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A tale of two sequels

22 Jump Street (Rated T)
Cast: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube
Genre: Action Comedy
Dwight's Rating: 3 OF 4
How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Rated A)
Cast: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett
Genre: Animated Action Fantasy
Dwight's Rating: 3 OF 4
Hollywood's obsession with recycling ideas continues -- likely to reach even greater heights this summer with movie sequels scheduled for practically every other week through at least the middle of August, and even more coming later in the year.
Of course, we all know a sequel can represent a hit-or-miss proposition, with most failing to capture the magic of the initial film. Luckily there are two reasonably good sequels to two well-regarded films in theaters right now, and one of them may in some ways be even better than the original.
The latter does not refer to "How To Train Your Dragon 2". Don't get me wrong, it is a fine movie, unfortunately, the 2010 original was such a masterful piece of filmmaking, that the sequel finds itself burdened to fill some very big shoes.
Beautifully animated and extremely touching in its surprisingly deep storyline, the original struck a perfect balance of humor, drama and suspense. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, it ultimately lost out to the equally impressive "Toy Story 3". Nevertheless, it is destined to be high on the list of the best-animated features of all time. That's a pretty tough act to follow!
The sequel takes place five years after Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and his dragon Toothless successfully ended the war between dragons and Vikings. This has led the Vikings to chart unmapped territories and explore new worlds. One of these adventures leads to a discovery that threatens to end the peace between dragons and men.
As with the original, the computer animation is simply stunning, and may lead you to question whether what you are seeing is indeed animated. Even in 2D, we are treated to near 3D visuals. How can the ripples in animated water look so real? How can we so vividly see the gentle impact of that calm breeze?
The challenge, however, comes as "How To Train Your Dragon 2" suffers from some of the usual issues afflicting sequels, whether animated or live action. As is the case here, new characters are brought in, and beloved characters are given reduced attention. Those additional characters mean additional stories and plotlines. The end result is an overstuffed affair. It still strives to be sentimental and emotionally touching, but feels busier and more overloaded than it should.
Thankfully, you do not necessarily need to have watched the previous movie to follow the action here. In fact, it might be better to have not seen the original; your expectations might not be as high.
On the other hand, with last weekend's other release, "22 Jump Street," it might actually be a good thing to have watched the original. There are countless references to that surprise hit. Loosely based on the late 1980s TV drama of the same name, 2012's "21 Jump Street" was a tongue-in-cheek look at the series, poking fun at a lot of the undercover "narc" aspects of the show.
This time, instead of going back to high school, Jenko (Channing Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) go undercover at a college to crack a deadly drug dealing operation.
Like the original, the sequel never takes itself too seriously, and is packed with puns and self-deprecating humor. Just when you begin to question implausible aspects of the plot, the various characters begin questioning it too. This ultimate buddy comedy also continues to play up the bromantic elements of the first film -- perhaps going a bit overboard with it.
The entire cast -- especially Hill and Tatum -- appears to be having fun. Even Ice Cube, whom I complained was way over-the-top with his angry cop routine in January's regrettable "Ride Along," seems to find the right mix of angry cop here, actually playing it for laughs this time. As a result, "22 Jump Street" delivers a steady stream of good-natured goofiness and wit, and builds on the surprising cleverness in the original.
Ultimately, both sequels are better than most, despite the inability of "How To Train Your Dragon 2" to live up to some lofty expectations. The pressure will continue for that franchise, as there's already another sequel in the works, with a third Dragon movie slated for release in 2016. As to whether there will be a sequel to "Jump Street," stick around for the credits, arguably some of the funniest moments in the entire movie.
Next up on the sequel carousel, "Think Like a Man Too" which opens today, and "Transformers: Age of Extinction" one week later, as Hollywood continues to milk any and everything it can.

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Summer Camp, Summer Classes
Summer Camp, Summer Classes

Thursday 28th June 2012  7:30 AM

Summer Camp June 25th to July 27th Five Week Program Ages: 2yrs old- 10yrs old Hours: 7:30am-4:00PM $300 Includes Breakfast and Lunch Weekly Fee-$50 Breakfast & Lunch $20 Summer Classes Language, Maths, Reading Bible Stories, Music, Computers, Crafts, Painting, Outdoor Play, Exercise, Games, Field Trips Movies June 25th - July 27th, 2012 Ages 2-10 years Periwinkles Early Childhood Learning Centre is licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education, Pre school Division and is headed by Mrs Carol L Bullard. Register your child today! Periwinkles Early Childhood Learning Center Foxhill Rd, Nassau (5 doors from St Annes) Tel: 364. 4393 Email: Meet our qualified & trained members of Staff

Summer Camp, Summer Classes
Summer Camp, Summer Classes

Monday 25th June 2012  7:30 AM

Summer Camp June 25th to July 27th Five Week Program Ages: 2yrs old- 10yrs old Hours: 7:30am-4:00PM $300 Includes Breakfast and Lunch Weekly Fee-$50 Breakfast & Lunch $20 Summer Classes Language, Maths, Reading Bible Stories, Music, Computers, Crafts, Painting, Outdoor Play, Exercise, Games, Field Trips Movies June 25th - July 27th, 2012 Ages 2-10 years Periwinkles Early Childhood Learning Centre is licensed and registered with the Ministry of Education, Pre school Division and is headed by Mrs Carol L Bullard. Register your child today! Periwinkles Early Childhood Learning Center Foxhill Rd, Nassau (5 doors from St Annes) Tel: 364. 4393 Email: Meet our qualified & trained members of Staff

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Cyberstalking: A new challenge for the workplace

Can you imagine your life without the use of the internet or a cellphone?  Probably not!  Emails and other electronic devices have become such critical vehicles for communicating and doing business, that it is hard to imagine how we ever lived without them. Unfortunately, as great as the Internet and other electronic devices may be, they have also become vehicles for scams, viruses and more recently in the workplace, a tool used by employees to engage in character assassination of each other via social networks, online harassment and cyberstalking.
Last week I sat in horror and listened as one of my international clients relayed a story that was so mind blowing, I felt like I was watching a cloak-and-dagger espionage movie!  Obviously the story is too long to relay in this forum, but here is the abridged version.  My client was a victim of email spoofing!  Exactly!  I didn't know what is was either but apparently email spoofing "is the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source."  In other words someone could send an email pretending to be you, and the receiver would have no reason to believe that it was not you, because the sender would be using your email address!  Yep it could happen!  Needless to say my client was in the hot seat and almost lost her job when she was confronted by the president of the company for supposedly sending mass emails to the entire staff highlighting the fact that he (the president) was "clueless, incompetent, lacked vision and was running the company into the ground."  Luckily for my client, someone in the information technology department decided to run a trace on the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the email and was able to track it to its real sender - a disgruntled employee who was recently demoted - go figure!
Having been a victim of online harassment and cyberstalking myself recently, (and for those of you who may not know what cyberstalking is, ladies and gentlemen "cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. It may include false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass.  The definition of 'harassment' must meet the criterion that a reasonable person, in possession of the same information, would regard it as sufficient to cause another reasonable person distress." Wikipedia) I knew exactly what my client was going through.
So this week I interviewed Royal Bahamas Police Force Cyber Crimes guru, Sergeant Dale Strachan, to shed some light on this growing problem.  Here is what he had to say:
Question: Have you seen a rise in cyber crimes in The Bahamas, for example on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks?
Answer: Yes. We have seen a rise in cyber crime in the following areas:
i. Threats of harm or death;
ii. Emailing of slanderous images or comments;
iii. Email hacking;
iv. A crime called phishing (where a website is created to look like the original, but it is actually a fraud).  This fake site is use to gather personal information from unsuspecting persons to defraud them of money.  Complaints are mainly from foreign victims reporting that a financial institution in The Bahamas posted the site.
Question: Why do you believe we are experiencing such a spike in cyber crimes?  What seem to be the motive(s) of the perpetrators?
Answer: The fact that the perpetrator thinks his/her identity will remain anonymous seems to be the driving force.  Ultimately the perpetrator's intent is to embarrass the victim or put him or her in fear.
Question: Is sending malicious or defamatory emails a crime in The Bahamas?  Define malicious, define defamatory.
Answer: Yes both are crimes.  Malicious is defined as nasty, hateful, mean, wicked, cruel emails continually being sent to the annoyance of the receiver.  Also referred to as annoying email, malicious emails are similar to a common offence known as annoying telephone calls.  We can add that emails threatening or implying harm or death are also an offence and amount to threats of harm or threats of death.  Defamatory is defined as slanderous, derogatory emails that are distributed to others and used as a vehicle to attack a person's character.
Question: What recourse does the receiver of malicious or defamatory emails have?  Can they seek police help?
Answer: Depending on the offence committed, victims have the following recourse:
o Police action can be taken;
o You can have the person bond over to keep the peace;
o You can take civil action in a court or file a lawsuit;
o You can report the email address of the sender to the hosting company as abuse and it will be removed.
Question: How can you track the sender of a malicious email?
Answer: The sender is tracked by the header information (contained in the original email.)
Question: What suggestions can you give persons to safeguard their email accounts?
Answer: Many persons in The Bahamas reported that their email accounts were hacked.  Our investigation proved that the following methods were used to obtain their personal information:
o Individuals received a "pop up" asking them to reset their password information.  The "pop up" claimed that if the password was not reset that the individual would loose his/her account.  Once the password is reset hackers have full access to your account.
o Individuals received a "pop up" asking for personal information, specifically the question that was used when you created your account.  Once you answer these questions you give hackers access to your account
o Using a public computer: When you "log off" of a public computer, persons can come after you, run password recovery software and extract your information.
o Using computers at a friend's house or the work place, to access you email account: Again the password can be extracted using recovery software.  In the workplace many companies have software installed on computers that monitor employee action online.  This software also captures password information.
o Your wireless network: When you put a password on a website wirelessly, anyone with access to your network also has access to all of the computers on that network and they can "sniff" traffic to capture your password.
o Be aware of putting other people's jump drives in your computer. These jump drives may contain programs that auto run with one purpose - to extract all password information that might reside on you computer.
o Do not accept the browser's suggestion to save a password.
o Set the cache on your browser to delete on exit.
Stacia Williams offers keynotes, workshops and personal coaching on a wide range of: Personal Branding, Image Management, Customer Service, Leadership, Business Etiquette & International Protocol Topics. You can contact Stacia Williams at 325-5992 or email or visit

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Bel Canto Singers: Music for All Times V

Sunday 20th May 2012  6:00 PM

Bel Canto Singers: Music for All Times V This Saturday and Sunday May 19 & 20, 2012 St. Andrew's Kirk, Nassau Under the patronage of His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor-General of The Bahamas, and Lady Joan Foulkes, The Bel Canto Singers presents "Music for All Times V". Directed by Eldridge McPhee, this concert offers the audience a consortium of exciting music which will feature arrangements by modern composers such as Bahamian K. Quincy Parker with his original composition "Gloria" and Morten Lauriden's "Lux Aeterna". Opera buffs will be delighted by Bel Canto's renditions of "The Easter Hymn" from Pietro Mascagni as well as the beautiful six- and eight-part arrangements of well known anthems and spirituals that express the rich and robust singing style that this 16-member vocal ensemble is well known for.

Guest Singer Kristina Lewis The Bel Canto Singers is pleased to present American mezzo soprano, Kristina Lewis, and a string ensemble and percussion. Both Ms Lewis and the string ensemble are from the Peabody Conservatory of Music – Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and the percussionist is from the RBDF. Tickets are $25 and available at Custom Computers in Cable Beach and Harbour Bay as well as Logos Bookstore at Harbour Bay. Click HERE to view the Bel Canto Singers website.

An Evening of Piano Cello
An Evening of Piano & Cello

Friday 23rd March 2012  8:00 PM

Nassau Music Society presents An Evening of Piano & Cello THIS WEEKEND: Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, March 24th The Nassau Music Society continues its 2011-2012 Season with two evenings of piano & cello featuring Wei-Yi Yang and Ole Akahoshi from Yale University. These concerts are under the patronage of His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor General of The Bahamas and are sponsored by Société Générale Private Banking, Pictet, Royal Star Assurance and Colina Insurance Limited.

Ole Akahoshi on Cello and BOTTOM: Wei-Yi Yang on Piano
Friday evening's performance will take place at 8pm at St. Andrew's Kirk, on Shirley & Princess Streets. Saturday evening's performance will take place at 7:30 PM at St. Paul's Church Hall in Lyford Cay. You can reserve tickets online or purchase at the following Box Offices: A.D. Hanna & Co., Deveaux Street; Custom Computers, Cable Beach Shopping Centre; Logos Bookstore Harbour Bay Shopping Centre; and Moir & Co., Lyford Cay Shopping Centre. Tickets: Members: $25; Non-Members: $35; Students with valid id: $10. Tickets cost an extra $5 if purchased at the door. Proceeds toward the Nassau Music Society's scholarship fund. Click HERE to reserve your tickets at the Nassau Music Society website.

Xi'an Conservatory of Music Quartet Summer Concert
Xi'an Conservatory of Music Quartet Summer Concert

Saturday 7th July 2012  7:30 PM

Nassau Music Society to host Special Summer Concert Saturday, July 7th, 2012 | 7:30pm St Andrew's Kirk, Shirley St.

The Nassau Music Society is hosting a special Summer Concert under the patronage of His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor General, and in association with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China Featuring the Xi'an Conservatory of Music Quartet on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 at 7:30pm at St Andrew's Kirk on Shirley St. (Princess St.). The Xi’an Conservatory of Music Quartet was established in 2009 and has premiered a number of modern musical works. They have successfully held several chamber music recitals and were praised as "artists with rare and touching connotation of the music". The Quartet members are Tian Hui on 1st violin, Zhang Zhiying on 2nd violin, Wang Keju on the viola, and Sun Peng on the cello. Combined, they have rich chamber music and solo experience, and are frequent winners of domestic and international competition awards. The repertoire of this string quartet is from baroque to contemporary music; their playing style being accurate and interesting, especially skilled in playing the modern and contemporary music works. Get your tickets early as seating is limited and the performance is one night only. Box Offices: A.D. Hanna & Co. Deveaux Street, Tel: 322-8306; Logos Bookstore, Harbour Bay, Tel: 394-7040; Custom Computers, Cable Beach, Tel: 396-1100; Moir & Co. Lyford Cay, Tel: 362-4895; and the Nassau Music Society, Tel: 327-4145. Proceeds will benefit the Nassau Music Society's scholarship fund. Click HERE to reserve your tickets online. Click HERE to learn more about the Nassau Music Society's.

A Dance For Life 2012
A Dance For Life 2012

Saturday 23rd June 2012  9:00 PM

BSSN Dance Showcase A Dance For Life • ATLANTIS Imperial BALLROOM - 23 JUNE 2012 Bahamas & International Dance Showcase A Dance For Life 2012 A Dance Sport Spectacular A Red Carpet Event Black Tie Event General Admission $75 Premium Ticket $200 Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 @ The Atlantis Resort & Casino Imperial Ballroom, Paradise Island

SALSA 2012 PROMO from Gary Miller on Vimeo.

ENTRY FORM GUIDELINES All competition categories are “Open”; dancers may perform steps and choreography of their choosing; however lifts, drops or movements considered “inappropriate or dangerous” are not allowed with the exception of the Salsa Championship where tricks are allowed. 1. Choose the dance of your choice Novice Salsa Bachata Merengue Cha Cha Tango Waltz Salsa Championship 2. Select the Age Category. (This is determined by the age of the oldest dancer in the partnership at the time of the event) Divisions for Novices - Under 12 - Under 18 - 18 and over - 35 and over Divisions for Salsa Championships - Under 14 - Open (over 14 and no age limit) 3. Contested entries: All competitions are ‘contested’. You will be judged against other dancers in your category. 4. Freestyle- These events involve several couples (Pro - Am or Amateur), dancing one type of dance on the floor at the same time. You can expect 6 or more couples on the floor. The music will be played for one minute thirty seconds at standard tempos. 6. All participants are expected to wear dance costumes and ballroom dance shoes. 7. There will be prizes for the Championship Salsa division for first, second and third place. 8. FEES: Discounted ballroom admission for dancers: $60.00 per person; Competition Dance Entry Fee: $10.00 per person Minimum number of entries – three (3) Heats. DEADLINE The deadline for entries and registration is 5th June 2012. (Note: No Entries can be accepted without receipt of fees) COSTUMES Contact BSSN for assistance - or 376 2776. If costumes are supplied by BSSN - Payments for shoe and costume orders must be paid in full. JUDGING SYSTEM The judges will award one couple per division (1st Place); one couple (2nd Place); one couple (3rd Place). SCHOLARSHIP In addition to other awards, the winning couples in the Salsa Championship divisions for the Dance for A Life competition will be granted a fully paid dance scholarship for eight (8) lessons with the BSSN, (expires March 2013). COMBINATIONS The organizers reserve the right to combine age groups if necessary. SPOTLIGHT / Solo Routine Cost – $75.00 per person general admission Performance fee: $100.00 Choreographed routines performed by couples/groups to individual music shall not exceed two minutes including entrance and walk off – the music will be faded at two minutes. Music is to be provided by dancers in the form of CD, with only one musical number per disc. Appropriate costumes are expected. Be sure to test your music on a CD player (not computer) before bringing it to the competition. General Admission Doors open at 8:30pm Premium Ticket Dinner: 7pm to 8:30pm / Show: 9:00pm For Reservations please contact BSSN 364-4941 or 367-2776

News Article
Teacher says the move toward consistent use of technology in the classroom is a move in the right direction

With the proliferation of technical device distribution over the past decade, the efforts of contemporary educators to incorporate technology into the classroom should come as no surprise to those who are reasonably minded, but Nancy Seymour, a teacher at Eight Mile Rock High School in Grand Bahama is still questioning whether technology has been properly blended into the classroom.
The computer studies teacher and business subject coordinator said while there is no shortage of dissertations, transcribed discussions, articles or expositions attempting to prove the benefits or disadvantages of technology in the classroom, and while the utilization of technology in daily learning is indeed on the rise, educators still face challenges in blending core, general and vocational lessons with technology.
"The predominant complication, as discussed by many of us who are educators in The Bahamas, is the lack of equipment to effectively support the effort of technology integration" she said.
Despite widespread belief that high-tech integration in schools is only attainable for the middle and upper-class sectors, the Grand Bahama teacher believes that understanding the importance of using technology in everyday lessons is a necessity in the lower-income sectors of society.
"Computers are used to improve teaching quality where quality is very expensive to reproduce or to substitute for the lack of teachers or schooling opportunities that cannot be made available with conventional teaching methodologies" (Dr. Nkasiobi Silas Oguzor, 2011, abstract).
"In other words, especially in the rural areas of our country, we should endeavor to consistently increase and upgrade computers and other technological instruments for maximum results," said Seymour.
According to the educator, the rapid evolution in the world of technology means that many alternatives -- some unconventional -- are being introduced to combat the challenges that are experienced during the process of integration. She believes that some of the alternatives should be considered.
According to some educational partnerships, since personal digital assistants (PDA) came on the scene, the difficulties that are usually experienced with technology integration have diminished tremendously. Those sources have observed positive results from the use of student-owned PDAs as teaching and learning tools.
"Regardless of the challenges or the methods used in correcting them, the move toward consistent use of technology in the classroom is a move in the right direction -- not only for integration, but as an autonomous subject area as well."
Seymour believes the worldwide paradigm shift in education vigorously supports a more interactive classroom.
"While traditional strategies and models should not be entirely abandoned by us in this region of the world, we must continue to make efforts in synchronizing our educational system with global trends. An interactive classroom does not always mean a technology-filled classroom, but when aptly applied, a technology-filled classroom is nothing short of an interactive classroom. Since educational underpinnings are being redirected toward more interaction in the classroom, and since the use of technology yields interaction, one of our aims of education, as a country, should be to promote the development of technological skills in school-age children," she said.
According to Seymour some people would argue that such an aim is in place and is declared in curriculum goals and other statements, but there aren't any national measurement tools to support such an aim.
In most junior schools, students have the option to choose computer studies as an elective course, but there is not a Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) examination to determine a success rate in the field.
In senior schools most students also have the option to select computer studies as an elective, but apart from the keyboarding/typewriting exam, there is not a Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) exam to determine a success rate at that level either.
In a technological era when a three-year-old playing a game of Leap Frog, a 16-year-old listening to songs on his MP3 player and a parent making a Skype call into a business meeting with colleagues from around the world are all realistic scenarios, Seymour does not believe she is engaging in a blame game. However, after a period of introspection, as an educator, she began to question whether she was doing enough to ensure that the children who pass through her classes have the necessary tools to prepare them for the future.
"All of us, as citizens of this country, must realize that proof of proficiency in the core, general and vocational areas outside of technology alone is no longer adequate. If we are genuinely determined to move in sync with the paradigm shift in global education, we must establish contemporary national evaluation tools and methods that are comparable and competitive worldwide. Not only are we in need of even more promotion of integration in core, general and vocational disciplines, but also in teaching technology as an independent field of study," said Seymour.

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Fiesta De Mayo
Fiesta De Mayo

Saturday 7th May 2011  7:00 PM

1st Annual Benefit For Lignum Vitae Centre of Hope Saturday May 7, 2011 Old Fort Bay @ 7:00PM Tickets $100 Ticket includes: Complimentary Sangria Cocktails & Wine Specials Latin infused food Music by Internationally recognized DJ, along with multi-level live entertainment including The Illest! Throughout the evening there will be exciting door prize give-aways, special gifts from Havaianas (including a pair from the Swarovski Crystal collection) and in-house raffle. Tickets are available at Custom Computers Ltd. East Bay St. & Cable Beach Locations