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Remarks by Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister at Dinner with Sir Sidney Poitier

Los Angeles, Calif.


Tuesday August
21st, 2012


Every Bahamian
grows up knowing of Sidney Poitier.

Every Bahamian
knows the greatness of the man, achieved over an extraordinary lifetime.

And Americans
and Bahamians can agree: Sidney Poitier is one of a kind.

Cat Island is
a beautiful, hilly island in the central Bahamas. I have the honour to
represent Cat Island in our National Parliament. His Excellency, Sir Sidney
Poitier grew up on Cat Island working on a farm -- fishing and swimming in
clear calm waters while attending school.

Although he
later moved to Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, and then to the United
States, as a Cat Islander...

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Our bounteous harvest is on the way

For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. - St. Mark 4:28
I believe many of you have seen the television ad with various persons of different job descriptions, all forcefully expressing "It's my money and I want it NOW!" The state of today's world is such that if it isn't 'instant' it can't work or you are 'out of date or old school'. The regular cell phone has had its day and new technology places an instrument in your hand that can access information at lightning speed! But in spite of all this, a day is a day is a day, and nothing speeds up the movement of the sun from taking her usual time to cross the sky from east to west!
When I first became pregnant, it took 4 months for the doctor to say to my mother "are there twins in the family?" I had to wait 9 full months to find out that first there was a boy and then a girl! One cleaning product boasts that it does twice the job in half the time, but because I was having twins that did not mean that this would speed up the time of gestation!
May 7, 2012 saw Bahamians going to the polls to choose their leaders for the next five years. After some 10 hours of voting and before the start of another day, a new government was in place. Of course there was much joy and much sorrow! True to politics, many promises were made, including a measuring stick of the first 100 days, as to what the course of action would be for the remainder of the five year period!
Wow! From what my ear has been hearing and what my eyes have been reading, one would believe that it is time to go to the polls again - complaint after complaint after complaint, about what has not been done. Then our text for today resonated in my spirit - "For the earth bringeth forth fruit of herself, first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear."
100 days! Call it 3 months, call it past due, call it trouble territory! Yes, 100 days and Lord you know that I have not paid my light bill in 100 days; I have not paid my mortgage in 100 days; I have not paid my rent in 100 days; I have not paid my child's school fees in 100 days; I have not given my financial obligation to the church in 100 days; I have not paid my sister and friend back the money I borrowed in 100 days; Lord I have not 'seen my way clear' for 100 days. The cupboard is empty, the dashboard is blinking red, Lord have mercy and come see about me here in the '100 days valley'! Is this not familiar territory?
Guess what? How many of us have told those who are near to us "I love you" in the last 100 days?
Many who are complaining about what is not and has not been done, just for the sake of complaining, need to know that 'achievements are made step by step". God has been so good to us as a people and nation. I heard Mr. M. Johnson of BTC boasting that the great USA does not have the 4G telecommunications technology in all its areas as we have here in The Bahamas. We have gold power at Olympics and brilliance in all fields of endeavor, much land and beautiful water filled with fish of all description, balmy breezes and yet we complain!
Jesus is giving His discourse of The Sower and the Seed, which every dear reader should know by heart, for we are all sowers! Life itself is a journey and time rules our lives. Jesus is telling us that we need to have patience. The Apostle tells us "Tribulation worketh patience, patience experience, experience hope and hope brings glory. The seed when put in the ground, which must first be prepared, is watered and given attention as it germinates and thereafter, if a bounteous harvest is to be reaped." I really like this text as my late father preached many times from the same. I can hear him now when I was anxious for things to happen, "First the blade, then the ear then the full corn shall appear."
My! How we want things to happen all at once, never minding that we ourselves are slothful and delinquent in many of our financial, health, moral, social and spiritual duties. We are quick to criticize without solutions to the problems.
We are at the place in our nation where dependence on God must be priority. God does not have to take 100 days to bless us as a people, we can be blessed in 100 hours with the find of hidden treasure or the influx of God-sent treasures. Investments. Why fret, whine, moan and despair! The Process of our National Blessing is in the Divine Pipeline and as I write, God has been watching over us for 100 days and more!
Let us be of good courage, kind, loving, forgiving, encouraging and thankful knowing that our bounteous harvest is on the way, which could be 'any day now!'

o E-mail write to P.O Box 19725 SS Nassau, Bahamas with your prayer requests, comments and concerns. God's Blessings!

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Bernard Patrick Burrows, 45

Bernard Patrick Burrows

Don't grieve for me now I'm free, I am following the path God laid for me,I took his hand when I heard him call, I turned my back and left it all,
I could not stay another day to laugh, to love , to work or play.
Tasks left undone must stay that way.
If my parting has left a void, fill it with remembered joy,
A friendship shared, a laugh, my life's been full I savoured much,
Good friends, good times a loved one's touch,
Perhaps my times here seemed all too brief, don't lengthen it now with undue grief,
Light up your hearts and share with me, God wants me now, he set me free

On September 8th a lovely baby boy was born to the late Sybil and Leorard Burrows .  He was given the name Bernard Patrick Burrows. He began his formal education at Sandiland Primary School and later went on to L.W.Young Junior & Senior high School.

After leaving high School he picked up the trade as a Carpenter at Treco  Construction Company. Later he went to work as a mate on a boat for Ted Knowles, where he developed his love for the sea.  At that time he knew that was his calling, so he went back to Scholl to obtain his Captain's license. He worked as a mate for many years before becoming a boat Captain. After a number of years Bernard purchased his own boat were he became a successful fishing boat Charter operator until his untimely demise.

Left to cherished his memories are his loving and devoted wife Arnetter Burrows and two daughters Aderia and Antiniqua Burrows. Two sisters-in-law Derry Ferguson and Dellarese Mcphee, two brothers-in-law Cavalle Ferguson and Junior Mcphee., and a host of other relative and friends too numerous to mention.

Words are not enough to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the love and support that you all have given us over they past three and half years. For whatever you did to console us during this time of our bereavement when we so desperately needed your understanding, we THANK YOU.  Our sorrow and grief are easier to bear with help from God and compassionate family and friends like you.



Memorial Service for the late Bernard Burrows age 45 years of Eastwood Estate will be held on Saturday May 19 2012 at St. Anselm Catholic Church, Bernard Road at 4:00 p.m. Officiating will be Monsignor Preston Moss. Interment will follow in the church cemetery.

Left to cherished his memories are his loving and devoted wife Arnetter Burrows and two daughters Aderia and Antiniqua Burrows. Two sisters-in-law Derry Ferguson and Dellarese Mcphee, two brothers-in-law Cavalle Ferguson and Junior Mcphee., and a host of other relative and friends too numerous to mention.

The book of condolences may be signed at the church on Saturday from 3:00p.m. until service time.

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New 36.75 Million Resort Town Project to Be Developed in the Bahamas

Orlando - (South Florida Caribbean News) Though remote, the
natural beauty of the island targeted for this development offers both
excitement and relaxation. With breathtaking, untouched beaches and
unusual rock formations, it is a nature lover's dream, with deep caves,
coves, colorful reefs, some of the best bonefishing flats and big game
fishing spots in the Bahamas, making it ideal for fishers, divers, and
snorkelers alike.

The project's financing structure has been designed by Capital Corp
Merchant Banking, a middle market international project financing group.
The $36.75 million project will be financed through debenture and
common stock...

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What is WD-40, And What Can It Do
What is WD-40, And What Can It Do

Before you read to the end, does anybody know what the main ingredient of WD-40 is? Don't lie and don't cheat. WD-40. Who knew; I had a neighbor who bought a new pickup. I got up very early one Sunday morning and saw that someone had spray painted red all around the sides of this beige truck (for some unknown reason). I went over, woke him up, and told him the bad news. He was very upset and was trying to figure out what to do.... probably nothing until Monday morning, since nothing was open.

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Grand Bahama Shipyard 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament a huge success!

Freeport, Grand
Bahama - On what could only be called a glorious day, 32 boats took to
the sea for the 2nd Annual Grand Bahama Shipyard Fishing Tournament. 
Anticipation was high and the competitors were anxious to leave the
Grand Bahama Yacht Club dock and get to their spots as the weather had
calmed down just for this event.

A little after 7am, Father Harry
Bain blessed all participants via VHF radio and CEO, Carl Rotkirch
officially started the competition.   Organized by the Shipyard
Apprentices, under the watchful eyes of Ed Pavey, Tournament Director
and Director of Technical and Planning at the yard the event was a huge
success with double the vessel entries this year...

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Come and enjoy Flying Fish Prix Fixe Menus!

Experience the difference at Flying Fish! 
With unmatched service and attention to detail. A blend of traditional
& modernist cuisine techniques not used anywhere else in the

Flying Fish Restaurant is pleased to introduce our Prix Fixe (3-course) Menu which features

your choice of a tantalizing
appetizer, a sumptuous main course item, and a delectable dessert.

Enclosed are our

Dinner, Lunch, and

Brunch Menus for your perusal...

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Fishing contest helps ranfurly

THE SECOND annual Generations Junior Angler Tournament was held in Nassau on September 8 to benefit the Ranfurly Homes for Children.

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Delegation to visit Dominican Republic to address illegal poaching

A delegation of government officials will visit the Dominican Republic at the end of the month in an effort to curb the presence of illegal Dominican poachers in The Bahamas, but if that fails the government is prepared to implement more stringent measures to keep them out of Bahamian waters, said Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell.
In an interview with The Nassau Guardian Mitchell said there have been far too many complaints made by Bahamian fisherman about illegal poaching.
"The Dominican Republic does not have a bank, The Bahamas is mainly [made up of] banks and shallow water, the conch and crawfish live on the banks and their nurseries are in the banks, so the question is where does the Dominican Republic get such an extensive fishery," Mitchell said.
"Our information is there are large commercial operations out of the north of the Dominican Republic and they really fund these exercises.
"We want the cooperation of the Dominican government to bring this to a quick halt, to let them know that we are quite serious about his matter."
He said if that doesn't work, more stringent measures will be taken by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, and stronger legislative measures will be taken by the government to control the amount of poachers in Bahamian waters.
Mitchell noted that poaching poses a serious problem to the sustainability of fishing in The Bahamas.
"You must reap the fish by a method that is sustainable," he said.
"The problem we have is twofold. First of all the waters belong to The Bahamas, not the Dominican fisherman.
"Secondly the methods that are being used are in fact unsustainable and they wipe out so much of the species which are in the water, which makes the long-term prospects of recovery more difficult for all of the various species, and this includes conch and crawfish in particular."

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Bahamian Ministers Meeting with Dominican Republic Counterparts

Domingo, Dominican Republic - Bahamian Cabinet Ministers, Government
technical officers and private sector stakeholders met with several
Government counterparts, on October 29,
2012, in the Dominican Republic on the first of two days of Bilateral
Talks on various issues.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration the Hon. Frederick A.
Mitchell is leading the delegation and is joined by Minister of Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local
Government the Hon. V. Alfred Gray, 
Minister of National Security Dr. the Hon. Bernard J. Nottage, Minister
of Financial Services the Hon. Ryan Pinder  The
Talks will involve the discussion of issues such as illegal fishing by
Dominican fishermen, illegal migration and trade relations, particularly
in the area of agricultural imports and medical products...

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