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Where the FNM went wrong: A closer look at the party's loss

Politics can be a fickle business.
Governing parties can find themselves in opposition overnight, their once towering empires reduced to little more than rubble when the will of the electorate is expressed.
The thrashing the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) gave the Free National Movement (FNM) in the general election one week ago is a clear cut example of how unpredictable the political climate can be.
Now, with only nine seats in Parliament to the PLP's 29, the FNM must again learn how to function in opposition and live with the reality that its message failed to resonate with the majority of voters.
And it must also determine why.
The most obvious answer: Hubert Alexander Ingraham.
The former prime minister and FNM leader, bet his fate -- and pretty much the fate of his entire party -- on the notion that the general election was all about his leadership versus now Prime Minister and PLP Leader Perry Christie's.
The FNM let him, and paid dearly for it.

What the election was really about
At rally after rally, event after event, functions, on the floor of Parliament, and at just about every other opportunity he got, Ingraham lambasted Christie's leadership.
He called Christie weak and indecisive. He dredged up PLP scandals of the past. He dragged a prominent member of the clergy and Dame Marguerite Pindling, the widow of Sir Lynden Pindling, into the mudslinging between himself and the PLP.
He talked incessantly about the 'cookie jar' and how the back-room dealers in the PLP were salivating to regain access to it.
But perhaps Ingraham did not realize that he was most likely preaching to the choir.
This election was not about Perry Christie and the past transgressions of the PLP.
This election was about overall joblessness; an unemployment rate of over 30 percent among young people; an underperforming economy; an alarming rate of crime and four murder records in five years, just to name a few.

Ingraham couldn't seem to find the right message to convey the many things his administration had done to ease economic hardship, combat crime and fix the nearly broken justice system.
And a finely-tuned PLP media machine excoriating him on a daily basis certainly didn't help.
While bidding his constituents in North Abaco farewell over the weekend, Ingraham acknowledged that the party's message was rejected by the majority of voters.
But why that message fell flat is still unclear.
Many younger voters, who he claimed saw him as the establishment, perhaps could not get through his sometimes brash attitude and in-your-face style that accompanied the message.
And many of them were probably too young to have paid much attention to Christie's last term in office, or simply did not care when faced with the prospect of having no prospects.
They perhaps only saw a PLP that said it believed in them and stacked it up against an FNM that said they should believe in Ingraham.
The PLP and FNM also delivered their messages differently.
Perry Christie and his team shrewdly allowed candidates to deliver many of the promises in the party's platform. Christie spent most of his time attacking Ingraham in speeches that varied little since the beginning of the year.
But Ingraham saved the big announcements for himself.
In another shrewd move, the PLP, as much as it could, kept Perry Christie away from reporters, which is very easy to do without him having the burden of governing.
This made the possibility of gaffes much more unlikely, though Christie became much more accessible as the campaign wound down.
Ingraham took all comers and gave the opposition fodder to further paint him as a 'tyrant' or a 'dictator'.

Mistakes along the campaign trail
Ingraham and the FNM also erred critically by waiting so long to introduce so many new candidates to the country.
Where some new PLP candidates had been in their respective communities for up to two years, Ingraham only really gave his people a few months to campaign.
Then he went on his now famous walkabouts in Bains Town and Grants Town, Englerston and Centreville.
He also went into different areas, but might have been better served by walking about in the southern New Providence constituencies, where margins were much closer.

Road works and the BTC sale
The New Providence Road Improvement Project may just have cost Hubert Ingraham his job. That project, which he personally described as 'torturous', coupled with the sale of the majority stake in the Bahamas Telecommunications Company to Cable and Wireless Communications, infuriated many people.
The road project, which dragged on and on, caused businesses to close and led to the loss of employment for many roadside vendors.
Add to that the frustration many New Providence residents had from waiting in traffic and figuring out alternate routes of travel on an almost daily basis, and many voters may have just made up their minds a long time ago that the FNM would not get their vote.
What seems strange is the unapologetic manner in which the government moved forward as it became clear that the project, though necessary, was very unpopular.
Stranger still, was the deadpan way in which the prime minister told the country that the mammoth project was $77 million over budget.
The privatization of BTC was also very interesting to watch unfold.
Not only did the opposition and every union in the country clearly state their disapproval, but hundreds of people marched on Parliament numerous times to protest it.
Yet, rather than slow the process down and allow more people time to process the information, Ingraham rammed it through Parliament and ignored the outcry.

What about the DNA?
Whether the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) spoiled the election for the FNM is still unknown and will require further study.
But what is clear is that the DNA had an impact at the polls, garnering around eight percent of the total vote, compared to 42 percent for the FNM and over 48 percent for the PLP.
As pointed out in The Nassau Guardian last week, had the votes cast for the DNA gone to the FNM in at least a dozen constituencies, Hubert Ingraham would once again be prime minister.

Moving forward
Now, Ingraham will retire and Killarney MP Dr. Hubert Minnis will lead the FNM in Parliament. The party will have a convention to solidify its leadership team later this month and go about the business of opposing.
Redemption is possible -- just look at the PLP.
That party, voted out in 2007 after a single term many describe as 'squandered', found its way back to power by focusing less on what the Ingraham administration was doing, and more on getting its own house in order.
The FNM is still a very popular party, performing well in the popular vote, despite the disproportionate number of seats in the House of Assembly.
Do not waste time sulking and bickering internally like the PLP did following its last defeat at the polls.
The FNM must move quickly to fortify its leadership team, push new blood to the forefront, establish a reliable and vocal shadow Cabinet and hold the PLP accountable at every turn.
Stay in the communities. Do not hide within your walls. Ask the people who voted against you, what you could have done better and seek to implement that.
The FNM has a chance to remake itself now that the shadow of Ingraham no longer looms over it. The next few years can be an era of possibility or can be lost languishing in confusion.

What now for Ingraham
As Ingraham memorably commented at a press conference not too long after he was last returned as prime minister, "I am distinct. I am not like others".
Truer words may never have been spoken.
Love him or hate him, Ingraham has left an indelible mark on Bahamian politics and will never be forgotten.
No matter how the PLP might try to obscure it, his legacy, like that of Sir Lynden's, will remain strong.
Ingraham and his cohorts brought about the most significant infrastructure upgrades in the country's history. He shepherded projects that changed the economy. And some of those will continue to bear fruit for the foreseeable future.
He built a new straw market, a new stadium, and a new port.
He oversaw significant phases of the redevelopment of Lynden Pindling International Airport, and other airports in the country.
He dredged Nassau Harbour, restored Goodman's Bay, Montagu Beach and Saunder's Beach.
He established a minimum wage and unemployment insurance.
He freed the airwaves and in so doing created a new media industry.
He built new courts and upgraded Parliament.
He launched the construction of the critical care wing at Princess Margaret Hospital.
He built many schools and clinics.
He upgraded the water system in New Providence and many other islands.
He did those things and much more.
The PLP has said it will consider appointing a Commission of Inquiry to investigate many matters, which could mean that we have not seen the last of Hubert Alexander Ingraham.
But money is scarce and the clock is ticking for the Christie administration, which promised results in a very short time.
In the meantime, Ingraham said he will return to his law practice and go 'fishnin' as often as he can.
Go right ahead 'Papa'. You earned it.

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News Article
Harvey Saunders, 52

Funeral service for Harvey Saunders, 52, a resident of Carew Street off Montrose Avenue and formally of Mangrove Cay Andros will be held 11:00 a.m. Saturday, February 26th, 2011 at St. Benedicts Roman Catholic Church, Pinders Mangrove Cay, Andros, Officiating will be Deacon Theophilus Rolle assisted by ADM Rose Belasco. Interment will be made in St. Benedicts Church Cemetery, Mangrove Cay.

Left to mourn with cherish memories are his son, Harvey Saunders Jr.; sister, Pastor Curlene Saunders; brother, James Saunders; 1 Aunt, Mary Saunders; 1 sister-in-law, Idabell King; nieces, Miriam, Jennifer, Leana, Bettyanne, Louise, Lisa, Nashan Laing, Nakeshia and Ieshia Saunders, Alice Miller, Edith Bastian, Mi ...

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Rolando Andrew Smith

Funeral Service for the late Rolando Andrew Smith affectionately called "Mentos"of Ridgeland Park West will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 11:00am at First Baptist Church, Market Street. Officiating will be Rev. Diane Francis assisted by other ministers of the religion. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
 Left to cherish his memories is his Son:  Rolando Andrew Smith, Jr., Mother:  Janet Princess Russell; Father:  Capt. Roland Smith; Step Father:  Benjamin Russell; Sister:  Benetra Russell; Brothers:  Renardo & Reanzo Smith & Janeko Russell; Grandparents:  Burke & Eloise Smith; Special Friend:  Candice Gardiner; Aunts:  Florence Gibson, Esther Moncur, Cycelyn Micklewhyte, Hestine & Ann Kemp, Sillamae Willliams, Ruth, Eva, Annismae, Aretha, Kandies, Patricia & Marcia Smith, Ivy Ferguson, Ansala Lee, Charlene                                    & Michelle Lockhart; Uncles: Thomas Lockhart, Philip, Efford, Jenease, Ralph, Roosevelt Kemp, Joel, Lester, Warren & Andrew Smith, Samuel Williams, Philip Micklewhyte, Robert Gibson, Reginald Ferguson & Donald Lee; Grand Aunts: Marjorie Saunders, Florine, Rowena & Viola Smith of Miami, Florida; Grand Uncles:  Herschal Smith of Miami, Florida & Robert Saunders; Great Grand Aunts: Mildred "Millie" Robinson, Bernice "Missy" Robinson, Edith Stirrup of New York; Godparents:  Veronica Rolle, Minera Cooper, Frederick Gray and Franklyn Sears; Numerous Cousins, Relatives & Friends: Nadia, Shontavia, Karen, Andre, Thomarie, Thomas Jr., Renardo, Leonardo, Demarcia, Demarco, Philip, Whitney, Nikita Lockhart, Franklyn & Franchesca Sears, Nathan Cash, Samenika Williams, Tamiko King Jr., Sophie, Senera, Ethan & Walston Gibson, Sgt.   Kelley Kemp, Sgt. Edga Kemp, Craven, Ezra, Kay, Kathy, Kassie, Nikita, Donnie, Jentry, Kyle, Keshila, Felishea, Racquel, Deangelo, Elisha and Ann Kemp; Edward, Jakero, Renaldo, Jamaal, Danielle, Shawn, Branden and Miquel Smith, Kesia, Sanchez and Ivanna Ferguson, Bridgette & Patrick Archer Gareth Brice, Quincy Munroe, Randy, Delwood & Dekeithra Gray, Samantha & Nick Bastian, Cynette, Phillippa, Tyrsen and Cohen Mycklewhyte, Tiffany Saunders, Michelle Seymour, Amado, Ava & Andrea Moncur, Racquel & Insp. Mareno Hinds, Marco, Cadero, Terrell, Orabessa & Hari Rolle, Deidre, Ashley, Alissa & Donald Lee, Pearl Williams & Family,  Chiquita Dames, Arnold Bain & Family, Ethrol Burrows & Family, Loretta Miller & Family, The Communities of Black Point and Staniel Cay, Exuma, The Ridgeland Park Family, The Russell Family, Grand Bahama Youth Leaders' Association and The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in Nassau and Grand Bahama.
As the family is a very large one, we apologize if we may have left out any names; it is certainly not intentional.

Viewing will be held in the Celestial Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 9:30am until service time.

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Alfred McKenzie, 48

Funeral Service for Alfred McKenzie, 48, of Minnie Street will be held on Saturday February 26th 2011 at 11:00am at Good Shepherd Church of God, Ida Street off Robinson Road. Officiating will be Pastor Sherwin Smith assisted by other ministers of the gospel. Interment will follow in Old Trail Cemetery, Old Trail Road.

His memories will forever linger in the hearts of his wife of 27 years : Sheila Mother: Remona Smith; 3 Sons: Alex, Omar and Oniel; 1 Daughter: Nikita; Daughter in-law: Lashan; 3 Grandchildren: Omar Jr. Alexis and Lashea; Sisters: Sheila Saunders, Marionette Strachan, Naomi Sumner, Jannette Johnson, Patricia McKenzie, Genese Toussaint, Elsie Winder, Ruthmae Adder ...

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St. Clair Augustus Burrows, 68

Funeral Service for the Late St. Clair Augustus Burrows, 68 Years of Garden Hills #1, and Formerly of Deadman's Cay, Long Island will be held on Sunday April 22nd, 2:30 p.m. at St. Agnes Anglican Church, Baillou Hill Road. Rev. Fr. Neil G. Nairn assisted by Canon Warren Rolle will officiate. Interment will follow in St. Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street.

Wife: Esther Burrows; Children: Sherry Burrows & William Burrows; Sisters: Delores Turnquest, Annette Cartwright; Daughter-In-Law: Sharon Burrows; Sister-In-Law: Hope Cartwright; Brothers-In-law: Ralph George Cartwright, Derek Cartwright, Carlon, Leslie and Craig Cartwright. Grand Children: Michael Burrows, Willeisha & Lynnaire Burrows; Nieces and Nephews including: Patricia Mitchell, Randolph Scott, John Scott Jr., Barbara Scott, Geoffrey & Dexter Thompson, Vernal & Whitmore Burrows, Rosalie Higgs, Christina Whitely, Barbara Adderley, David Cartwright Jr.; Grand Nieces & Nephews including: Kimberley Archer, Chandra Ferguson, Paulette Higgs, Eric, Jade & Erica Whitely, Christlyn & Kaitlin Adderley, Keith II & Ynise Hanna, Jonathan Rigby, Monique Mitchell & Kenrick Albury. Other relatives and friends Including: Father Neil G. Nairn, Father I. Ranfurly Brown and The entire Membership of the St. Agnes Parish especially The Anglican Church Men, Kenneth Culmer, Charles Miller, Chris Wright, Preston Ferguson Sr., Beauregard Kelly & Patrick Johnson; Brensil Rolle and the FNM Executive Committee and Campaign Workers of the Garden Hills Constituency; The Staff of Asa H. Pritchard especially Scharlene Bucci, Jeff Strachan, James Poitier, Andrew Scavella and Trevor Hunter; Pastor Leonard Johnson & Sis. Denise Johnson; Pastor Paul Scavella & the Members of the Centreville Seventh-day Adventist Church; The Centreville Pathfinder & Adventurer Clubs; The Management & Staff of H.G. Christie Ltd.; The Management & Staff of Bahamas Wholesale Agency; Alice Martinborough & Family; Matthew & Yvonne Johnson & Family; Betty Bain &  Family, Estella Farrington & Family; Reverley Saunders & Donella Mackey; Elaine Arnett & Family,  Jason Cartwright & Family; Claretta Duncombe & Family; Philip Taylor & Family; Mildred & Patrick Sands, Doctor Adderley & The Nurses of Male Surgical II, Dr. Quinton Richmond; Ruth Dabouze & Family; Priscilla McIntosh, Romeo & Edris Cartwright; Robert & Virgil Briggs & Family; Florie Cartwright & Family; Sam & Shawn Moree; Marilyn Dean & Family; Delilah Tai & Family; Rita Bowe & Family; Richa Sands & Family and numerous others.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street on Saturday from 10::00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and at the church from 1:00 p.m. until service time.

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Bernice Kelly, 84

Funeral service for Sister Bernice "B.K./ Mama" Kelly, 84 yrs., a resident of #2 Golden Gates & formerly of Port Nelson, Rum Cay who died on 23rd March, 2012, will be held at The New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Everette J. Brown, assisted by Rev. Tyrone Laing, Rev. Joseph Saunders & other Ministers of the Church. Interment follows in Lakeview Memorial Gardens.Precious memories will live forever in the hearts of her: Daughters: Terricita Strachan of Rum Cay, Dorothy Cooper Knowles and Suzette Minns of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Stephanie Cooper and Florence Kelly Kemp; Sons: Ellsworth McKenzie, Maverick Kelly of Nova Scotia, Canada, and Denrod Kelly, Sr. of Freeport, Grand Bahama; Grandchildren: Talia, Jamaal Sr, Andre, DeAndre, Steve, Shandika, Omri, Davori, Latrell, Valdez, Sasha, Denrod Jr., Ethan, Sarah, Abagale, Ellycyn, Vanessa, Latoya, Shelia, Harcourt, Jefferson, Rubin, Ann, Dr. Larissa Johnson; Great-Grandchildren: Jamaal Jr, Jasmine, Shantae, Jameko, Omar, Justin, Aston, D'Vaughn, Rubin Jr, Elyssa, Caitlyn and Casey; Stepdaughters: Pauline Nairn and Rowena Albury; Adopted Daughter: Vernita Johnson; Adopted Sons: Arnold and Joseph Cooper and Frankie Claude. Sisters: Nora Pinder, Ettamae Major and Charlotte Kelly. Brother: Wellington Kelly; Sister-in-law: Phyllis Kelly;Brother-in-law: Alonzo Major; Daughters-in-law: Cynthia McKenzie, Tracey and Stacey; Sons-in-law: Craig Kemp and Leroy Minns; Granddaughters-in-law: Gwendolyn, Lakeishia and Tamika; Nieces: Lena, Anita, Deborah, Debbie, Jacqueline, Joycelyn, Joanne, Michelle, Nicola, Makeba, Lashantia, Fanny, Spanky, Ruthmae, Tanya and Denise Clark;Nephews: Cornelius, Jerome, Oral, Grimick, Marvado, Kendal, Dwayne, Raymond, Christopher, Rodney and John;Cousins: Nurse Letitia and Donald Curry and Family; Franco Dorsett and Family; Numerous Relatives and Friends: Moses Deveaux, Pat Whitfield, Ellamae Ferguson, Inez Cooper, Errol Ferguson, Alice Inniss, Archie Nairn, Andrew Culmer, Rosie Baptiste, Hayward Hanna and Family, Carnetta Outten, Edward Rolle, Nurse McPhee, Sir Arlington and Lady Butler and Family, Catherine Johnson and Family, Mary St. Louis, Dellaresse Braynen, Claudette Sealy, Osheika Turnquest and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Hanna and Family, Mr. Leonard Knowles and Family, Ms. Mackey and Family, Stephen Williams and Family, Alexander Burns and Family, The New Bethlehem Baptist Church Family, Apostolic Church of Christ Family, Rev. Marina Sands and Family, Lawrence Burnside and Family, Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn and Family, Beryl Hanna and Family, Pearl Rahming and Family, Norma Gordon and Family, Glen Butler and Family, Minna Outten and Family, Bernard Pratt and Family, Julian and Candice Mackey, Theresa Wilmott and Family, Hon. Shane Gibson and Family, Shirley Josey and Family of Delray Beach.Fla., Mr. Baron Johnson and Family, Sharon and Walter Capron and Family, Oswald Rolle and Family, Natasha Russell and Family. Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Dillis Eloise Bullard Saunders, 82

Funeral Service for Dillis Eloise Bullard Saunders, 82, of Mangrove Cay, Andros who died on December 14th 2011 at Persis Rodgers Home, will be held on Friday, December 23rd at 2 p.m., at Saint Agnes Anglican Church, Baillou Hill Road. Officiating will be Archdeacon I. Ranfurly Brown, assisted by Father Andrew Toppin, Father Neil Nairn, Father Stephen R.E. Davis and Father Roderick Bain. Interment will follow in Saint Agnes Cemetery, Nassau Street.
Fond memories will linger in the hearts of her Husband: Henry Saunders, Sr.; Adopted Children: Michael Marshall (deceased), Ethelyn Lewis and Sheria Saunders; Children by Marriage: Peterson & Lovisa James, Barry & Lovina Adamson, Harrison Saund ...

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Ahmad Ricardo Rashad Babbs, 23

Funeral Service for the Late Ahmad Ricardo Rashad Babbs, 23 years of Cox's Way, will be held on Saturday June 11th, 11:00 a.m. at Calvary Deliverance, East Street, South.
Bishop V.G. Clarke assisted by other members of the clergy. Interment will follow in the Eastern Cemetery, Shirley Street.
Ahmad is survived by His parents: Abigail Babb and Ricardo Babbs; His children: Kameah and Rashad; His grandmother: Vernita Babbs. Vaneria Babb-Ramsay(Deceased); His siblings: Thallis, Vernita, and Ivanah Babbs; His aunts: Philippa Forde; Denise Leary; Mekell Knowles; LaShan White of Miami, Florida; Tanya Babbs; Melvina Gibson; Garnell Babb; Melvern Huyler-Lewis of New York, Glensworth Strachan, Joan Sands, Norma, Patricia and Helena Babbs; Rosetta Babbs; Rachel Pople; Thelma Bain; Emily and Keva Goodman; Bobbette Goodman; Victoria and Constance Hall; Brenda Babbs; May Dean, Emily Hamilton, Mildred Dean and Alice Dean. Jacquline Dean and Clemoi Gibson, Inger Seymour and Sophia Mackey; His uncles: Terrance Pedican; Thallis, Bradley, Brian and Dwight Babbs; Thyrone, Trevor and Valentino Babbs; Kendal, Roscoe, Charles and Rodger Babbs; Stanley and Cresval Babb; and Roy Pedican; Alfred Lewis; Wesley Pople; Byron Bain; Caleb, William, Jeffrey, Walter and Alphonso Goodman; Cousins: Tonya, Sean, Sherisse and Steffon Gibson; Siobhan and Nicole Reilly;  Charlton and Perez Babb; Monique Lugo; Stanley and Stanell Babb; Royann Pedican; Joy, Cindy, Todd, and Kurt Drakes; Cheryl, Issac, Dustan Babb; Michael, Paul and Clayton Fernander; Sharon and Stephanie Fernander; Jennifer and Bridgette Pedican; Sandra Burrows; Carla Hall; Julian Pedican; Geno Simms; Steffon Jr; Diazrio Torren; Shantia Latique Gibson; Sean Jr; Quniton, Latoya and Brianna Gibson; Edwin and Rashad Babb; Jennifer, Felicia, Georgeann and Jarell Knowles; Totyana Nord, Fredricka Mackey; Corey Onley, Julian and Jonathan White, Decorey Gray, Thalisa, Bradeisha and Dwynisha Babbs.Payton Ewing ,Khesanh Trunquest, Amber Pinder, Nicolas Reilly,Antonio Forde; Numerous relatives and friends including: Hanako Tukuru, Teako and Alfreda Lewis; Italya Beth, Maria and Alicia Goodman; Kayla and Kieshla Goodman;  Kyle, Dean, Ali Tukuru; McKell, Marvin and Makayla Goodman; Jamaal, Jerez, and Javarick Bain; LaTario Goodman; Caleb Goodman II; Canix Nelson, Lisa Whyms, Ginger Horton, Mrytle Goodman, Leslie Russell; Ritchie Goodman Sam and Joanne Williams and family. Ernestine Bartlette and ,Vanessa Walkes and Family Ezra Dean and Family ,Tessa Smith and Family Beulah Arnett and Family, Hurbert Arnett Jr and Family, Olive Williams and Family Garnell, Susan, Prince Steven and Samuel Arnett and Family,Philmore and Donell Arnett (FT.Lauderdale) Beverly Marshall and Family,Dorothea Miller and Family Ezra Dean Jr Vernon, Mark Dean(Denver Coloroda),Yvette Williams and Family ,Sonia Adderley and Family , Lorista Johnson and Family, Sharon  Saunders and Family  Linda ,Marvin and Devon Dean and Family Sandra Rahming and Family Steve, Dion and Keshia Collie and Family, Hubert Mackey and Family Deborah Adderley and Family, Karen Lockhart and Family Hezeron Lobosky and Family Cheryl Wilson and Family,Pamela Rodgers and Family Magdel ,Shirley,  Althea and Leon Storr and Lori Curtis and Family, Lorna Newbold and Family Andrew Mcphee And Family  Mount Royal and Ludlow Street Family Management and Staff Of Rentokil Initial , Kerzner International  Pantol Street Family and Jamell Walker  and Family, Apex Awards and Signs Staff and Management, General Appliance Management and Staff,The Porch Family and The Centerville Community.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #44 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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sports inbrief



TOP players in the league squared off as the New Providence Volleyball Association hosted its All-Star Classic at D W Davis Gym Sunday.

In what was easily considered the most competitive and thrilling set of games for the season, Laval Sands, Tia Charlow and Rochelle Henfield led the vice president team over the president's team led by Melinda Bastian, Camilla Miller and JeNae Saunders 25-23, 15-25, 25-18, 22-25 and 23.

In men's action, the president squad, behind Byron Ferguson, Shedrick Forbes and Lauhandro Thompson defeated the vice president's led by Prince Wilson, Chauncey Cooper and Enderick Rahming 18-25, 31-29, 22-25, 25-16 and 15-8.


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Terrine Leonie Kerr, 78

Funeral Service for Terrine Leonie Kerr, 78, of Cowpen Road and formerly of North Caicos will be held on Sunday at Carmichael Baptist Holiness Church at 2:00p.m. Officiating will be Pastor. Paul McPhee assisted by other ministers of the gospel. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to carry onher legacy are her Daughter: Vernita Rolle. 13 Grandchildren: Kenneth Kerr, Amigo Saunders, Clifton Rolle, Michael Kerr, Quinten Kerr, Davinci Rolle, Samantha Kerr, Jensen & Jason Rolle, Shakera Kerr, Jessica & Jestina Kerr and Johnathan Kerr. 8 Great Grandchildren: Renaldo Fountain, Myecha Grant, Tiana & Simon Rolle, Kenton Kerr, Michael Kerr Jr., Nylia Kerr and Preciou ...

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