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October 17, 2010
(Photos) Funerals for Clarence 'Nat' Williams and Lavard Curtis

Nassau, Bahamas - Enclosed are photos from two funerals which took place on Saturday, October 16th for Clarence 'Nat' Williams and Lavard Curtis.

Both Williams and Curtis were

two of the

victims of the deadly plane crash into Lake Killarney in Nassau on October 5th.

Williams, a 

Sound Engineer

was known for his extensive contribution to the music industry of The Bahamas and Curtis, musician and sound engineer

was also a member of the gospel group, Shaback.

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November 05, 2012
20 Questions - with Tyrone Ferguson

Today Guardian A&C starts a new weekly feature, 20 Questions, where we ask Bahamians in the local arts and culture community to answer a fixed set of questions. This week we feature metal sculptor Tyrone Ferguson.
What's been your most inspirational moment in the last five years?
I was sitting on this balcony on the waterfront just as the sun was rising, in Spanish Wells (Eleuthera), a few weeks ago. It was a Sunday morning and a boat was moving slowly parallel to the shoreline, making a wake in water that was otherwise still as glass. Gospel music could be heard above the sound of the boat's engine and the speed of the boat seemed perfectly synchronized with the music. Three dolphins were following the boat and I am sure that they were leaping out of the water dancing to the tune of the music. To me this was a most inspiring moment.
What's your least favorite piece of artwork?
My least favorite piece of artwork would be gates I made about 25 years ago. These gates were supposed to be organic and fun but I allowed the client who commissioned the gates to become too involved in the process. Our relationship and the gates survived but there were some pretty tense stand-off moments. I still get a not too good feeling when driving by these gates. These gates were never in my portfolio and I never mention them when talking about my work.
What's your favorite period of art history?
It would have to be the renaissance period, not just for the artwork but also for the social, theological and philosophical conversations going on at that time.
What are your top 5 movies of all time?
1. Kingdom Of Heaven
2. Invictus
3. Shawshank Redemption
4. The Graduate
5. The Silence of The Lambs
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee: medium roast, freshly ground (French pressed), Blue Mountain or Haitian grown.
What book are you reading now?
Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of The Soul.
What project are you working on now?
Just finishing my contribution for "Kingdom Come" opening November 15 at NAGB.
What's the last show that surprised you?
A show that stands out in my mind would be "Global Caribbean" in 2010 at Little Haiti Cultural Center, downtown Miami. Blue Curry was one of the artists and Dr. Erica James was one of the writers for the catalogue. It was a pleasant surprise to see that we have much more in common than we do not have.
Saxons, One Family, Valley Boys or Roots?
At this point in my life, I view, enjoy Junkanoo as ONE cultural expression, with each group being a part of that whole.
If you had to be stranded on one Family Island which one would it be?
Hard to be objective with this question: My family first settled in Exuma and I go there as often as I can.
What's the most memorable artwork you've ever seen?
It would have to be the "David" by Michelangelo. I got goosebumps when I walked up to it for the first time.
Which artist do you have a secret crush on?
Frida Kahlo. I am just as fascinated by her tumultuous life as I am with her artwork.
If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
(Nelson) Mandela. I have been mentored and shaped by him to a great extent.
Who do you think is the most important Bahamian in the country's history?
I am afraid that I will have to take a pass on this question. The lenses I use to view people would make it hard for me to consider one person more important than another.
Who is your favorite living artist?
I am going local with this one. I have worked closely with Antonius Roberts for many years. He is not only my favorite artist, he is also a friend and mentor.
Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunset, definitely! The way the sun drops over the horizon is simply magical -- if you blink you may miss it.
What role does the artist have in society?
The major role of the artist is to remind us that art is just as important for our existence as food is.
What's your most embarrassing moment?
I have had so many close runners that picking a number one would be hard. But I am an introvert at heart, and to talk honestly about a most embarrassing moment is not something I would easily do.
What wouldn't you do without?
What's your definition of beauty?
Beauty is anything that stimulates our sensory perception without bringing disrespect to a person, place or thing.

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October 31, 2012
Shaback's One Nation Tour heads to Grand Bahama this weekend

its most recent successes in Jamaica ,and the USA, the Nation's Top
Gospel Ensemble SHABACK is moving full steam ahead with its "One Nation"
tour throughout The Bahamas...with eyes set now on Grand Bahama. The
local end of the tour began in August with the major "One Nation"
Concert in the capital New Providence, then last month, Andros became
the first family Island to experience the amazing music of SHABACK. Now
its the city in the North turn. Grand Bahama is Home to some of the
country's finest and most experienced gospel artists, as well as many
upcoming artist.

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March 20, 2013
Kingsway Academy's Heavenly Voices Head to Tennesee

Nassau, Bahamas - Kingsway Academy Elementary Student choir, Heavenly Voices, will be
on tour, traveling to the most renown music capitals of the region--Atlanta,
Memphis and the "music city," Nashville, Tennessee.

The six-day tour begins March 27. It will expose the student choir
to various musical genres, including rhythm and blues, classical and
country, touring various landmarks, including Graceland and the Stax
Museum for American Soul Music in Memphis.

With hundreds expected to be in attendance at Alexander Memorial AME
Church in Atlanta, Georgia and Fisk University in Nashville, the 50-member
choir will perform gospel and Bahamian folk songs, as well as play classical
and Broadway pieces

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October 12, 2010
Pastor Dave Burrows and Total Youth Church to host Talent Jam


Tribune Features Writer

TALENTED gospel artists with a love of non-traditional music styles such as reggae, rap and hip-hop, had nowhere to showcase their talents in these areas until Talent Jam emerged in 1993.

The annual talent show and musical extravaganza taking place tomorrow night, claims to be the first to have provided such a platform for modern Christian artists.

Churches unwilling to adjust their musical traditions at the time believed gospel music should maintain it's easy to grasp tunes, rudimentary harmonies, testimonies, and religious counsel.

But Talent Jam gave musically savvy individuals an outlet for creative expression.

And as the event has pr ...

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October 07, 2011
Family, friends and food

It's going to be a domino-slamming, good food eating, merry-making kind of time over the upcoming holiday weekend in Wemyss Bight, Eleuthera at their 14th annual "Back Ta Ya Roots" Homecoming Festival.
The biggest family reunion initiative in the quiet settlement kicks off on Sunday, October 9 with eight days of activities, through Sunday, October 16 at the Charles Symonette Community Park.
If you're one of those people who think if you've been to one homecoming before, you've seen them all, then you've got another thing coming.  Organizers of the "Back Ta Ya Roots" Festival say this year's event will be bigger and better than its ever been.
"It will be really fantastic this year," said Francis Friend, vice president of the festival committee. "You can enjoy old favorites like hoopla, bid whist and other fun games.  But what is really going to be special will be the many other activities, from our unique cultural show where the youth will be the stars, to our amazing fashion show to showcase the spunk and fashion sense of our islands, to an awesome bridal show, and of course our live band, the Rum Runners really taking the show to a new level."
The gospel-inclined attendees won't feel left out, with a number of church services held all week and an earth-shaking "Gospel Explosion" featuring native Eleutherans Latisha Sweeting-Rolle and her brother Lamont Sweeting.
"In order for this to be a truly blessed event you cannot miss out on God.  He will guide us through and make us stand strong," says Friend.  "It will be a blessed time and people are bound to just love it from start to finish. So bring  your dancing shoes to dance to the good music, your bowl to eat the good food and your chair to participate in our domino and whist tournaments.  It's going to be amazing and if you need to relax for a few, days then this is it."
To top off this wonderful event the menu for the weekend will have your mouth watering and your appetite will not be satisfied until you try a little bit from every stall. There will be must-haves like peas and rice, baked chicken, fried chicken, ribs, macaroni, coleslaw and plantain to down home favorites like coconut and pineapple tarts, carrot cakes, rum cakes, freshly made daiquiris and coconut water, guava duff and the famous Wemyss' Bight conch fritters.
A special treat will come in the form of the popular surf and turf prepared fresh on the grill all week long to top off what will also be a foodie's delight holiday week.
It will be all about having fun in the sun for Roselyn Bethel, a native Eleutheran who has not visited her home for a long time and will be making a return.  She can't wait to make her homecoming journey to her island to re-connect with family and friends.
"I have missed birthdays, weddings and funerals for family members over in Eleuthera and I barely remember who is who, but this homecoming I will totally be catching up.  My kids have never seen our family or even the island itself, so I will be remedying that this holiday.  It is just a wonderful feeling knowing I am going home.  I will be heading over to have a ball."
Twenty-year-old Sean Young plans to be on the first thing "smoking" this Friday to get to Wemyss Bight.  The college student says he may not get home for Mother's Day, Easter or other holidays but he makes it a point to be at home, front and center every homecoming.
"I don't know what it is, but being home at this time is one of the best feelings in the world.  My mom may get mad that I don't make it for her birthday or Mother's Day but she knows I will be here for this.  I just love the family feeling and the fun times you have every year.  To me it gets better and better.  It's a good time to meet up with family and friends or even meet new people. I just love the activities and the community effort it takes to make it all happen.  It's just fantastic and I hope a lot of people come to support the event this year," he said.

Event schedule
Sunday, October 9
11 a.m. -- Church service,
Our Lady's Catholic Church
Monday, October 10
All day whist and domino tournaments, Charles Symonette Community Park
Tuesday, October 11
All day whist and domino tournaments, Charles Symonette Community Park
Wednesday, October 12
Fun all day, Charles Symonette Community Park
Thursday, October 13
Fun all day
8 p.m. - 9 p.m. -- Official Opening and Awards Ceremony, Charles Symonette Community Park
Friday, October 14
Fun all day
Cultural Entertainment Show - Rum Runners live band and music by DJ Snow all day, Charles Symonette Community Park
Saturday, October 15
Cultural and Entertainment Show -  Rum Runners live band and music by DJ Snow all day, Charles Symonette Community Park
Sunday, October 16
Fun all day
6 p.m. - 9 p.m. -- Gospel Explosion, Charles Symonette Community Park

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October 04, 2010
The Island Gospel Quartet, A Group in Transition - Concert, October 17

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island
- For many years Andrew Gilbert, Bert Duncanson & Ronald Woodside
have been singing under the moniker "Gethsemane Trio."  This group has
serenaded the Grand Bahama community and the Bahamas in general with
their tight, melodic harmony.

     From humble beginnings, this trio has risen from the proverbial
ashes to prominence among the better gospel groups of the Bahamas.

     Visions of performing internationally have always permeated the
thoughts and minds of Gethsemane Trio, and recently they were noticed by
internationally recording artists, promoters and radio personalities,
who encouraged them to pursue their dreams. These include Mr. George
Shelton of Dade City, Fla., Recording Artist, Vocal Coach, Group Manager
and studio owner; Mr. Art Bain of South Carolina, a former recording
artist, vocal coach, promoter, musician among many other talents, and
Mr. Tommy D. Mayo of Oklahoma - promoter, co-owner of Heir wave Internet
Radio station emanating from

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December 18, 2014
COB faculty among Cacique Award finalists

NASSAU, Bahamas -- From the kitchen to the studio, College of The Bahamas faculty are mixing passion with imagination to produce inspiring masterpieces.
Although creatively different, Pamela Stubbs-Collins and Addiemae Rolle-Farrington - both of whom are faculty at The College of The Bahamas - share the same intrinsic motivation to make splendid works of art.
A culinarian par excellence, Chef Addiemae's natural ability to create palate-pleasing delights and Pamela's skill as an effervescent gospel singer have earned them nominations in the 16th Cacique Awards, the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism's prestigious honours. They have also advanced as finalists in their respective categories - Addiemae in the Chef of the Year division and Pamela in the gospel category of the People's Choice Music Award.
The both are humbled, yet honoured.
"I was overwhelmed and happy because it seems that this 2014 seems to be the year when persons start to recognize you while you are still here. It's just an honour for that to happen while I am still alive. It's a privilege after 35 years to be recognized in such a grouping and selected in the top three. Win or not it's a joy," said Addiemae, a Chef Instructor at The College's Culinary and Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI).

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Fam Fest A Celebration of Love!
Fam Fest "A Celebration of Love!"

Friday 26th October 2012  7:30 PM

FAM Entertainment Presents Fam Fest A Celebration of Love! Event has been Postponed due Hurricane sandy Click HERE for rescheduled info FamFest is presently celebrating its 16th annual family festival schedule for October 26 and 27th 2012 at the Arawak Cay Festival Site under the theme “A Celebration of LOVE”. Since the launch of FAMFEST in 1996 our annual event has established itself internationally attracting thousands to its musical gospel celebrations and entertaining millions of televised audiences locally and internationally through BET and TEMPO television networks. A Free concert! Friday & Saturday October 26th-27th @ The Arawak Cay Festival Site gates open 7:30pm on Friday, 4:30pm on Saturday Performances by: James Fortune Nigel Lewis Jermaine Edwards Monty G Also Performing: Reuben Heights Simeon Outten The Rahming Brothers Prophet Lawrence Rolle Shaback Vision of Hope Dance Group Hallie Najie Dun Lyrically Blessed Dj Godson Gospel Boys Sponsors: Ministry of Culture BTC El Shaddai party rentals & supplies MaeCal electronics Dream Gyrlz Beauty Mart “Music and Love...Brings people together” There is nothing in the world other than music and love that has the power to transform the way we bring people together. Famfest 2K12 is ultimately proud of the fact that we are able to take music and love and turn it into an unforgettable, uniquely Bahamian experience that celebrates our Lord and King, Jesus Christ. Since 1996, Famfest have attracted thousands upon thousands of excited visitors as this international tourist hotspot has been the platform for many international and local performing artists. In terms of sustaining and elevating this form of unity through gospel entertainment and evangelistic ministry, through business and the employment of a massive talent pool of musicians, engineers and vendors and in terms of attracting a fairly large amount of visitors to the region; the role of Famfest as the premier platform for the Bahamian gospel industry comes over loud and clear. Venue: Arawak Cay Festival Site

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November 12, 2012
Gambling, the referendum and the church

Dear Editor,

The proposed December 3, 2012 referendum, or as we have recently come to learn from Prime Minister Perry Christie, opinion poll on web shop gambling, has motivated intense discussions. Proponents for legalizing web shop gambling have claimed it will result in substantial economic and social benefits, such as job creation and educational and sporting scholarships. Those opposing it have somewhat summed it up as a threat to the spiritual welfare and prosperity of the Bahamian people.

Let me say from the outset that I oppose gambling in any form, and as a result I will be voting no to legalized gambling of any type.
What disturbs me, however, about this referendum is the manner in which the government is attempting to force legalized web shop gambling upon all Bahamians. I somewhat understand Christie's current dilemma. During his last term in office he was severely criticized for his "snail approach" to making decisions, sometimes even failing to make a decision. To Christie's defense, he argued that his approach was deliberate and that he wanted to ensure the right decision was made. This time around, Christie appears to have made a 180-degree turn.
The prime minister, however, seems to be making decisions in absence of thorough deliberation. After arguing that he and his party rejected the Ingraham administration's 2002 referendum, because, among other factors, it was too hurried and the Bahamian people were not sufficiently educated on the referendum topics, Christie 10 years later is doing the same thing. He is asking the Bahamian people to vote on legalizing web shop gambling without even sufficiently explaining to the Bahamian people what exactly is web shop gambling and how these web shop are operated.
As a matter of fact, Christie himself appears not to be sufficiently informed about the operations of these illegal companies.
In an interview with The Nassau Guardian, it was claimed that Christie was not aware that local web shops used lucky numbers from American lotteries to determine local winners. If the prime minister of The Bahamas, with access to an unlimited supply of information, is not sufficiently informed about the operations of local web shops, then what do we expect from the average Bahamian? I believe the government has an obligation to work to refine the moral sensitivities of its citizens, and not pander to their weakness.
After proclaiming that his government does not have a "horse in the race" Christie outlined the various benefits of legalizing web shop gambling. They include tax revenue of $15 million to $20 million, scholarships, athletic and sporting development, music, art and Junkanoo programs, infrastructure and social and outreach programs. The prime minister even promised Bahamians that there will only be a small number of legalized web shops. I guess we should all be relieved that there will not be a proliferation of web shops across these islands.
As I indicated earlier, I will vote no to any form of gambling. I am offended though that the government seeks to insult the intelligence of the Bahamian people in the way in which it is presenting this referendum. My gut feeling? This referendum is not for the benefit of the Bahamian people as a whole, but rather a small number of web shop operators. If successive governments have failed to collect legitimate revenues, like customs duties and real property taxes, then do you suppose this government will be successful in collecting web shop taxes? How would the government verify the intake from the web shop operators? What is the proposed tax rate used by the government to derive the estimated $15 million to $20 million its speaks about collecting?
I ask this government to show the Bahamian populace some respect and take some time and discuss the issue of gambling in its entirety, casino and lottery et al. Then, map out a comprehensive plan and present it to the Bahamian people. That way, when we vote in the referendum Bahamians will address the issue of gambling in its entirety and not kick the "gambling can" down the road for future generations to deal with. The Bahamian people elected you, Perry Christie, to make decisions that are sincerely in our best interest and not to take the easy way out. That is definitely not the trait of a good leader and this does not bode well for your legacy.
On a final note, I watched on May 7, 2012 several ministers of the gospel come on the stage at the PLP's victory rally to declare to the Bahamian people how they prayed for the party's success. I have no problem with this as I believe that each citizen should exercise his or her God-given right to vote for the party of his or her choice. But you know, I find it very interesting that during this most important debate on gambling there is a deafening silence from these ministers.
Were their voices on policies and decisions initiated by this government bought on May 7, 2012?
While ministers cannot prevent persons set on gambling from doing so, they do, however, have a duty to their parishioners to present the Bible's perspective on gambling. So I encourage them not to remain silent but speak truth to the saints. A quote from Edmund Burke (1729-1797), a political theorist and philosopher, "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."
I encourage every Bahamian to go out on December 3, 2012 and vote no, whether you agree with gambling or not. Force this government to go back to the drawing board and craft a comprehensive gambling plan on which the people of The Bahamas can vote on once and for all, and not kick this can down the road for future generations.

- Q. Musgrove

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