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Lyford Cay International School Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Nassau, Bahamas -

Lyford Cay International
School this year celebrates its 50th anniversary and many celebratory events
are being held to both fund-raise to expand and upgrade facilities, and to mark
the important milestone.

One such event was the recent Gala Dinner and
fund raising Auction at the Sheraton Hotel's Independence Ballroom on Nassau's
Cable Beach. Guests sipped champagne and viewed the 130 very diverse Silent
Auction items which included a 19 foot Boston Whaler, a Yamaha Scooter...

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Call for witnesses for fatal accident inquest


Tribune Staff Reporter

FAMILY members of tragic road accident victim Peter Knowles are appealing to the public for help in the upcoming coroner's inquest.

Mr Knowles was riding a scooter when he collided with a dumptruck at the junction of Prospect Ridge and John F Kennedy Drive in March last year. His body was unrecognisable due to the extent of the injuries.

But as Mr Knowles' family prepare for the inquest, they feel a member of the public may hold vital clues as to what exactly happened on that fatal day.

Mr Knowles' brother, Angelo, said: "I want a witness who saw the accident from the front view. The police have a wit ...

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Man killed in Andros traffic accident

An Andros native is the country's latest traffic fatality victim.
Police believe the 25-year-old lost control of his moped scooter and crashed into a lamp pole.
The body of the Little Harbour, Mangrove Cay, Andros resident was discovered by police officers lying on the side of a main thoroughfare.
According to police press liaison officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings officers were on patrol in the area of Pete's, Mangrove Cay, when they
discovered the lifeless body of a male clad in dark jeans pants and a white shirt laying on the western side of Queen's Highway.
"It is reported the victim was riding a motor bike when he lost control and collided with a utility ...

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A TOURIST was taken to hospital yesterday after losing control of a rented scooter.

The accident took place at about 3.45pm at Go Slow Bend in Nassau, along West Bay Street, where it appeared the scooter rider had lost control of the vehicle and struck the wall between the road and the sea.

A number of other scooter riders were on the scene, along with an ambulance and a police car, before the ambulance headed towards the hospital with the injured tourist.

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Pedestrians need greater safety

Being a pedestrian in New Providence is not easy. Nearly 20 pedestrians lost their lives in 2012 and already New Providence has recorded its first pedestrian death (January 5). Pedestrian deaths are too common on this island.
The Royal Bahamas Police Force keeps a watchful eye on tourists and local pedestrians downtown, but elsewhere Bahamians are left on their own. Walkers, joggers and cyclists share many of our roads which barely support two passing SUVs. Even with reflective clothing and common sense, surviving seems to take a bit of luck.
Congested areas like Shirley Street have sidewalks placed ad hoc with no cohesive approach. Kemp Road and other frequently used roads with high density residential dwellings and schools need attention. Parents should not have to fear their children crossing a street next to the school.
Though the New Providence Road Improvement Project upgraded and installed much needed sidewalks, some components such as the placement of concrete islands are puzzling. The crosswalks at Baha Mar are difficult for oncoming drivers to navigate. Not only do drivers have to stop nearly in the roundabout, but pedestrians are hard to see ahead and to the left when drivers are focused to oncoming vehicles from the right. Vehicle and scooter accidents occur frequently and Baha Mar has yet to open.
Motorists tend to incur most of the blame, but pedestrians share responsibility for keeping aware of their surroundings. With iPods and cell phones, pedestrians can be just as distracted as drivers; a dangerous gamble to play with a ton of metal whisking along side.
The Bahamas must commit to greater pedestrian safety. If we want to encourage a more active community, we have to make Nassau more amenable to pedestrians. Downtown is hardly an enjoyable place to walk or to drive. People cross at any point regardless of crosswalks and drivers are forced to stop at green lights when the seemingly unaware tourist strolls into traffic. It is a frustrating experience for all.
The RBPF must continue to issue citations for traffic violations, particularly for aggressive driving which occurs outside of police check points and continues to be neglected. Aggressive drivers have too much freedom and treat the highways like a race circuit. We must install cross lights that provide a countdown of time to cross the street. And in highly congested areas like Baha Mar stoplights with pedestrian call buttons to force traffic to stop only when pedestrians are present would appease walkers and vehicles alike.
Pedestrians and motorists share responsibility for road safety. Yet, the overwhelming number of traffic related deaths attributed to pedestrians is too high. Crossing the street at any time of day should not be an exercise in fate.

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Paramedics suspended in 'bribe' probe


Tribune Staff Reporter

TWO paramedics have been suspended following claims that they forced injured tourists to pay for treatment and transport to hospital.

The actions of the two-member crew are now being investigated by bosses at Emergency Medical Services.

It is alleged that two visitors injured in a traffic accident were the victims of extortion - having been told they would have to pay up-front for treatment and transport.

The tourists were said to be riding a scooter at the time of the accident, but it is not known if another vehicle was involved.

EMS director Dr Avery Hanna confirmed the crew has been suspended pending further inve ...

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27th Father Marcian Peters Basketball Classic all set


Senior Sports Reporter

THE country's biggest tournament, featuring teams from the primary to the high school level, is scheduled for December 9-17 at the Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium.

The 27th version of the Father Marcian Peters Basketball Classic, organised by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, is all set for teams in the private, public schools and Family Islands.

Tournament coordinator Michael 'Scooter' Reid said the classic promises to be another exciting one. "We really want to stress to the teams to send in their entry forms as soon as possible so that we can formulate the schedule in time," said Reid, a senior sports ...

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The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie
  • Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family
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Three lazy misfits - very timid Elliot (Larry the Cucumber), lazy Sedgewick (Mr. Lunt) and no self-confidence George (Pa Grape) - dream of the day of putting on a show about pirates....

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