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March 20, 2014
Leading lights in exams to hone skills at BTVI

THE two highest performing candidates in the 2013 Electrical Installation and Carpentry national exams are seeking to expand their knowledge and hone their skills at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

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BTVI Professional Development Courses

Friday 20th May 2011

May 20th, 2011 Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute Start something new by enrolling and learning about a profession. For more information Tel: 502-6300 or visit

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October 05, 2013
BTVI partners with Bahamas Home and Builders Show

NASSAU, Bahamas -- With The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute's (BTVI) major role in the education and training of those in construction trades, it is joining hands with The Bahamas Home and Builders Trade Show and Energy Expo, the largest local consumer trade display.
Organizers of the expo, to be held October 25th through 27th at the Wyndham Nassau Resort, noted that despite the challenging state of the world's economy, professionals and consumers alike are using the platform to increase efficiencies, re-tool their companies and continue to educate themselves in order to be ready for all business opportunities.
Show organizer, Cyprian Gibson, acknowledged the part BTVI continues to play in the construction trades' sector and welcomed them aboard. "BTVI is the most significant educational institution in the building sector. Many who have excelled in the sector came through BTVI."
The 13th annual expo attracts more than 3,000 professionals and consumers from around The Bahamas and abroad. BTVI will use it as a recruitment exercise and field trip for current students, but also take the opportunity to showcase do-it-yourself demonstrations in basic carpentry, tiling and electrical installations. It is a chance for students to be exposed to existing products and practices, along with networking opportunities.
BTVI's Dean of Construction Trades, Alexander Darville expressed excitement about the possibilities which exist from being one of the exhibitors that include those in the construction, real estate and energy sectors.

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September 03, 2014
BTVI students chosen for study abroad program

Isaiah Strachan recently joined the list of students at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) who have been afforded the opportunity to continue studies abroad on an Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship.
The 22-year-old, who is headed to Holland College in Canada for the fall semester, will join BTVI student, Diane Smith, both of whom will study electronics engineering. Following the semester abroad, both students are expected to return to BTVI to complete their associate of applied science degrees in electronics engineering installers and repairs.
The 2009 graduate of St. Augustine's College (SAC) said he was initially shocked at the prospect of heading to Canada for a semester, however, he now keenly awaits the journey.
"I am looking forward to the experience in a new country and seeing snow. I am also looking forward to learning new things in electronics engineering."
The scholarship, granted by the Canadian government, provides students from Latin America and the Caribbean with short-term exchange opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
BTVI Manager and Consultant Dr. Iva Dahl emphasized to Isaiah that he is now an ambassador for the institution at Holland College. She expressed confidence that he will do well, adding that the sky is the limit.
Coordinator of Student Affairs Raquel Bethel described Isaiah as a stellar student who has demonstrated he is one of the best in the electronics program. Bethel encouraged Isaiah, who has a strong academic background, to become actively involved in campus life, and make the best of the experience.
Valentino Burrows, who spent the 2014 spring semester at Holland College, said his study abroad program was a great experience.
"The professors at Holland are passionate about what they're teaching. They push you. I never connected with people that quickly. There was a bond formed and I felt like I knew them for years. I even found time to play football with the Prince Edward Island Privateers," he said. "If it wasn't for BTVI, the door may not have been opened for me," said Burrows, who was a part of the energy systems engineering program.

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May 06, 2014
Family Island student receives financial aid from Lowe's for BTVI training

NASSAU, Bahamas -- A tearful Vontianise Deal recently accepted much-needed financial aid from Lowe's Wholesale Drug Agencies Ltd to assist with her study of cosmetology at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).
"I feel blessed. I am very excited and grateful to have this opportunity. It's amazing help. I felt as though I was held back because of finances. Being a Family Island student, it's kind of rough getting all of the things I need," said the native of Hatchet Bay, Eleuthera.
The cheque presentation of $750 was made by Lowe's Brands Manager, Gloria Brown, who is also a member of BTVI's Beauty Trades' Program Advisory Committee. On hand to receive it, along with Vontianise was BTVI's Fund Development Assistant, Ushieka King.
The 20-year-old lauded Lowe's efforts, encouraging other businesses to become corporate sponsors. "Some people have a lot of potential but can't show their full capabilities because they're stuck. They don't have the resources and that's the position I found myself in. I tried really hard to get my cosmetology supplies for school, but sometimes I was late," said the first-year BTVI student.
Ms. Brown stated how important it is for her company to play a role in helping young people like Vontianise.

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September 24, 2013
BTVI exposes students to art

NASSAU, Bahamas -- It was a cultural awakening for approximately 350 faculty, staff, students and family members of The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) as they recently flocked to The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas for the much-touted 'The Bahamian Collection' photographic exhibition.
Well executed, the strikingly artistic portraits of 40 men and women represent the depth of the Bahamian spirit via the lens of Duke and Lisa Wells. The extraordinary exhibition is in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of The Bahamas' independence.
BTVI's Student Affairs Coordinator, Mrs. Raquel Bethel explained that the trip to the art gallery was to encourage those in the Student Success, Entrepreneurial Workforce Prep, English classes and the wider BTVI community to get to know more about their cultural heritage. Assistant Manager and Academic Dean, Mr. Valdez K. Russell, added that it was to further build the BTVI community and expose students to a greater depth of Bahamian culture.
"Based on the facial expressions and the lively banter, I think we did well. These students are evidently engaged, from the curious to the enthused," said Mr. Russell. "It's not just about going to class. We want to introduce our students to art, as some of them may not just go out and visit the art gallery," he noted.
Many of the students had never visited the art gallery before and were impressed with what they saw and learned.

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July 02, 2011
120 being trained through Baha Mar/BTVI program

The first phase of Baha Mar's service and training academy got underway yesterday with 120 unemployed Bahamians receiving the opportunity to enhance their skills at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

The men were among just over 1,000 applicants who applied for the training program, said Baha Mar's VP of Workforce and Planning Development Anne Williams during the orientation exercise at BTVI.

"They should feel very fortunate because they are a part of the first group," she said.

BTVI's Dean of Construction Trades Alexander Darville said over the 18-day program, the participants will be trained in electrical, carpentry, masonry, drywall and plumping.

Darville pointed out that successful completion of the course does not guarantee employment for the participants.

However, those who pass the course will be given preferential treatment among those who apply to work on the construction of the project. Four thousand jobs are anticipated to be created in the construction sector for the various activities involved in the project's development. Courses will begin at BTVI on Monday.

Darville said Baha Mar is in the process of identifying institutions it hopes to partner with for future training programs. Charles Hunt, a consultant at the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, also attended the orientation. Hunt pointed out the benefits of the training program.

"All of these persons are unemployed and by going through this process they have a real opportunity to be considered for employment for a project that would have at least four years to completion," he told The Guardian after the orientation.

Hunt said after the training, the Department of Labour will enter their names into its skills bank and will liaise with Baha Mar's human resources department. The 120 participants -- 75 from New Providence and 45 from Grand Bahama -- were chosen on the basis of their lack of skill.

Hunt said many of the participants have limited experience in construction.
"This program will provide individuals a classroom experience and they will build on their skills," he said.

"This will not qualify anyone to be (an expert) but they will be capable and able to work with experts in the field."

Baha Mar has committed to spending about $8 million on training exercises. Senior Vice President of Administration and External Relations at Baha Mar Robert Sands said the $8 million is for the construction of an academy, as well as operational training and retraining once the academy is established.

The academy represents Baha Mar's commitment to ensuring staff are prepared to deliver the quality performance levels that will be expected of them, according to officials.The first phase is estimated to cost about $65,000.

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March 14, 2014
BTVI continues to attract top performers

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The two highest performing candidates in the 2013 Electrical Installation and Carpentry national exams are seeking to expand their knowledge and hone their skills at The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).
Lamaron Sweeting, a 2013 graduate of South Andros High was recognized by the government during its annual national examination awards, as having achieved the best results in the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) Electrical Installation exam. Oscar Saunders, formerly of Nassau Christian Academy, topped all other candidates nationwide in Carpentry.
Lamaron recently collected his acceptance letter to BTVI and is excited to begin his studies towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Installation when summer classes begin on April 28th.
"It is important for me to attend BTVI to further my hands-on skills and to apply it to the world of work," said the 17-year-old.
During his three-year study of Electrical Installation, under the tutelage of Errol Coke, Lamaron obtained many skills and is able to install receptacles, switches and breakers. He stated that he enjoys manual work and Electrical Installation became his favourite subject.
"I understand it and am able to apply it easily," said the young man who wants to become an Electrical Engineer. "The passion I have for the work makes me feel I'm doing it for fun. Time doesn't matter; at the end of the day, I can see what I've done," he added.

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Btvi Dismiss Claims Of Irregularities As 'Mischief'
August 08, 2012
Btvi Dismiss Claims Of Irregularities As 'Mischief'

In a statement released yesterday, well known FNM supporter Ivoine Ingraham said Bahamians need to know of “questionable events” that have allegedly occurred at the school and he called on school officials to “clear the air”.

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