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Gadgets & Gears
Cellular & Mobile Phone Retailers
  • The Mall at Marathon
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Gizmos & Gadgets
Cellular & Mobile Phone Retailers
  • [ Location Closed Down - Permanently ]
  • Jarrod Buildng, 17 & 18 Arundel Sreet
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Healthy Weight Gadget That Works
August 12, 2010
Healthy Weight Gadget That Works

If the pounds you dropped in time for summer are working their way back on, there’s a time-tested gadget that might halt the creep. It’s your bathroom scale. Research shows that people who weigh themselves regularly after reaching a goal weight do a much better job of keeping the lost pounds off.

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Kizmet Gizmos
Baby Accessories,Toy Stores,Swimwear & Accessories,Gift Shops,Arts & Craft Stores & Supplies,Electronic Stores
  • East Bay Street, Cotton Traders Building
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Dollar Days
Hair & Beauty Supplies,Variety & Convience Stores,Toy Stores,Party Supplies & Rentals,Housewares
  • Bargain City Shopping Plaza, Carmichael Road
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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June 14, 2011
The Gift of Health

We've celebrated the mothers, now it's time for father's to be paid their due.  With less than a week to Father's Day, you're probably pondering what to get the special man in your life especially as you got him soap-on-rope last year, a tie the year before that and crabs the year before that, so you're mulling between maybe a bottle of cologne or the latest gadget.  But this year, why not opt to give the special dad in your life the gift of health?  This Father's Day what better way to say you love your dad than to take him for an annual physical which will not only be good for his health but ensure that he will be in your life strong and vibrant for years to come.
Ensuring your dad is on top of his health is a timely gift to undertake as men tend to shy away from the doctor's office if they have a choice in the matter, says Dr. Patrick Whitfield, a family medicine practitioner who operates out of Oxford Medical Center.
"It is important to encourage all persons, but men in particular, to get a regular check-up so that a medical professional can assess risks for common conditions that develop among the population," says the doctor. "Although many men may feel that there is nothing wrong with them and delay visiting a physician for as long as possible, in the medical field we practice preventative health which means we like to examine patients before they get sick so that early signs of conditions are picked up. This will in turn ensure that illnesses aren't prolonged or progress too far before treatment is sought.  It is very important to get men more aware of their health and well-being because not only in The Bahamas, but universally men live seven to eight years less than their female counterparts and this does not have to be".
The family medicine specialist says that as a loving family member urging your father, no matter his age, to see the family doctor is one of the best ways to show him that you love him.  As you will want to see your dad around for many years to come, Dr. Whitfield says helping him take care of his health now is a good gesture to give your dad for Father's Day.  But he says when your father makes his doctor visit there are certain things that he should be checked for depending on his age.  The doctor said men are screened for illnesses based on their age.  He says there are illnesses that are more prevalent in certain decades of life, and that the doctor assesses what he considers are your dad's needs and risk levels, and screens for them.
Men in their 20s and 30s
"This age group is low on the scale for most illnesses so their screening tends to be more so to assess their risk factors due to lifestyle habits and guide them on ways to avoid problems due to lifestyle choices.  Men in their 20s don't commonly suffer from things like cancers, heart attacks and strokes, so looking for early signs for these things aren't usually prioritized much in screenings.  What you can expect in a screening at this age is a basic full body physical to ensure nothing obvious is wrong physically.  Other things like blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index [BMI] are also checked.  It is also important at every age on an annual basis that blood tests for sexually transmitted illnesses are also taken.  Your doctor should also take his time to sit and talk about family health history and the normal practices of the patient to further assess risk factors for common illnesses developing in the future so preventative measures can be taken while [your father] is still young."
As long as there are no ongoing health issues or high risk for certain illnesses due to genetics and family history, men, he says, are likely to only have to undergo simple physicals and blood screenings until their 40s when the likelihood of developing certain conditions greatly increases.
Men in their 40s
"While more intense physicals that are undergone more often tend to occur after you are 40 [years of age], it is important not to believe that this means while men are young that they shouldn't be taking care of their health.  What happens later in life is greatly determined on how you take care of yourself while young.  So simple things like wearing seatbelts to avoid harm in case of a car crash, amount of alcohol consumption, choices of coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, amount of sleep you get at night, and eating and exercising habits are important factors to determine how healthy you are in the years when the likelihood of common lifestyle illnesses developing increases.  So even if your father has lived a good life in his youth and is relatively healthy by the age of 40, in addition to the annual physical and blood testing he should still start his screening for cancers of the prostate and colon.  If he starts screening at this age any early signs of cancers developing can be caught and treated to avoid greater problems later in life."
Men in their 50s and 60s
In his 50s and into his 60s, your father will continue to have heightened physical examines by his physician, especially as it relates to weight management, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is during these years when things like heart attacks, strokes and other ailments are more likely to occur says the doctor.
He also says most people tend to overlook updating their immunizations.  Dr. Whitfield says it is becoming more common to see older persons suffering from common childhood ailments like chicken pox.  To avoid contracting any of those childhood diseases, he said to let your family physician readminister all immunization shots every few years as required.
Men in their 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond
When your dad is in his 70s, in addition to regular check-ups and screenings it is important to have your father checked for ailments such as glaucoma and cataracts if he is diabetic or complains about visual problems.  A hearing exam among other tests may also be recommended depending on the growing needs of the patient.
"At the end of the day, screenings are personal due to the needs of the patient and we as physicians can only determine what is needed once the patient comes to us," says the family medicine practitioner.  "It is important to get patients to come to see the doctor before they feel ill so that if anything can be done to prevent conditions from developing they are done in time.  It is better to prevent than to cure and men need good health just as much as anyone else.  So help the men in your life to take care of themselves now so they won't have to worry about it later," says Dr. Whitfield.

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Custom computers A's for excellence
September 04, 2012
Custom computers A's for excellence

Several talented students will start their new academic year off right thanks to Custom Computers Ltd.

After randomly drawing 25 student names from the entries in the “As for Excellence” campaign, the winners of the top three prizes were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements with the latest technological gadgets sure to make project research and writing for school a little sweeter.

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Time to get campy
July 01, 2011
Time to get campy

For the children, the endless days of summer are to be delighted in and relished.  While summertime is  here in all its "heated" glory, this may mean freedom and fun in the sun for school-aged children but for the busy parent who now has to find somewhere to send their little "angels" until the dreaded eight-week break is over it's chaos and stress.  This year instead of just shipping your kids off to the first convenient summer program it's time to think things through and send them to a camp that will promote more than unhindered fun all day long. The Nassau Guardian Lifestyles section has found some of the hottest camps around town with unusual curriculums that are bound to pique your kids' interests that you'll be delighted to send them off to every day.

The Meridian School's Adventure Camp
The Adventure Camp at The Meridian School in Unicorn Village is a fun camp that will entertain the adventure-loving child between the age of two and 12 from 9 am. to 3 p.m. daily.  
Terez Cleare, camp coordinator says children will experience the fun and festivities the camp offers through the different themes to be presented weekly as this summer program is always evolving and providing new activities and themes to hold the attention of the imaginative child on the go.

Your child will learn about all things camping from how to pitch a tent and make a fire.  They will go on nature walks and even have a fun camp night adventure in a safe environment during the week themed "camping time."

The ocean will be your child's playground as he learns about the vast body of water, the animals that live in it, sports you can do in it and how it is important to nature.  Children will even enjoy a water-filled fun day in the "Oceans and Waterfronts" themed week. Other adventures scheduled for these camp goers include "Culinary Carnival" when they learn about cuisine, "Wacky Olympics" which will allow them to channel their inner athlete and "Hollywood Bound" where they learn about famous people and even get to dress up as their favorite celebrity during their own little red-carpet event.

While the camp focuses on learning by having lots of creative fun, it also heavily focuses on academics and there will be daily classes in English, Math, music, drama, arts and craft, computers and swimming.  Character building is also an important aspect of this summer program and each week, the child who shows the most improvement in character or embodies the trait of the week will be selected as the super camper.   To register your child call 328-1151/2 or email

When: June 20-July 22
Where: The Meridian School at Unicorn Village
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. daily with after care, 3:15 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Cost: Cost: $50 registration, $150 per week, $10 daily after care
Age: Two to 12 years of age

The Nassau Gym Nastics  Camp
For the youngsters that love to tumble and try acrobatic feats, The Nassau Gym Nastics Summer Camp teaches uninitiated kids about the basics of gymnastics alongside more experienced gymnasts in a fun-filled mentored safe environment.  For children five and older, the camps that take place at the Oakes Field Shopping Center and Seagrapes Shopping Center locations will teach teamwork, how to tumble and fall safely, improve their coordination, strength, and develop a positive competitive personality.

"We have lots of activities for the kids to participate in such as obstacle courses, games, team activities, tag and other fun things," says Nassau GymNastics head coach Trevor Ramsey. "It is a camp that kids will like who are active and need a place to exert that energy." To register your child call 356-7722 or 364-8423.

When: Monday, June 20 - Saturday, August 20
Where: Nassau Gym Nastics Oakes Field Shopping Centre location and the Seagrapes Shopping Centre location
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. daily
Cost: $70 per week
Age: Starting at age five

Explorer's Camp
For the parent who wants their happy children to have a more academically-focused summer, enrolling their children in the Explorer's Summer Camp at the Cybertech Training Center at #85 Colling Avenue is just what the doctor ordered.  This summer program with a 14-year reputation for good results is perfect for the child preparing for the national exams in the coming semester, and those who did poorly in the past school year or for those kids who simply can't get enough of learning.

Camp director Phil Curry says the program helps kids to utilize the summer well so they have a good head start over their peers in the new school year.
"This is a summer camp that focuses on raising your child's academic skills, grades and test scores in showing kids who have low self esteems that they can learn.  With more personal guidance and attention we help them to be more self confident especially when they go back to school and can understand what they are learning just as well or better than their peers.  We help them to improve reading comprehension and overall just prepare kids to do well in national exams like the Grade Level Assessment Test (GLAT), Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).  This is the perfect program for parents who want to give their kids a head start for the upcoming school year or for kids who didn't do well in the previous year."
The program focuses on all general subjects for primary school kids, and Math, English, science and computer studies for junior and high school kids.  Since fun is needed in the equation, the program does allow daily fun breaks and a weekly field trip including a park picnic, a Seaworld explorer trip and the movies.  To register your child call 322-4223.
When: June 27-August 5
Where: Cybertech Training Center on #85 Collins Avenue
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Cost:  $65 weekly
Age: Starting at age five

Mario's Bowlopolis Kids Camp
There is nothing like taking a fun family activity that your kids already like and letting them enjoy it all summer long.  With this in mind, Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace located on the Tonique Williams- Darling Highway presents Bowlopolis Kids Camp, for children ages five to 13.  The summer bowling league takes your tiny bowler from a novice to a more experienced player over the course of four fun weeks of fun and excitement.  Your kids will have fun as they not only learn to bowl but have access to other sources of entertainment like the skating rink and the arcade. There will also be weekly field trips to different sites to keep the kids mentally stimulated and entertained. To register your child for an unforgettable bowling camp experience call 326-8012.
When: July 4 - July 29
Where: Mario's Bowling and Entertainment Palace
Time:  Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Cost: $150 weekly

Age: five to 13 years of age

Discovery Centre Science Exploration Camp
The ultimate summer experience for children seven to 12 years old who have an interest in science is at the Discovery Centre Science Exploration Camp at the Woodlawn Gardens. This camp will take your child on a journey to discover just what makes the world go round.  Each week campers will have a special scientific theme that will grab their attention and get them to channel their inner mad scientist.

"They will be able to discover the secrets of dinosaurs and the fossils that many ancient animals left behind one week in 'Digging for Dinosaurs' says Maria Gonzalez, camp organizer.  "Then they will delve into rocket science and make a real rocket in another week themed 'Blasting off with Rockets.' They will even learn the science behind extreme weather conditions and what causes global warming.  They will be introduced to screws, pulleys, levers and other aspects of machinery and even build their own lego robots during 'Gears, Gizmos and Gadgets.'  In other fun themed weekly sessions, campers will discover why things blow up and the science of sound, renewable energy and even the mystery and complexities of everyday electronics."  
This camp will not only entertain your child but teach him about teamwork, technology and how science can be fun.  It is safe, interactive and something your child is bound to enjoy.  To register your junior rocket scientist for this camp call 394-6715.
When: July 4 - Aug 19
Where: Discovery Centre, by Woodlawn Gardens
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Cost: $125 weekly
Age: seven to 12 years of age.

Jump Start Strings Summer Camp
Music is soothing to the soul and it's the perfect way to broaden the horizons of your child this summer.  Whether he has played music before or has never touched an instrument, this is a great camp to expose children between the age of eight and 14  to music at the Jump Start Strings Summer Camp at Turton House on Windsor Avenue, off Village Road.
Organizer Joanne Connaughton says this program is unique in that it takes on kids with musical experience as well as those without experience or even instruments and teaches them about music in a fun and interactive way.
"This program is not like other music programs in that it focuses on stringed instruments which is different, unusual and a great opportunity.  We are really reaching out to the kids whether they are experienced or not and giving them the means to enter this world with open arms.  It will be fun and really jump-start the beginner musician.  We will have training in violins, viola, double bass and cello.  It will be a great experience."
Singing, drumming and other complimentary activities will also be a part of the program.  Fun days to the beach and field trips are also planned to keep your music-loving child entertained.  To register your child for this great camp opportunity call 393 6471 or 357 5846.
When: July 4 - July 29
Where: Turton House on Windsor Avenue, off Village Road
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Cost: $400 for camp, $100 instrument rental, $50 registration.
Age: eight to 14 years of age

Creative Wealth Training's Camp Millionaire
In this capitalistic world letting your kids learn about the value of money and finances early is a major asset to you and them in the future.  With this in mind, Creative Wealth Training will host Camp Millionaire, a five-day interactive summer camp for kids aged five and older at the Culinary Hospitality Management Institute at The College of The Bahamas to teach your children in a fun way about money and investing.

"In our world today you could never learn about the value of money too early," says Keysville Kerr, camp director.  "In today's world a lot of us wish we had learnt about money earlier instead of making the mistakes we have.  This doesn't have to happen to the next generation if we take the time to teach them now. The summer program is geared toward showing kids what money is, what it does, how to earn it, spend it and invest it.  We break down how much their parents spend to raise them so they are appreciative of what a dollar can buy, what smart shopping habits are, what investing is and how to save and manage money. We do all of this is in a fun way that won't overwhelm the kids by using games, contests and other activities so they are entertained and are learning."
The camp has special field trips planned to banks and other businesses so kids not only hear but see all the concepts they learn in action.  The program is available for two sessions so kids who miss the first one in July (18-22) can catch it again in August (8-12).  For those who cannot make the full-five day program they can attend one of the compacted one-day sessions that will be held just before school opens from August 22 to 26.  To register your child call  676-3626.
When: July 18 - 22 and Aug 8 - 12
Where: Culinary Hospitality Management Institute at The College of The Bahamas
Time: Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Cost: $200
Age: starting at age five.

Bahamas Summer Music Camp & Mentoring Program
The Bahamas Summer Music Camp and Mentoring Program is unique in that it is being offered to preteens and young adults between the ages of 12 and 21.  This year's camp themed "The Rhythms of Africa" is perfect for the typical Bahamian youth as it is geared towards young drummers who participate in Junior Junkanoo.  The drumming sessions will take the students on a musical journey from Nigeria to Ghana, through the Ivory Coast and North Africa, across the Atlantic to Brasil, Cuba, New Orleans, Jamaica, Trinidad, and culminating in the Bahamas - rhythms of Africa is a musical odyssey.
The camp covers a broad spectrum or musical disciplines including instruction on various instruments; vocal coaching, music theory, understanding music harmony, taking jazz ensemble direction and career workshops to prepare students for the professional world of the music business including management, marketing, booking, recording process, packaging, and the record label versus the independent label.

Improvisation workshops will help build confidence and character as the students rise to new heights with student jam sessions and group performances.  All participants should have experience with instruments. To register your child for this musical experience call 328-8361.
When: Monday, July 25 - Friday, August 5
Cost: $125

Age: 12 to 21 years of age

Camperdown Riding Club's Horseback Riding Camp
Camperdown Riding Club located at Camperdown Stables, presents its Horseback Riding Camp, through July 22, for kids aged six and older with daily riding lessons, lessons in horse care, bathing and grooming, games, swimming with horses and weekly trips to the beach. To register your child for this horsy adventure call 324-2065.
When: June 20 - July 22
Where: Camperdown Stables
Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Cost: $185 per week, $50 deposit
Age: starting at age six

Dance Bahamas School's Summer Dance Camp
If your child is a little dancer then Dance Bahamas' Summer Dance Camp, at the Base Road Business Centre will be their cup of tea. There will be lessons in ballet, ethnic, hip-hop, gymnastics, flexibility and conditioning. To register your child call 328-7588.
When: July 4 - July 29
Where: Dance Bahamas School, Base Road Business Centre
Cost: $350 and $40 registration

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May 02, 2012
Buddy Walk Grand Bahama 2012 - May 12th


, Bahamas - Come out to Buddy Walk Grand Bahama 2012? Saturday,

May 12th, 2012

at 7:00am.

GBPA Parking lot, north on the Mall drive around the circle in front of
the Court House and return to the GBPA parking lot (approx. 1 mile)

Completed Registration forms can be delivered to The Beacon
School-Frobisher Drive (352-8445), Gizmos and Gadgets-#5 Arcade Bldg.
Downtown (352-2255), The YMCA- Settlers Way(352-7074), or K. Brian Hanna
Chambers, Corp Law Court Building-Cedar Street (351-5580/351-4355)...

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