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Baseball milestones from 1970s decade

The slugger and the potent runs batted in (RBIs) player are highly valued in baseball. It's simple. While pitching is indeed 70 percent of the game, runs win them.
During the decade of the 1970s a number of milestones were reached in the Bahamas Baseball Association (BBA). Teams played 42 games during the seasons. The Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) has no senior league play. Unless the BBA becomes vibrant again and increases the number of games per season, some of the records established during the last decade of the 'Golden Era of Baseball in The Bahamas' (the 1970s) will never be broken.
For today, let's just go down memory lane a bit and examine two particular records.
Firstly, Crestwell Pratt, playing for St. Bernard's, connected for 18 home runs in 1977. Glenroy 'Flo' Saunders won the home run title with a mere three in 1970. The baseball records have not always been well kept, but pundits say Will Culmer should be credited with around nine homers in 1976. Fred 'Papa' Smith is officially listed with 11 in 1978. There is no record of anyone coming closer to Pratt.
The picture is clear. Pratt was just awesome. He had those huge shoulders and when he turned on a ball that he hit squarely, it always went a long distance, 18 times, going outside of the park. Pratt dwarfed all others in the power department.
The previous year, Eddie Ford (Del Jane), Roosevelt Turner (Del Jane) and Dencil Clark (St. Bernard's) tied for the crown with six each. They captivated the crowds. They were considered to be in a power groove and fans watched eagerly when they stepped up to the plate.
The next season, Pratt took the league by storm. The 18 homers put him in a class all by himself. Noted local sluggers through the different eras like Barrie Farrington, Merril Rodgers, Edmondo Moxey, John 'Hercules' Dean, Colin Thompson, Culmer and Lorenzo Lockhart, pale in comparison. Pratt's 18-homer total is golden.
Also in 1977, a slick third baseman who always made good contact at bat, got hot in the clutch early and remained that way throughout the season. Fred 'Chicken' Taylor drove in 59 runs, a senior league baseball record in The Bahamas. The late Peter Bethel, for Holsten Knights in 1978, had 51 RBIs. His total remains closest to Taylor, according to official statistics compiled by sports historian Jeff Williams.
Lockhart had 43 in 1972. Taylor, in 1973 when he was with Beck's Beer, drove in 39 runs. For comparison to the record, Robert 'Moose' Sawyer of Beck's, led the league in 1970 with 14 RBIs. The standout performances of the 1970s contributed greatly to the excitement that was synonymous with baseball at the time.
Fans were treated to the expected and the unexpected thrills. For instance, 'Papa' Smith was an oddity. He always looked like he was struggling just to put one step in front of the other. He looked slow. That was one great deception. He was quick when he had to be, agile enough to steal 35 bases one year while playing professional ball in the Minor Leagues. He was not known previously for being one of the feared sluggers. Then, he hit 11 home runs in 1978.
Go figure that. Let's reflect on Turner. Fondly referred to as 'Bruso' or 'Dog', Turner had pure speed. In fact, when a visiting scout saw how quickly he motored down to first out of the batter's box, Turner almost immediately was signed to a pro contract. However, Turner was never known for power at the plate. Yet, he hit six 'dingers' in 1975.
How about that? That's what baseball in The Bahamas during the 1970s, was all about.
Milestone baseball statistics provided by Sports Historian Jeff Williams. To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Alfred McKenzie, 48

Funeral Service for Alfred McKenzie, 48, of Minnie Street will be held on Saturday February 26th 2011 at 11:00am at Good Shepherd Church of God, Ida Street off Robinson Road. Officiating will be Pastor Sherwin Smith assisted by other ministers of the gospel. Interment will follow in Old Trail Cemetery, Old Trail Road.

His memories will forever linger in the hearts of his wife of 27 years : Sheila Mother: Remona Smith; 3 Sons: Alex, Omar and Oniel; 1 Daughter: Nikita; Daughter in-law: Lashan; 3 Grandchildren: Omar Jr. Alexis and Lashea; Sisters: Sheila Saunders, Marionette Strachan, Naomi Sumner, Jannette Johnson, Patricia McKenzie, Genese Toussaint, Elsie Winder, Ruthmae Adder ...

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Andrew G. Deveaux Sr., 51

Andrew G. Deveaux
May 15th 1960 - March 31st, 2012
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand." (Psalms 37: 23-24)
It was a joyous occasion May 15, 1960 in the home of Perlina Wright in the picturesque settlement of Devil's Point Cat Island, when a baby boy was born to Perlina Wright and Norris Deveaux, handsome, yes! Bouncing baby he was not.  He was christened Andrew George Deveaux. Sr.,
Andrew, the second of three sons brought joy to his family and friends in his neighbor-hood. He received his early education at the Devils Point All-Aged School and later the Old Bight Senior High School.  Andrew was a charmer and a heart-breaker of many girls he outwitted several of them, yet He was an ardent student and kept focus on his studies.
His childhood friends Sham Burrows, Charles Smith and Octavia Mackey, were always up to mischief.  However, his grandmother Rapheletha Brown ruled him and his younger brother Inspector Nathan Mackey with an iron fist. They had to do chores that all family Island children did. Andrew was light skinned, he was afraid of the sun, so whenever they had to help their grand mother with the field chores he always choose the easy ones.  He was hard working and loved to go fishing and crab catching.  Andrew had and infectious smile and you knew when he was happy he would laugh and enjoyed himself to the fullest. He loved life and he loved his family.
Andrew the phenomenal man was a role model to his family.  He was loved dearly by all who came into contact with him. He saw opportunities when many saw problems.  Perseverance and hard work was the name of his game. He was trustworthy, talented; helpful are a few attributes that best described Andrew.
Upon graduation from High school, he migrated to Nassau and found employment at Super Value Warehouse. In October, 1979 he joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force and his first deportment was at the Airport Police Station. Andrew stayed at this location for a number of years.  He was a dedicated staff to his employer and was well versed in his academic profession that allowed him a very rewarding career. His hard work and dedication enable Him to matriculate to the post as ASP of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force.  There he served for thirty-three years until the time of his demise, he served his country well.
In 2008, Andrew became ill and had to seek medical care in the USA.  There were days when he had to fight this dreadful disease called cancer, but with the help of the Holy Sprit, he was determined to win this battle.  The doctors did all they could to assist Andrew and make life more comfortable for him.  However, Andrew knew that he was made from the dust and to dust he shall returned.  He spend his last hours with his family on March 30th, his eldest brother, Thaddeus, took him for a drive and they droved around Nassau all day.
During the early morning of Saturday March 31, he developed shortness of breath and was taken to Doctor's Hospital by his younger brother, Inspector Nathan Mackey.  The doctors applied all the medical expertise but to no avail Andrew George Deveaux Sr., sojourn on this side of the master's vineyard had come to an end.  Hence in the words of Paul the Apostle, Andrew had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith He had finished his course, henceforth there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness that the Lord himself will give him on that great coronation day.
Full Military Funeral Service for the Late Assistant Superintendent of Police Andrew George Deveaux Sr., 51 years of Cassarilla Street, Pinewood Gardens and Formerly of Devil's Point, Cat Island, will be held on Wednesday April 11th, 10:00 a.m. at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive. Rev. Dr. Everette Brown assisted by Bishop Benjamin Gibson, Fr. Stephan Davies, Chaplain RBPF, Rev. Dr. Errol Farquharson and other Ministers of the Gospel will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
Andrew's life will be lovingly remembered by his Mother: Perlina Wright; Father: Norris Deveaux, of Kemps Bay Andros;  3 Sons: Lavardo, Adrian and Andrew George Deveaux Jr., 6 Brothers: Thaddeus Wright, Inspector Nathan Mackey,  John, Ivan, David and Alexander Mackey, 3 Adopted Brothers: D/Sergeant 80 Kevin Louis, Marine Seaman Deoroope Louis and Police Reservist 412 Anton Wilson; (formerly of the  US Military); 8 Sisters: Alice Smith, Jestina Burrow, Barbara Mackey-Thompson, Cynthia, Paulette and Eva Mackey, Belinda Mackey-Gardiner, Addell Deveaux of  USA;  1 Daughter-in-Law: Carla Barry-Deveaux; 5 Grandchildren: Jada, Unique, Andrew III, Lavardo Jr., Jason Hanna Jr., and Jayla (Mama) Deveaux;  9 Aunts: Matriarch Florence Brown, Luella, Miriam, Agnes, and Virginia Brown, Mary Bodie, Paulette Mackey, Jane Mackey-Morgan, and Sybil; 4 Uncles: David Brown, Felix Bodie, Harold Taylor and Dencil Nottage; Mentor and Cousin: David Johnson of John Road, 2 Sisters-in-Law: Marilyn Wright and Amanda Mackey; Nieces: Dominic, Denise, Bernice and Lakeshia Wright, Natavia Mackey,  Amanda Mackey-Gibson, Shakiettra Major, Monalisa McPhee, Teki Mackey, Kendra Thompson, Vanessa Saunders, Minera Smith-Culmer, Crystal  Smith-Rolle, Cyprianna Cunningham, Anastacia Ferguson, Lydia McHardy, Derick and Daneisha Mackey; Nephews: Bonnet and Owen Wright, Delmaro, Nathan Jr.,  and Nashad Mackey, Anthony and Reginald Smith, Whitfield Stubbs, Harris, Miller, Lawrence Edgecombe, Damon Mackey, Tario Mackey, Kendal Thompson Jr. and Alexander Mackey Jr.; Grandnieces: Karen, Renae and Gladys Brown; Grandnephews: Sargent 1957 Harrison Brown, Hubert, David Brown Jr., Kingman and Dwight Brown; Great-grandnieces: Terrinique Wright, Kenisha Thompson, Jessica, Jolice, Javanna, Britika and Cardissa Wright, Marissa, Brianna Mackey,  Antonique, Anvaar and Adrianna (spoke-lady) Brown; Great-grandnephews: Harrison Jr. and Delmaro Mackey Jr., Bernard, Terran, Leonardo, Bennett, Kareem, Bonnet Wright Jr., and C.J.; Immediate Cousins: Geneva Dorsette, Mazie Simmons, Tezerene Gray, Ivan Rolle, Leroy , Frank, Lefred, Roosevelt and Junior, Verdell, Mavis, and Syblean Mackey, and Hazel McDonald, Charlotte Culmer, Mae, Clifford, Octavius, Anthony Mackey-Rolle and the entire descendant of Joel and Blossom Mackey, the descendant of Burke and Carlotta Clarke: Bloomfield, Esperline, Geletha, Annamae, Lorene, Charlene, Chris and Arnold Clarke, Steve, Dwight, Leslie, Tyrone, Trevor Miller and their families, Mrs. Lindsay Louis, Joan Stubbs and family, Pearline Johnson, Deborah Taylor-Edgecombe, Helena Morley, Reverend Benjamin and Mrs. Gibson, Pastor Emeritus Reverend Ishmael  and Mrs. (Albertha Smith) deceased, Reverend Dr. Everette J. Brown and Minister Sheila Brown, Reverend Joseph and Mrs. Saunders, Charles Smith & family , Samuel Smith and family, Israel Smith and family, Idell, Martha and Sarah Smith, Mrs. Rosalie Major, DeAndra and Scieska Major, Mrs. Luceal Brown, Keva and Kenisha Louis, Catherine Evans, Linda and Christine Martin, Craig and Corey Burrows, Keno and Neil Johnson and Perry Darling; Special Friends: Tanya, Glendina Saunders, Janelle Wallace and Bernadette Bannister, home-boys and room-mates Sham Burrows and Leroy Saunders.  Other relatives and friends including: the graduating class of  1978, Old Bight Senior High School, Christian Bain, Monica Martin & family, Lorna Hopkins and family, Eulean and Olive Dawkins, the entire Dawkins family, the descendant of Ruben and Hilda Smith, Henry and Rosabell Rolle, the descendants of Jerome and Mildred Gilbert, Hester Gray, Nathaniel Gilbert, the descendant of Sham and Francina Burrows and the entire community of Devil's Point and McQueen's Cat Island,  The Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and all his fellow officers, Supt. Kevin Rolle, Supt. Oscar Sands, Supt. Don Wilson, Supt. Samuel Butler, Supt. Ken Strachan,  Supt. Ashton Greenslade, ASP Donna Francis, ASP Julian Butler, ASP Gregory Johnson, ASP Hurvin Curtis, ASP Dennis Sturrup, ASP Stewart Curtis, ASP E. Demeritte, ASP G. Demeritte,  Sgt. 1169 Armbrister, W/Sgt. Johnson, Insp. Neeley, Insp. Thompson, Insp. Adrian Curry, Insp.  Derek Ferguson, Insp. Roosevelt Curry, Insp. Cephas Rolle, Insp. Dencil Barr, Insp. Philip Rolle, Insp. Raymond Butler, Insp. Deborah McClure, Insp. Donna Barr, Insp. Bruce Thompson, Insp. Brian Miller, Insp. Ricardo Richardson, Insp. Robinson, Insp. Maycock, Insp. Zukie Rolle, Insp. E. Ramsey, Insp. V. Wells, ASP K. Hinsey-Rolle, ASP Hinsey, Supt. David Deveaux , Staff of Southern Police Station, Staff of South Central Police Station, and  the entire staff of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force,  Lesley Phillips, Mama Louise, Bernise Pinder, Robert Pinder, Lloyd Deveaux, Nelson Burrows, Jackie King, the Minnis Staff of the wood work shop John Road, and the entire  John Road Community.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Wednesday at the Church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Merthan Rolle, 81

Last rites for Merthan Rolle, 81, of Mangrove Cay, Andros will be held on Saturday at
10:00 A.M. at Christ The King Anglican Church, Ridgeland Park West. Officiating will be
Fr. Franklyn Colebrooke assisted by Fr. Roderick Bain, Fr. Andrew Toppin, Fr. Stephen Davies and Fr. Michael Macagh. Interment in Woodlawn Gardens Soldier Road.

He is survived by 4 Sons: Roderick, Edney, Benjamin and Wellington Rolle;
3 Daughters: Rosalee Rolle-Nairn, Michelle Greene and Ismae Rolle;
Stepdaughter: Ilene Dames; 17 Granddaughters: Anacora Bastian, Paulinka Rolle, Gretis Moss, Shanecia Rolle, Zarnesha Rolle, Rodesha Saunders, Zantia Rolle, Taranica Rolle, Retica Nairn, Pazara Rolle, Zam ...

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Malvese Laverne Marley Neely, 46

Funeral Service for the Late Malvese Laverne "Marley" Neely, 46 years of Curtis Street, Bain Town, will be held on Saturday April 21st, 11:00 a.m. at Bahamas Christian Fellowship Centre, Carmichael Road. Apostle Kelson Miller assisted by Pastor Harry Dean will officiate. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.
She is survived by Her Father: Pedro Neely; 4 Children: Drayson Neely, Gregory Rolle, Marcandy Gibson and Ashley Johnson; 1 Grandchild: Patience Williams; 3 Brothers: Peter, Keith and Alexander Neely; 9 Sisters: Rosemary Higgs, Sharon Gibson, Jennifer Grant, Carolyn Gordon, Ethlyn Davis. Sylvia Grant, Jacqueline Hall, Pamela Moss and Denise Colebrooke; 3 Sister In-Laws: Denise, Cynthia and Taffica Neely; 8 Brother In-Laws: Kenneth Higgs, Michael Gibson, Ira Grant, Harold Gordon, Ricardo Davis, Dwight Grant, Don Hall and Andrew Moss; Nieces and Nephews: Rosemary Higgs and Family, Kenya Moss, Kendra Bowe, Kenria Kelly, Kennetha McCartney, Kenise Higgs, Kenneth Higgs Jr., Kenrick Higgs. Bethany and Ricardo Moss, Alexander and Marcus Bowe, Rachel Kelly, Troy Kelly Sr. and Jr., Brandon Bowe, Terry McCartney, Sharon Gibson and Family: Michaella, Michael Daniel Gibson, Courtney Caulibily, Jennifer Grant and Family, Ira Grant Jr., Shaquielle and Ebony Grant, Carolyn Gordon And Family, Karon And Takia Gordon, Ethlyn Davis and Family, Riccardo Davis Jr., Sylvia Grant and Family: Dwight Jr., Travis, Justin and Letisha Grant, Jacqueline Hall and Family, Vashtai Hall, Peter Neely and Family, Andenesia, Peter Jr., Miguel And Andi Neely, Keith Neely and Family, Wendira, Genese, Keith Jr., Kevaughn, Kemar and Andre, Alexander Neely and Family, Alexandria and Alexander Neely Jr., Denise Colebrooke: Tanya, Antonio, Shakira and Anthony Butler, Christine Cooper (Deceased), Tanya and Shivargo; 1 Uncle: Elisha Forbes; 3 Aunts: Pearlene Lawrence, Leona Neely and Miriam Forbes; Cousins: Gloria and Herbert Curtis and Family Blooming Mackey, Elizabeth and Isreal Bain and Family, The Whyms Family, Esther Brown and Family, Shirley Rolle, Sheila Rolle,Sandra Lightbourne, Beverly Neely, Leroy, Fredrick, Roscoe Neely, Debbie, Deborah, Elizabeth, Lillian, Lisa, Monique, Denise, Ursula, Elisha, Phillip, Raymond, Mark, Caleb, Anthony, Hillman, Angnes, Mabel And Family, Elizabeth, Ella, Esther, Alfred, Donna, Eddie, Lawrence, Sterling, Eunice Woods, Ella Lewis, Maydene, Ordell Wendalneely, Pastor Jeremiah Duncombe And Family,Floce1ta Nottage and Family and Dominique. Other Relatives and Friends: Arthur Johnson and Family, John and Veronica Forbes and Family, Deborah Fawkes Family, Tenille Nixon and Family, Delores McKenzie and Family, Cheryl Knowles and Family, Christine Cummings and Family Nicholas Braynen And Family, Rodger Duvalier and Family, The Farrington Family, Claudette Davilmar and Family, Sophie & Trevor Taylor and Family, Derek Goodman and Family, Amos Saunders and Family, The Bain Town Community, Mr C.B, Moss and Family, Trevor Hanna, Patrick Taylor, Dr. Norman Gay, Dr Bernard Nottage, Taria Saunders and Family, Marinette Rolle and Family, Enid Clarke and Family, Iris, Marco, Carldelores, Joanne Johnson and Family, Management and Staff Of Airport Authority, Apostle Kelson Miller & Born Again Deliverance Ministries, Bishop George Duncombe & Little Jerusalem Apostolic Church, Apostle Christopher Russell & Christian Tabernacle Church Family, Apostle Paul & Elder Maxine Butler, Jerome Moss And Family, Apostle Paul And Elder Maxine Butler, Jerome Moss And Family, The Belizair Family, Darnell Dorsett And Family, Doctors And Nurses At The Accident and Emergency at P.M.H., Private Medical Records And Maternity Ward Of The Princess Margaret Hospital.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street, on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Rolando Andrew Smith

Funeral Service for the late Rolando Andrew Smith affectionately called "Mentos"of Ridgeland Park West will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 11:00am at First Baptist Church, Market Street. Officiating will be Rev. Diane Francis assisted by other ministers of the religion. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
 Left to cherish his memories is his Son:  Rolando Andrew Smith, Jr., Mother:  Janet Princess Russell; Father:  Capt. Roland Smith; Step Father:  Benjamin Russell; Sister:  Benetra Russell; Brothers:  Renardo & Reanzo Smith & Janeko Russell; Grandparents:  Burke & Eloise Smith; Special Friend:  Candice Gardiner; Aunts:  Florence Gibson, Esther Moncur, Cycelyn Micklewhyte, Hestine & Ann Kemp, Sillamae Willliams, Ruth, Eva, Annismae, Aretha, Kandies, Patricia & Marcia Smith, Ivy Ferguson, Ansala Lee, Charlene                                    & Michelle Lockhart; Uncles: Thomas Lockhart, Philip, Efford, Jenease, Ralph, Roosevelt Kemp, Joel, Lester, Warren & Andrew Smith, Samuel Williams, Philip Micklewhyte, Robert Gibson, Reginald Ferguson & Donald Lee; Grand Aunts: Marjorie Saunders, Florine, Rowena & Viola Smith of Miami, Florida; Grand Uncles:  Herschal Smith of Miami, Florida & Robert Saunders; Great Grand Aunts: Mildred "Millie" Robinson, Bernice "Missy" Robinson, Edith Stirrup of New York; Godparents:  Veronica Rolle, Minera Cooper, Frederick Gray and Franklyn Sears; Numerous Cousins, Relatives & Friends: Nadia, Shontavia, Karen, Andre, Thomarie, Thomas Jr., Renardo, Leonardo, Demarcia, Demarco, Philip, Whitney, Nikita Lockhart, Franklyn & Franchesca Sears, Nathan Cash, Samenika Williams, Tamiko King Jr., Sophie, Senera, Ethan & Walston Gibson, Sgt.   Kelley Kemp, Sgt. Edga Kemp, Craven, Ezra, Kay, Kathy, Kassie, Nikita, Donnie, Jentry, Kyle, Keshila, Felishea, Racquel, Deangelo, Elisha and Ann Kemp; Edward, Jakero, Renaldo, Jamaal, Danielle, Shawn, Branden and Miquel Smith, Kesia, Sanchez and Ivanna Ferguson, Bridgette & Patrick Archer Gareth Brice, Quincy Munroe, Randy, Delwood & Dekeithra Gray, Samantha & Nick Bastian, Cynette, Phillippa, Tyrsen and Cohen Mycklewhyte, Tiffany Saunders, Michelle Seymour, Amado, Ava & Andrea Moncur, Racquel & Insp. Mareno Hinds, Marco, Cadero, Terrell, Orabessa & Hari Rolle, Deidre, Ashley, Alissa & Donald Lee, Pearl Williams & Family,  Chiquita Dames, Arnold Bain & Family, Ethrol Burrows & Family, Loretta Miller & Family, The Communities of Black Point and Staniel Cay, Exuma, The Ridgeland Park Family, The Russell Family, Grand Bahama Youth Leaders' Association and The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in Nassau and Grand Bahama.
As the family is a very large one, we apologize if we may have left out any names; it is certainly not intentional.

Viewing will be held in the Celestial Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 9:30am until service time.

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Town Meeting

Tuesday 24th February 2009  7:00 PM

The Ministry of Works is hosting a town meeting with regards to road works on corridors 4, 5, and 18 to facilitate the Bethel Ave extension between Tonique Williams Darling Highway and Saunders Beach. Event: Town Meeting for Bethel Avenue Extension What: Town Hall Meeting Host: Ministry of Works Start time: February 24th at 7:00pm End time: February 24th at 9:00pm Where: Superclubs Breezes

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Teen convicted of attempted murder of police officer


Tribune Staff Reporter

ONE of two men charged in the attempted murder of a veteran New Jersey police officer was convicted yesterday.

A jury found Ebenezer Sherman,19, guilty of the attempted murder of Sergeant John Casper by a count of 7-2. The jury, however, unanimously found Sherman's co-accused Bradley Saunders, 23, not guilty on the same charge. Both men were found guilty on the charge of attempted armed robbery of Joan Algios by a count of 7-2.

Sergeant Casper was shot in the chest on May 14, 2008, while walking with friends on the Cable Beach strip in the area of Ruby Avenue, not far from the residence of former prime minister P ...

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Dig up, dig up

The once in a generation road transportation and road corridor program is more than a decade old.  The New Providence Road Improvement Project began in the 1990s but did not significantly progress from 2002 to 2007.  Restarted under the current Ingraham administration, the program went into higher gear beginning in 2007.
Geno D's popular and witty single "Dig Up 2011" captures the mood of many residents of New Providence on the ambitious road works and utilities upgrades on the capital island:
"They doing some serious diggin'.../They stressing out my life, all kinds of dust in my nose, all over my car and my clothes/They say it's all for my good, but not right now in my neighborhood.../Everywhere they diggin' mornin', noon and evenin'.../You gat to go north to go south/You gat to go east to go west/Gat to pass my house to get home..."
The frustrations have been enormous for the driving public and affected businesses, with, as Geno D reminds, "So many diversions causing frustration".
It has also been frustrating for government officials with delays caused by a variety of problems, including the worse than imagined conditions and complexities associated with underground water pipes and various utility conduits.
The communications challenges of such a massive undertaking were underappreciated and more complex than officials initially appreciated.  President Obama realized the same about his ambitious reforms of the U.S. healthcare system, when his narrative of change was undermined by vested interests hell-bent on the status quo.
Political reality
Mr. Obama also came to appreciate this political reality: Though voters say they want change, in many instances, human beings cum voters can only take so much change at a time.
So a president or a prime minister can be cussed out for doing too much and too little at the same time and by the very same people.  Human beings are often irrational. Human beings are voters.
Then there is the NIMBY test.  NIMBY is an acronym for "not in my backyard" pejoratively applied to opposition by residents of an area or, for example, by users of various roadways who oppose infrastructural projects or upgrades that may inconvenience them.
Historically, NIMBY has
especially been applied to transportation improvement projects.
It also refers to those who advocate ideas and proposals, for example austerity measures in the national budget such as tax increases or cuts, which may more adversely affect others than those making the proposal.
This includes the self-described economic experts and some business people, many who have spoken at length on the road works, whose idea of shared sacrifice does not include much sacrifice on their part.
Leaving Nassau and jetting to Brazil or India or South Africa, the very same complaints about road works one hears daily in the nation's capital, can be heard in foreign accents in Rio, Mumbai or Cape Town.
Still, despite the enormous frustrations and communications miscues, Geno D captures a lingering hope by frustrated residents: "They say when it's over things will be better, the roads smoother, no rusty water, but until that day..."
With an extraordinary amount of work completed, residents of New Providence have a better idea of the shape, scope and ambition of the road works minus the reddish-orange cones, diversions and swirls of dust.
New things

Bahamians, like most people, love new things.
The opening of the six-legged round-about at JFK Drive and the completion of the final stage of the road corridor connecting Carmichael Road to West Bay Street at the new Saunders Beach, and the diverted West Bay Street at Cable Beach, have thrilled most residents for reasons of convenience and aesthetics.
Drivers are also watching as the new Gateway Road Project takes shape along with the new corridor connecting the new National Stadium to the area adjacent to the new six-legged round-about and to the Tonique Williams Darling Highway.
Then there is the intersection of Marathon Road, Robinson Road and East-West Highway, which will take some getting used to as it resembles an intersection one might find in a more modern city.
The proposed dual carriageway at Baillou Hill Road near Family Guardian and environs will offer great relief for motorists traveling between north and south.
There is an underappreciated connection linking the road works and utility upgrades in New Providence.
Essentially, it is that the quality of roads, sidewalks, access to water, quality of utility conduits, signage and traffic signals will be of uniformly high quality throughout New Providence.
Wealthier, middle class and lower-income Bahamians will enjoy a similar quality of roadways whether they live in Cable Beach, Bain Town, Englerston, Carmichael, Montagu or Marathon.
It seems that in the face of frustration and sometimes fury, that the Ingraham administration was prepared to dig up, dig up, and restore East Street, Soldier Road and Market Street and Baillou Hill Road, Robinson Road and Prince Charles Drive until they looked like West Bay Street.
When the dust clears, the cones are removed, and the complaints abate, Bahamians will have among the newest and best roads in the Caribbean and clean water with exceptional water pressure.
Despite today's frustrations, most residents of New Providence will in all likelihood agree that the extensive works and dig up, dig up were necessary and long overdue.

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Thomas 'Uncle T' Rolle, 86

Last rites for Leader Thomas ‘Uncle T’ Rolle, 86, of Mt. Thompson Exuma will be held on Saturday at 10:00 A.M. at E. C. McKenzie Auditorium, Ramsey Exuma. Officiating will be
The Rev. Dr. C. W. Saunders, Superintendent of The Bahamas Baptist Union assisted by
Rev. Dr. Adam J. Brown and Ministers of the Exuma District Convention. Interment in The Public Cemetery, Mt. Thompson Exuma.

He is survived by of his eight (8) children: Walter, Leroy, Ezra and Marylee Rolle, Cleola Colebrooke, Juanita Monestine, Magnola Adderley and Salomie Farrington;
four (4) sons-in-law: Roy Colebrooke, Sr., Randolph McKenzie, Frankie Monestine and Joseph Farrington; one (1) daughter- ...

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