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A focus on men's foot health

Men and women's feet have the exact same structure and function, however women tend to have more problems and complaints with their feet. Part of the reason for this is that women pay more attention to their feet and seek help faster than men. Men's feet are also special, but are pretty low-maintenance compared to women's feet. The average shoe size for men is 10-and-a-half inches.
Nobody likes funky feet! Rough, hard skin, foot odor and nasty nails are big turnoffs -- ask anyone. Foot ailments develop mostly from neglect or a lack of awareness about proper foot care. Men can benefit from some basic foot care and pampering. The good news is there is a lot men can do to keep their feet in great shape.
o Condition your feet with men's body moisturizer. Hydrating your feet with a body lotion is important to keep rough, dry skin and calluses at bay. Apply lotion immediately after showering to maximize moisture absorption and prevent dry skin. If you already suffer from dry skin, moisturizing your feet one to two times a day can really improve their appearance.
o Wash between your toes. A lot of guys don't pay much attention to their feet, even in the shower. The area between your toes can trap dirt easily and is a breeding ground for bacteria; athlete's foot may develop if you don't regularly clean between your toes. So use a liquid cleanser or soap all over your feet to keep them clean and reduce your risk of foot hygiene problems; mass-market bar soaps are notorious for drying out skin.
o Wear shoes that fit. Rough skin on your feet is usually the result of wearing shoes that are too tight. The tightness creates friction that can contribute to calluses. Your feet need space, so get shoes that fit properly and have soft padding to reduce your risk of calluses and corns. You should also be using shoes that are appropriate for whatever activity you're doing. For example, you shouldn't be wearing regular sneakers when you're going hiking unless you're asking to get hurt.
o Trim your nails the right way. When you trim your toenails, make sure you're trimming them straight across and not rounded. Rounded nail cutting can increase your risk of ingrown toenails. Also, trim your toenails at regular intervals. Your toenails can become extremely long, increasing their risk of breaking and becoming infected.
o Exfoliate two to three times a week. Using a men's body scrub on your feet can help remove dull buildup and other debris that can attract bacteria. A body scrub uses exfoliating particles to deep clean your feet and leave them feeling light and refreshed. Using a body powder on your feet can also help absorb excess moisture and soothe the skin. A body powder is especially useful for athletic men. It can help prevent and relieve skin discomfort associated with exercise.
o Wear sandals or shoes in communal locations like the gym or public showers. The warm, humid floor of the locker room is swarming with bacteria, viruses and fungus that can cause infection, so always wear something on your feet at these types of public places. You have no idea what type of germs might be lurking. Lack of footwear in these locations can increase your risk of athlete's foot and other fungi-related conditions, warts and bacterial infections such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) or pseudomonas.
o Go to the spa. It's okay to go to the spa and pamper those tired, achy feet sometimes. A massage will go a long way to rejuvenate you, relax your feet and restore their health.
o See a podiatrist. Sometimes, you can benefit from the professional advice from a foot doctor. This is especially true if you notice any signs of infection like yellow toenails, foot pain injury or change in the shape of the foot. See a podiatrist before starting a new exercise regimen or sport to have your feet checked out.
o For more information email or visit or To see a podiatrist visit Bahamas Foot Centre on Rosetta Street, telephone 325-2996 or Bahamas Surgical Associates on Albury Lane, telephone 394-5820.

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VAT bill revealed

The legislation and regulations the government drafted to guide its value-added tax (VAT) regime when it takes effect next July would tax over 80 different professions, cable bills and phone bills for all consumers, and electricity and water bills for businesses.
The Value Added Tax Bill 2013, and the Value Added Tax Regulations 2013, obtained by The Nassau Guardian, propose a flat tax rate of 15 percent on a long list of professional services, utilities and imported goods.
Financial services carried out for a specific fee, many financial transactions and insurance transactions and premiums, except for health and life insurance, will also be subject to VAT.
As has been widely reported, hotel rooms and food and beverage transactions would be taxed at a rate of 10 percent.
Condominiums that are part of a hotel complex, even if they're part of a rental pool, would be taxed as well.
However, some services and goods will be exempt from the new tax.
A variety of breadbasket items, educational institutions, daycare, after school, retirement, medical, and disabled facilities, religious institutions, charitable organizations and the sale or rental of a dwelling not part of a hotel complex would be exempt.
Games of chance, gambling and lotteries would also be exempt.
While the government has drafted over 160 pages of legislation and regulations, there are still a few things that have yet to be set in stone.
For example, the regulations propose a threshold for VAT being applied to electricity and water bills for commercial consumers.
This means that if a business consumes less than a certain amount of electricity per month to be determined by the government, it would pay no VAT; everything exceeding that as yet undetermined level would be subject to VAT.
The same is being proposed for businesses that consume public water.
While the draft legislation does not propose to impose VAT on these services for residential consumers, The Guardian understands that the prime minister will soon decide whether this will change, bearing in mind his party's pledge to lower the cost of electricity.
The government has also not decided on what the threshold will be for professional services to become VAT registrants.
The Guardian understands that currently the government is considering $100,000 or $150,000 as the threshold at which VAT will apply to those services.
The legislation also exempts professional services that are conducted for people who are not in The Bahamas in many instances.
Domestic transportation by land or water, other than in connection with a tour, would also be exempt.
VAT registrants who will be required to impose the new tax on retail transactions will be those businesses whose revenue exceeds $100,000 per year.
The VAT legislation and regulations are quite detailed and complex, but there are many areas that are quite straightforward.
What will you pay more for?
Expect financial transactions to impact your bottom line.
Financial services and transactions are not exempt from VAT if they levy a fee.
This includes, short-term insurance contracts; legal, accounting, record packaging services, and tax agency services, including advisory services; the provision of insurance, other than life or medical insurance; safe custody for money or documents; brokerage services; debt collection or factoring services and trustee services.
Also taxable would be the transmission of money or monetary value in any form; the issuance, sale or redemption of money orders or traveler's checks; check cashing; currency exchange issuance, sale or redemption of money orders and traveler's checks and currency exchange and pay day advances.
Loans to consolidate finances from bank to bank will be subject to VAT if the repayment terms are in installments.
However, financial services provided to a person treated as a non-resident for purposes of the Exchange Control Regulations are exempt.
Accounting and record packaging services rendered to these institutions would also be exempt.
What won't cost more
Many basic food items will be exempt from VAT.
Beef, chicken, pork, sheep meat, horse meat, smoked meat, dried meat, salted meat, sausage, sandwich meat, corned beef and fish will be exempt.
Fresh milk, milk products, concentrated and evaporated milk, cream, cheese, dairy spreads and butter will also be exempt.
VAT will not apply to fresh and frozen vegetables and fruit.
Rice, fonio, quinoa, triticale, flour, cereal, cereal grains, cereal groats (like oat, wheat, barley and rye), meal and pellets will be exempt.
Soybean oil, ground nut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, castor oil, other oils used for cooking and vegetable fats will also be exempt.
Margarine, imitation lard and shortening will be exempt.
Cane sugar, beet sugar and white sugar will be exempt.
VAT will not apply to bread, noodles, couscous, bulger wheat or foods for infant use.
Mustard and mayonnaise, soups and broth will also be exempt.
Mineral water for infant use will have no VAT applied to it.
Laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, soaps and domestic utility goods will also be exempt.
Licenses issued by the government will be exempt from VAT as well.
Government agencies, ministries, departments, statutory bodies, local government councils, or other government entities that provide services that are usually taxable will be exempt from VAT if the services are of a nominal amount or they are not intended to recover the cost of those goods and services.
The Ministry of Finance will begin a series of intensive VAT workshops for the public starting tomorrow, Financial Secretary John Rolle said recently.
The workshops will come amid criticism over the proposed implementation date and questions about its impact.
The government has said VAT is necessary to bring down the government's massive deficit and get the country's spiraling debt situation under control.
Ministry of Finance officials estimate that VAT can generate about $200 million in annual revenue.Professions subject to VAT under draft bill1. Accountants
2. Actuaries
3. Acupuncturists
4. Advisors
5. Advocates
6. Aestheticians
7. Appraisers
8. Architects
9. Athletes
10. Athletic Trainers
11. Auctioneers
12. Audiologist
13. Barbers
14. Beauticians
16. Chiropractors
17. Consultants
18. Contractors
19. Cosmetologists
20. Counsellors
21. Custodial engineers
22. Custom brokers
23. Dental Assistants
24. Dental Hygienists
25. Dentist
26. Dieticians
27. Electricians
28. Electrologist
29. Embalmers
30. Engineers
31. Entertainers
32. Financial Analysts
33. Foresters
34. Funeral Practitioners
35. Geologists
36. Hair Dressers
37. Hairdressers
38. Health Care Providers
39. Home Repair Service Providers
40. Interior Designers
41. Interpreters
42. Land Sales Developer
43. Landscape Architecture
44. Lawyers
45. Librarians
46. Massage therapists
47. Mechanics
48. Naturopathic Doctors
49. Nurse Practitioners
50. Nurses
51. Nursing Home Administrators
52. Occupational therapists
53. Occupational therapy Assistants
54. Optometrists
55. Orthodontist
56. Osteopath
57. Painters
58. Pharmacists
59. Physical Therapists
60. Physicians
61. Physicians (MD)
62. Pilots
63. Plumbers
64. Podiatrist
65. Professional fundraisers
66. Professional Planner
67. Professors
68. Promoters
69. Psychologists
70. Radiologic technicians
71. Real Estate Appraisers
72. Real Estate Professionals
73. Respiratory Care Practitioners
74. Salesmen
75. Scientists
76. Social Workers
77. Speech-Language Pathologists
78. Stock Brokers
79. Surveyors
80. Teachers
81. Technicians
82. Timeshare Developers
83. Timeshare Sales Agent
84. Transient Sellers
85. Translators
86. Veterinarians
87. Such other professions that the minister may add

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Merry feet for Christmas

This is the season to be merry, however it is often not a merry time for the feet. Lots of holiday shopping usually means lots of walking and even sometimes running. In addition, it is time for lots of standing, while cooking, during parties, church and even Junkanoo. Further, most persons, especially women will be wearing new shoes during these activities. All these reasons can add up to painful feet!
A survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) showed that painful feet are a common occurrence during the holiday madness and the number one way women soothe their aching feet is by moisturizing their feet. Women admitted that stretching and massaging their feet were also on the list of favorite foot fixers. Here are a few more ways to keep your feet merry this holiday season.
Exercise your toes: Toe cramping is common due to long hours of walking, often in tight shoes. Avoid toe cramping by raising your toes, pointing and curling them for five seconds in each direction, then repeat 10 times. You can do this several times a day and you won't even break a sweat, but your toes will get relief.
Massage your feet: Women like it because it works. Massaging releases tension, increases circulation and rejuvenates the skin after a long day on your feet. Get out the lotion and rub those toes, better yet get a spouse, child or friend to do it. You can also use a foot bath or tub to massage the feet. Fill the tub with warm water and your favorite fragrant moisturizing soap and let the jets massage your feet. Persons who are diabetic should not soak or use hot water on their feet.
Elevate your legs: Long hours of standing, walking and evening sitting can cause the feet to swell especially at the end of the day. Reduce swelling by elevating the legs by sitting or lying down and lifting the legs above your heart.
Rotate your ankles: Because of swelling and long hours of standing and walking the ankles can get tired and ache. Relax your feet by rotating your ankles, turn your ankle up toward your head, down toward the floor then right and left, slowly five times. This loosens up the ankle joints and increases blood flow to the area.
Wear smart shoes: For the most part, during your holiday activities like shopping, cooking, etc., wear sensible, comfortable shoes and avoid high heels. Save the high heels for actual dressed up events. If you know you will be on your feet all day, wear comfortable shoes with arch support and a padded sole.
When purchasing shoes, do so in the afternoon and be sure to try them on and walk in them in the store to be sure they fit properly. Do not wear shoes that don't fit, they will cause blisters and other injury to the feet.
For persons who already have problems with their feet for example heel pain or Plantar Fasciitis or even an injury to the feet, it is vital to follow the podiatrist's instructions and continue to wear the prescribed foot wear during the holiday. It will prevent relapse and return of pain and other symptoms after the holiday.
Prevent injury: It is important to not over do it and prevent any injury to your feet while rushing to complete all the holiday activities. Pay particular attention to foot wear and walking surfaces. Drinking alcohol and other substances also increases your risk of injury. Continue your exercise routine during the holiday season. Be sure to stretch before and after exercising. Wear new sports shoes cautiously, by gradually increasing the time your wear them each day until you adjust.
If you follow these tips and suggestions you can prevent injury and ensure that your feet are also merry during this holiday season. However, foot injuries and pain, including fractures, ankle sprains, blisters, ingrown toe nails, etc., are common foot complaints during and after the holiday. If you do get an injury or develop foot pain, see a podiatrist as soon as possible. Remember the reason for the season. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

o For more information visit or to see a podiatrist visit Bahamas Foot Centre, Rosetta Street telephone 325-2996 or Bahamas Surgical Associates, Albury Lane telephone 394-5820.

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Beautifying Body and Mind
Beautifying Body and Mind

Thursday 2nd May 2013  6:30 PM

Beautifying Body and Mind The Bahamas Chamber Of Commerce and Employers Confederation along with Belle Mente Spa and Salon are inviting you to its, First Corporate Spa Business After Hours.”Beautifying Body and Mind”. Come and Join us for an evening of networking, while being pampered with mini massages and hand massages along with wine and appetizers. Packages are also being offered to Chamber members, please click on the link for more information. · Date: May 2nd, 2013 Time: 6:30pm – 9pm Venue: Bella Mente Spa and Salon (Faith Avenue) Directions, Heading South on Faith Avenue from Carmichael Rd, Pass third corner on the right Bella Mente will be on will be the peach and gray building on the right. This is a free event for all Chamber Members, spaces are limited. To register you can contact the office at 322-2145 or email to


Thursday 17th June 2010  5:00 PM

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Primadona! The Ultimate Designer Shopping Party featuring brands such as Donna Morgan, Tory Burch, Shumaq, Ali Ro, Noir many more. Hookah Bar | "How To Wear It" Demo | Acoustic Sunset Guitarist | Open Champagne Bar | John Hardy Jewelry Raffle | Complimentary Mini Massages & Awesome Designer Shopping! SHOP ~ MUNCH ~ SIP ~ TREAT Admission Only - $15 Admission + Primadona Tote - $35 Start Time: June 17th at 5:00pm End Time: June 17th at 9:00 PM Where: A Stone's Throw Away, Tropical Garden Road & Gambier Heights

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No cross no crown: The cost of leadership

The Bahamas is a nation founded and built upon Christian principles. It is therefore expected that this week and in particular during the weekend, a vast majority of Bahamians will commemorate and reflect upon the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The reality is that the Easter story is one that we can all relate to in our personal and professional lives. The suspension of all rallies and political activities by all political parties in observance of Holy week is welcome news as it suggests a certain level of reverence for religion and spirituality by our political leaders . However, one can't help but wonder whether the candidates for this year's general elections, leaders and aspiring leaders in general appreciate the true cost of leadership with all of its triumphs and trials.
The life of Jesus tells the story of a man who was so sure of his calling from a very early age that even the temptation of being afforded the world before the debut of his ministry could not deter him from His ultimate purpose to save the world. He performed miracles and preached a gospel of repentance during his three and a half year ministry. However, Jesus received mixed reviews during this period and was not always accepted by all, but what is clear is that he bore the mark of a great leader and left behind a legacy for many generations to come.

The triumphant entry
The triumphant entry witnessed Jesus riding into the town of Jerusalem on a colt being greeted to shouts of joy and gladness from the multitudes that were present singing Hosanna unto Him. Leaders and aspiring leaders can learn a thing or two from this event which was well attended by genuine followers, disciples and sycophants. The irony of the Triumphant Entry is that the same crowd that praised Him within a matter of days ridiculed Him and called for his death. However, Jesus was not deterred by this because He was always sure of His calling and denied himself in spite of opposition. Leaders must be mindful of the vast audience that so easily massage their egos and appear to loathe them for such crowds are fluid and allegiances or positions are unpredictable.

Rejected by the system
The system indicted and convicted Jesus for his non-conformity with the status quo and His desire to bring freedom to the human race. The nature of the system is one that is comfortable with business as usual and taking a stand contrary to popular belief(s) is often frowned upon. A leader should be prepared to stand for his beliefs regardless of its contradiction to the general held notion and obvious opposition within the system. True leaders must be willing to be blacklisted for their beliefs to achieve their dreams.

Betrayals and denials
The betrayal by Judas and denial by Peter as clearly documented in the Bible will probably be recited multiple times during the course of this week. It is my hope that leaders, aspiring leaders and Bahamians in general accept the fact that they will have their fair share of Judases and Peters as they journey through life seeking to fulfil their God-given assignments. In the end as is commonly stated, we must be true to ourselves and be willing to walk alone. The betrayal and denial as noted in the preamble to the Easter story speaks to the role of greed, the love of money, loyalty and fear in discipleship and the following of any leader.

As Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, He asked His Father to "let this cup pass over me", speaking in relation to having to go to the cross to be crucified and all of the humiliation that came along with that. The thought of the burden of a mission and sacrifices attached to achievement of a vision can be so overwhelming on a leader that he/she tries to abort the dream. However, great leaders persevere; they push through the challenges with the ultimate goal in sight and declare like Jesus did - "Not my Will but Your Will Be Done".
The road to the Crucifixion is a painful, agonizing and lonely one. Jesus bore and carried His cross alone as He journeyed to Calvary to the jeers and insults of the crowd. One cannot help but reflect on the radical shift in the scenery of the Triumphant Entry compared to that of the Crucifixion. It is no news that the people that once applauded your great works are very seldom around to rescue you from going to the cross. In fact, it is not unusual for these persons to be on the other end of the spectrum demeaning your achievements and person. The actual death of Jesus which marks the climax of the tragedy may come in different forms to leaders ranging to character assassinations, persecutions and losses. However, this is inevitable at some points in the life of every leader or aspiring leader.

We celebrate Easter because Jesus rose from the dead. Indeed the darkest of nights must always give way to the rising of the sun. In spite of it all, one thing that we can always be assured of is the fact that if you are willing, there is a resurrection after the crucifixion. Your mindset is transformed in the resurrection and you will become a stronger and better person as a result. Jesus' ability to be true to His ministry and His calling gave birth to the Christian church as we know it today. Consequently, there are millions around the world that follow his teachings and practice. Hence, Jesus left behind a legacy that has spanned over centuries. Indeed, this was the crowning moment for the cross that He had to bear.
Triumphs and trials are a bittersweet mix in leadership. But one must always be mindful that the goals they are seeking to achieve and the eventual legacy that they will leave behind, ultimately supersedes any temporal challenge that one may face. After all no student is greater than his master/teacher and Jesus taught us all how to become great leaders.

Arinthia S. Komolafe is an attorney-at-law. Comments can be directed at

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Hilton corporate treat

The British Colonial Hilton recently hosted the latest in its Corporate Club Liaison seminars. The corporate loyalty program geared towards all Hilton corporate bookers welcomed clients to a fun-filled, exciting evening in the Governors Ballroom .
Club members received expert tips on how to reorganize and refresh their homes and personal style for the spring and summer seasons. The British Colonial Hilton & Club Liaison partnered with various local vendors and corporate partners who put on fantastic displays of their latest products including Quality Home Center, with its full displays of fresh new looks for every room of the home, including chic colorful furniture pieces. John Bull highlighted its new designer bag and shoe collections from Coach, Michael Kors and more, while the Cosmetic Boutique and the MAC style team of Nestae and Deangelo gave great makeup tips and complimentary spring makeovers for attendees.
Members were able to see and purchase designer straw bags, fabulous jewelry, and summer and beach fashions from vendors including Sonia's Crafts, Minka Swimwear, Point of View and Tanya Sunders Boutique and Creative Jewelry. Guests also received great tips on healthy hair care from Hair & Now. Of course the makeovers would not have been complete without some hands-on tips on rejuvenation, as complimentary massage treatments and brow waxing were available from the teams from Creative Beauty, Marcian Bethel and Total Bliss.
Guests enjoyed the high energy and excitement of the evening, as great prizes were given away while the Hilton Bullion Bar team was present with signature Bullion drinks to sample and enjoy, along with delicious treats from the Hilton culinary team. Jamiel Clarke, Hilton Beach Club manager, was also on hand to provide information on the exciting corporate/individual option and gave away prizes inviting guests to experience some of the club's benefits.
Club Liaison is a region-wide recognition program which aims to reward a select group of representatives of corporate accounts responsible for booking guestrooms and meetings at any of our properties throughout the Caribbean region.
In joining Club Liaison at no cost, you are eligible to accrue points for your bookings and convert them into attractive awards.
For further information, kindly contact Audra Riley, senior sales/corporate manager.

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Man Expo 2013 is a weekend for the men

At The Little Pink Party by the Khanaali Media Group, women shop, sip, see, sample, snap and score -- but now it's time for men to get groomed, sip cocktails, enjoy fantastic entertainment, decadent delights and hot shaves and indulge in mini manicures and pedicures as Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace stages its Man Expo 2013.
After the success of last year's "Paint the Lanes Pink" event trade show for women, the marketing team at Mario's was bombarded about an event for men, and came up with Man Expo, to be held Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15 at the bowling and entertainment facility on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.
"It's not a Father's Day event, but we decided doing the expo around the Father's Day weekend would be perfect," said Lisa Humes, a member of the Mario's marketing team. "We wanted to bring together everything under one roof that a man could think that he would want."
From cigar rolling in the smoker's lounge to electronics and gadgets, health information and screening, health and fitness demonstrations, hype bikes, cool antique cars, liquor sampling, photos with dad, cuts and shaves, luxury man bags, facials for men, mini manicures and pedicures for men, men's clothing boutique, shoe displays, novelty shop, styling and consultations, to daddy and me bowling -- there is expected to be something for everyone.
The highlight of the event will be the man cave in the Elements Lounge where live casino gaming (without legal tender) will take place.
"It's just a place for the man to come and relax," said Humes. "There will be live casino being done by the National Casino and Bartending School, no real money will exchange hands but there will be casino games," she said. And the drink of choice in the smoker's lounge will be Hennessey. Neck and back massages will also be available in the private massage room.
Men are also encouraged to enter to win a $1,500 man makeover that includes a shave straight down to new shoes. Kedar Clarke will style the winner who will be featured in Brutha Magazine. Men can enter online via their Facebook page at
Women are encouraged to be a part of Mari's Bowling and Entertainment Palace's Man Expo 2013, but Humes said they should remember that the event is all about the men in their lives, but that they too can partake in the free samples and offerings over the two days. And look for a gift for the man in their life that's a dad. She said even for the men that aren't dads as yet the Man Expo 2013 will just be a fantastic outing.
"We expect it to be extremely successful, and as successful as 'Paint the Lanes Pink' was for women," she said. "Our society often overlooks the man and we wanted to do a weekend that just focused totally on the man and we picked Father's Day weekend because we thought that would tie in well with Father's Day."
The regular bowling palace entry fee of $5 for persons 12 and older is in effect.

Man Expo 2013
Where: Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace
When: Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15
Time: 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. (Friday) and 2 p.m. - 10 p.m. (Saturday)

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'Pocket Rocket' coming to The Bahamas for the first time

KINGSTON, Jamaica - It's hard to imagine that Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, the darling of the entire Caribbean, has never stepped foot on the sunny islands of The Bahamas.
This May, she intends to change that by taking part in the inaugural International Association of Athletics Federations' (IAAF) World Relay Championships, and the compact World and Olympic Champion is looking forward to the trip.
Winning four of the past five sprint global titles outdoors in the 100 meters (m), and by adding a 60m indoor title this year, the Jamaican national record holder is unquestionably the number one female sprinter in the world right now. Inclusive of relays, she has eight global gold medals since her OIympic debut in Beijing, China.
Her coach Stephen Francis calls her the greatest female sprinter over 100m in the history of athletics. With the hardware she has racked up in just a short period of time, it would be difficult to dispute that. In short, no other woman has done what she did, particularly in the 100m over the past six years. Still, the 27-year-old petite 'pocket rocket', as she is called by her many fans, remains as humble as ever, while still focussing on getting better.
"I'm driven from the inside and from certain circumstances what happened in my life. I don't pay attention to where I fall in history. I just want to continue to get better, and leave the sport better than I found it," said Fraser-Pryce. "I'm reserved. I try to stay away from being looked at as number one - just try to remain humble and grounded. Even after I won the three gold medals in Moscow (2013 World Championships), when I got back to my room, I was like, 'how am I possibly going to top this'. My husband says that I never enjoy anything, but enjoyment will come in time. I just want to continue to get better, and ensure that other young athletes could see that you need to work hard and you need to stay grounded and focussed to get to the top. The sky is the limit."
Fraser-Pryce leads by example. After pulling up to her morning workout last Thursday in her Mercedes jeep, she turned on her Bob Marley music through her head phones, and then engaged in an intense training session.
Francis, the head coach of the Maximizing Velocity and Power (MVP) Track Club, has the ultimate confidence in her.
"Stephen is a wonderful man. He looks rough, but inside he is soft-hearted," said Fraser-Pryce. "I admire him for the fact that he believes in me so much, and I believe in him as well. It's a two-way thing. For you to reap the rewards, you have to pay attention to the coach. I've always listened to him. He has not guided me wrong.
"I just want to continue to pave the way for the young men and women in our society. There is many more to come from Shelly-Ann. I still want to run 21 seconds, and I still want to go under 10.7, so I am still set on working hard, being grounded, and just trusting God to give me the strength and the health to do the things that I need to do."
Fraser-Pryce has personal best times of 10.70 seconds and 22.09 seconds in the 100 and 200m respectively. The 100m time is a national record for Jamaica. The world record in the century, her best event, is a blistering 10.49 seconds, set by the late Florence Griffith-Joyner 26 years ago.
"If I told you I didn't think about 10.49, I would be lying, but I'm one of those persons who believe that in order for me to think about a 10.49, I would have to get to a 10.6, and I would have to get to a 10.5," she said. "As it stands now, I'm not even at 10.6 yet. Until I get there, I try not to focus on the 10.49.
"I definitely believe in my heart that I'm a 10.6 sprinter, but nothing happens before its time. I just have to continue to work."
Fraser-Pryce said that she's very competitive when pitted against her rivals such as American Carmelita Jeter, but she's friendly as well.
"When we are competing against each other, we would walk past each other and don't say anything, but when we would have finished, we would stop and have a conversation. I would tell her that I admire her and she would say that she admires me, and stuff like that," said Fraser-Pryce. "It's a healthy rivalry. I like running against the U.S. They have been dominant for so many years, but we (Jamaica) are here now, and we have much more success to come."
Fraser-Pryce said that when she first started winning races, she discovered what her potential was, and how much better she could be if she continued to work hard.
"I knew what was expected of me," said Fraser-Pryce. "It's very hard to stay at the top, but you just have to keep working.
"I remember first walking through the tunnel at 'Champs' (Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association Boys and Girls Athletics Championships), and being nervous. This shows how far I have come in the sport. I understand and analyze someone's start, technique, and the amount of power they are getting from the blocks.
"At my first 'Champs' I was very excited. I made final and finished seventh. The adrenaline was flowing, but after the race I was excited and proud. The Olympics has shown you that you need to be calm and relaxed. 'Champs' has paved the way for a lot of us, and for me, it taught me how to handle certain situations."
Coincidentally, 'Champs' wrapped up on Saturday at the national stadium here in Jamaica, two days after the interview. Fraser-Pryce, who represented Wolmer's Girls at 'Champs' during her high school career, even provided a bit of commentary during the five-day meet. Whereas full-time commentating as an analyst is quite possible once her athletic career would have concluded, Fraser-Pryce said that she highly doubts that she would go into coaching, because she sees the stress that Coach Francis go through on a daily basis, and doesn't know if she can go through the same thing. For now, she's just enjoying her time commentating at 'Champs'.
"Champs is just awesome. I really love it and can't help but to make noise. I'm one of those fans who get my nails done in school colors. I'm big on style, and I focus on what I like."
Fraser-Pryce's animated style has translated right over into her senior career. She is always seen on the tour, or at big meets, with an assortment of hair styles which separates her from the rest. As a matter of fact, it was at her hair salon, Chic Hair Ja in Kingston, where she gave the interview to reporters last Thursday.
"It's not just that I love hair, I have a passion to create jobs," she said, vowing to bring in a barber in short order as well. "A lot of young men and ladies in Jamaica have degrees and are sitting at home because there are no jobs. If I can create a business so that other persons can get employment, then that's healthy for me and for Jamaicans."
Despite accomplishing it all outdoors over the past six years outdoors, this year could have a special meaning in Fraser-Pryce's career, in that she has already won the world indoor title in the 60m in her first year running indoors, she could run in the Commonwealth Games for the first time, and she is expected to be competing in the inaugural world relays in what would be her first trip to The Bahamas.
She spoke about how excited she is to be coming to The Bahamas.
"I have no idea of what The Bahamas looks like, but I can't wait to experience the culture and enjoy the championships there," she said. "I like the beach, not so much to go in the water because I can't swim, but just to sit on the beach and drink a martini and chill.
"I just hope that Jamaica fields more than one team because we have the depth. I'm not a huge fan of relays because there is always some controversy as to who will run what leg but this particular event should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it, just going there and getting it done in The Bahamas. Relays are always exciting, and being a part of this first championship is very huge. I would love to be there to see what unfolds."
The world relays is set for May 24-25, at the Thomas A. Robinson National Stadium.
At home in Jamaica, Fraser-Pryce's typical day is inclusive of her early training session at 6:30 every morning, taking her five-year-old niece to school at times, dropping by the hair salon, going to the gym around midday, getting a massage if needed, and then back for a second workout in the evenings. At times, she would have photo sessions, shoot commercials, and watch a movie if time permits. Her favorite TV shows are the Jamie Foxx and Steve Harvey shows.
As for her Pocket Rocket Foundation, it is geared toward assisting student-athletes in getting scholarships for secondary and tertiary level education.
"We're just trying to alleviate some of the stress and the problems that they face," said Fraser-Pryce. "When I started high school, I was blessed to have a woman assist me financially. She saw something in me that I didn't even see, and started to fund my education, my books, my lunch... everything.
"At that point, I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for Shelly-Ann, but she showed me compassion and love in so many ways and that in a way made me obligated to do the same thing to other athletes who are coming from impoverished situations. They are here, and a lot of their parents can't afford to send them to school so that they could become better individuals."
Fraser-Pryce's foundation gave out seven scholarships to deserving student-athletes last year.
"It has been really remarkable to see the progress that they have made, especially in the school area," said Fraser-Pryce. "We don't just hand out the checks, but be there for them emotionally as well. The foundation has given me a platform to cause a change for young Jamaicans. I just hope to get more sponsors to come on board so that we could give out more scholarships. These young kids are talented and bright.... they are just unable to pay their way through school."
On two of her tattoos, one on each wrist - one has the word 'hope' on it, and the other has the word 'faith' on it.
"I'm big on faith and hope. Everything that I hope for in life, I have faith that God will provide it for me," said Fraser-Pryce. "I still have a lot of work to do to get where I want to go. I understand what hard work does. I just have to remain dedicated and put in the work."
Apart from track and field, Fraser-Pryce said that she has grown to like football and cricket, but has an appreciation for all sports.

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News Article
Restore balance in all aspects of your life

It's a tough world out there and people are suffering through so much stress that it's almost impossible to keep their lives and health -- much less their finances - on an even keel. In an effort to help people restore some semblance of balance, The Nassau Guardian hosts an annual Health & Financial Fair.
The Nassau Guardian's Health & Financial Fair takes place on Saturday, February 22, at The Mall at Marathon between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Health and financial information, aerobic demonstrations, Zoomba demonstrations, health screenings, healthy food sampling, a sports fashion show, a blood drive, skin analysis and massages are all events that will take place on the day.
Health is a dynamic process because it is always changing. People all have times of good health, times of sickness and maybe even times of serious illness. As lifestyle change, so do levels of health.
People who participate in regular physical activity do so partly to improve their current and future levels of health as they strive toward an optimal state of wellbeing.
As lifestyles improve, health improves and people experience less disease and sickness. But physical health is only one aspect of overall health.
Other components that are just as important as physical health include social health (ability to have satisfying personal relationships), mental health (ability to learn and grow intellectually), emotional health (ability to feel comfortable expressing yourself and doing so appropriately) and spiritual health (which has the concept of faith at its core).
Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal growth and potential through positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes. By taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, people can improve their health on a daily basis.
Certain factors influence people's states of wellness including nutrition, physical activity, stress-coping methods, good relationships and career success.
With non-communicable diseases accounting for most of the global burden of diseases, doctors the world over are doing their best to stem the tide through stress prevention rather than cure.
In recent years medical professionals have been placing an even greater emphasis on health and wellness by encouraging people to take charge of their health and get on the path to wellness. They urge people to strive to live their lives fully with vitality and meaning.
Through its annual Health & Financial Fair, The Nassau Guardian aims to show people that wellness is optimal health and vitality, encompassing physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal and social and environmental wellbeing. Through the fair The Nassau Guardian hopes to encourage people to have a greater awareness about their own health, and about taking care of their bodies.
To achieve balance people need to take care of mind, body and spirit and they should always remember that finances should not be left out of the equation.
While most people who hear the word "wellness" think of health first, through its fair The Nassau Guardian does its part in educating the public to the fact that there are several other forms of wellness that must be considered; with financial wellness being one of them, and getting them to look at subjects like controllable debt, the ability to afford to retire and the ability to educate their children at the collegiate level.
Through the fair the company wants people to realize that "un-financial health" can cause stress, health problems like blood pressure and heart disease, relationship stress, which can lead to abusive relationships and divorces, and family interaction friction.
As a lifestyle based on good choices and healthy behaviors maximizes the quality of life, through the Health & Financial Fair The Nassau Guardian hopes to help people avoid diseases, remain strong and fit and maintain their physical and mental health as long as they live.

Health and Financial Fair exhibitors
Ardyss International
Bahamas Wholesale Agency
Colina Insurance
D.E.A.R.S (Blood Drive -2 beds)
Family Guardian
Handling Your Health
Primordal Touch
Ida's Plant Beverages
Life Chiropractic Center
Lowe's Wholesale (2 booths)
Nassau Agencies
New Life Natural Vegetation
PAS Pharmaceuticals
Redefining Health Ltd.
Skin Solutions
Sky Bahamas
St. Luke's Diagnostic
National Insurance Board
The Walk In Medical Clinic
Weight Watchers
Wellness Organics
Bahamas Foot and Ankle Institute
Peardale Seventh Day Adventist
Print Masters
The Nassau Guardian
Primordal Touch
Better Living Health Center
The Wellness Center
Pain & Wellness Clinic
Roscoe's Healthy Treats

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