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URCA rejects Cable Bahamas' 'unsubstantiated' cost claims

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) has rejected calls by Cable Bahamas to bear only 18 to 20 percent of an estimated $10,000 in monthly common costs associated with the implementation of fixed number portability (FNP), calling claims by the company that there would be adverse impacts if it shares costs equally with Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) "grossly overstated" and "unsubstantiated".
Yesterday, Cable Bahamas hit back at the determination, with Head of Marketing David Burrows saying that they view URCA's position as placing a "disproportionate" financial burden on Cable Bahamas, given BTC's 400 percent larger fixed line customer base.
"It's URCA's decision, and there is nothing we can do about it but we are certainly not happy about it," said Burrows, adding that the $10,000 common cost per month, which relate to the cost of the equipment/system for the number portability administration service, comprised of a centralized database solution for porting numbers between operators and ancillary services, is "not inconsequential".
In its final determination on costs associated with fixed number portability, URCA favored BTC's position on how common industry costs should be shared, while supporting Cable Bahamas' position on how internal set-up costs should be covered, acknowledging that the two companies "remain divided" over the cost apportionment question.
Ultimately, URCA has ruled that each licensee should cover its own internal set-up costs that will be incurred in preparation for number portability, with "no option to recover these costs from consumers or other operators", while common industry costs associated with the system should be "equally apportioned" between both BTC and Cable Bahamas.
This came despite Cable Bahamas' efforts to argue against an "equal division" of the common industry costs of FNP.
The BISX-listed telecoms provider had suggested that to have it - or any other operator entering the market - pay the same amount as BTC would create an "unfair and disproportionate burden on small operators, having regard to their non-SMP (significant market power) status in the voice market for fixed and mobile services".
Furthermore, Cable Bahamas had suggested that if URCA was to call for equal apportionment of these costs, it would "ignore and compound the historical advantages held by BTC" as a result of its traditional dominance in the market.
BTC meanwhile had been "strongly in favor" of an equal division of common industry costs.
In its determination, URCA hit back that Cable Bahamas is "hardly a new player" in the fixed telephony market, which was liberalized in 2009. And it added that Cable Bahamas also enjoys "incumbent" status in its own right, along with significant market power, in other important sub-markets.
URCA charged that it has restrained any abuse of BTC's historical position in the market and its current position in the voice market in light of "ex-ante and preventative" measures put in place.
"URCA was unable to establish any link between equal division of common industry costs and the negative impacts identified by Cable Bahamas," said the regulator.
With respect to internal set-up costs, BTC expressed the view in its submissions to URCA that other operators should absorb some of its internal set-up costs, which would be "huge".
"BTC's competitors will benefit from the introduction of number porting. In BTC's view, other operators should bear part of BTC's internal set-up costs," the telecoms provider argued in its submission.
However, URCA did not agree, and moved in favor of Cable Bahamas' proposal that each operator should bear their own internal set-up costs with respect to fixed number portability, arguing that if other operators absorbed BTC's costs in this regard it would undermine "the cost minimization principle" with BTC having "little or no incentive to deploy the most cost efficient FNP solution".
URCA proposed that neither "donor operators", those from whom customers are requesting to move; or "recipient operators", those receiving the customers, can charge customers for the move. However, donor operators can charge recipient operators $4 per successful porting of a customer to their network.
Number portability is considered to be a cornerstone of a truly liberalized telecommunications market. In its determination, URCA noted that there is clear evidence that customers are reluctant to change their network operator if it means changing their phone numbers.
"Number portability is a key issue in the introduction of network competition. The absence of number portability therefore gives incumbent network operators a significant competitive edge."
Competition is promoted by number portability given that customers can change their operator without changing their numbers and incurring all of the related inconvenience.
By facilitating movement among operators through such portability, URCA expects to help to drive down prices.
Number portability is now expected to occur on December 2, after being delayed by three months due to "lack of operator readiness".
URCA is investigating BTC over its failure to be adequately prepared for the previous September 3 deadline.

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Grand Bahama advances student Ministers of Tourism

Freeport, Grand Bahama - As Grand Bahama's new Junior Minister of Tourism, Vanti-Eve
Burrows, began her term of service, outgoing Junior Minister, Trevor Johnson
Jr., looked back at a year of priceless education and growth.

Ministry of Tourism's Junior Minister of Tourism program enlists high school
students each year to be trained in the tourism sector. Students learn about
the various disciplines within tourism, and after a series of competitive events,
an eleventh grade student is chosen on each major island is chosen as the
Junior Minister of Tourism for the island...

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NVEA crowns its 2013 pool champions

The Nassau Valley Eight-ball Association (NVEA), which consists of 19 pool teams under the leadership of its president Roger Major, held its season's closing ceremony and presentation of awards at Hollywood Billiards Pool Room last month. The afternoon started with four females shooting to be called The Bahamas' top female player for the year. In the first match, Karlene Evans defeated Kia Adderley. Also, Laurie Lightfoot defeated Kendanique Williams. The winners moved on to the final. In the final, Evans defeated Lightfoot 5-1 to win the ladies pool title of The Bahamas. Lightfoot placed second and Williams finished third. On the men's side, Eugene Wallace defeated Kevin 'K Bear' Rahming, 7-0, to win The Bahamas' men's title. Last year's champion, Everette Newry, placed third after defeating Jared Major.
In the team competition, the Chesapeake Bad Boys, led by captain Julian Seymour, defeated the Eliminators, led by Dario Woodside, 4-3. The match came down to the wire, with Desmond Burrows from the Bad Boys stunning Woodside in the last game of the series. Club 30, captained by Alfredo Rolle, defeated Arnette's Big Sticks, led by Michael Demeritte, for third place. In the B Division, the Sneaky Hustlers, captained by Felton Capron, defeated the Mega Hit Boys, captained Martin Burrows, 4-3, to win that division. Dario Sturrup won the Rookie of the Year award in the league.
The 2013/14 season has already started.
Wednesday's results
Arnette's Big Sticks 124, Chesapeake Bad Boys 91
Hollywood Destroyers 114, The Eliminators 111 (Renaldo Dean scored 1 ERO)
Club 30 Predators 132, Captain Vinney Cruisers 101
The Fantastics 122, Broken Arrow Spartans 99
Arnette's Stingers 116, The Ballers 103
Q-Club Shockers 121, New Hideout Prowlers 99 (Tario Kemp scored 1 ERO)
Weekend results
Hollywood Destroyers 141, Chesapeake Ballers 82
Q-Club Shockers 119, Chesapeake Unknowns 93
Captain Vinney Cruisers 121, Broken Arrow Sneaky Hustlers 108
Chesapeake Bad Boys 130, Club 30 Assassins 91 (Jared Major scored 1 ERO)
Eliminators 104, New Hideout Prowlers 95 (Dario Woodside scored 1 ERO)
The Fantastics 128, Arnette's Big Sticks 86
Monday's results
Over 40 & Sporty 111, The Underdogs 108
Captain Vinney Cruisers 121, Broken Arrow Sneaky Hustlers 108
Q-Club Shockers 119, Chesapeake Unknowns 93
The Fantastics 128, Arnette's Big Sticks 86
Chesapeake Bad Boys 130, Club 30 Assassins 91 (Jarette Major scored 1 ERO)
Hollywood Destroyers 141, Chesapeake Ballers 82
The Eliminators 104, New Hideout Prowlers 95 (Dario Woodside scored 1 ERO)

ERO - Player sinks all of his balls, not allowing the other player to shoot.

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Gloria Marie Miller, 56

Funeral Service for the Late Gloria Marie Miller, 56 years of St. Ann Crescent, off Culberts Hill, Winton Heights, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 11:00 a.m. at New Covenant Baptist Church, East-West Highway. Bishop Simeon Hall assisted by Associate Pastors of New Covenant Baptist Church will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

Gloria Miller
Gloria Marie was born to the parentage of Joslyn
and Priscilla Jarrett on the sixth day of May, 1955.
She was the first child from this union. "Glo", as
she was affectionately called, "glowed" in every
sense of the word. She had an excellent spirit.
She was soft-spoken, loving, humble and although
strong-willed, she always had a sweet smile and a
pleasant disposition.

Glo's early education began at St. Mary's pre-school and continued at Oakes Field Primary which at that time was called the Base Road School. She then matriculated to J. F. K. Secondary School which was located at the site of the present H. O. Nash Junior High School. Glo always wanted to be a teacher and from early childhood she would sit her siblings, the cat and the dog down and then proceeds to "teach" them. Her love for teaching pushed her to enroll at the Teachers' Training College (now the second campus for C. C. Sweeting Secondary School). She was determined to achieve excellence in her chosen field.

Glo met Mr. Wellington Edison Miller, her "Androsian stallion", and a beautiful courtship ensued. "Welly" was indeed her soul mate. He was quiet, loving, faithful, reliable and very much in love with her. Welly strummed his box guitar and sang his way into Glo's heart. They were joined in matrimony on July 30, 1977. God blessed this union with three sons: Terru, Wellington Jr. (deceased), and Tristan Miller.

In 1978, Glo was transferred to Marsh Harbour, Abaco along with her husband, who was now an Immigration Officer. She was posted to Spring City Central High School where she taught until 1980. In 1980, she was redeployed to New Providence where she taught at S. C. McPherson Junior High school for a short time before being transferred with her husband to Inagua where she taught at the Inagua All Age School from 1980 - 1982. She was once again transferred to New Providence and in late 1982 she was redeployed to the Columbus Primary School.

At Columbus Primary, Glo headed the Remediation Program. It was here that she helped to organize the "Garden Club" which she used as a tool to effectively teach her students who were mainly kinesthetic learners. Her hard work resulted in her being blessed with the title Teacher of the Year for the Northwestern District while at Columbus Primary School.

The need to perfect the gift with which God had blessed her resulted in Glo enrolling in the College of Saint Benedict. She attended classes at the campus here in Nassau and then made the sacrifice of leaving her young family in order to complete required studies at the Minnesota Campus. In May of 1990, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and proudly returned home to her family.

Glo was a teacher "par excellence" and never missed an opportunity to hone her skills. In the final stage of her career, she developed a special interest in children who had long stays in the hospital; their education became very important to her. As a result, in December 2007, she accepted the post of Principal of the Hospital School and went on to excel in that field.

Glo's desire to use all the talents that God gave her was not limited to the classroom - it was exhibited in her role as a loving, dedicated, caring and faithful wife and mother and more importantly in her love for God and faithful stewardship to her church. Glo loved the Lord. On September 12, 1982, she and Welly joined New Covenant Baptist Church one week after the church's doors opened. At that time it was located in the Chicken Unlimited building on Mackey Street. She was faithful to her church. A teacher by profession, Glo was immediately drawn to the Sunday school where she would work her way up to become the second person to be elected Sunday school superintendent. She also had a beautiful and melodious voice and loved to sing. As a result she immediately joined the choir and would later be elected President of the Senior Choir. Later, Glo would coordinate the New Covenant Early Learning Centre, join the Executive Council of the church and along with her husband, serve as co-chairman of the Marriage Ministry for four years. She was faithful to all of her assignments!

Some people have green thumbs but Glo had green fingers and toes! She could take a sprig and make it bloom. She was always in her garden - planting and singing to her flowers, the grass and the trees. Her garden is beautiful because of the songs, sun, rain and fertilizer. Her yard won the Yard of the Year Award in 2007 as a result of her gardening skills and creativity. She was a member of the Horticulture Club and the Perky Garden Club.

Years of dedicated service in the field of Education and faithful stewardship to her church landed Glo many awards. Some of them include:

1991 - Honored for Outstanding and Dedicated Service to the Sunday School of New Covenant Baptist Church.
2000 - honored by the Young Adults Ministry for her dedication and faithfulness.
2001 - Awarded for faithful and dedicated service to the Senior Choir of New Covenant Baptist Church.
2003 - Awarded by the Ministry of Education Primary Principal's Association for long and dedicated service.
2003 - Awarded by The Ministry of Education for special contributions as a writer of indigenous textbooks for the Bahamas.
2004 - Honored by Sunday School of New Covenant for dedication.
March 2010 - Awarded Ministry of Education's Special School Administrators Award for Principals of Hospital Schools
2004 - Along with her husband, she was awarded by Marriage Ministry of New Covenant for being most unselfish couple.
2011 - Honored by Youth Department of New Covenant for outstanding work.
2011 - Honored by The National Baptist Association for longstanding and dedicated service.
1997 - She was named Mother of The Year by her church.

There will come a time in all our lives when we have to go to battle for what we hold dear. Glo strongly believed that faith that was not tested could not be trusted. She was therefore ready for the battle of her life. She began to feel peculiarities in her body that told her that something was wrong. She attended physicians locally and abroad and in February 1999, she was diagnosed with lupus. This predator began to nip away at Glo's health. Year after year her body deteriorated. Her struggle to enjoy more well days was great as she was in and out of the hospital. Yet, her faith in God remained steadfast and her spirit grew stronger. Her valiant struggle became a living testimony of unwavering faith. As the years passed, the lupus took its toll and she could no longer do many of the things that she enjoyed. She was no longer able to sing or work in her garden. Her husband and sons formed a triangle of love, support and comfort around her through the painful and sleepless nights. When asked how she was doing, Glo would always declared, "It is well." This was a testimony not to her physical health but to the condition of her immortal soul. Through all the changing seasons of her life, Glo never failed to give God praise.

Left to celebrate her wonderful legacy and exemplary life are Husband: Mr. Wellington Edison Miller; Sons: Terru and Tristan Miller; Adopted Sons: Andre Seymour, Matthew Rolle, Rekeno Johnson, Rashad Thompson, Avard Cargill, Avery Cargill, Keith Thompson and Dwayne Lowers; Adopted Daughter: Jessica Hanna; Daughter-in-Law: Michelle Seymour; Mother: Mrs. Priscilla Jarrett; Sisters: Joy Rahming, June Penn, Christine and Eleanor Jarrett; Brothers: Dennis Jarrett, Joslyn Jarrett Jr., Carl Jarrett; God Children: Lanna Rolle, Alexia Nottage, Aaron Francis, Tiffany Francis, Kayliesha St. Cyr and Ellesha Daniels; Aunts: Leah Rolle and Leona Hepburn; Grandaunt: Lean Stubbs; Uncles: Kemuel Hepburn, Ezra and Wellington Hepburn
Granduncle: J. J. Stubbs; Sisters-in-Law: Grace Jarrett, Panchita, Rosa, Doretha and Erma Miller, Gertrude Pedican and Isadora McQuay; Brothers-in-Law: Vince and Charles Miller, Ernie Pedican, Ralph Adderley, Rudyard Penn and Patrick Rahming.
Nieces: Kimarrah Rahming, Raquel Penn,Leotha Debbie, Charlene. Linda. Paula, Jennifer, Necree, Donna,Jan, Goldie,Cheryl, Danise, Dominic, Demara,Nyoshie, Lynn, Dale, Tanisha and Shenequa; Grandnieces: Merchante Rahming, Trevette, Treva.
Niece-in-Law: Monteria Rahming; Nephews: Udahrae Rahming, Dennis Jr., Jerome, Tyrone, Kirk, Wayde, Ronnie, Edward, Shayne, Oscar, Troy, Brent, Travis, Darren, Theo, Waden, Liston, Alfred Jr., Zendall, Jerry and Allan; Grandnephews: Trevor Jr.
Cousins: Carolyn Hanna ,Malita, Jennifer, Ingrid, Claudia, Denise, Laontyna, Franz and Father Dwight Rolle. Other Relatives: Phipatoya, Lasheca, D'Adron, Garkeno, Indalisha, Dolly, Icelyn, Alphonso, Pastor Kirklyn Smith and the Smith Family; Maudline, Aranah, Iklyn, Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Roselda Woodside and all of the Woodside family; Mr. Carlton and Mary Bowleg; Mr. Zack and Mrs. Sharon Francis and Family; And friends of the family: Mrs. Maedawn Munroe and family; Mrs. Valencia Nottage and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Berkley and Partice Chisolm and family; Mr. and Mrs. Val and Marie Coley, and family, Pastor Willamae Braynen, Mrs. Evangeline Penn and family, Dr. Dionne Dames-Rahming,Mrs. Maltese Davis, Mrs. Nellie Walkes, Mr. and Mrs. Errol Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Haldor Russell, Mr. John Ford and Family of Inagua, The Adderley Family of Inagua,, Mr. Elon and Shirley Arnette and family, Mr. Peuchler Jean, Mrs. Elicia Richards, Mr. Ronald and Cleomi Sutherland and family, Mr. Harold and Mrs. Carol Dorsette and Family, Lester and Shirley Farrington and Family and Mrs. Katherine Brown and Family. All the Farrington Road Family including: the Dean, Smith, Woodside, Eneas, and Sands Families, Maxine Daxon, Kim Hanna, Mr. Roy and Mrs. Arementhia Hanna, Delores Ferguson, Eloise Mackey, Lucianne Sturrup, Marsha Deveaux, Karen St. Cyr, Patrick and Debbie Johnson, Sherman and Royanna Swann (from Abaco), Clover Pratt, Yvonne Heath, Mary Moxey, Veronica Micklewhite, Sylvia Bethel, Martha Dean, Jacqueline Burrows, Barbara Burrows, Mavis Miller, Dorothy Darville, Tommy and Mizpah Smith and family, Barbara Johnson and Family, Cheryl Minnis and all the other teachers and friends. Church Family: Bishop Simeon and Minister Linda Hall and the entire membership of New Covenant Baptist Church especially the Senior Choir and Sunday School; Mrs. Beverly Beneby and Family, Mrs. Helen Thompson, Ethel Farrington, Sybil Taylor, Tyrone Miller, Whitlen Dorsette, Herbert Cash II, Chris Mullings, and The Sunday School Department.

The Bahamas Olympic Committee, The Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas and all other Sporting Federations and Associations of the Bahamas, all the doctors and nurses on the third and fourth floors of Doctors Hospital, Dr. Vincent Nwosa, Dr. Kevin Moss, The Perky Garden Club, the Horticulture Garden Club; and others too numerous to mention.

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Henry Rolle to co-ordinate relay coaching staff


Senior Sports Reporter

WHEN Team Bahamas heads to this year's Olympics, coach Henry Rolle said they are going to make every effort to ensure that all four relay teams are present at the Games in London, England.

Rolle, an assistant coach at Auburn University, has been given the responsibility of co-ordinating the relay coaching staff that will include Dianne Woodside, David Charlton and Tyrone Burrows.

Yesterday, Rolle said he included University of Georgia's assistant coach George Cleare to the coaching squad, which he feels will certainly enhance their quest to select the best teams possible.

"The priority is to try to qualify as m ...

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Cleveland Murphy, 88

Funeral service for Reverend Cleveland Murphy, 88 yrs., a resident of Betsy Bay, Mayaguana, who died on 19th March, 2012, will be held at Zion Yamacraw Baptist Church, Yamacraw Road, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Bishop Samuel R. Greene, Reverend Howard T.G. Smith, REverend Dr. Hilton Bullard & Other Ministers. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Precious memories will remain in the heart of his loving wife of sixty-three (63) years, Gladys Elaine Murphy (nee Jones).
Children: Rosetta (decease), Roderick, Virginia, Alfred, Ray and Elizabeth Murphy, Elder Hettamae & Alvin Flowers (Son-in-Law), Frankiemae & Isaac Moss (Son-in-Law), Florence & Paul Roberts (Son-in-Law), Minister Alice & Pastor Kevin Collie (Son-in-Law), and Minister Madlyn Thompson (Adopted daughter).
Grandchildren: Vernetha & Kevin Edwards, Louis & Donella Murphy, Victoria & Deon Davis, Leroy, Viola, and Terry Joseph, David, Cynthia, Terrance, Ann, Natasha, Alicia, Kaylesa, Anthony, Ray Jr. and PC 1495 Keno Murphy, PC 3391 Bersil Rolle, Kendera, Kendon, Kendricka and PC Kendrick 3361 Moss, Daronn, and Zhivargo Flowers, Tamika & Delano Brown, Kevia, Hannah and Kevonna Collie, Ivanya & Paul Roberts, Randy Cooper, Tiffany Cartwright, Leroy and Monique Murphy.
Great Grandchildren: Valentino, Donovan, and Travis Murphy, Arlington Sweeting Jr., Deon Jr., Vantasia, Destinee, and Denesha Davis, Johnell Saunders, Keajah and Kymani Stuart, Nathan and Nathaniel Charlton, Ajanae Ettienne, Kayshawna and Bria Joseph, Rhonda Rolle, Denekia & Silioam Brown, Antetia, Damien, Marques, Tyler, Elizabeth, Tray, Davargo Flowers, Derek, Rhadgena, Lorrenzo, and Allanaya.
Sisters: Katrina and Isadora Murphy, Emily and Reverend Letha Bain, Henrietta black and Sarah Collie.
Brothers: Ruthland, Jacob, Samuel and Daniel Murphy
Sisters-in-Law: Sylvia Jones, Margaret, Myrtle, and Marjorie Murphy, and Mathilda Burrows
Brothers-in-Law: Ephraim Jones, Maxwell and Reverend Lester Bain, and Robert Black
Aunt: Olive Murphy
Nieces and nephews: Patrick & Myrtle David, Ethel Strachan, Nicole, Marsha, Tyrone, Dwight, and Kelly Murphy, Harry, Shaneka, Maedawn, Phillip Ralph Jr., Randy, Claudette, Leroy Jr., Audie, and PC 2167 Murphy, Luther Johnson, Carnetta Gibson, Joycelyn, Nolan King, Sterling, Bethsheba, Clothilda, Sue-Ellen, Jaron and Jamal Jones, Berkley, Hudley, Eric, Patrick, and Desmond Collie, Dora Swain, Cleola Hamilton, Vanda Capron, Karen Carol, and Perry Johnson, Henry Sears, Dianne Cartwright,Vanessa Brown, Crystal Gibson and Linda Brown.
A host of other relatives and friends including Linda Hall, Terry Saunders, Mr. & Mrs. Johnley & Carnetta Ferguson, The Rt. Honourable Hubert A. & Lady Delores Ingraham, Mr. & Mrs., Vernon Symonette, Vincent & Joyce Mitchell, Charles, Harrington, Shevington, Marion, Walton, Rosemary, and Joyce Higgins, Drucilla Charlton, Evangelist Levi & Florence McPhee, Evangelist Laban Brown, Joanna Brown, Kenneth & Advira Missick, Cynthia Brown, Rudolph & Cleola Mesick, Eva Hamilton, Luella Burrows, Laura McPhee, Stanley & Edith Collie The Honourable Sidney & Mavis Collie, Leon & Ena Charlton, Superintendent Leamond Deleveaux, Arthur & Mildred Williamson, Michael Bain, Sylvia Missick, Pastor Joseph & Pearl Thompson, Pastor Randolph & Willamae Deleveaux, Pastor Daniel Nottage, Rev. Dr. Carrington & Rev. Sabrina Pinder, Apostle Christopher & Elder Anna Russell, Apostle Leon & Leona Wallace, Pastor A.S & Rev. Sylvene Rolle, Pastor Alexander Missick, Pastor Robert Black, Pastor T. G. Morrison, Pastor B. Wenith Davis, Pastor Irene Charlton, Reginald Charlton, Administrator Harvey Roberts, Elder Dwain & Paulamae Morley, Elder Collins & Pamela Rolle, Deacon Gayland & Shantell Nordelus, Gloria Maxwell, Doreen Taylor, Bricemae Gibson, the Gray Moss, McPhee, Higgins, Brown, Taylor, Missick, Collie, Williamson, Black, Jones, Temple of Praise Ministries, Bishop Samuel & First Lady Greene& ZYBC, Zion Baptist Churches Mayaguana District, the communities of Betsy Bay, Priates Well, Abraham's Bay, and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

Memorial service for Reverend Cleveland Murphy, will be held at Temple of Praise Ministries, Prince Charles Drive, on Thursday 29th March, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Carrington S. Pinder.

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Marrietta Adderley, 66

Ms. Marrietta Adderley, 66, of Daisy Road, died at The Princess Margaret Hospital on Sunday, September 12th, 2010.

She is survived by her son: Kevin Adderley; daughter: Joanne Rahming; sister: Lagura Rahming; brothers: James Johnson, Charles Johnson, Gerard Burrows, Ezra Johnson; grand daughter: Sheniqua Adderley; grand sons: Wellington Christopher Rahming, JonahTimothy Rahming and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

Funeral Announcements will be announced at a later date.

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Dorene Ester-Mae Rolle, 51

Funeral Service for the Late Dorene Ester-Mae Rolle, 51 years of Claridge Dale Gardens, will be held on Saturday May 26th, 1:30 p.m. at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive. Rev'd. Dr. Everett Brown, Rev'd. Helen McPhee and Rev'd. Dr. Marina P. Sands will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
She is survived by her Mother: Minister Irene King; Tw0 Daughters: Shantell Steed, Benkisha Rolle; Two Sons: Emmanuel Rolle, Edward Braithwaite; One Brother: Dr. Rudolph King; Two Aunts: Gracie King, Gwendolyn King; Cousins: Naomi Roberts, Granville, Perry, Terry And Rochelle King, Whitney, Terrance, Orson, And Brian Mortimer, Min. Dorian Cox, Dr. Lina Mortimer-Rayes; Kenneth King ,Apell King, Adrian King, Keysha King-Doziere Of Miami Florida, Otive Brice-King, Shervin King, James And Hiram Dawkins, Deloris Fernander, Hartman Dawkins, Rev'd. Christopher King, Joseph King, Harry King, Ezra King, Huey King, Samuel Hunter, Cordell King-Hunter, Redell King-Hubbard, Idel  King- Burrows, Christine King- Seymour, Elouise King, Maxine King, Minister Charlotte Brown, Michelle Sands, Sheila Sands , Rev'd. Michael, Charles and Sidney Sands, Derek Mackey, Jestina Rolle, David Rolle, Rev'd. Helen McPhee, Kim Hanna, Jackie Smith-McPhee, Shannon McPhee, Shantice McPhee, Ronnie Pratt, Sherry Pratt, Deidre Pratt, Rev'd. Garnet King, Ruth King-Outten, Dora King-Bethel, Paul King, Firstina King-Hepburn, Thelma Rolle, Derek Bowleg, Coral Bonamy, Leslie Bowleg, and Rev'd. Etienne Bowleg, Stephanie Bowleg-McKenzie, Vanria King-Davis, Paulette King-Nairn, Dorothy King-Miller, Ernestine King, Sandra King-Storr, Arthur King Jr. Bradley King , Nora King-Newbold, Etherly King-Gibson, Pearl King-Adderley, Alberta King- Hall, Cynthia King-Stubbs, John King, Rose King, Alverne King, Carol King- Ingraham, Celeste King, Rev'd Percy King, Alton McKenzie, Stephan McKenzie, Emily King-Osadebay , Jackie King-Micklewhite, Delores King-Saunders, Ingrid King, Eleanor King- Conliffe, Clement King, Lowell King, Kerlin King, Octavia King-Johnson, Gladys  King-Sands, David Seymour, Hartman Moncur And Family, Alice, Moncur; And a Host Of Other Relatives & Friends Including: Charles  Braithwaite Jr., Charles Braithwaite Jr., Laniccina Adderley, Christopher Adderley, Edwin Rolle, Percina Rolle, Beverley Rolle, Sharon Rolle, Esthermae Rolle, Princess Smith,  And  Vandmae Rolle-Albury, The King Foundation  Family, Salute To Greatness Awards Family, The King, Seymour Moncur Family, Bahamas Inflight Catering Staff, Ministry Of Education Faculty, Ministry Of Sports Faculty, Staff, Deep Creek Bar & Lounge (Fish Fry), Tims Air- Conditioning Staff, Yellow Strawberry Beauty Salon & Spa Staff, Ferg's Beauty Parlor (Bettyanne); and Many More Family And Friend's  Too Numerous To Me Mention.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 12:00 noon until service time.

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News Article
Olympic schedule for Bahamas swimmers
Olympic schedule for Bahamas swimmers

The Bahamas contingent of swimmers at the 2008 Olympic Games being held August 9-24 in Beijing, China consists of four athletes: Elvis Vereance Burrows, Alana Dillette, Jeremy Knowles, and Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace. The group is under the coaching direction of former Olympian and head coach of the Bahamas Swimming Federation.

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News Article
Two more murders

Two men were murdered in two separate incidents yesterday, police reported.
The first murder occurred around 12:10 a.m.
Police said Humphrey Tynes, 32, was shot multiple times about the body at his apartment on St. Albans Drive.
The second incident occurred around 6 p.m.
Police press liaison Inspector Chrislyn Skippings reported that the victim was discovered lying against a wall on Dorsett Street, Bain Town. He had been shot multiple times.
"At present we are uncertain of the circumstances surrounding this particular incident," Skippings said.
The latest murders pushed the count to 31 for the year.
In another matter, police identified the man murdered on Saturday as Akio Francois Burrows, 20, of Somerset Street.
Burrows was shot in the parking lot of a West Bay street nightclub around 3 a.m. and died in hospital, according to police.
At this point last year, there were 36 murders in The Bahamas, according to The Nassau Guardian's records.
Police are appealing to members of the public with any information related to these incidents to contact them at 919, 322-3333/4, the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991, 502-9910 or Crime Stoppers at 328-TIPS.


Police also reported that a 19-year-old man was killed in a traffic accident around 11 p.m. on Sunday.
According to police, the victim was driving a white Honda Accord, with three passengers, east along Cable Beach, when he lost control and ran into a tree in the center of the median.
The vehicle was extensively damaged, according to police.
The passengers, two men and a woman, were taken to hospital where one of the men was listed in critical condition and the others in stable condition.

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News Article
Bahamians finish third at Charleston Race Week

Brent Burrows and Chris Sands made history for The Bahamas as they represented the country at Charleston Race Week 2014. The duo was accompanied by teammate Stefan Kuehn over the course of the three-day event. The team managed to come away with a third place finish in the J/22 Class; all three of the young men are members of the nationally ranked College of Charleston Sailing Team.
Charleston Race Week is North America's largest keelboat regatta, featuring hundreds of boats and thousands of sailors from all over the world. The J/22 fleet included top-notch sailors such as Aden King and Arthur Libby, and played host to extremely competitive sailing with four of the eight boats in the fleet claiming a bullet in at least one of the races.
"We were all very pleased with how we sailed as a team. It was a good feeling being able to keep with the veterans at the top of the fleet, and even finish first in a couple of races. We were a bit worried headed into the event that our lack of boat time and minimal time together as a team would hurt us - but we managed to sail a consistent series and work together well on the boat," said Burrows.
"It was a tough first day, but we posted some low numbers in days two and three to keep us at the top of the fleet. We're really looking forward to continuing to sail the J/22s and represent The Bahamas."
The Bahamian team got off to a rough first day indeed, but managed to rebound on the second day and managed to hold onto its position on the third day. They claimed two first and two second place finishes over the course of the 10 race series.
The Bahamians finished as the top charter boat, and top College of Charleston boat; they had two other boats competing.
"I couldn't be more proud of Chris Sands, Brent Burrows and their teammate, Stefan Kuehn, with their tremendous performance at Charleston Race Week. For them to jump in a boat they hadn't sailed a week before, sail in a wide range of challenging conditions against a tough & proven group of J/22 sailors, and finish a solid third is tremendous," said Director of Sailing at the College of Charleston Greg Fisher.
"They worked hard in their practice sessions before the event, and were diligent in their pre-race preparation. It had to be special for Chris, a top starter on our varsity dinghy team, and Brent, one of our best on our varsity offshore team to be able to sail together again and finish so well."
The trio said it would like to thank Mr. John Lawrence with Windermere Corporate Management for his generous support, the Bahamas Sailing Association, and Greg Fisher for his support in providing a boat.

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George Anthony Burrows, 50

Funeral Service for George Anthony Burrows, 50, of will be held on Saturday November 13th 2010 at 11:00am at Bahamas Holy Bible Mission, Bahama Avenue. Officiating will be Rev. Frankie Scott assisted by: Rev. Henry Rolle, Rev. Oswald Bain and Rev. Jacob Adderley. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Road .

He will be forever missed by his family and friends, who include: His Wife: Tabitha Burrows; Children: Toni and Michael Burrows, Shantel Gooden, Chauntez Mozey, Dwanique and Decoyo Harris, and Rikara Newbold; Mother: Christina Burrows; Five brothers: Prince, Neville, Raymond and Leroy Burrows, and Loren Klein; Nine sister ...

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Wendell Wellington Miller Gilbert, 59


Wendell Wellington Miller Gilbert, 59, affectionately called “Schemer” of Marsh Harbour Abaco and formerly of Acklins Street, died March 27th in Marsh Harbour Abaco.

Precious memories are held by: Children: Letichia Burrows, Ellington “Ching” Gilbert, Devaugh, Shantell and Wory Gilbert

& ...

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Bahamian baseball history dotted with pro players

Jeff Williams laments the decline of the Bahamas Baseball Association (BBA) for over three decades. He has a strong appreciation for the Bahamas Baseball Federation (BBF) which has been a breeding ground for younger players.
"We lost a lot when our senior program died," he said.
The BBA was in turmoil and not producing quality players as it once did, years before the Andre Rodgers Diamond was torn down in 2006. That act though was like the nail in the coffin. The BBA never caught itself and now appears to be an organization in name only. Despite it all though, even a sports hard-liner like Williams readily admits there is much richness to the baseball history in this country to be proud of. Of course, the coming on stream of the BBF at the same time the BBA was slipping badly, helped greatly to cement the baseball legacy in the nation.
Williams proudly points to the many professionals developed, nurtured and refined by the BBA. There was in fact that storied period of the BBA. There was much to celebrate about during the 1950s, the 1960s and the 1970s. That was a period when The Bahamas was churning out professional baseball players faster than the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
Andre Rodgers started it all in 1954 when he signed a contract with the New York Giants organization. He would go up to the major leagues to stay in 1957, until 1967. Behind him came some 47 more professionals. Five of them followed him into the majors -- Tony Curry, Wenty Ford, Ed Armbrister, Will Culmer, and just last season, Antoan Richardson reached the elite circle.
The others that got into the professional mix include the following: Vincent Ferguson, Edmondo Moxey, Lionel Rodgers, George Weech, Randy Rolle, Adrian Rodgers, Vince Albury, Hugh Bethel, Eddie Ford, Henry Williams, Simeon Humes, Eugene Thompson, Frankie Sands, Jayson Moxey, Fred Smith, Roy Bethel, Randy Rodgers, Roosevelt Turner, Fred Taylor, Colin Thompson, Sidney McKinney, Sidney Outten, Kendal Munroe, Pat Ingraham, Shad Rolle, Douggie Smith, Randy Thompson, David "Billy" Mycklewhite, Louis McQuay, Creswell Pratt, Andre Wood, Jackie Wright, Ken Adderley, Jervis Stuart, Winston Seymour, Angelo Burrows, Jammal Johnson, Albert Cartwright, Geron Sands, Greg Burrows, Neil Forsythe and Sean Albury.
That's a nice list, but many of us who have followed the game here, some from the very beginning and the others, are convinced the number would have been larger had the BBA not gone into a funk. Nevertheless, there is the BBF. Presently the BBF provides these numbers:
Professional rank - Richardson, Cartwright, Albury, and including American-born Trayce Thompson, the son of Bahamian basketball great Mychal Thompson.
Present high school/college players in United States - Desmond Russell, Ali Knowles, Dale Davis, Steve Curtis, Lynden Pindling, Byron Ferguson Jr., Byron Murray, Anfernee Seymour, Stephen Russell Jr., Alex Roberts, Ramon Grant, Geren Albury, Tameko Williamson, Anthony Russell, Chad Burrows, Daniel Johnson Jr., Marvin McQueen, Harkeem Cooper, Perez Knowles, D'Juan Seymour, Trae Sweeting, Morgan Souder, Travis Strachan, Ian Fox, Alex Martinborough, Arien Seymour, Lance Edwards, Leighton Gibson, Rodney Forbes, Lyndale Morley, Javon Davis, Keanu Thompson, Todd Isaacs, Ashton Pratt, Dino Sweeting, Jerome Jones, Chachard Laing, Rio Russell, Devin Simmons, Gerrio Rahming, Tevin Symonette, Lucius Fox, A.J. Romer, Henry Thompson, Andrew Pindling, Zach Thurman, Ashton Butler, Arthur Rolle, Seberon Morley, Nick Ferguson, Tramaine Roker, Giles Chisholm, D'wight Rahming, Shannon Johnson, Brandon Taylor, Justin Sweeting, Myron Johnson, Pedro Dean, Kyle Parks, Michael Treco, Cameron Richardson, George Ratliffe and Yokito Pinder.
That's a nice group of young diamond performers. Two years ago, the Freedom Farm 12-and-under squad won the Cal Ripken World Series crown. Williams admits that the country's baseball future is looking bright. The BBF environment certainly is a healthy one.
To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Tennis tournaments provides more opportunities for junior players

With a team just returning from one of the highest ranking youth tournaments in the region, and the FOCOL tennis tournament taking place in Freeport, Grand Bahama, it's no wonder why Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) President Derron Donaldson is smiling from ear-to-ear.
According to the league's president, the more tournaments available for Bahamians youth and junior players to compete in, betters their chances of playing in the International Tennis Federation (ITF). Even though the four-member team of Elana Mackey, Sydney Clarke, Kofi Bowe and Donte Armbrister weren't able to win any matches at the ITF/GSDF 12 and Under Wilson COTECC Team Masters, in Centro Teneistico, Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Donaldson said they picked up a lot of experience and gained exposure.
For the more than 50 junior tennis players competing at the FOCOL tournament, Donaldson said they are all working towards earning local points, which will assist in their bid to compete on the regional and international levels.
"They did their best considering the competition that they were up against," said Donaldson. "We realize our downfalls or shortcomings and are working hard to fixing them, as we want to give all of our players an opportunity to compete at a higher level. A structured training program is needed, along with more cohesiveness. I think that that particular team should be commended for their efforts. This is the first time the ITF is having this event and small federations like ours thank them for creating a tournament for younger players.
"Our team was really young. Kofe Bowe who replaced Jacobi Bain is only 10-years old. He played 12-year olds and held his own. That was good. He, along with the other players got the exposure and experience needed. This tournament will motivate them to train harder."
The FOCOL tennis tournament, which concluded late yesterday, is just one of many scheduled for this month. Due to several delays, a number of the finals were pushed back, said tournament director Bradley Bain. Only two results were available up to press time, the under 8 boys' championship, which was won by Michael Major 10-6 and 11-9 over Anthony Burrows Jr. and the girls' 16 final. In that match, Iesha Shepard defeated Gabriel Donaldson 6-2 and 6-1. Both Shepard and Donaldson are into the final of the under 18 division. Playing for the 18 final title in boys were Freeport native Julio Valdes and Joshua Turnquest, a native of Eleuthera. Playing in the girls under 12 final were Emma Weech and Abigail Simms.
Weech is the number one seed and Simms played her way through the draw, despite getting a top ranking. Number one seed in the girls 14 Laurn Daxon played Hanna-Joy Simmons and Sydney Kerr teamed up with Weech to take on Doneisha Gibson and Dontae Turnquest in doubles action. Junior tennis players competed over three days in four divisions, for both boys and girls at the tournament.

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BAAA names relay coaches and coordinators

Four local coaches have been identified by the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA) executive body and will have the task of putting together the strongest relay squads to compete in the upcoming Olympic Games.
Henry Rolle will head the coaching staff which includes Dianne Woodside, David Charlton and Tyronne Burrows. Rolle is the assistant head coach at Auburn University. He will be responsible for scheduling meets, organizing training sessions and ensuring that selected athletes are in place to compete. Rolle will lead the charge in the USA and will release the meets that the teams will compete in shortly. The teams are expected to compete in the USA, Europe, regional and local arenas. Woodside, the first female coach to be named as a relay coordinator Charlton and Burrows work with athletes on the local side.
"The main focus is to get as many teams was we can to London where we will be in a better situation to win medals," said Rolle. "Obviously everyone knows about the Golden Girls and the men's 4x400 meters (m). We will also try to qualify the men's 4x100m and the women's 4x400m. We have to start at some point and as time progress individuals will be called upon to try and qualify these teams. Our first initial meet will probably the Penn Relays. We will try and secure persons for all four teams. That will be the first opportunity to see where our checks and balances lie. We will work on the kinks and see where we will need to go to get stronger as a relay team."
President of the BAAA Mike Sands is confident that the coaches selected will form a perfect nucleus. He also noted that the list of athletes, selected to for relay duties will be named at a later.
Sands: "We are pleased to announce that the executives body have identified and appointed relay coordinators. During this process we have also identified a number of our top athletes that will perform that duty and to begin the process. We want to ensure that the athletes have the best opportunity possible to qualify and that we get into the top 16 and maintain that position prior to the deadlines. We will be talking about relay camps which will be spearheaded by coach Rolle and the other coaches. We will be looking at meets where the athletes reside to ensure that the best persons are available to execute the relays with precision."
So far, the men's 4x400m team is the only squad that has qualified for the summer games that will be held in London July 27-August 12.

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Lauretta Maude Rolle, 86

Funeral service for Evangelist Prophetess Lauretta Maude Rolle, 86 yrs., a resident of Tarus Court & formerly of Old Bight, Cat Island, who died on 30th March, 2012, will be held at St. James Native Baptist Church, St. James Road, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Bishop Dr. Michael Symonette, assisted by Pastor Pandora Ingraham. Interment follows in St. James Cemetery.Left to cherish her memories are her Daughters: Evangelist Eleanor Burrows, Deaconess Theresa Strachan, Margaret Sweeting, Barbara Rolle, Glendora Hart, Archerlean Brown and Clara Rolle, sons: Charles, Prophet Christopher, Hamrick, Elvis and Paul Rolle, grandchildren: Rommell and Zhirvago Burrows, Samantha Forbes, Keshie Roach, Anishka Hart, Mario Elliot, Errol Clarke, Natasha Duncombe, Sonia, Kendra, Dennis Benson Kevin, Stephen Strachan, Reeshemah, Clement, Shelton, Shevette Rolle, Levardo,Tamara , Jermaine, Jamaal, Kovic Brown, Roshanda Rolle-Knowles, Shanner Hilton Rolle, Judith Rolle, Paul Jr., Nicole Fanny, Catherine Rolle, Tina Ferguson, Christina, Jeffrey and Christopher Sweeting, Rosell Hart-Joseph, Melissa and Ressa Hart, Christopher Duncombe, 100 Great great grands, 1 great grand aunt, Adline Ambrister, sisters-in-law, Clara Lindsey, Beatrice Seymour, Rochelle Rolle, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Inell Archer, Ft. Pierce, Fla, 1 brother-in-law James Pratt, sons-in-law: Prince Burrows, Solomon Strachan, Godfrey Sweeting, James Brown, Deacon Rudolph Hart and Ruben Rolle, 3 daughter-in-laws, Beverley, Edna and Denise Rolle, nieces: Betty Williams, Delores Farrington, Judith Hepburn, Pauline Bowe, Ruby Thompson, Sheryl Simmons, Mannetta Smith, Marie Russell, Karen Rolle, Maureen Archer, nephews: Locksley, Kirklin and Uriel Johnson, Kendis Archer and Ted Strachan.
Adopted children: Leroy Mackey, Jonathon Dorsette, Dwight Knowles, Brian Rolle, Wendy Rolle, Christopher Brown, Erica Brown and Adline Burrows. Other Relative and Friends including: Sister Olive Dawkins Rolle, Winifred Rolle, Julia Armbrister, Eleazer Rolle, Monica Hart, Eleanora Rolle, Lily Armbrister, Princess Styles, Rosebell Rolle, Carlton Rolle, Getta Rolle, Eugie Godet- Seymour, Emerald Brown, Delore Poitier Sister Brice, Brave Davis, Isabella Burrows, Geleta Burrows, Ralda Williams and the entire community of Old Bight, Cat Island.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Andrew Locksley Knowles, 48

Funeral service for Andrew Locksley Knowles, 48 yrs., a resident of Ragged Island Street who died on 3rd April, 2012, will be held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Wulff & Baillou Hill Road, on Friday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Canon Basil Tynes. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.Left to cherish his memories are his 2 sons: Adrian Fernander and Andrew Knowles Jr.; 1 daughter: Andrewnique Knowles; very special friend: Monique Rolle; 2 grand daughters: Janiah Knowles & Makayla Fernander; 1 brother: Trevor Turnquest; 2 sisters: Andrea Michelle Knowles-Missick & Zoraida Higginbotham of Atlanta Georgia; 3 step brothers: Phillip Turnquest, Herman Smith Jr., & Sean Gaitor; 1 brother-in-law: Joseph Missick; stepfather: Roscoe Turnquest; 10 aunts: Ruth Cash, Violet Kelly, Rosmal Fowler, Doral Larrimore, Dorothy Knowles, Ruth Knowles, Ivy Burrows, Lottie Rahming, Anne Knowles & Eloise Ritchie; 4 uncles: Stafford Larrimore, Wilfred Knowles, Phillip Knowles & Rudolph Knowles; 1 grand aunt: Matriarch Maria Carey; 2 nephews: Ramont Knowles & Tayshawn Turnquest; 1 step nephew: Christie Hart; 3 nieces: Alexis Missick, Serenity & Symphony Turnquest; 2 grand nieces: Tiana & Gabriella Knowles; 1 god daughter: Robin Sealey; 29 cousins: Diana, Joy, Janet, Almarie, Lowaine, Vaginel, Lisa, Peachie, Margo, Denise, Genette, Deborah, Joann, Edith, Craven, Danny, Raymond, Richard, Norman, Desmond, Hulbert, Kim, Dr. Rev. Lewis Cash, Rev. Ortnell Cash of California, Ronald, Adolphus, Andrew & Priest Michael Maragh including Elizabeth, Demetra, Charmaine, Donna, Sharon & Linden; 6 best friends: Robert Sealey, Patrick Whylly, Terrance Taylor, Stanley North, Alfred Taylor & Kevin Jones; other loving family & friends including: Karen Fernander, Monique Knowles, Demetra Sweeting, Denise Fowler, Brittany Hinkle, Edlyn Philippe, Faye Rolle & family, Thelma Knowles & family, Alicia Gibson, Denise Sands & family, Fabian Rolle & family, Allan Butler & family, Senekah Basden & family, Deandra Sands, Tia Ferguson, Ashton Knowles, Cranstonique Johnson, Debbie McPhee, Rashawn & Rashad Clarke, Ingrid & Tia Suazo & family, Gloria & John Morris & Tammie Thompson of Miami, Florida, the Grier family - Alfreda Brown, Patricia Grier, Jeanette Pinder of Miami, Florida, Carolyn Smith & family, Betty Adderley & family, Althea Adderley & family, June Archer & family, the Bullards, the Archers, the Halls & the Gaitor families, Stephen Wilson, Dr. Eugene Gray, Francis Chong, Carlton Russell, Tanya Dames, Siatra Knowles, the Millers, Davis & Neilly families, the entire Atlantis Resort staff, especially Uniform Services, entire Coral Towers staff, entire Cove staff, Casino Credit staff, RIU family, Paradise Utilities, A.F. Adderley class of 1980, Queens College class of 2009, the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union, Mr. Phillip "Brave" Davis, Hon. Perry Christie & the Office of the Opposition, Hon. Cynthia "Mother" Pratt, Former Senator Paulette Zonicle, Commodore Roderick Bowe & family, Mr. Gersham Pratt & family, Rev. Cleveland Wells, Mr. Jemeson Hanna, St. Barnabas Church family, including Archdeacon Gilbert "Father" Thompson, Father Basil Tynes, Captain Curry & the Boys Brigade family, Fred Bowleg, Jeff Ambrose, Rodelle Bethel, and famly, Mrs. Katrina Soutsas, the Gardiners, the Careys, Mr. McKenzie of DMW Holdings, Freeport Ltd., the Atlanta Georgia family - Monique Perdue & family, Ms. Debra, Mr. Thomas Dixon & the Echelon 3000, Pearl Bistro & Taboo 2 families, Mrs. Agatha Williams, Barbara Duncombe, Mrs. Whyms & family, Denise Carey & family, Helen, Colleen Scavella of R & J Quick Printing, Chippingham & a host of other relatives & friends too numerous to mention.Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 1-6:00 p.m. on Thursday & on Friday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Rolando Andrew Smith

Funeral Service for the late Rolando Andrew Smith affectionately called "Mentos"of Ridgeland Park West will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 11:00am at First Baptist Church, Market Street. Officiating will be Rev. Diane Francis assisted by other ministers of the religion. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
 Left to cherish his memories is his Son:  Rolando Andrew Smith, Jr., Mother:  Janet Princess Russell; Father:  Capt. Roland Smith; Step Father:  Benjamin Russell; Sister:  Benetra Russell; Brothers:  Renardo & Reanzo Smith & Janeko Russell; Grandparents:  Burke & Eloise Smith; Special Friend:  Candice Gardiner; Aunts:  Florence Gibson, Esther Moncur, Cycelyn Micklewhyte, Hestine & Ann Kemp, Sillamae Willliams, Ruth, Eva, Annismae, Aretha, Kandies, Patricia & Marcia Smith, Ivy Ferguson, Ansala Lee, Charlene                                    & Michelle Lockhart; Uncles: Thomas Lockhart, Philip, Efford, Jenease, Ralph, Roosevelt Kemp, Joel, Lester, Warren & Andrew Smith, Samuel Williams, Philip Micklewhyte, Robert Gibson, Reginald Ferguson & Donald Lee; Grand Aunts: Marjorie Saunders, Florine, Rowena & Viola Smith of Miami, Florida; Grand Uncles:  Herschal Smith of Miami, Florida & Robert Saunders; Great Grand Aunts: Mildred "Millie" Robinson, Bernice "Missy" Robinson, Edith Stirrup of New York; Godparents:  Veronica Rolle, Minera Cooper, Frederick Gray and Franklyn Sears; Numerous Cousins, Relatives & Friends: Nadia, Shontavia, Karen, Andre, Thomarie, Thomas Jr., Renardo, Leonardo, Demarcia, Demarco, Philip, Whitney, Nikita Lockhart, Franklyn & Franchesca Sears, Nathan Cash, Samenika Williams, Tamiko King Jr., Sophie, Senera, Ethan & Walston Gibson, Sgt.   Kelley Kemp, Sgt. Edga Kemp, Craven, Ezra, Kay, Kathy, Kassie, Nikita, Donnie, Jentry, Kyle, Keshila, Felishea, Racquel, Deangelo, Elisha and Ann Kemp; Edward, Jakero, Renaldo, Jamaal, Danielle, Shawn, Branden and Miquel Smith, Kesia, Sanchez and Ivanna Ferguson, Bridgette & Patrick Archer Gareth Brice, Quincy Munroe, Randy, Delwood & Dekeithra Gray, Samantha & Nick Bastian, Cynette, Phillippa, Tyrsen and Cohen Mycklewhyte, Tiffany Saunders, Michelle Seymour, Amado, Ava & Andrea Moncur, Racquel & Insp. Mareno Hinds, Marco, Cadero, Terrell, Orabessa & Hari Rolle, Deidre, Ashley, Alissa & Donald Lee, Pearl Williams & Family,  Chiquita Dames, Arnold Bain & Family, Ethrol Burrows & Family, Loretta Miller & Family, The Communities of Black Point and Staniel Cay, Exuma, The Ridgeland Park Family, The Russell Family, Grand Bahama Youth Leaders' Association and The Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture in Nassau and Grand Bahama.
As the family is a very large one, we apologize if we may have left out any names; it is certainly not intentional.

Viewing will be held in the Celestial Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 9:30am until service time.

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Andrew G. Deveaux Sr., 51

Andrew G. Deveaux
May 15th 1960 - March 31st, 2012
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand." (Psalms 37: 23-24)
It was a joyous occasion May 15, 1960 in the home of Perlina Wright in the picturesque settlement of Devil's Point Cat Island, when a baby boy was born to Perlina Wright and Norris Deveaux, handsome, yes! Bouncing baby he was not.  He was christened Andrew George Deveaux. Sr.,
Andrew, the second of three sons brought joy to his family and friends in his neighbor-hood. He received his early education at the Devils Point All-Aged School and later the Old Bight Senior High School.  Andrew was a charmer and a heart-breaker of many girls he outwitted several of them, yet He was an ardent student and kept focus on his studies.
His childhood friends Sham Burrows, Charles Smith and Octavia Mackey, were always up to mischief.  However, his grandmother Rapheletha Brown ruled him and his younger brother Inspector Nathan Mackey with an iron fist. They had to do chores that all family Island children did. Andrew was light skinned, he was afraid of the sun, so whenever they had to help their grand mother with the field chores he always choose the easy ones.  He was hard working and loved to go fishing and crab catching.  Andrew had and infectious smile and you knew when he was happy he would laugh and enjoyed himself to the fullest. He loved life and he loved his family.
Andrew the phenomenal man was a role model to his family.  He was loved dearly by all who came into contact with him. He saw opportunities when many saw problems.  Perseverance and hard work was the name of his game. He was trustworthy, talented; helpful are a few attributes that best described Andrew.
Upon graduation from High school, he migrated to Nassau and found employment at Super Value Warehouse. In October, 1979 he joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force and his first deportment was at the Airport Police Station. Andrew stayed at this location for a number of years.  He was a dedicated staff to his employer and was well versed in his academic profession that allowed him a very rewarding career. His hard work and dedication enable Him to matriculate to the post as ASP of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force.  There he served for thirty-three years until the time of his demise, he served his country well.
In 2008, Andrew became ill and had to seek medical care in the USA.  There were days when he had to fight this dreadful disease called cancer, but with the help of the Holy Sprit, he was determined to win this battle.  The doctors did all they could to assist Andrew and make life more comfortable for him.  However, Andrew knew that he was made from the dust and to dust he shall returned.  He spend his last hours with his family on March 30th, his eldest brother, Thaddeus, took him for a drive and they droved around Nassau all day.
During the early morning of Saturday March 31, he developed shortness of breath and was taken to Doctor's Hospital by his younger brother, Inspector Nathan Mackey.  The doctors applied all the medical expertise but to no avail Andrew George Deveaux Sr., sojourn on this side of the master's vineyard had come to an end.  Hence in the words of Paul the Apostle, Andrew had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith He had finished his course, henceforth there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness that the Lord himself will give him on that great coronation day.
Full Military Funeral Service for the Late Assistant Superintendent of Police Andrew George Deveaux Sr., 51 years of Cassarilla Street, Pinewood Gardens and Formerly of Devil's Point, Cat Island, will be held on Wednesday April 11th, 10:00 a.m. at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive. Rev. Dr. Everette Brown assisted by Bishop Benjamin Gibson, Fr. Stephan Davies, Chaplain RBPF, Rev. Dr. Errol Farquharson and other Ministers of the Gospel will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
Andrew's life will be lovingly remembered by his Mother: Perlina Wright; Father: Norris Deveaux, of Kemps Bay Andros;  3 Sons: Lavardo, Adrian and Andrew George Deveaux Jr., 6 Brothers: Thaddeus Wright, Inspector Nathan Mackey,  John, Ivan, David and Alexander Mackey, 3 Adopted Brothers: D/Sergeant 80 Kevin Louis, Marine Seaman Deoroope Louis and Police Reservist 412 Anton Wilson; (formerly of the  US Military); 8 Sisters: Alice Smith, Jestina Burrow, Barbara Mackey-Thompson, Cynthia, Paulette and Eva Mackey, Belinda Mackey-Gardiner, Addell Deveaux of  USA;  1 Daughter-in-Law: Carla Barry-Deveaux; 5 Grandchildren: Jada, Unique, Andrew III, Lavardo Jr., Jason Hanna Jr., and Jayla (Mama) Deveaux;  9 Aunts: Matriarch Florence Brown, Luella, Miriam, Agnes, and Virginia Brown, Mary Bodie, Paulette Mackey, Jane Mackey-Morgan, and Sybil; 4 Uncles: David Brown, Felix Bodie, Harold Taylor and Dencil Nottage; Mentor and Cousin: David Johnson of John Road, 2 Sisters-in-Law: Marilyn Wright and Amanda Mackey; Nieces: Dominic, Denise, Bernice and Lakeshia Wright, Natavia Mackey,  Amanda Mackey-Gibson, Shakiettra Major, Monalisa McPhee, Teki Mackey, Kendra Thompson, Vanessa Saunders, Minera Smith-Culmer, Crystal  Smith-Rolle, Cyprianna Cunningham, Anastacia Ferguson, Lydia McHardy, Derick and Daneisha Mackey; Nephews: Bonnet and Owen Wright, Delmaro, Nathan Jr.,  and Nashad Mackey, Anthony and Reginald Smith, Whitfield Stubbs, Harris, Miller, Lawrence Edgecombe, Damon Mackey, Tario Mackey, Kendal Thompson Jr. and Alexander Mackey Jr.; Grandnieces: Karen, Renae and Gladys Brown; Grandnephews: Sargent 1957 Harrison Brown, Hubert, David Brown Jr., Kingman and Dwight Brown; Great-grandnieces: Terrinique Wright, Kenisha Thompson, Jessica, Jolice, Javanna, Britika and Cardissa Wright, Marissa, Brianna Mackey,  Antonique, Anvaar and Adrianna (spoke-lady) Brown; Great-grandnephews: Harrison Jr. and Delmaro Mackey Jr., Bernard, Terran, Leonardo, Bennett, Kareem, Bonnet Wright Jr., and C.J.; Immediate Cousins: Geneva Dorsette, Mazie Simmons, Tezerene Gray, Ivan Rolle, Leroy , Frank, Lefred, Roosevelt and Junior, Verdell, Mavis, and Syblean Mackey, and Hazel McDonald, Charlotte Culmer, Mae, Clifford, Octavius, Anthony Mackey-Rolle and the entire descendant of Joel and Blossom Mackey, the descendant of Burke and Carlotta Clarke: Bloomfield, Esperline, Geletha, Annamae, Lorene, Charlene, Chris and Arnold Clarke, Steve, Dwight, Leslie, Tyrone, Trevor Miller and their families, Mrs. Lindsay Louis, Joan Stubbs and family, Pearline Johnson, Deborah Taylor-Edgecombe, Helena Morley, Reverend Benjamin and Mrs. Gibson, Pastor Emeritus Reverend Ishmael  and Mrs. (Albertha Smith) deceased, Reverend Dr. Everette J. Brown and Minister Sheila Brown, Reverend Joseph and Mrs. Saunders, Charles Smith & family , Samuel Smith and family, Israel Smith and family, Idell, Martha and Sarah Smith, Mrs. Rosalie Major, DeAndra and Scieska Major, Mrs. Luceal Brown, Keva and Kenisha Louis, Catherine Evans, Linda and Christine Martin, Craig and Corey Burrows, Keno and Neil Johnson and Perry Darling; Special Friends: Tanya, Glendina Saunders, Janelle Wallace and Bernadette Bannister, home-boys and room-mates Sham Burrows and Leroy Saunders.  Other relatives and friends including: the graduating class of  1978, Old Bight Senior High School, Christian Bain, Monica Martin & family, Lorna Hopkins and family, Eulean and Olive Dawkins, the entire Dawkins family, the descendant of Ruben and Hilda Smith, Henry and Rosabell Rolle, the descendants of Jerome and Mildred Gilbert, Hester Gray, Nathaniel Gilbert, the descendant of Sham and Francina Burrows and the entire community of Devil's Point and McQueen's Cat Island,  The Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and all his fellow officers, Supt. Kevin Rolle, Supt. Oscar Sands, Supt. Don Wilson, Supt. Samuel Butler, Supt. Ken Strachan,  Supt. Ashton Greenslade, ASP Donna Francis, ASP Julian Butler, ASP Gregory Johnson, ASP Hurvin Curtis, ASP Dennis Sturrup, ASP Stewart Curtis, ASP E. Demeritte, ASP G. Demeritte,  Sgt. 1169 Armbrister, W/Sgt. Johnson, Insp. Neeley, Insp. Thompson, Insp. Adrian Curry, Insp.  Derek Ferguson, Insp. Roosevelt Curry, Insp. Cephas Rolle, Insp. Dencil Barr, Insp. Philip Rolle, Insp. Raymond Butler, Insp. Deborah McClure, Insp. Donna Barr, Insp. Bruce Thompson, Insp. Brian Miller, Insp. Ricardo Richardson, Insp. Robinson, Insp. Maycock, Insp. Zukie Rolle, Insp. E. Ramsey, Insp. V. Wells, ASP K. Hinsey-Rolle, ASP Hinsey, Supt. David Deveaux , Staff of Southern Police Station, Staff of South Central Police Station, and  the entire staff of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force,  Lesley Phillips, Mama Louise, Bernise Pinder, Robert Pinder, Lloyd Deveaux, Nelson Burrows, Jackie King, the Minnis Staff of the wood work shop John Road, and the entire  John Road Community.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Wednesday at the Church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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