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Rolando Andrew Smith

Funeral Service for the late Rolando Andrew Smith affectionately called "Mentos"of Ridgeland Park West will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 11:00am at First Baptist Church, Market Street. Officiating will be Rev. Diane Francis assisted by other ministers of the religion. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
 Left to cherish his memories is his Son:  Rolando Andrew Smith, Jr., Mother:  Janet Princess Russell; Father:  Capt. Roland Smith; Step Father:  Benjamin Russell; Sister:  Benetra Russell; Brothers:  Renardo & Reanzo Smith & Janeko Russell; Grandparents:  Burke & Eloise Smith; Special Friend:  Candice Gardiner; Aunts:  Florence Gibson, Esther Moncur, Cycelyn Micklewhyte, Hestine & Ann Kemp, Sillamae Willliams, Ruth, Eva, Annismae, Aretha, Kandies, Patricia & Marcia Smith, Ivy Ferguson, Ansala Lee, Charlene                                    & Michelle Lockhart; Uncles: Thomas Lockhart, Philip, Efford, Jenease, Ralph, Roosevelt Kemp, Joel, Lester, Warren & Andrew Smith, Samuel Williams, Philip Micklewhyte, Robert Gibson, Reginald Ferguson & Donald Lee; Grand Aunts: Marjorie Saunders, Florine, Rowena & Viola Smith of Miami, Florida; Grand Uncles:  Herschal Smith of Miami, Florida & Robert Saunders; Great Grand Aunts: Mildred "Millie" Robinson, Bernice "Missy" Robinson, Edith Stirrup of New York; Godparents:  Veronica Rolle, Minera Cooper, Frederick Gray and Franklyn Sears; Numerous Cousins, Relatives & Friends: Nadia, Shontavia, Karen, Andre, Thomarie, Thomas Jr., Renardo, Leonardo, Demarcia, Demarco, Philip, Whitney, Nikita Lockhart, Franklyn & Franchesca Sears, Nathan Cash, Samenika Williams, Tamiko King Jr., Sophie, Senera, Ethan & Walston Gibson, Sgt.   Kelley Kemp, Sgt. Edga Kemp, Craven, Ezra, Kay, Kathy, Kassie, Nikita, Donnie, Jentry, Kyle, Keshila, Felishea, Racquel, Deangelo, Elisha and Ann Kemp; Edward, Jakero, Renaldo, Jamaal, Danielle, Shawn, Branden and Miquel Smith, Kesia, Sanchez and Ivanna Ferguson, Bridgette & Patrick Archer Gareth Brice, Quincy Munroe, Randy, Delwood & Dekeithra Gray, Samantha & Nick Bastian, Cynette, Phillippa, Tyrsen and Cohen Mycklewhyte, Tiffany Saunders, Michelle Seymour, Amado, Ava & Andrea Moncur, Racquel & Insp. Mareno Hinds, Marco, Cadero, Terrell, Orabessa & Hari Rolle, Deidre, Ashley, Alissa & Donald Lee, Pearl Williams & Family,  Chiquita Dames, Arnold Bain & Family, Ethrol Burrows & Family, Loretta Miller & Family, The Communities of Black Point and Staniel Cay, Exuma, The Ridgeland Park Family, The Russell Family, Grand Bahama Youth Leaders' Association and The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in Nassau and Grand Bahama.
As the family is a very large one, we apologize if we may have left out any names; it is certainly not intentional.

Viewing will be held in the Celestial Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 9:30am until service time.

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Percy Nathaniel Basden, 74

Funeral service for Deacon Percy Nathaniel Basden, 74 yrs., a resident of Garden Hills #1 & formerly of Bottle Creek, Turks Island, who died on 29th March, 2012, will be held at Greater Bethel Cathedral, Faith Way, Baillou Hill Road, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Sufferant Bishop Christopher Minnis. Interment follows in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, JFK Drive.Left to cherish his memories are his wife: Brenhilda Basden; 9 children: Percy Basden Jr, Princess Pinnock, Kenneth Basden, Darren Basden, Millie Basden Reid, Yvonne Basden Delgado, Montgomery Lewis Basden, Shirley McPhee & Raymond Basden; 6 adopted children: Samuel Burrows, Mario Johnson, Edvardo Johnson, Judith Rolle, Shelton Curtis & Ingrid Johnson; 32 grandchildren: Jason Greene, Hillary Cox, Janeen, Katiann, Ebony Basden, Terez Forbes, Shavanda Basden, Shakera Greene, Precious Basden, Tomeko Price, Dominique, Shanell, Winesha Pinnock, Darren Jr. & Daria Basden, Rudesha & Kenneth Basden Jr., Leslie Greene Jr., Brejon Saunders, Shavonia, Shanique & Montgomery Jr. Lewis, Kendrick Johnson, Lavar, Aisa, Ashton & Ania Burrows, Dawn Dorsette & Shaval Rolle, S.J., Deonte & Pappy's special boy: Drequan Smith; 4 sons-in-law: Winston Pinnock, Kevin Reid, Constantino Delgado & Jarval Rolle; 3 daughters-in-law: Michell & Caroline Basden & Shamara Johnson; 5 brothers-in-law: Thomas Basden, Elik Forbes, Hilgrove & Granville Basden & Daniel Lightbourne; 10 brothers-in-law: Dr. Neil Sawyer, Alfred Smith, Ruben Smith, Junior, Deacon Maxwell, Cleophus, Elkin Johnson, Philip Minnis, Oral Burrows & Joseph Sands; 2 sisters: Helena Sawyer & Ronica Basden; 14 sisters-in-law: Mary, Mavis & Beverley Basden, Christine Taylor, Patsy Francis, Berylean Burrows, Esthermae Smith, Felicia Altima, Angela, & Agnes Smith, Terecita Minnis, Nikitra Sands, Esther, Mary & Laverne Johnson; father & mother-in-law: George & Theresa Johnson; 21 nephews: Lawrence Sawyer, Jason, Gregory, Lorne, Sean, Kevin Basden, Clifton Forbes, Wilfred Dean, Ji,,y Dean, Michael Gardiner Sr., Keita, Novin, Andy, Rocklyn, Ashwood & Mackey Forbes, Crispin & Hilgrove Basden, Livingston Forbes & Corporal & Michael Gardiner Jr.; 17 nieces: Catherine Gardiner, Marion Rolle, Louise Forbes, Vernell Dean, Dianna Rolle, Michelle Poitier, Shandia McGrew, Pernia Forbes, Rosalie Forbes, Bloomie Kuris, Silvary Forbes, Deidre Gardiner, Leza Basden, Christina Barr, Yolanda Basden, Larise Fraser, Merenique Francis; numerous other relatives & friends including: Suff. Bishop Christopher Minnis, Officers & members of the Greater Bethel Cathedral, Pastor Daniel Braynen & Christ Temple family, Bishop George Duncombe & Little Jerusalem family, Pstor Winston Redwood & Faith Apostolic family, Pastor Eziekel Munnings & God's Temple of Praise family, Suff. Bishop Mackey & The Apostolic family of Andros, Evangelist Gloria Dawkins, Sister Shirley Rolle & family, Deacon Vitzel & Evangelist Mary Whymms & family, Minister Gilbert Smith & family, Rev. Lloyd Smith & family, Max Hamilton & family, Prince Philips & family, Amanda Colebrooke & family, Maude Duncombe & family, David Pratt & family, Edna Knowles & family, Theophilius Knowles & family, Mr. Joel Mackey & family, Betty Bain & family, Mr. Woods & family, Brenda Richardson & family, Wesley Forbes & family, Llewellyn Forbes & family, Maryjane Hepburn & family, Simeon Williams & family, Calvert Williams & family, Patrina Oemler & family, Mr. Swan & family, Amos Hanna & family, Diane Rolle & family, the Garden Hills Community, Bottle Creek & Que families of Turks Island, the staff of Male Surgical II of the Princess Margaret Hospital, Pastor Samuel McIntosh & church family & a host of others relatives & friends.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Preparing your children for those all-important national exams

It's that time of year again when students across the country are preparing for the national exams. And although it is Easter break and most students couldn't wait to be relaxing their days away teachers are advising that students, particularly those preparing for nationals exams use their time wisely, because the most important examinations of their academic life -- the Grade Level Assessment Test (GLAT), Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) and Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) are just around the corner.

Grade Level Assessment Test (GLAT)
The key to adequately preparing students for the national examinations is committed parental involvement, according to Kristan Burrows, a second grade teacher at Claridge Primary School. The teacher, with nine years of experience under her belt, who has taught grades one and two throughout her career, said it is important to help a child build the right foundation if they are to succeed in their Grade Level Assessment Tests (GLAT), which are taken in grades three and six.
"I may not have taught any of the exam level classes, but I do know that if you don't help students to build a good academic background in both grade one and grade two, hoping they can keep up in grade three and do well on the assessment exam is fruitless," she said. "Real preparation starts from the time students enter primary school straight up until the point of the examinations. By grade three or six they should be cementing the facts they already know and perfecting the skills they should already have. Trying to get a child to be on grade level and excel in these tests at this point, while not impossible is extremely difficult. But if your child is an average student or above average this is a time to let them practice, study and reread as much as possible."
The GLAT examinations are scheduled to begin in the first week of May, which is why students should now be in high gear, brushing up on what they have learnt. Being ready will allow students to perform at a level that truly reflects their capabilities. As a result, Burrows says primary school students should be using their Easter break to not just relax, but to keep up with their school work.
"Key to ensuring students at this age succeed is the parent's responsibility to step up and do their part in their child's education. Do not expect a teacher to give the student everything. Teachers can only supply them with so much and then it is up to the parents to ensure homework is done and any concepts the child doesn't know well enough they learn be it by calling the teacher or getting a tutor," she says. "It would be hoped that during the break students go through their old tests and the school work they did in detail. They should be spending at least an hour a day to review their work."
The educator said parents should also pay attention to helping students study Mathematics and Language Arts. Some topics to look over in Math include number concepts like Roman numerals, fractions, time and solid shapes. Computation problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as mathematical applications like word problems are also important.
The Language Arts section of the GLAT is broken down into written composition, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and language arts skills like grammar and spelling. Ensuring students practice their writing skills and reading would be essential to keeping them on their toes.

Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) preparation
When it comes to preparing for the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) examinations, which are usually taken in the ninth grade and will be sat at the end of April, Claudine Rolle, a Language Arts teacher at T.A. Thompson Junior School, said students need to be on their toes even during their Easter break, because slacking off at this point in the school year can be detrimental to their academic career.
The educator of 16 years said students need to be focused more than ever and use this golden opportunity to polish up on the topics and concepts they are still a little unclear about.
"This is time to study, study, study. Relaxation is good, but it can wait until summer when all is said and done. Students need to be on top of their work, especially those who have course work to finish. Students in technical areas like Family and Consumer Science will need to practice their sewing and complete course work before the deadline, which is coming fast," she said. "Parents need to make sure students aren't slacking off because they need to be doing their best now. If they don't finish course work it often doesn't make sense doing the national exam for the subject. Course work can be as much as 40 percent of the entire grade, so it is important not to miss out on doing your best.

This break is a good time to be doing the finishing touches."
She said students taking the BJC science subjects also need to be studying the in-depth topics the subjects cover, adding the break is a good time to be reading over work, practice labeling, definitions and refreshing one's memory on these topics.
For critical subjects like Mathematics she said it is important to practice everything, and that simply studying concepts are not enough. Doing practice questions from the schools or from examinations from the testing and evaluation section of the Ministry of Education, she said, is key in preparing for this examination.
Language Arts is just as important to pay close attention to. The three papers of the examination cover topics from essay writing, letter writing, comprehension and literary devices like poems and cloze passages.
"Students shouldn't be allowed to just relax this whole time. They should be practicing, reading and writing throughout the break, especially for the Language Arts examination. Paper one alone carries 40 percent of the exam, and students have to show they can write an intriguing and captivating story that is grammatically correct, as well one which reveals the finer points of letter writing. They will also need to improve on their comprehension abilities, and using the newspaper for a reading comprehension quiz is a good thing to do during the break. Going over notes for terminology used with poems and refreshing the memory about cloze or other literary advices is important to do. Passing these examinations can be so easy if students just take the time to study."
Rolle said students should have a good idea about what they need to improve on for their upcoming examinations, since they would've gotten the results of their mock BJC exam back and teachers would have reviewed their weaknesses. She said parents can take up the mantle as well, and ensure students get help in the areas they are weakest in. The teacher said there are many opportunities for parents to find help for their students, like the free after school classes many teachers offer, conferences with teachers and the many advertised tutoring programs floating around.

Preparing for the Bahamas General Certificate of
Secondary Education
There should be a balance between studying and relaxation when it comes to this last long break before national examinations, said Jeneva Robinson, a teacher at Preston Albury High School in Eleuthera. The Religious Studies teacher said she would advise students to use the Easter break to study like crazy for their Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE), but at the same time she said they should also try to breathe before they take on the academic sprints.
"The BGCSEs are right around the corner [beginning at the end of April], and students should use this Easter break to study like never before, but at the same time I think they also need to relax a bit. With that said, it is important for students to spend two-to-four hours studying daily. This is not a major sacrifice and it all adds up in the end."
The educator said it is important for parents to pitch in and help their children study and understand concepts clearly. If course work is not completed by now, she said it is important to ensure students attack it, since most work is due as soon as school reopens. Ensuring they are studying everything they learnt is also important to do at this point as well.
"It's a bit late to just be studying for an exam like the BGCSE," said Robinson. "This should have been in progress since last year in grade 11 or even grade 10, because at this point, if you are attempting to start studying you will be cramming, and students will only stress themselves out and most likely not do well. But if you have started to study then you are in a good position to just be reviewing your work. At this time you should be reflecting and practicing. This is not the time to just relax. I t's about getting ready."
Ensuring things like course work is complete is also essential. She said most if it should have already been sent in to the Ministry of Education, but for those few subjects that are not as yet, doing it now is essential. Once the course work is in, she said students should prepare a good study schedule and stick to it straight through the national examinations.
Robinson said that for many students it is hard to get in the groove of studying, which is why parents need to be on top of them, even during their high school years.
"High school students should be more accountable, but often the sheer gravity of the examinations can be discouraging, so it may do many parents good to find a good tutor for their student so they make worthwhile use of these last few days," said Robinson.

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Christopher Taylor, 51

Funeral Service for Christopher Taylor, age 51 years a resident of Oxford Avenue, Nassau East will be held Saturday 21st April  2012,  11:00a.m. at Christ Community  Church, Bellott Road. Officiating will be Pastor Elvin Taylor assisted by other Ministers.  Cremation will follow.
He will forever be remembered and cherished in the hearts of his parents Rev. Dr. Clayton & Carmeta Taylor; estranged wife, Stella Taylor and family; his son Duran Taylor Jr.;  2 Grandsons, Isaaic & Duran Taylor,  3 sisters, Mrs Brenda Cargill, Max and Marcel Taylor; 1 brother-in-law Adrian Cargill Sr. 1 Niece Miquisha Cargill (Houston), 2 Nephews Dr. Adrian Cargill,Jr. & Christie Cargill & Ayden Cargill. Aunts/Uncles: Prophetess Thelma Helen Duncanson &Family ;  Alvine & James Gay  & Family, Elra & Errol Ward & Family; Velna Burrows & Family; Janet Taylor & Family; Elton Carlis Taylor & Family; Eddins Taylor & Family; Limus &Augusta Taylor & Family; Elvin & Donell  Taylor & Family; Flexie & Ronald Jones & Family; Great Grand Aunt Mrs. Dorothy Johnson,( Brooklyn, N.Y).;  Fletcher Miller & Glenda Ammon (Brooklyn N.Y); Donna/Everette Taneale.  Baltimore & Andrea & Family, Georgia; Purchasing Dept.,B.E.C.; Whitney Stubbs; Michael & Bernadette Saunders; Warren & Audry; Mrs Gloria Reid & Phylicia; Glenda Hepburn; Daron Hepburn; Jennie & Leon Edwards & family; Francis Clarke; Cynthia Dean & Family; Karen Higgs ,Peter, Alexander, Robert & Miriam Merritt ( Hollywood, Fla); Shirley Rolle of Atlanta, Georgia;  Drs. Blake & Ancela Blakely of Baltimore;  Joseph Harris & Family;  Mr & Mrs Alton Cargill & Family;  Ms Peggy Pinder Portia & Family; Maude Cartwright & family;Rev Joseph Thompson & family,Johnilee & Prophetess,Carnetta Fergurson, Rev Fredrick & Pamela Stubbs & family, Rev Carla Culmer & Wesley Methodist Church family: Pastor Rudolph Cooper & the Emmanuel  Baptist Church, & the Balmn in Gilead  Ministry & family; Cynthia Brown & Family; Marilyn Munroe & Family; Bernie, Travis Edwards, Megan Clarke; Geneva Pinder & Family and others too numerous to mention.

Instead of floral contributions, donations may be sent to the Educational fund for Duran and Isaac Taylor c/o Royal Bank of Canada, main Branch Account # 701-7056

In Celebration of Christopher's spirit in life the family has suggested that bright colors be worn to the service.
Relatives and friends may pay their respects at Cedar Crest Funeral Home, Robinson Road & First Street on Friday from 12:00 noon to 6:00p.m. and  at  the church on Saturday from 9:30 a.m. until to service time.

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RBC Junior Championships

The Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) completed a successful RBC Junior Championships over the Easter holiday weekend at the BLTA's National Tennis Centre, in Oakes Field. The tournament's director Jackson Bain said that the kids were well behaved and the competition was fierce.

Boys 8s Division
A. Burrows over D. Clui

Boys 10s Division
O. Taylor over G. Sastre, 4-0 and 4-0.

Boys 12s Division
J. Bain over K. Bowe, 6-0 and 6-3.

Boys 14s Division
O. Mortimer over J. Turnquest, 7-6 and 6-4.

Boys 16s Division
R. Carey over P.J. Major, 2-6, retired.

Boys 18s Division
PJ Major over R. Carey, 6-2 and 6-1.

Girls 10s Division
Donesha Gibson over Emma Weech

Girls 12s Division
Sydney Clarke over Africa Smith

Girls 14s Division
S. Missick over I. Shepherd

Girls 16s Division
S. Missick over I. Shepherd

Girls 18s Division
A. D'Alwyn over G. Bowe

Girls Doubles 14s
S. Clarke/Mackey over the team of Donaldson/Smith

Girls Doubles 18s
Strachan/Bowe over Donaldson/Shepherd

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The evolution of fashion - past, present and future

Runway Productions along with The Nassau Guardian and Star 106.5 FM brings to the Bahamian public, "Evolution:?Fasion Past, Present &?Future," a magnificent showcase of exclusive fashion collections by six Bahamian designers -- Apryl Burrows, Javotte Bethel, Indira Moss, Percy Wallace, Rudolph Brown and Valda Duncombe.
Evolution will also pay homage to four notable legends of the Bahamian fashion industry -- Sabrina Francis, Rachel Turnquest-Garcia of Rachel's Boutique and Jeffrey Taylor (posthumously).
This week the spotlight is on:

Designing gowns is Javotte Bethell's life's passion. For 18 years, the designer has been a dream weaver, crea ...

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Linda Glendina Burrows-Newbold, 43

Funeral service for Linda Glendina Burrows-Newbold, 43 yrs., a resident of Joan's Height, South Beach & formerly of Fritz Lane, who died on 3rd May, 2012, will be held at Metropolitan Baptist Church, Hay Street West, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. George Kelly, assisted by Rev. Gregory Major & Rev. Shirley Evans. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Her fond memories will forever be in the hearts of her:
Husband: Kermit Newbold
Daughters: Glendina and Kimberly Newbold
6 Sisters: Alice Chipman-Dames, Louise Smith, Naomi Chipman, Ruth Chipman-Brown, Maria Woods and Ismae Cadiz
3 Brothers: ASP Kingsley Burrows Sr., of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Rudolph "Billy" Burrows and Donald Burrows
Mother-In-Law: Raphelitta Bowles
Sisters-In-Law: Sandra Bowles, Coreane Bowles-Newbold, Michelle Burrows, Alanna Burrows, Patricia Bowles-Darville, Dorothy Bowles, Yvette Dorsetta and Geneva Newbold
Brothers-In-Law: Henry Dames Sr., Wayne Darville, Reubin Cadiz Sr., and Raymond Newbold
Aunt: Florence Thompson
Grand Uncle: Abraham Rolle
Uncles-In-Law: Loxlly and Charles Thompson
Nieces: Sophia Dames, Kendera Delaney, Zanadete Cadiz, Shiann Burrows, Lakeisha Burrows, Megan Darville, Jessica-Nicole Darville, Lashanta Knowles, Alexis Hepburn, Sharine Weir, Chante Burrows, Veronica Bonimy, Kia Bonimy, Ormanique Nottage, Randira Lewis, Alexandra Newbold, Angie Dames, Chantel Dames, Shafena Brown and Terisa Burrows, Nasha Newbold
Nephews: Ryan Dames Sr., Henry Dames Jr., Cpl. 2489 Montgomery Brown Jr., Angelo Dean, D/C 2768 Donald Adderley, PC 2991 Concencion Burrows Sr., Shaquille Newbold, Randy Lewis, Mario Thompson, Kingsley Burrows Jr., Dion Burrows Carlton "CJ" Rolle, Montgomery Wayne Daeville, Anthony, Osborn Newbold and Joey Newbold 
Grand Nieces: Annalisa King, Jayla Knowles, Breanna Nottage, Regime Dames, Devona Dean, Ryanne and Raven Dames, Talleanna Brown, Keann Dean, Chrissy, Nelly and Alliah Dean, Jameisha and Henrietta Feaster, Johntashia and Tasharra Dames, Judeah Rolle, Chasity Adderley, Deidre Thompson, Kiara Newbold
Grand Nephews: Kerlin "Ching" King II, Anthony Dames, Kevin Butler Jr., Onnasis Johnson, Haillee Williams, Jamaal and Miquel Feaster, Leonardo and Samuel Brown, Ryan Dames Jr., John Dames Jr., Concencion Burrows Jr.,
Great Grand Niece: Keiara King
Great Grand Nephew: Kerlin King III
Cousins: Vincent King & Family, Dareth Russell & Family, Deleno Williams, Maurice Conliffe & Family, Kerlin "Cobra" King Sr., & Family, Emmanuel & Emily Osadebay & Family, Clement King & Family, Denise Deveaux-Bain, Sherman Rolle, Leonardo Rolle, Anthony Dawkins, Harrison Deveaux, Freeland Deveaux, Ingrid King & Family, Eleanor King & Family, Jackie Micklewhite & Family, Courtney, Keith, Don, Kennedy Thompson, Gladys Dawkins & Family, Fanny, James, Leroy & Henry Rolle, Anthoney Miller, Jeaery Thompson, Marilyn Thompson, Donnamae, Perline and Emily Rolle, Kathleen Green, Tetrese Hendfield, Loretta, Stenqet Hendfield, Louise Peterson of Belle Glade Florida, Devon, Deangelo, Rashad, Dendre, Natasha Deveaux, Margo, Sharon, Bernard, Nicole, Lakeisha, Charmine, Randy, Nicole, Emmanuel and Anastasia Deveaux, 
Other Family & Friends Include: Allando "Lance" Johnson, Rolling Lamor & Family, Rev. Julian Johnson & Family, Ava Johnson and Family, Derick Coby & Family, Shervin and Family, Jason "T. Jackson" Mckenzie, Ms. Dean & Family, Mrs. Albury & Family, Mildred Pratt & Family, Ruby Rolle & Family, Papa Ket and Family, Jackie and Family, Geneva Dorsetta & Family, Phillip & Baren Coby, Linda Brown & Family, Munroes & Family, George Basetin & Family, Agatha Pratt & Family, Indy and Family, Reynaldo Baillou, Mario Anderson, Ms. Faye, Alma Molly, Louise, Shonel Rodgers, Hepburn, Deon Nabbie, Smalls, Shelton Curtis, Dwight Rolle & Family, Dwayne Fisher, Rose Forbes & Family, Andrew "Ricky" Davis, Sis. Ann Taylor & Family, Rev. Gregory Major & Family, Cynthia Bastian & Family, Dexter Sands & Family, Sybil Butler & Family, Loretta & Henry Cartwright & Family, ASP Andrews & Family, Sgt. 973 Theodore Forbes & Family, Sgt. 185 Moss & Family, Sgt. 65 Demeritte & Family, Sgt. 843 Dean & Family, Sgt. 2101 Seifert, Hemrick Rolle & Family, Hetty Goodman & Family, Rosalie Neymour & Family, Troy Marshall, Garvin Butler, Demetruis Mckenzie & Family, Marcia Henricks, Rocky & Diane Fernander, Sanchez Brooks & Family, Dennis Albury & Family, Dennis Saunders, Wissy, Joanne Brown & Family, Paul Gray & Family, Serethea Clark & Family, Edric Clark & Family, Montgomery Brown Sr. & Family, Stevie Johnson & Family, Jeffrey & Sharon Rahming, Kenny Saunders & Family, Lawrence, Gomez, Shandia Ramsey & Family, Mark Bastian & Family, Stafford Turnquest & Family, Kenneth Hutchinson & Family, Tony Symonette & Family, Opral, Ms. Marina, Lloyd "Smokey" Smith, Dorsett Smith, Patches, Tura Cooper, Metropolitan Baptist Church Family, Pastor Robert McKinney and Worldwide Church of God Family, Dr. Lloyd, Dr. Bowleg, Doctors & Nurses of the P.M.H. Female Medical 1 and the P.M.H. Dialysis Center, South Beach Family, The Fritz Lane Family and The Golden Fire Crew-Valley Boys.

Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Car sought in death mystery

Police were last night searching for the car that belonged to the woman whose body was pulled out of waters near Prince George Wharf on Tuesday, along with the body of her young daughter.
The woman was identified as Amanda Seymour Burrows, 32, and her five-year-old daughter, Taja Burrows, according to police. They were residents of Stapledon Gardens.
The girl was a first grade student of St. John's College where news of her death shocked teachers, parents and students yesterday.
Police said the car is a dark colored Nissan Sunny, manufactured between 1997 and 1999.  The license plate number is 117033.
Royal Bahamas Defence Force marines pulled the mother and daughter from the waters at about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. The young girl was found still wearing pajamas.
Police were last night trying to determine whether the woman drove herself and her daughter to the location where they eventually died.
Officer in charge of the Central Detective Unit Superintendent Paul Rolle told The Nassau Guardian yesterday that police had no new information regarding the deaths of the mother and daughter and would only reveal that a relative identified the bodies at the morgue.
Rolle also said he believed the woman was married, but could not say for sure. He also said that police did not have anyone in custody for questioning regarding the matter and had not as yet reclassified the deaths.
Police press liaison officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings said Tuesday that the bodies had no signs of injury and the deaths were being classified as sudden deaths.
The bodies were found floating near a defence force vessel by RBDF marines stationed at the dock.
Police presence increased in the area around the high security cruise ship dock after the bodies were found.
However, tourists milled about the area were seemingly unaware of the disturbing find so close to their port of entry.
Skippings said it was unlikely that the woman and young girl accessed the waters near the dock through the cruise ship port.
Rolle said officers were still out conducting their investigations up to press time yesterday evening.

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Bonefish Pond park signs vandalized

Guardian News Desk

Bahamas National Trust(BNT)officials revealed that their most recently launched park was vandalized sometime this week after suspects used park signs for target practice,The Nassau Guardianhas learned.
BNT officials said the matter has been turned over to police, who are now treating it as a criminal investigation.
Senior Park Warden for the Bonefish Pond National Park Rudolph Burrows said park signs were vandalized twice this week.
Burrows added that he made the initial discovery on Monday.
"Somebody just didnt have anything to do and on Monday the sign was shot with what appeared to be shotgun pellets so I took it down, got it fixed and on Wednesday ...

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Cable: PM in spat with U.S. over Cuba

American diplomats expressed concerns about Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham's apparent double-talk on the Cuba issue and wrote in an October 2008 diplomatic cable that his approaching trip to the Communist nation was "troubling".
On October 4, 2008, Ingraham informed a U.S. Embassy official that he was considering joining a group of his peers on a CARICOM-sponsored visit to Cuba that December, according to the cable.
Ingraham reportedly said he had traveled to Cuba "a couple of decades ago" and noted that his Free National Movement party had unsuccessfully opposed the Progressive Liberal Party government when it established diplomatic relations with Havana in 2006.
The embassy official, according to the cable, told Ingraham he was certain that at best the United States government would be "deeply disappointed" if the prime minister were to travel to Cuba.
"The U.S. considered The Bahamas a close friend but such a trip would be troubling," the official wrote.
The official noted that the Cuban regime had taken no significant steps to warrant such a visit by the prime minister.
According to the cable, Ingraham listened without comment to a message from the U.S. Embassy that the Castro government had rejected repeated U.S. offers of humanitarian hurricane assistance for the Cuban people.
The cable said Ingraham energetically stated that the "U.S. stands alone on the Cuban embargo" and told the embassy official that during a meeting at the White House, President Bill Clinton had bluntly told him that the embargo policy was based entirely on Florida electoral votes.
According to the document, the embassy official replied that the U.S. government was pursuing a principled and long-standing bi-partisan policy toward a repressive regime.
"The prime minister countered that the argument would be better if the U.S. had not adopted very different policies toward North Korea, China and other such countries," the cable said.
"He added his view that U.S. Cuba policy would in any event look much different after the November elections in the U.S. regardless of which candidate won."
The U.S. diplomat recorded in the cable: "Until very recently, the PM had deliberately kept his government at a distance from Cuba."
The official noted that after months of inaction Ingraham had recently named a new ambassador to Cuba -- former immigration director Vernon Burrows.
"To follow that up with a personal visit would complete the picture of [the Government of The Bahamas'] engagement with Cuba," the cable said.
"Dissuading PM Ingraham would be difficult, particularly given the apparent CARICOM cover for the trip and given his having moved on to the next administration in his political calculations.
"Direct engagement by an appropriately senior Washington interlocutor might get the PM to reconsider, but it would be an outside chance."
The Americans noted in a December 2008 cable that Ingraham traveled to Santiago de Cuba for the CARICOM high-level meeting on December 8 and "framed his government's basic continuation of the previous PLP government's Cuba policy as a matter of pragmatism, rather than conviction."
The cable pointed out that Ingraham, in remarks to the media, distanced his government from the PLP decision to elevate the consultate-general in Havana to an embassy, yet spoke supportively of education and medical exchanges with Cuba and downplayed the failure to reverse course on any front.
"Two days before International Human Rights Day, notably, Ingraham did not make any statements of support for democracy in Cuba or say anything that could be construed as critical of the Castro regime," the cable.
The embassy official noted that Ingraham had characterized the former government's policies toward Cuba as unnecessary and ad hoc.
In the comment section of the cable, the embassy official remarked: "The PM's attempt to have his cake and eat it too on Cuba was less surprising than the PLP's justification of its 'non-ideological' and 'strategic' attitude.
"Coming soon after a similar spat over Venezuela's Petrocaribe, which the [Government of The Bahamas] continues to oppose in the face of opposition criticism, the trading of barbs reveals a bigger difference in attitude toward the U.S., perhaps than toward either of the other two countries."
The American diplomat observed: "Ingraham's remarks also confirm, however, that the FNM will not make any effort to promote human rights in Cuba going foward.
"Bahamians appear convinced that the Obama administration will make significant changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba and, though some are critical of the democratic deficit in Cuba, none in power see any advantage in criticizing the Castro regime during a time of transition in Washington."
In the lead-up to the 2007 general election, the Americans repeatedly stated that they did not expect Ingraham to express a great interest in building relations with Cuba.
"From the United States' perspective, an Ingraham-led government would likely abandon the PLP's sympathetic posture toward Cuba..." an official wrote in a 2006 cable.
"Ingraham would also give us an interlocutor willing and able to make decisions and follow through on them. His 10 years as prime minister have given him a good understanding of the United States and how to work with us, and he certainly looks forward to maintaining our traditionally close relations."
A U.S. diplomat wrote in 2007 that compared to Christie, Ingraham's foreign policy will likely be less multilateralist and more nationalistic.
"Ingraham has been critical of the PLP's closeness to Cuba, and he indicated to us that he would downgrade relations with Cuba if elected from an embassy to a consultate," the diplomat wrote.
An embassy official also wrote of Foreign Affairs Minister Brent Symonette in the cables: "We can expect him to be a strong partner for the U.S., who will be more decisive and more inclined to support U.S. positions than his predecessor.
"He will almost certainly focus less on relations with Cuba and he will be less engaged in CARICOM and the Non-Aligned Movement than Fred Mitchell."
The Americans said they expected The Bahamas' flirtations with Cuba to "cool" under the Ingraham administration.
A read of the cables show that it was not unusual for Bahamian government officials -- both PLP and FNM administrations -- to discuss approaching trips with the Americans.
A 2004 cable notes that at previous meetings with embassy officials, Tommy Turnquest (at the time FNM leader) "ever cautious not to step on the toes of the giant neighbor to the north", asked how the United States would receive the news that he has been invited to Cuba, and was considering a visit.
According to the cable, the embassy official explained to Turnquest "that it is completely up to him as a citizen of a sovereign country to exercise his right to visit Cuba, but strongly urged him to meet with the U.S. Interests Section and with the members of the democratic opposition and human rights movement (in Cuba) despite what will inevitably be Cuban government pressure not to do so."
The embassy official, according to the cable, also offered to help Turnquest arrange meetings via the Interests Section, outside of those that would be offered by the Castro regime, including with religious figures and the Catholic Church in order to give him more exposure and a more balanced visit in Cuba.
An embassy official remarked in a separate cable: "It is difficult to imagine any concrete benefits to The Bahamas from establishing a closer relationship to Cuba.
"The small size of the Bahamian population precludes major commercial sales to/purchases from Cuba, but Bahamians currently trading do make significant profits.
The embassy official also noted that medi-tourism was growing as fiscally prudent Bahamians seek a high-quality, lower-cost alternative to Miami for medical treatment.
"Ideologically, [Foreign Affairs Minister] Fred Mitchell and others in the Bahamian Cabinet will also get psychological gratification from proving that they can conduct an independent foreign policy at odds with [their] superpower neighbor."
In another cable, an embassy official wrote that The Bahamas' expansion of diplomatic ties with Cuba appeared driven by a pragmatic goal of addressing chronic Cuban migration issues.
"However, as a result of embarrassing incidents involving Cuban migrants, The Bahamas' vote for Cuba on the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the opening of the embassy in Havana, the government has come under increasing pressure from the opposition (the FNM) and the Bahamian public, making Cuban relations a likely election issue," the cable said.
A September 24, 2007 cable said former Prime Minister Perry Christie hosted a working lunch for U.S. Embassy officials to exchange views on current bilateral issues and domestic Bahamian politics.
"Christie, who remains as leader of the opposition, emphasized his party's commitment throughout their tenure in office to maintaining close relations with the U.S. and his desire that we continue to view the PLP as a trusted partner," the cable said.
"He registered his concern that a perception had developed prior to the election that the U.S. was unhappy with [his] administration because of its decision to establish formal diplomatic ties with Cuba.
"Christie thanked the [charge d' affaires] for this affirmation, and then launched into a defense of his opening of formal diplomatic relations with Cuba..."
The U.S. Embassy official noted he had heard the former prime minister speak before of his concern for the perceptions created by this opening. He said he believed Christie was more concerned by the relationship than the U.S. was.
"[The official] explained that the U.S. understood The Bahamas' need to work with Cuba to resolve migration matters and look after Bahamians who travel to or study in Cuba," the cable said.
"At the same time, we sought to encourage democratic countries, such as The Bahamas, to use their relationship with Cuba to encourage Cuban government respect for the same values and rights that people in The Bahamas demand."

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News Article
One woman MP's tenacity

Dear Editor,
One woman on the governing side finally displayed tenacity, beyond the scope of party lines, when presenting in the House of Assembly last week during the debate on the upcoming constitutional referendum on equality.
Glenys Hanna-Martin set the tone with a very thorough presentation on the proposed amendments. I missed Melanie Griffin's contribution, but caught Hope Strachan's.
She addressed comments made by the deputy leader of the opposition, then spoke very assertively. She did not hide her displeasure with comments that were made to the press.
Leslie Miller muttered comments from his seat and, at some point, threw up his hands in apparent disbelief. While Hope Strachan did not call his name, Miller's behavior seemed to suggest that he thought she was speaking about statements he had made to the press regarding one of the proposed bill amendments.
My personal opinion is that our laws should ensure equal opportunity and protection against discrimination regardless of sex.
While our focus as citizens right now should be to educate ourselves on the proposed amendments for the November 6, 2014 constitutional referendum, we must no longer sit by idly and allow ourselves to be subject to questionable leadership.
Bahamian men and women, boys and girls alike, should be entitled to accountable, transparent and good governance. This is OUR equal right.
- Terneille Burrows, AKA TaDa

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News Article
BSA to host Snipe Nationals later this month


Sports Reporter

THE country's governing body for sailing is preparing to stage national championships in one of its most notable fleet classes in international competition, which continues to gain local popularity.

The Bahamas Sailing Association (BSA) is scheduled to host yet another edition of its Snipe Nationals at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club, Montagu Bay, September 25-26.

Approximately 8-10 boats are expected to contest the championship which has been in existence for more than 40 years.

Robert Dunkley and crew BJ Burrows are the defending champions of the event.

The Snipe class features a 15 and-a-half foot, two-person, one desi ...

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News Article
Dwayne Sinclair successfully defends title

Temple Christian School's Dwayne Sinclair knows he can throw down in the kitchen. That fact was cemented when he won the New Providence Senior Finals and the National All-Island Senior Young Chef competition last year, sweeping all categories, winning best rice and best flour dish en route to the overall senior title. This year was no different. The graduating senior put his titles on the line and mounted a successful defense. He bows out of high school as a two-time champion of the competition sponsored by Mahatma Rice and Robin Hood Flour.
"It felt like all the hard work paid off," said Sinclair whose Island Pina Colada Upside Down Cake and Island Crack Conch Cannelloni with Julienne Vegetables wowed the judges who voted them the best flour and rice dishes once again.
"[Sinclair's] food compared to the others really stood out," said One&Only Ocean Club Executive Chef Emmanuel Gibson. "His food showed his passion and creativity."
Sinclair, 17, walked away with $1,500 and a $10,000 scholarship to Lincoln College of Technology in West Palm Beach, Florida. By virtue of his win, Sinclair will travel as a junior chef with the Bahamian national squad to the Taste of the Caribbean competition, June 20-24 in Miami, Florida.
Looking back at his win, Sinclair who decided to challenge himself fully in his final showing at the competition, opted not to do any prep work prior to the competition. Nothing was prepared. He did all of his cooking and garnishes during the competition. While he said it proved to be hectic, he found he was calmer and found everything easier - that is until time for the awards ceremony. It was at that point that he doubted himself.
"You hope you win, but you really don't know until they call your name," he said.
"He was outstanding and it shows great potential," said Chef Gibson who Sinclair does work study under at the Courtyard Terrace Restaurant at the resort.
The chef said Sinclair shows great potential and that the young chef competition is a needed event which provides an avenue for high school students who aspire to the culinary arts to learn.
"They get to see so many other people's work, plus working under pressure makes a person stronger and allows them to think on your feet, so in real life situations, they can use the experience to be poised, calm and focused, and let it come out in their daily work," said Gibson.
Placing second was Sherika Gibson of S.C. Bootle High School, Abaco, with her Abaco Express and Blackwood Delight.
Third place went to Deja Burrows of Queen's College. She prepared Deja's Creamy Mango Rice Pudding with Tropical Fruit Salsa and Island Conch and Crawfish Tart with a Mango-Curry Sauce.
Stevette Murphy of North Long Island High placed fourth with her Poached Curry Grouper and Rice with Tangy Carrot and Onion Rings and Steamed Cassava Delight and Pineapple Guava Sauce.
Gibson, a graduating senior, took home $750 and a $5,000 scholarship to Lincoln College of Technology. Burrows left with $300. Murphy picked up $200 for her fourth place finish.
Judging the competition with Chef Gibson were Chef Edwin Johnson, Sapodillas Restaurant; Atlantis; Debbie Wheeler, manager of Test Kitchens for Mahatma Rice; and Chefs David Pantone and Manfred Schmidte of Lincoln College of Technology.
Chef Edwin Johnson who's been with the competition since it's inception 20 years ago, noted that organizational skills by the students have developed and improved tremendously. He also said that overall presentation including balance, color, knife skills, sanitation, nutritional value and the incorporation and utilization of indigenous products had also improved. He also mentioned that the students that now compete seem more relaxed and confident overall.
The sponsors' products, Mahatma Rice and Robin Hood Flour, are distributed in The Bahamas by Asa H. Pritchard Ltd. In addition to providing almost $4,000 in prizes each year, the sponsors also provide transportation to New Providence for competitors with their coach, and cash stipends for teachers and contestants to assist with the purchase of supplies.

Island Conch and Rice Cannelloni with Vegetable Julienne
Recipe: Dwayne Sinclair

2 tbsps butter
3/4 cup mirepoix
3 tbsps conch, diced
1 medium garlic clove, chopped
4 large sprigs of thyme
1/2 cup Mahatma Valencia rice
1 1/2 cups conch consomme, homemade
3 oz coconut milk
2 oz milk
3 oz mascarpone cheese
Sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, to taste
Conch wrapper/skin
1 (16 x 4) sheet of ground conch meat pressed out to 1/8-inch thickness
2 large eggs
1/2 large lime, juiced
1/4 small goat pepper, ground
1 small finger pepper, ground
1 oz onion, ground
1/2 cup flour plus 1/2 cup cornstarch
5 oz seasoned Panko breadcrumbs
1 liter vegetable oil
For the vegetable julienne
2 tsps butter
1 small garlic clove
1 large thyme sprig
1 each large red, green, yellow and orange bell pepper (julienned)
1/2 medium red onion, julienned
Salt and pepper
For the creamy corn jalapeno and bacon ragout
1 strip thick-cut bacon
1 large thyme sprig
1 small garlic clove
1/2 cup fresh corn kernels (1 ear of corn)
1 tbsp flour
1/2 cup half and half
1 small jalapeno pepper, diced
4 tbsps half and half
Salt and pepper
For the plantain chips
1 small green plantain, peeled
Sea salt

Heat a medium saute pan. Cook the bacon until crispy. Saute the garlic, thyme and corn for about two minutes until tender, add the flour and cook another minute or so. Turn the heat to high and add the first addition of half and half. Bring to a boil. Season and let cool, then add the remaining ingredients and toss until well combined. Cover until ready to reheat for plating.
For the filling: Simmer consomme in a sauce pan. In another saucepan over medium heat, saute the mirepoix, garlic, thyme and conch in butter for two minutes until translucent. Add rice and cook for three minutes. Add half of the hot consomme to the rice and stir vigorously. Cook until the consomme is absorbed and the rice mixture looks almost dry. Add the remaining consomme and repeat the process all over again. While waiting for the second batch of consomme to be absorbed, heat the milk and coconut milk. When the rice mixture is almost dry again, add the hot milk and coconut milk. Check the seasoning. Turn the heat down to low and let the rice cook covered. When the rice is completely done, stir in the mascarpone cheese. Remove the rice from the pan and place on a plate and chill in the freezer until cold.
Assemble: Place the conch skin/wrapper on your work area with the longest sides going left to right. Make a few logs of the rice filling, and place in the center of the conch wrapper. Roll it up, shape into a proper log and freeze until cold.
Coating: Set up your station with four bowls, one each for flour, egg mixture, Panko breadcrumbs and empty plate for the finished cannellonis.
Assembly: Remove the chilled conch and rice logs from the freezer and place on cutting board. Using a serrated knife, but off the ends of the roll, then cut approximately five mini cannellonis from the log. Shape the cannellonis so that they are perfectly cylindrical
Final cooking: Place the cannellonis in the hot oil and fry for about one minute, just to lightly brown the breadcrumbs. Place the fried cannellonis in a dish lined with tissue and place in a 350 degree oven to warm through. Turn off oven, cover the dish and leave in the oven to keep warm until ready to plate.
For the vegetable julienne: In a medium saute pan, saute all ingredients until slightly softened about half-way cooked. They will finish cooking when it is time to reheat to plate.
For the creamy corn jalapeno and bacon ragout: Heat a medium saute pan. Cook the bacon until crispy. Saute the garlic, thyme and corn for about two minutes until tender, add the flour and cook another minute or so. Turn the heat to high and add the first addition of half and half. Bring to a boil. Season and let cool, then add the remaining ingredients and toss until well combined. Cover until ready to reheat for plating. (If the bechamel sauce is too stiff when ready to plate, just add a little more half and half and heat under a low flame, stirring constantly).
For the plantain chips: Using a mandolin, slice the green plantain lengthwise about 1/8 inch thick. Fry the chips in hot oil until golden brown and crisp. Immediately after the chips come out of the oil, season the chips with sea salt.

Island Pina Colada Upside Down Cake
Recipe: Dwayne Sinclair

3.7 oz dark brown sugar
2 oz white sugar
3 oz butter
4 large all spice berries, crushed
4 large cloves, crushed
3/4 tsp powdered ginger
6 grams ginger root, grated
1/2 large vanilla bean, split
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
1 medium star anise, crushed
20 fresh thyme leaves
12 tbsps fresh pineapple, diced
8 large maraschino cherries, diced
1 tbsp coconut, shredded
2 oz butter
2 oz mascarpone cheese
3 oz sugar
1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk
4 oz Robin Hood all-purpose flour
1/8 tsp rock salt, ground
1 tsp baking powder
2 oz coconut milk
1/4 tsp vanilla bean paste
10 grams grated fresh coconut
5 grams grated fresh coconut, roasted
It is very important that all ingredients be at room temperature

Caramel: Mix all ingredients together and place approximately one tablespoon of the caramel mixture into each of the 12 cavities of the silicone pan.
Fruits: Mix the pineapple and cherries together with some vanilla bean paste and place about one tablespoon of the mixture on top of the caramel in the silicone pan.
Cake: Cream the butter, sugar and mascarpone cheese together for about one minute on medium high speed until fluffy and smooth. Incorporate the eggs. Add the dry and wet mixtures, alternating between the wet and dry. Remember to always begin and end with dry. Stop mixer and give the bowl a scrape down, then place back on the mixer whip at high speed for about 10 seconds to incorporate some air. Place the batter into a pastry bag and pipe the batter into the silicone molds on top of the caramel and fruits. Remember to fill the molds only 3/4 of the way full. Place the silicone pan on a sheet tray lined with a Silpat baking sheet and place in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until golden brown and the center springs back when pressed.

Salted Coconut Benne Crumble
Recipe: Dwayne Sinclair

25 grams sugar
44 grams flour
13 grams fresh grated coconut
1 pinch sea salt
29 grams butter
1/2 tbsp benne seeds

Place all ingredients in the bowl of a mixer and mix for one minute. Spread the mixture on a Silpat-lined baking sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven until golden brown, about six to seven minutes. Remove from oven and let cool, then place in a container until ready to plate up.

Coconut Lime Sorbet
2 oz. coconut milk
2 oz heavy cream
41 grams simple syrup
17 grams Malibu rum
1/2 large lime, zested

Mix all the chilled ingredients together and place in an ice cream machine to churn until almost frozen, about 20 minutes. Place the sorbet into a container and freeze until solid, or ready to plate.

Pistachio Tuile
13 grams sugar
13 grams butter
13 grams egg whites
13 grams flour
1/4 teaspoon vanilla bean paste
3 tbsps crushed pistachios (to decorate tuile before baking)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl until the mixture is smooth and well incorporated. Place the mixture into a pastry bag with a medium round piping tip and pipe about eight (three-inch lines) onto a silpat-lined baking sheet. Sprinkle the tuile batter with the crushed pistachios. Place in a 350-degree oven and bake until golden brown about one to two minutes. Remove from oven, cool and store until ready to use.

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News Article
Police Crime Report: Arrest of man with handgun - Murder victim identified - Shooting victim succumbs

Nassau, Bahamas -
(14/04/12) A 23 year old male of All Saints Way off East Street south is
in police custody after being found in possession of a handgun...

On Thursday 12th
April, 2012 around 7:15 am the body of female was found at a vacant
property at Perpall Tract with injuries to the upper body. Police have
identified ...

Shooting victim

AKIO FRANCIS BURROWS of SUMMER SET STREET succumbed to his injuries...

Police are
investigating a traffic accident that has left a 34 year old male of
Sunshine Park dead. The incident reportedly occurred around 3:30 am on

Police are investigating a stabbing incident that has left a 17 year old male of Pineyard Road in hospital....

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News Article
Elva Magdalene Knowles nee Burrows, 94

Elva Magdalene Knowles nee Burrows age 94 years, resident of Jerome Avenue, Pyfrom's Addition, formerly of Mangrove Bush, Long Island died at her home peacefully on Thursday April 5th, 2012.

Funeral service for Elva Magdalene Knowles will be held on Saturday, April 14th, 2012 at 10:00a.m. at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, Shirley and Church Streets.  Officiating will be Rev. Fr. Crosley Walkine, assisted by Venerable Archdeacon James Palacious, Rev. Dr. James B. Moultrie and Deacon Lynden Douglas.  Interment will follow in St. Matthew's Cemetery, Church Street.
 Elva was predeceased by her husband: Thaddaeus Jerome Knowles; her sons: Thaddaeus Jerome Knowles, Jr. and Ashland Nathias Knowles; and her daughter: Diane Elizabeth Knowles.
 Left to cherish her memories are her three daughters: Joan (Vannie) and Yvonne Knowles and Lois Hollis; her five sons: Perry , Basil, Llewelyn (Luey) , Michael and Gary Knowles; one step-daughter: Marjorie Treco; five daughters-in-law: Rosemarie, Phyllis, Marlena, Joan and Vidalia Knowles ; one-step-son-in-law: Herbert Treco; one sister-in-law: Geneva Burrows; twenty-seven grandchildren; Jeanette Goldsmith, Diane Knowles, Craig Knowles, Kayla Gates, Shawn Wishaupt, Warren Knowles, Thaddaeus Knowles, Llewelyn Knowles, Trevor Knowles, Gina Ralph, Krissy Knowles-Mendez, Genevieve Knowles-Tieb, Kimberley Knowles, Jennifer Thompson, Melissa Knowles, Jonathan Knowles, Claudia Thompson, Ellen Key, Marcus Key, Irena Key, Sean Knowles, Katrina Ritchie, Gavin Knowles, Tia Knowles, Ian Knowles, Raquel Pinder and Jeremy Pinder; thirteen great-grandchildren: Aaron, Ashley, Lauren, Matthew, Benjamin, Trevor Jr., Dylan, Charles, Megan, Mia, Sebastian, Emily and Taylor; one sister: Edith Knowles; numerous  other relatives and friends including: Tommy Goldsmith, Linda Knowles, Dave Wishaupt, Joanna Knowles, Tina Knowles, Miguel Mendez, Jonathan Tieb, Brock Thompson, Frederick Thompson, Omar Cepeda, Nicholas Chriswell, Noelle Pursel, Raymond and Jackie Carroll, Joyce Darville, Donald Darville, Rosie Albury, Lauren Cartwright, Sylvia D'Lullo, Valerine (Val) and Etoile Burrows, Ricardo Treco, Irene Knowles, Linda Lee, Trixie Clarke, Scott Ward, Everette (Evy) and Charlene Knowles, Tootsie Constantakis, Giocanda (Kiki) Lopez, Rose Pearce, Fr. Crosley Walkine, Rev. Dr. James Moultrie, Archdeacon James Palacious. Fr. Wildgoose, Deacon Lynden Douglas, Hilda Knowles, Stephanie Francis, St. Matthew's ACW and the entire St. Matthew's Parish family, Robin Pinder, Marsha Chriswell, Agnes Dillet, Kim Cartwright and many others.
Caregivers: Esther and Denise.
Special Thanks to: Dr. John Lunn, Dr. Agreta Eneas-Carey, Dr. Francis, Nurse Wring and Nurses N.N.O.W., Nurse Renee Roth and team for their devotion and care of our mother during her short illness.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to St. Matthew's Daycare Centre for the Aged, Church Street, telephone 322-2198.

Friends may pay their last respects at Butlers' Funeral Homes & Crematorium, Ernest and York Streets on Friday April 13th, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the church on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article
Andrew Locksley Knowles, 48

Funeral service for Andrew Locksley Knowles, 48 yrs., a resident of Ragged Island Street who died on 3rd April, 2012, will be held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Wulff & Baillou Hill Road, on Friday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Canon Basil Tynes. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.Left to cherish his memories are his 2 sons: Adrian Fernander and Andrew Knowles Jr.; 1 daughter: Andrewnique Knowles; very special friend: Monique Rolle; 2 grand daughters: Janiah Knowles & Makayla Fernander; 1 brother: Trevor Turnquest; 2 sisters: Andrea Michelle Knowles-Missick & Zoraida Higginbotham of Atlanta Georgia; 3 step brothers: Phillip Turnquest, Herman Smith Jr., & Sean Gaitor; 1 brother-in-law: Joseph Missick; stepfather: Roscoe Turnquest; 10 aunts: Ruth Cash, Violet Kelly, Rosmal Fowler, Doral Larrimore, Dorothy Knowles, Ruth Knowles, Ivy Burrows, Lottie Rahming, Anne Knowles & Eloise Ritchie; 4 uncles: Stafford Larrimore, Wilfred Knowles, Phillip Knowles & Rudolph Knowles; 1 grand aunt: Matriarch Maria Carey; 2 nephews: Ramont Knowles & Tayshawn Turnquest; 1 step nephew: Christie Hart; 3 nieces: Alexis Missick, Serenity & Symphony Turnquest; 2 grand nieces: Tiana & Gabriella Knowles; 1 god daughter: Robin Sealey; 29 cousins: Diana, Joy, Janet, Almarie, Lowaine, Vaginel, Lisa, Peachie, Margo, Denise, Genette, Deborah, Joann, Edith, Craven, Danny, Raymond, Richard, Norman, Desmond, Hulbert, Kim, Dr. Rev. Lewis Cash, Rev. Ortnell Cash of California, Ronald, Adolphus, Andrew & Priest Michael Maragh including Elizabeth, Demetra, Charmaine, Donna, Sharon & Linden; 6 best friends: Robert Sealey, Patrick Whylly, Terrance Taylor, Stanley North, Alfred Taylor & Kevin Jones; other loving family & friends including: Karen Fernander, Monique Knowles, Demetra Sweeting, Denise Fowler, Brittany Hinkle, Edlyn Philippe, Faye Rolle & family, Thelma Knowles & family, Alicia Gibson, Denise Sands & family, Fabian Rolle & family, Allan Butler & family, Senekah Basden & family, Deandra Sands, Tia Ferguson, Ashton Knowles, Cranstonique Johnson, Debbie McPhee, Rashawn & Rashad Clarke, Ingrid & Tia Suazo & family, Gloria & John Morris & Tammie Thompson of Miami, Florida, the Grier family - Alfreda Brown, Patricia Grier, Jeanette Pinder of Miami, Florida, Carolyn Smith & family, Betty Adderley & family, Althea Adderley & family, June Archer & family, the Bullards, the Archers, the Halls & the Gaitor families, Stephen Wilson, Dr. Eugene Gray, Francis Chong, Carlton Russell, Tanya Dames, Siatra Knowles, the Millers, Davis & Neilly families, the entire Atlantis Resort staff, especially Uniform Services, entire Coral Towers staff, entire Cove staff, Casino Credit staff, RIU family, Paradise Utilities, A.F. Adderley class of 1980, Queens College class of 2009, the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union, Mr. Phillip "Brave" Davis, Hon. Perry Christie & the Office of the Opposition, Hon. Cynthia "Mother" Pratt, Former Senator Paulette Zonicle, Commodore Roderick Bowe & family, Mr. Gersham Pratt & family, Rev. Cleveland Wells, Mr. Jemeson Hanna, St. Barnabas Church family, including Archdeacon Gilbert "Father" Thompson, Father Basil Tynes, Captain Curry & the Boys Brigade family, Fred Bowleg, Jeff Ambrose, Rodelle Bethel, and famly, Mrs. Katrina Soutsas, the Gardiners, the Careys, Mr. McKenzie of DMW Holdings, Freeport Ltd., the Atlanta Georgia family - Monique Perdue & family, Ms. Debra, Mr. Thomas Dixon & the Echelon 3000, Pearl Bistro & Taboo 2 families, Mrs. Agatha Williams, Barbara Duncombe, Mrs. Whyms & family, Denise Carey & family, Helen, Colleen Scavella of R & J Quick Printing, Chippingham & a host of other relatives & friends too numerous to mention.Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 1-6:00 p.m. on Thursday & on Friday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article
Season winding down in BSC basketball

There was some movement of teams in the basketball standings in both the 15-and-under and 19-and-under divisions of the Baptist Sports Council (BSC) on Saturday, as the league continued its regular season before the rain washed out the majority of the men's games.
In the 15-and-under division, both the defending champions Macedonia and the runners-up, Eagles Nest, finished the regular season with 4-1 win/loss records, but by virtue of winning the head-to-head match-up, Macedonia clinched the pennant. Temple Fellowship ended up in third at 3-2 and will now play Eagles Nest in the sudden death playoff in May. Macedonia will have to wait to see the outcome of Saturday's game between Hope Centre and St. John's No. 2 to determine who their opponents will be.
Both Macedonia No. 1 and Eagles Nest are 5-1, but the pennant is still up for grabs with Macedonia No. 2 and Golden Gates right on their trail at 4-2 and Temple Fellowship knocking on the door at 4-3, in the 19-and-under division. The pennant will be decided on Saturday.
As for the men, Macedonia is still undefeated in the 'A' division with an unblemished 3-0 win/loss record, and could still wrap up the pennant with two games left. If not, the defending champions Temple Fellowship are sitting in waiting at 4-1 in second place. In the men's 'B' division, there are two undefeated teams in St. Mark's and the Hope Centre, who are 4-0 and 2-0 respectively. Their pennant is also still hanging in the balance with Golden Gates No. 2 in third with a 3-1 record.
Weekend results
Temple Fellowship defeated St. John's No. 1 41-24, Eagles Nest defeated St. John's No. 2 29-24, and Macedonia defeated the Hope Centre, 22-18.
Christian Tabernacle defeated St. John's 36-30, Macedonia No. 2 defeated Temple Fellowship 40-23, Macedonia No. 2 defeated St. Mark's, 46-25, Macedonia No. 1 defeated Temple Fellowship 65-37, and Eagles Nest outlasted Golden Gates, 34-23.
St. Mark's defeated BIBA,
Here's a summary of some of the games played:
Temple Fellowship 41, St. John's No. 1 24
Demetrius Charlton scored 12, Dominique Bethel had 10, Ellison Greenslade scored eight and Kamal Murphy had seven in their 15-and-under win. Jamal Simon had a game-high 17 in the loss.

Macedonia 22, Hope Centre 18
Larecus Armbrister scored six and both Davon Adderley and Shamar Burrows had five apiece in their 15-and-under win. Michael Sweeting scored a game-high 10 in the loss.
Macedonia No. 2 46, St. Mark's 25
Delano Knowles scored a game-high 16, Alexio Newman had 12 and Lamar Saunders scored six in their 19-and-under win. D. Brown had eight in a losing effort.
Macedonia No. 1 65, Temple Fellowship 37
Van Hutchinson had a game-high 20, Delroy Grandison scored 19, Levigi Forbes had 16 and Ray Stubbs scored seven in their 19-and-under win. Randy Miller scored 12 and Kevin Eugene had seven in the loss.

Eagles Nest 34, Golden Gates 23
Kenneth Pratt scored a game-high 21 points and Vano Miller added six in their 19-and-under win.

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News Article
First Miss Bahamas Professional crowned


Tribune Features Writer

NOT all pageants are about beauty in the physical sense.

The Miss Professional Bahamas pageant measures the beauty of a women through the power of her mind and the strength of her spoken word.

Under the Miss Bahamas Professional banner the former Toastmasters Club 3596 kicked off the first Miss Bahamas Professional pageant on Sunday night at the Rain Forest Theater.

Eight professional women, Brooke Sherman, Tamar Moss, Ana-Alicia Burrows, Peggy Wilson, Tiffany Johnson, Bennique Brown, Johanne Joseph and K Marie Kerr vied for the title of Miss Bahamas Professional Bahamas.

But it was 25-year old Tiffany Johnson, teacher at C V Bethel High Sch ...

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Robert Anderson BOB Burrows, 49

Funeral service for Robert Anderson "BOB" Burrows, age 49 years, of No 4 Sapphire Ridge Road, will be held on Friday May 4th, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., at St. Anselm's Roman Catholic Church, Bernard Road, Fox Hill.  Officiating will be Father Nduka Uzor, MSP.  Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Solider Road.
Left to cherish his memories are his wife: Cheila Burrows; one son: Robert Jr. (B.J.); three daughters: Simone, Sasha and Ashleigh; one brother: Tyrone Burrows; one sister: Leslie Adderley; six aunts: Remona Delaney, Mary Neymour, Annie Knowles, Gloria Burrows and Beverley Cash; four uncles: Roland and Michael Burrows, Addington Darville and George Knowles; six nieces: Kathleen Burrows-Ricci (Alessandro Ricci), Ashely and Astrid Adderley, Italia, Tyrinika and Tashalla Burrows; three nephews: Tahj, Tyrone Jr., and Tyrone; mother-in-law: Mercedez Oliva-Cay; two sisters-in-law: Yuseliz Cay and Michelle Burrows; three brothers-in-law: Miquel and Rolando Oliva-Cay and Michael Adderley; three grand nieces: Sofia and Olivia Ricci and Tania Burrows; two grand nephews: Lavado Fernander and Alexander Brice; numerous cousins including: Attorney General John Delaney, W/ASP Kimberley Taylor, Sgt. 196 Warren Neymour, W/Sgt. 1342 Gaynelle Neymour-Johnson, W. P. C. 2024 Remona Burrows, Immigration Officers Renee and Marilyn Burrows, Tanya Bain, Renee Burrows-Daxon, Marsha, Larry, Karen, Kim, Dominic, Deborah, Phillip, Perry, Effie, Anderson, Celeste, Roscoe, Lyrone, Angelo, Owen, Apryl, Julian, Spencer and Brandon Burrows, Ingrid Pinder, Jarona Stubbs, Charmaine Bourbon, Robyn Moree, Prescott, Ricardo and Pedro, Vaughn Delaney, Anthea Cox, Bridgette Stuart, Kirsten Fowler, George, Anastacia and Jason Knowles, Attorney Andre Rahming, Attorney Lucia Broughton, Dr. Charles Rahming, Charlotta, Vangy, Shirley, Hammond, Deloris and Sheila Rahming, Joyce, Beulah, Lucy, Handel and David Darville, Clothilda Knowles, Rose Adderley, Charles, Samuel, William, Peter and Paul, Frederica Carroll, Ivy Burrows, Greta Adderley, Bethsheba Algreen, Claudette Wallace, Mary Johnson, Michael and George Darville, Brenda Samuels, Donna Darville, Rodney, Cassandra and Anthony Adderley and Attorney Elliott Lockhart; numerous other relatives and friends including: Timothy Thompson, Linda Pratt, Pablo, Jabber, Clifford and Mark, Sloanne Nottage, Darrice Newbold, Florence Fornof, Sean "Gubbah" Clarke, Sheron and Jill, Michelle Farrington, Rudolph Beneby, Clayton Gardiner, Queen's College Class of 1979, The Esso "On the Run" family and many others too numerous to mention.

Friends may pay their last respects at Butlers' Funeral Homes & Crematorium, Ernest and York Streets on Thursday May 3rd, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the church on Friday May 4th, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Architects to kick off Islands of the World Fashion Showcase with wearable art

NASSAU, Bahamas - Fashion designers won't be the only ones in the
spotlight at the much anticipated

Islands of the World Fashion Showcase
(IWFS) on

May 11th and 12th.

Four artisans from very different design fields have accepted the
challenge of taking materials they would traditionally use to build and
accessorize homes, offices and other buildings and make them fit on a
new kind of canvas - the human body.

Val Pintard, Apryl Burrows and the team of Reuno Pratt and Elizabeth
Clarke are the first official class of the newly created category of
IWFS, the


L. Burnside Fashion and Design Presentation. The
division highlights one...

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