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March 27, 2014
Pray to God to purge you

Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. - Psalm 51:7.
Commercials and documentaries in the media and on television are aplenty about the health benefits of colon cleansing. The latest I saw on TV was a detailed account of how within our bodies, one can for years, have trapped within them waste matter that is highly toxic. It went on to show how it becomes almost rubbery, and then gave the poundage as high as 10 as to what some people are carrying within them from day to day.
With the high rate of cancer stemming from this toxic waste, I now see how very important it was for parents of yesteryear, to give regular mouthfuls of catnip or bush medicine, not leaving out the much-dreaded castor oil. But, don't forget that these were the days of breakfast -- oatmeal, porridge, grits and pancakes and, yes bread and tea -- that was not heavily laced with artificial food substances. There were no fast foods and food franchises. It was mama's pot.
Health consciousness is being widely promoted to combat debilitating diseases. Everything is now low fat, low calories and organic dietary yields. Also heavy intakes of food are being discouraged and small portions encouraged -- more water and less sweet drinks.
In our lesson text today, David in Psalm 51 makes a plea for pardon. He addresses the great judge of the universe with a three-point presentation. He acknowledges iniquity and transgressions and then soulfully asks that mercy and forgiveness be given him. Haunted by his guilt, David acknowledges personal responsibility for his sin. He had sinned against God. He had sinned against Bathsheba, Uriah, the nation and himself. He realized that he had violated God's law.
"Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions and my sin is ever before me.
"Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom. Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."
It is detrimental to our spiritual health to be filled with iniquitous deeds, actions and thoughts. Over the years, sin has been piling within us stuff as high as a mountain. Yes, indeed, most of us need to take regular doses of internal cleansing. We need a thorough cleansing so that we would be able to see our brothers and sisters in a more humane, dignified and respectful manner.
We need purging from malice, envy and jealousy. We need purging from gossiping, lying and backbiting. We need purging from digging ditches for others to fall in. We need purging from the rise in dysfunctional family life and the plotting and planning for the downfall of those whom we appear to love and serve.
We need purging from spreading false rumors on our brothers and sisters. We need purging from idleness, slothfulness and complacency, waywardness and deceit. We need purging from back sliding adultery and unnatural sexual behavior. We need purging from greed so that we can see the need of others. We need purging from promoting vices and downgrading virtues, values and faith. We need purging from hypocrisy. Lord, our nation needs purging so that we may be the righteous nation you desire for the good of the people of the land.
Today Lord, I present myself to you for inspection and cleansing. We pray to God to purge us of all that would make us socially, mentally and spiritually healthy to be of service to you.
o E-mail, write to P.O. Box 19725 SS Nassau, Bahamas with your prayer requests, concerns and comments. God's Blessings!

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June 13, 2013
101 Year Old 'Mama DeeDee' Receives Portrait Drawn by The Celebrity Artist

101 year old

Elizabeth Jennings Nee Kennedy aka 'Mama DeeDee' sat for this photo
with her new portrait given to her by her granddaughter Eustacia

"Mrs. Rachel Elizabeth Jennings nee Kennedy
expresses great appreciation to Mr. Jamaal Rolle - The Celebrity Artist
and for the gift of this portrait," said
granddaughter, Eustacia Jennings, who won the 2nd portrait in the 5
portrait giveaway which started in January...

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July 15, 2011
(Photos) 38th Anniversary of The Bahamas Independence in Atlanta

Atlanta, GEORGIA -  Bahama Mamas, Ann Marie Turner and Gaylene Francis in association with MIX MASTER DAVID presented The Celebration of The 38th Anniversary of The Bahamas Independence under the theme "United in Love and Service" hosted by Bahamian national and international media personality AFRICA-ALLAH of

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January 02, 2015
An expression of everything

It's officially the year of the inaugural Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, and before the end of the month, the name of the Grammy award-winning artist who will take to the Music Masters concert stage is expected to be announced according to Bahamas National Festival Commission CEO Roscoe Dames.
The international artist will be joined on stage for the May 8 concert to be staged at Fort Charlotte,by The Bahamas' own Grammy award winning group Baha Men, along with the 10 song competition finalists competing on stage.
The international artist and the finalists are expected to be made public by January 15, according to Dames.
"We are finalizing one or two details, and once that is done, and possibly before January 15, we will be able to make the announcement as to who the finalists are that will share the stage with Baha Men," he said.
They will be crowned "Master of the Bahamian Sound".
Twenty-five songs by 19 artists and musicians, identified through the first Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Song Competition.
The artists anxiously waiting to hear if they are in the top 10 for the chance at the title include Angelique Sabrina White (We Are The Night and Make Ya Feel Good); Georgina Ward-Rigby (In The Carnival); Preston "Puzzle" Wallace (Bahamas Carnival); Terelle Tynes-Wilson (Roll Mama, Mash Up This Carnival); Ericka "Lady E" Symonette (My Islands In The Sun); Dwayne Simmons (Bahamaland By Da Sea); Khiara Sherman (Fly Away With Me); Raj Saunders (Carnival Is Here); Val "Shugar" Richards (Bahamas Carnival), Cambrell Poitier (Bahamas Come Together); Sammi Starr (Jump In Da Line), Sonovia Pierre (Carnival Is My Junkanoo. Bahamas Carnival and Carnival Party); Colyn McDonald (Jump & Carry On and Carnival Is Here); Bodine Johnson (All Day All Night); George Christopher Fox (Happy Birthday Bahamas); Christopher "Sketch" Carey (Rushin Down the Road and Wine Like a Champion); Raymond Campbell (Better In The Bahamas); Tyrone "Plati Dread" Bartlett" (Junkanoo Rock) and Ian Alleyne-McQuay (Going Home).
With a little over four months to the May 7-9 weekend of non-stop festivities, Dames said "the full press is on" for the events that will include JunkaMania, Music Masters, Midnight Rush and the Road Fever.
Participants will be able to immerse themselves in the arts, craft, Junkanoo and Rake n' Scrape music as well as Bahamian cuisine; along with a series of concerts, cultural shows, street parades and Junkanoo parties as they let loose after Lent as the Carnival season starts right after Easter Monday.
"I encourage everyone who has an interest in our culture, who has an interest in expressing us as Bahamian to come on out and find an opportunity to not only express themselves, but gain financially," said Dames. "We want to put our best foot forward not only for visitors, but for us as a people. We want to showcase who we are and show off what we are.
And the commission is appealing to Junkanoo groups, musicians and entertainers to participate in JunkaMania, which will be a presentation of Junkanoo orchestras with a maximum of 50 musicians on stage. The main criteria for participation is that groups use Junkanoo instruments, but they are allowed to introduce different instruments like the keyboard, harps, violins, vocals, so that the end result is an orchestral presentation of Junkanoo on a concert stage. Dames said they are pushing to get people signed up for JunkaMania through the end of January to have as many entrants as possible.
And anyone who has released a song between Easter Monday 2014 and Easter Monday 2015 can enter their song into the Road Fever event, the main masquerade parade. The song that is played the most is the most popular will win the prize.
The Cultural Village which will be set up against the backdrop of Nassau Harbour and Junkanoo Beach within the grounds of the historic Clifford Park at Fort Charlotte and Arawak Cay will be the epicenter of Bahamian culture, bringing the islands of The Bahamas together with vendors showcasing unique offerings from each island -- food, culture, and art and craft. It will feature non-stop entertainment.
Musicians and entertainers will also factor heavily into the scene at the Cultural Village according to Dames, with music from early in the day into late evening.
"We're going to need to fill those stages with local entertainment, local bands, local musicians and we're appealing to all genres of music played here in The Bahamas so we can represent as many Bahamian musicians and entertainers on these multiple stages," he said. Musicians and entertainers should register with the National Festival Commission.
And in the spirit of Junkanoo, street performers, visual artists, designers and musicians will converge for what is expected will be an epic collage of culture at Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival, with the cultural pavilion an artistic mecca with poets, storytellers, visual artists, dancers, street performers and Junkanooers showcasing their talents.
Leading up to the ultimate Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival weekend on New Providence will be the Grand Bahama leg of the festivities, April 17-18 during with the 19 semifinalists will perform the 25 songs over the two days, with the Midnight Rush on Taino Beach.
And with the Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival mere months away, there are still those that are behind the event and others that are opposed. According to Dames, it's going to happen.
"With anything that's uncertain, and a first time, everyone's either anxious, nervous, not sure, so you have a cross section of that, and then you have the other component where people are very excited of the opportunity, but the event is going to happen. A lot of effort and a lot of resources have been put in place to ensure that this is a successful project, not only for the participants, but for the country. This will be an expression of our everything -- food, culture, art, drama, and talent, to not only visitors who are planning to come here, but to Bahamians who may not get a chance to see all of this in one place at one time. We have Bahamians who have never visited some of the Family Islands -- so all of the islands we are encouraging to be represented in the village, and now people will have a chance to walk around with family and friends and see things from around the country that they never got a chance to," he said.

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March 15, 2011
(VIDEO) Spring Breakers try to explain what a Bahama Mama is...

"Travel Channel - Ultimate Spring Break" in The Bahamas video features some candid interviews with young Spring Breakers in The Bahamas as they try to explain just what

that favourite drink concoction, the Bahama Mama is.

Also in this video you will hear some tips on how Spring Breakers handle their consumption while on the carefree vacation in our tropical paradise.

The Travel Channel completes the video presentation with all the details on what exactly goes into a Bahama Mama cocktail.  You may be surprised just how much alcohol it contains!

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January 10, 2011
Enjoy Afternoon Tea at Mamadoo's

Freeport, Grand Bahama - Enjoy

Afternoon Tea at Mamadoo's Restaurant.

Available any day we are open

between 11:30am and 4pm. Reserve your table now.

Perfect for a business meeting, birthdays, showers, or any gathering of friends!

Enjoy plain or coconut scones, clotted cream and strawberry preserves. 
Sandwiches (Cucumber and Mint Cream Cheese; Prosciutto with Asparagus;
and Salmon Rosette with Caviar)...

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July 29, 2014
Jumbey Village will live

Dear Editor,
The great cultural icon Edmund Moxey has passed away at age 80. He could be described as the rebel who stood against his own political party in trying to effect economic development in the inner city. He was involved in trying to generate hope for the black masses, at a time when the black masses were celebrating Majority Rule but had not yet experienced economic rule.
Moxey was ahead of his time and in his thinking and vision for our country. Is it not past the time we look internally, and ask ourselves what do we want for our people? Are we content to allow the status quo remain? Or do we want to empower our people so that many more can share in the Bahamian dream?
Jumbey Village was simple; it was meant to allow Bahamians to express and showcase their culture and talents in their community while at the same time bringing tourists and tourist dollars Over the Hill. The dream was that Bahamians would be enabled to eventually become their own bosses by earning more from the tourist community, and their communities would benefit exponentially.
As a young businessman Over the Hill, I tasted that dream when a first-time tourist visited my mini Jumbey Village which was located off Soldier Road and spent over $100 on conch salad and food. Could you imagine the immense possibilities if hundreds of tourists came from downtown and visited other parts of New Providence like Fox Hill, Bain, Grants Towns, Soldier Road, etc. and spent that money with me or you daily? That's the Edmund Moxey dream and I support that dream because it is the right thing to do. Like the swing of a pendulum, we must have a shift that carries us away from just empowering the few, and moves us forward, allowing us to empower the masses.
Let's play it forward and imagine what could happen if we moved away from focusing on one small area, and started to expand the possibilities of cultural diversification and economic empowerment island wide, and later nationally. When you speak about Nassau Village, you could tell locals and tourists that's where Rake n' Scrape will be every weekend. Come down learn to play the saw or beat the drums. When you talk about Coconut Grove, you could tell cruise ship passengers they don't need to eat American fast food because 'Mama' could make 'dem some real down home food. They could experience peas and rice, crab and rice, macaroni, plantain, cole slaw, potato salad and a vast variety of meats. And all this while experiencing a Bahamian concert with the likes of Julien Believe and KB. When you talk about Farm Road you could say that the attraction is the people like Miss Daisy. We could advertise that the tourist could also enjoy seeing limbo dancers and fire dancing by a water tower that actually works.
It is a dream, but just because Moxey is no longer with us does not mean his dream must die. Indeed, his dream must live on! Eddie Minnis sang a song, "Different strokes for different folks, every egg got a different yoke." Moxey was a rebel, and I know that there are others who would want to see this dream of a better and more prosperous Bahamas for all Bahamians as well. We must stand up and join hands and hearts, raise our unified voices and demand change.
Leaders are calling him a good man and paying lip service to our fallen son. I say "no more!" No longer should we stand idly by and allow just lip service, let us stand united and petition for real change. Allow the seed that was planted by this great visionary, this cultural giant, Edmund Moxey, to take root. Let us cultivate and nurture this tree, allowing it to rise up and grow tall. Let's allow its branches to spread far and wide, covering the masses and providing life giving fruit to all. Then and only then can we attest to your sincerity when you speak of his greatness. Tell the Royal Governor, Mr. Mo say that! Rise on Bahama Land, Rise on!
- Moses Adam Darville

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September 12, 2011
'Bahama Mama' inaugural art exhibition at Public Treasury

Nassau, Bahamas - The walls of five floors of
the Public Treasury Department, East Street are to be turned into a
veritable art gallery in honour of Bahamian women.


Entitled 'Bahama Mama',
the exhibition will feature aspiring young Bahamian women artists some
of whom have already made significant impact internationally.


It officially opens to the
public September 26 at 5:30 p.m. This session will last for five months
and can be viewed at normal office hours.


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June 28, 2010
More Bahamians 'cannot' afford own 'Family Room'

A leading home builder said an increasing numbers of Bahamians "cannot afford" to have a Family Room constructed in their first home, arguing that income inequality and poverty had increased, while living standards had fallen.

Franklyn Wilson, Arawak Homes' chairman, told the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce's annual general meeting (AGM) there was "compelling evidence" that from 1990 to the present, "the pace of change in the Bahamas has had a significantly uneven impact on the society, and the consequences of that uneven impact have been - and are - pretty far ranging".

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October 21, 2011
Arts Calendar


"Fallen Transitions",work by the 2011 summer Junior Residents at POPOP Studios CVA June Collie and Richardo Barrett, continues this week at POPOP's gallery.Consisting of both video and painting installations, the work holds a meaningful exchange about film and individuality. Call 322-7843 or visit for visiting information.

The Embassy of the Republic of Cuba opened the exhibition"A Man, A Woman, An Island"by artists Yamile Pardo and Edel Bordon on October 19th. The first exhibition in The Bahamas by this husband and wife team present thought-provoking sculptures and paintings from a modern Cuban perspective. It continues for a month and is open to the public to visit during the Embassy's working hours.

"Birth Mark"closes this weekend at The Ladder Gallery in the New Providence Community Center on October 24th. Work by College of The Bahamas students Charlthorn Strachan, Preston Hanna and Javon Nixon examine human connection in this poignant and arresting display of work. Hours for the gallery are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

The second All Ceramics Exhibition"My Flamboyant Teapot"continues at Doongalik Art Gallery on Village Road. Featuring teapots in all playful shapes, sizes, colors and textures by Jessica Colebrooke, Sue Bennett-Williams and Quentin Minnis, viewers will muse on the culture, histories and many uses of the teapot through time and place--and certainly will never wonder what more can be done with teapots in clay. It runs until October 28th.

Work from the Central Bank's 28th Annual Art Competition and Exhibitionfor its Open Category is on display until October 28th. With the theme for this year being"So, So Beautiful", pieces explore the natural beauty of The Bahamas while few take on daring perspectives and examinations into conventional beauty.

"Bahama Mama",the inaugural exhibition by the Public Treasury Art Program, continues this month at the Public Treasury Building on East Street. The exhibition is a platform for the female Bahamian artists practicing in a range of media to examine the complexities of femininity as prompted by the theme. It runs until February 2012.

"The F-Factor: Female Artists of The Bahamas"continues at the D'Aguilar Art Foundation. Curated by Holly Parotti, the exhibition includes 24 female participants who have impacted the visual arts community and Bahamian art movement. To see the exhibition in a wide range of media, call the D'Aguilar Art Foundation at 322-2333 to make an appointment between 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday or Thursday.

"Kendal Hanna: Happy Birthday to Me"continues at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. In celebration of his 75th birthday, the collection of 143 pieces details Kendal Hanna's biography and artistic career carrying the torch for abstract expressionism. Curator of the exhibition Dr. Erica James, who worked with Kendal Hanna for seven years documenting his life, says of the experience:"People will find the show very interesting because life is such a journey and life is about living with your arms wide open and taking it in, and Kendal has really done it. It's a complicated thing but what remains is the art and I think people are going to be blown away."


The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas presents"My Kid Could Paint That"as part of their Film Series on Friday, October 28th at 7 p.m. In keeping with the theme of the Kendal Hanna Retrospective Exhibition,"Happy Birthday to Me,"now on at the NAGB, the Gallery is pleased to host a series of films that delves into the relationship between the mind and the creation of art. Four-year-old Marla Olmstead, from Binghamton, New York, became the sensation of the art world for her abstract artwork, which has sold for thousands of dollars per piece. The saying,"I could paint that", is commonly expressed amongst gallery and museum goers especially referring to abstract expressionist art. This film explores whether it is indeed possible to do exactly what an artist can.


The Nassau Music Society launches its 2011-2012 season under the patronage of H.E. Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor General, with a performance by Dmitri Berlinskyon violin and Elena Bakshton the piano. It is rare to find an artist who has achieved the impeccable credentials and uncompromising artistry of Dmitri Berlinsky. As a soloist and chamber musician, Mr. Berlinsky's intention is to bring music's spirit to his audience, reaching levels above mere entertainment. Described as"the pianist with the magic touch"by the Washington Post and as"one the most intriguing pianists of her generation"by the Miami Sun Post, Elena Baksht captivates her audiences from the moment she appears on the stage with a combination of profound lyricism, dazzling technique, and charismatic presence. Their programme will include works from M. Ravel, E. Chausson, P. Tchaikovsky and P. de Sarasate. A performance commences tonight, Saturday October 22nd, 2011 at St Paul's Church Hall in Lyford Cay at 7:30PM. You may reserve online anytime at


Beaders in Paradisecontinues today and tomorrow at The Wyndham Nassau Resort with exciting classes on jewelry-making and craft-making by international teachers Sandra Lupo, Melissa Grakowsky, Jamie North, Leslee Frumin and Melissa Cable. To see descriptions, schedules and prices, check out their website at

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