests of the country and it just won't go away."
Johnson said citizens should have asked the courts to review the actions of the governmental agencies tasked with the responsibility of overseeing developments. In his opinion, those agencies have failed the Bahamian public.
"I would submit there is no way a community that large could exist without their knowledge."
Johnson said the shantytowns "go against every norm of human rights. You can't just come here and arbitrarily take land. It's a culture we can't allow to spread."
According to a recent Department of Environmental Health report on shanty towns obtained by The Nassau Guardian, there has been "a marked increase" in the number of new shanty towns on New Providence over the last two years and the populations have increased "exponentially".
The report said, "There is little to no government water systems, no garbage collection services and very little human waste disposal, which can range from satisfactory to the other extreme of placing human feces in plastic shopping bags, and dumping waste in nearby bushes and naturally occurring sink holes."

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News Article
Junior sailors to show off with the 'big boys'

A flurry of sailing activity, spearheaded by Eleazor "The Sailing Barber" Johnson and the Bahamas Sloop Association, is set for February 18 in the Montagu foreshore.

Junior sailors in the Bahamas Sailing Association (BSA) will be on parade with the "big boys", showing off their sailing skills. These are children from the ages of eight to 15 who come from a variety of social backgrounds with just one thing in mind - sailing.

"The youngsters will be racing around a very short but fun course close to the Montagu Beach shore," said sailing coach Robert Dunkley.

"The event promises to be interesting and fun for spectators to view and helps bring awareness to the fact ...

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News Article
Joel Moss, 93

Funeral service for Deacon Joel Moss, 93 yrs., a resident of Sisal Road, Golden Gates #1 & formerly of Lovely Bay, Acklins, who died on 30th December, 2012, will be held at Hillside Missionary Baptist Church, Independence Drive, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Lockwood Deleveaux, assisted by Other Ministers of the Gospel. Interment follows in Old TRail Cemetery, Old Trail Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his wife: Leah Moss, his children: Lawerence (Jacquline) Ashe, Joanne (Rodney) Johnson, Marva Huff of Miami Fla;, Marie (Diah) Weir and Ruth Moss. Adopted daughter: Hannah Johnson of South Hill Andros; brothers: Rueben, Bruce and Walter Knowles. Grandchildren: Wayde, Deon, Lawerence Lavelle and Jacquena Ashe, Ronette Lopez of Cutler Bay Fla; Thellanise (Abner) Charlot, Joanne (Owen) Brown, Tamica (Garnett) Deveaux, Kjuana (Charon) Thompson, Rodney Johnson Jr., Elena Huff and Christopher Thompson of Miami Fla; Deborah, Perry Enid, Luther, Travolta, Maxine and Keyshawn Moss, Ken (Berlinda) Bonaby and Natasha (Berkley) Canter. Thirty-eight great-grandchildren, ten great-great grandchildren, Aunt: Aruda Moss; Sisters-in-law: Emerline Moss, Dotlean and Gertrude Rodgers, Catherine Knowles and Evelyn Hepburn of Clearwater Fla. Numerous nieces and nephews, relatives and friends including: Rev. Dr. Lockwood Deleveaux and the entire Hillside Missionary Baptist Church Family, The Henderson, Knowles, Ferguson and Moss families, Helen Johnson & family, Minerva Edwards & family, Clifton Wells & family, Zella and Aaron Sands & family, Mrs. McKenzie & family, Mr. Alfred McKenzie & family, Minister Asa Moss & family, Berchnal Moss & family, the entire Rodgers family, the Freetown Lane, Lovely Bay, Acklins and the entire Golden Gates #1 Communities. Special thanks to Dr. Michael Gerrassimos, Dr. Rento Gorospe, Dr. Lloyd, Dr. Smith & Dr.Seville and the nurses and staff of Princess Margaret Hospital, Male Medical 1 and Mrs. Kayla Ingraham and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article
Johnson 'missing point on eligibility'


Tribune Staff Reporter

DAMIEN Gomez, the PLP's Central and South Eleuthera candidate, believes his opponent Howard Johnson is "missing the point" about his ineligibility to run for Eleuthera on the FNM's ticket.

Yesterday, Mr Gomez responded to both Mr Johnson's and Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham's recent dismissal of claims that Mr Johnson did not meet the criteria to run as a political candidate for the current seat held by the Progressive Liberal Party.

Last Saturday at the Rock Sound International Airport, after greeting party supporters, Mr Johnson, who is on sabbatical from studies in Florida, spoke to the press about his ...

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News Article
John Vincent Bowleg, 59

Funeral service for John Vincent Bowleg, 59 yrs., a resident of Bowleg Alley off Williams Lane, who died on 25th August, 2011, will be held at St. Margaret's Anglican Church, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Fr. Oswald Pinder, assisted by Rev. Dr. Roland Hamilton. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his Mother: Winnis Bowleg; Sister: Angela Cartwright Rolle; Brother: Burth Miller; Sons: Vincent, John and Jonathan Bowleg; Daughter: Johnelle Bowleg GloverBrother - in - law: Cpl. 1138 Peter Rolle; Sister - in - law: Iona Johnson; Son - in - law: Father Tellyson Glover; Daughters - in - law: Lorraine and Zania Bowleg; Step - daughter: Shanique Lunn; Grand Children: Valencia, Angelo, Johnathan II and Jonnieah Bowleg; Uncle - in law: Lorenzo Brice; Nieces and Nephews: Angel, Andrew, B'Angelo and April Cartwright; Sandy and Anithio MillerGrand Nephew: Adam Cartwright Pedican; Cousins: Wilworth and Dora Campbell, Maxwell and Sonia Dean, Patrice and Spence Ramsey, Wellington, Sandra, Tyron and Rose Olander, Llewellyn Burgzorg, John Campbell, Joyce Rolle and their respective families; Godmothers: Estherlean Bowe and Victoria Flowers; Other Relatives and Friends: The Kemp Road Community, The St. Margarets Church Family, The New Providence S.D.A. Church family. Nat Dorsette and the Campbells of Cat Island and Abaco, Lambert Rahming and Reliable Tours Family, Rev. Carl Campbell, Fr. Sebastian Campbell, Fr. Julian Campbell, Fr. Tellison Glover, Fr. Crosley Walkine, Fr Joseph Mycklewhyte and their respective families; Stanley and Barbara Campbell, A.S.P. Ronald Campbell and family, Edwin Lightbourne and family, Agnes Saunders, Janet Walkine, Delores Knowles, Pat and Genie Gomez, Angela Pinder, Rose Huyler, Mae Ferreira and Family, Iris Finlayson and Family, and a host of other relatives and friends.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article
Janeth Patricia Cornish, 57

Funeral service for Janeth Patricia Cornish age 57 years a resident of  St Andrews Beach Estates will be held 11:00 a.m. Saturday, November 26th 2011  at Zion Baptist Church, Shirley Street. Officiating will be Rev T.G.Morrison assisted by Rev Anthony Sampson other Associate Ministers Deacons and Evangelist.  Interment will be made in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F Kennedy Drive.
Left to never to forget her legacy are her: mother: Kathleen Pratt; children: Tonya and Terrell Cornish; five grandchildren: Synteshe, Tannakko, Tanazia, and Byzantine Butterfield Cornish, and Tiana Ingraham; one daughter-in- law: Bridgeanne Cornish; eight brothers: John, Clinton, Anthony, Ricardo, Shayne and Josey Williams, Tony Curtis and Levan Cox; six sisters: Jelita, Dellarese and Nikara Williams, Bridgette Rolle, Loretta Moore and Sharon Wilchcombe; one sister-in law: Dianne Williams; one brother-in-law: John Rolle; two aunts: Sister Mary Benedict Pratt and Carrimae Pratt; two uncles: Ancel and Vincent Pratt; nieces: Shanita, Shandira, and Nacoyas Williams, Phillia Forbes, Monalisa Wright, Sharlenes Johnson and Akeila Armbrister; nephews: Jeron ,Jevon, John Jr. and Quincy Williams, Keyo Kemp, Prince Young, Marvin Wood, Jayde, Daeron and Jarvis Rolle, Lavardo Bethel and Timothy Clarke; four grandnieces and three grandnephews; other family and friends including: Rudolph Cornish, Elaine Williams, Commissioner Ellison and Kim Greenslade, Godfrey and Sonia Bowe & family, Myrtle Lafleur & family, Brandon Colebrooke & family, Clyde Pratt & family, The Cornish, Wright, Rolle,  Newry, Stubbs, Rahming and Charlton Families, The Farquarson, Morley, Gibson, Knowles, Major, Gaitor, Brown, Ferguson &  Smith Families, Seeta Seepersaud, Lisa Young, Wanda Knowles, Sheila Culmer, Nicola Jones, Ricardo and Shamone Williams, Gregory Armbrister, St. Cecelia's, St, Thomas More and Our Lady's School Families, and many more too numerous to mention.
Relatives and friends may pay their respects at Cedar Crest Funeral Home, Robinson Road and First Street on Friday from 12:00 noon to 6:00p.m. and at the church on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to service time

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News Article
Joycelyn Minerva Gibson, 73

Funeral Service for the Late Joycelyn Minerva Gibson, 73 years of #19 Eighth Terrace East, Centreville, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 11:00 a.m. at Epiphany Anglican Church, Prince Charles Drive. Rev. Fr. Atma Budhu will officiate. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.
Joycelyn is survived her Children: Inspector Kent A. Butler, Marvin D. Butler and Rosamond Butler-Knowles; Son-in-law - Christian Knowles; Grand Children: Marvin Butler Jr. , Moneko Butler, Kendra Butler, Raechel Knowles, Cameron Knowles, Kieanna Butler, Maia Bethel and Myan Butler; Sisters: Pamela Newbold, Judy Fields, Willamae Cunningham, Bloomfield Ferguson, Patricia Bethel, Raven Pindling (Gwendolyn Bethel), Minister Sherry Bethel, Sheila Moss and Janet Bethel; Brothers: George Tucker, Kenneth Tucker, Ulan (Wendel) Bethel of Fort Lauderdale, Charles Bethel Jr. of Chicago, Clifton Bowe, Luke Bethel, Howard Bethel, William Bethel, Ricardo Bethel, Trevor Bethel, Bruce Bethel, Leroy Bethel, Godfrey Bethel and Marvin Bethel; Sisters-in-law: Catherine Tucker, Audrey Tucker and Nerva Bowe; Brothers-in-law: Clifton Fields, Rudolph Cunningham, Anthony Moss MP for Exuma; Nieces and Grandnieces: Janet & Jasma Munnings, Gaye Dean, Patrona, Vashti & Paige Cartwright, Pamela & Aleisha Williams of Jacksonville Florida, Kayla & T'nique Brown, Tonette Kemp and Julie Campbell of Atlanta, Georgia, Kayla Cartwright, Renee Tucker, Judy Tucker of Washington D.C., Bloneva Bethel, Shavannah Bridgewater of Freeport, Allison Fields of Staffordshire, England, Carol, Kieanna and Traci Atwell of Miami Florida, Ria & Mia Newbold, Cierra Cunningham, Marissah, Machara, Makira, Marchelle and Miranda Tucker, Patsy Armbrister, Susan & Shirley Bethel, Lashonda Bowe, Judy & Suna Winder and numerous other nieces; Nephews and Grandnephews: Frederick Tucker, Keith Tucker, Ken Tucker of Washington D.C., Christopher Tucker of Orlando Florida, Edward & Lydein Williams of Jacksonville Florida, Lawerance Atwell of Denver Colorado, Craig & Sean Atwell of Miami Florida, Inspector Ricardo and Joseph Fields of Staffordshire, England, Oral and O.J Newbold, Audley & Jaismal Munnings, Pastor Ricardo, R'chard & Rico Dean, Clement Cartwright, Christopher Sr. & Christopher Jr. Cunningham, Michael, Marcian and Marcel Tucker,Clifton Bowe Jr., Lathario Bowe, Garland & Patrick and numerous other nephews; Cousins: Rosetta Johnson and Family, Marjorie Johnson and Family, Warren and Gwen Gibson of Miami, Florida, Winifred Williamson and Family, Zala Johnson and Family, Rosie Gibson, Dorothy Dames and Family, Kathleen Demeritte and Family, Dr. Walter and Sandra Gibson, Hartcourt Gibson and Family,Wainwright and Vera Gibson and Family and Una Clarke and Family. Other Relatives and Friends: Samuel Brown, The Gibson Family of Eleuthera, Gregory Butler and Family, Hilda Knowles and Family, Gregg and Debra White and Family, Reverend Angela Palacious, Esther Armbrister and Family, Margaret Ramsingh and Family, Tammy Clarke, Ella Curtis, Lavendra Minus and Family, Arlene Barry, Peachette Morley, Elaine Scavella, Cleo Frazier, Lavanda McPhee, The Family of Faith Ministries International, The Church of God of Prophecy and numerous others.
The Family of Joycelyn Bethel-Gibson extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love, support, thoughts, prayers and visits, they were greatly appreciated. We wish to thank The Anglican Church of The Epiphany and Rev'd. Fr. Atma Budhu, Rev'd. Angela Palacious and the Doctors, Nurses and staff of Female Medical II Ward of The Princess Margaret Hospital.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Joyful Noise
  • Genre : Comedy, Drama
  • Rating : B - Under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

Two choir members have differing opinions on how to win the national choir competition....

News Article
Jury finds man guilty of manslaughter


Tribune Freeport Reporter

FREEPORT - Although Coletor Johnson was acquitted of murder, her co-accused Glinton Louis was found guilty of manslaughter on Thursday in the Supreme Court.

The jury returned around 7pm on Thursday with the verdict. They found Louis, 32, not guilty of murder by a vote 12-0, but instead found him guilty of manslaughter by a vote of 8-4.

Johnson and Louis were on trial for the murder of Markinson Justin. They were accused of driving a gold-coloured Buick Century when it struck and killed Justin on July 12, 2011 at Explorer's Way.

The case opened on Tuesday. Senior Justice Hartman Longley directed the jury on Wedne ...

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News Article
Johnson seeks to diversify cruise product

Cruise business in The Bahamas is stronger than ever and is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.
In an effort to diversify the country's tourism product, David Johnson, the director general at the Ministry of Tourism, said his team is planning on further expanding the sector throughout the Family Islands.
Johnson told Guardian Business tourism officials are in discussions with smaller communities throughout the Family Islands to find the right equipment that can diversify the tourism product.
"We are now pursuing the ability to begin to have itineraries that leave from The Bahamas and take people to the southern Bahamas. It's an avenue that we are presently exploring," according to Johnson.
"We are not there yet. We believe that we can be like the Greek Islands where persons fly into The Bahamas and cruise throughout the country in smaller cruise ships in a boutique product.
"But this idea has to also blend with the tourism product in those islands so that we are not bringing the wrong people to the wrong places at the wrong time.
"That's why right now we are working with the communities and the suppliers to find the right equipment that can bring diversification to our tourism base and have a high-end boutique cruise product that helps to put them on the map but keeps their environment pristine and not dumping 2,000 people where the population is less than 150."
The tourism director general said now is the time to tap into these markets as cruise tourism is expected to get even stronger within the next six months.
"We see no weakening in cruise arrivals. In fact, we finished with a record year with cruise arrivals into Nassau. We have plans by some of our major cruise lines to add even more capacity to The Bahamas. We have had up to seven ships in ports at one time," he revealed.
"However, we are finding some slots have been underutilized. Now, we are attracting ships for those days. Only two days were considered to be peak days, but that has since increased to about four to five days. So we are building up to optimum capacity."
Johnson also pointed out to Guardian Business that many Family Islands have been experiencing steady cruise ship business for years now.
"There are cruise ships going into the Family Islands. Abaco receives about 500,000 cruise passengers. We have a dedicated cay or destination called Castaway Cay featured by Disney cruise lines. Similarly in Cat Island and South Eleuthera has Half Moon Cay that has 300,000 cruise passengers.  That generates business for well over 150 people," Johnson shared.
"There are just under 200,000 passengers coming into Princess Cay. In the Rock Sound area, it's the biggest stimulant for tourism. The Berry Island' s economy centers around cruise tourism. They are home to two cruise ports. There is big cruise business in the out islands more than some countries to the south of us have."
However, Johnson said he is looking to potentially expand this area of tourism soon.

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Land
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
  • Rating : B - Under 18yrs must be accompanied by an adult.

Sean Anderson partners with his mom's boyfriend on a mission to find his grandfather, who is thought to be missing on a mythical island....

News Article
Jury chosen in murder trial

A judge on Thursday empanelled a jury in the murder trial of Dior Johnson.
He is accused of the October, 2006 stabbing death of Jason Rolle, 31, in Pinewood Gardens.
Prosecutor Darnell Dorsette will open the case against Johnson on Monday.
Ian Cargill represents Johnson, who is on bail.

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News Article
J.S. Johnson's net income falls 42.4 in Q1

After suffering a difficult 2011, J.S. Johnson's consolidated net income declined once again, this time by 42.49 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period last year.
Falling from $2.61 million to $1.506 million, consolidated net income fell partly due to a declining revenues stemming from a rough economy.
"The business is not making as much commission as last year, as a result of tough economic times. Insurance is often a business that suffers," said Jamaal Stubbs, senior analyst at CFAL.
"Insurance is called a valued expense, but it is often undervalued. When you trying to make ends meet, sometimes it gets cut."
Although premium income remained steady, net commissions and fees fell 28 percent in the first quarter, according to the BISX-listed company's report.
"Net claims incurred is trending back to normalcy and is down by 59 percent. This was partly offset by an increase in net unrealized losses on investments in securities; however, total expenses were down by 7 percent, a step in the right direction," the report added.
The "normalcy" in claims was returned, management said, chiefly due to last year's unusual high claims from Hurricane Irene and major fires.
The company said "good news" could be found in that all major classes of business recorded underwriting profits in the first quarter.
J.S. Johnson expressed hope the second quarter would yield better results, and that the BISX-listed firm can still achieve budge projections for the year.
Total assets as of March fell by nearly $9 million, spurred by declines in reinsurance recoveries and reinsurance premiums. Liabilities shrunk by 17.45 percent to $42.97 million.
Despite recent difficulties, J.S. Johnson is known for high dividend yields.
The BISX-listed firm is paying 313 basis points above the current market average. J.S. Johnson managed to maintain 2011 dividend levels despite recording a 25 percent net income drop that year. Its experience last year was not abnormal. Hurricane Irene caused widespread losses across the sector.
An almost $1.7 million increase in net claims accounted for J.S. Johnson's $2.4 million net income drop.

Also of note for the company is the retirement of Marvin V. Bethell, the long-standing managing director. He will remain on the board of directors.

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News Article
Jerome Thomas Franks, 88

Funeral Service for the Late Jerome Thomas Franks, 88 years of Coral Heights Estates and formerly of Port Nelson, Rum Cay will be held on Saturday May 5th, 11:00 a.m. at St. Mary's Anglican Church, Virginia Street. Rev. Fr. Dwight M. Bowe will officiate. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.
He was predeceased by his son Jerome Franks and Left to morn are his 4 Sons: Anthony and Philip Franks, George Leslie Sealy and Jermaine "Choo Choo" Mackey; 4 Daughters: Maxine Benjamin,Wilhelmenia Shearer, Pamela Frnaks Rolle and Monique Campbell; Grand-Children: Raphael Lynes and Shantell Franks, Antonia Culmer, Dahria Franks, Barbara Za' Conliffe, Anita and Philippa Franks, Nicole Sealy, Jermaine Jr., and Jernaine Mackey, Sandy Campbell, Raquino Franks, Allen, Crispin and Tanya Benjamin, Crystal Brice, Tovera, Tomiko, Tomia, Feodor Shearer, Deandra, Demetrius and Uriah Rolle, Eugene II, Shaquille, Kyle, Jewel and Jasmine Campbell, Beverly Alfreus and Henry Francis; Great-Grandchildren: Aimee Franks, Carynn Culmer, Christian Sealy, Ashtel and Amye Fox, Cameron and Kai Brice, Andrew and Hailey Benjamin, Zhyon and Zaria Lynes and Timothy Ward Jr.; 2 Sisters: Avilda Scavella and Hermie Bain Of Port Nelson Rum Cay; 1 Sister-In-Law: Rosie Grant; 1 Brother-In Law: Anzlo Strachan; 3 Daughters-In-Law: Dr. Bonnie Franks Of Grand Bahama, Gina Rodgers Sealy and Rose Ann Franks of Miami, Florida; 3 Sons- In-Law: Andrew Benjamin, Macloid Shearer, Eugene Campbell I; Numerous nieces and nephews including: Delores Wilson Of Port Nelson Rum Cay, Dr. Lesley and Kirkland Culmer, Zelma Dean, Rodney Braynen, Marsha Deveaux, Ingrid Culmer and Russell Franks Of Grand Bahama. Other relatives and friends including: Bishop Gilbert Thompson, Osborne and Christine Sawyer, Meta Bethell and Family, Brenda Archer, Henry Brooks, The Strachan Family, The Rahming Family, The Butler Family, The Robinson Family, The Culmer Family, The Gran Family, Dr. Charles Carter, kernita Sands and  Family, Doreen Deveaux and Family, James Johnson and Family, The Campbell Family, Terresa Bnett, Bishop Kirkwood Murphy and Family , All the decedents of Rum Cay, Mervin Greene, Peter and Yvette Turnquest, Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Stuart, Mrs. Cunningham and Family, Eleanor Black, Paulette Wilson, Bertha Lunn and Niccara Deveaux also the One and Only Club, Queens College, Family Guardian, Going Places, Atlantis Table Games Dept and The church family of St. Mary's The Virgin.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the Church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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