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It's Just Comedy
It's Just Comedy

Saturday 28th April 2012

Saturday April, 28th Time To Be Announced It's Just Comedy With your headliner Talent Harris From The Movie 'Sunset Park'. Host of Show Time AT The Apollo Also Appearing Marlon Randolph, Kiana Dancie, Karlous Miller HOSTED BY "Naughty" @ The Rain Forest Theater Ticket Prices Gen $35.00 VIP $50.00 Ticket Locations: The Sports Locker (Both Locations) Island Cellular Rosetta ST. Airbrush Junkies (Mall At Marathon) Nassau Pawn (DownTown)

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February 09, 2011
Letter: Paul Bower - someone I respected as a person and professional journalist

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I was very sad to hear of the death of my old friend, Paul Bower, who was a close associate and staunch ally during both of my forays into Bahamas journalism (1966-9 and 1999-2009). I had great respect for him, both as a person and professional journalist, and find it hard to accept that I shall never again be able to enjoy his wise counsel and impish humour.

I first met Paul when I joined The Nassau Guardian as a political reporter in 1966. He and I were among journalists who covered an Apollo space landing in Bahamian waters circa 1968.

He was by then running his own newspaper, The Star, having spent several years as Guardian editor in the early 1960s.

Later, afte ...

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9th Annual Bahamas International Film Festival: Atlantis
9th Annual Bahamas International Film Festival: Atlantis

Thursday 6th December 2012  12:00 PM

When NASA announced the closing of its shuttle program on July 8th, 2011, with the final launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, it triggered an outpouring of public interest not seen since the days of the Apollo moon missions. Millions of people from all over the world converged on Florida’s Space Coast in the rainy days leading up to the final launch, including Ben Goddard (Jason Ritter) and Allison Talbot (Kate french). Two spectators who meet and cross paths on the day before the launch in the town that lives in the shadow of the space shuttle. Starring Jason Ritter, Kate French, the residents of Titusville and the crew of STS-135, Atlantis was filmed in co-operation with NASA. Showtimes Thursday, December 6 / 12:00pm Galleria JFK Cinema Theatre 3 Credits Director Matthew Ornstein Screenwriters Matthew Ornstein, Stephanie Scire Producers Matthew Ornstein, Stephanie Scire Principal Cast Jason Ritter, Kate French Language English

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August 04, 2011
Atlantis welcomes Athena, newest addition to the Manta Ray family

LESS than two months after a tearful farewell was bid to Apollo, a new manta ray joins Poseidon on display in the Atlantis marine park.

She has been named Athena by members of the Water Features Department after the Greek goddess of wisdom, strength and justice.

Athena was spotted feeding just off Rose Island, not too far from shore. Team members recall that even as the boat moved in closer, the female manta could be seen performing barrel rolls, making sure she got as much food as possible. She had no idea that soon Atlantis would be her new home.

One team member said: "There was relatively little fuss from her as she was lifted into the holding facility on the boat."

At the marina d ...

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Neil Armstrong Dies At The Age of 82
August 25, 2012
Neil Armstrong Dies At The Age of 82

The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong has died at the good old age of 82. Neil Armstrong just had heart surgery a few weeks ago.

A statement release by his family said he died following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. It was announced just after 2:45pm ET today 25th August 2012.

Neil Armstrong commanded the Apollo 11 spacecraft that landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, and he radioed back to Earth the historic news..... "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

His fellow astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Neil spent close to three hours walking on the moon before heading back on to the Apollo 11.

Neil Armstrong's birthday was on August 5th and lived with his wife, Carol whom he married in 1999. They lived in Cincinnati suburb of Indian Hill.

Neil Armstrong had 3 children - Alan (born June 30, 1957), Karen Anne (born April 13, 1959, died of a brain tumor on January 28, 1962) and Mark Stephen (born April 8, 1963).

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Apollo 13
  • Genre : Drama, History
  • Rating :

Three astronauts must devise a strategy to return to Earth safely after their spacecraft undergoes massive internal damage....

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March 28, 2014
The world's greatest entertainer

Barbados has Rihanna, Trinidad lays claim to Nicki Minaj -- then there are the many stars who have Caribbean heritage flowing through their veins -- people to whom many talented Bahamian youth look up to and dream of being like. They fantasize about the opportunity to be the one who fans worldwide adore. Many try to make their dream of stardom in the music industry a reality, but as they attempt to do so they should also be aware of the fact that to ensure longevity they have to be wise according to Doug E. Fresh, legendary beat boxer, rapper and Apollo Live judge.
Known for his crazy beat-boxing skills and signature two-step, Doug E. Fresh has made a lasting impression on pop culture. Ever since he teamed up with rap legend Slick Rick for smash hits like "The Show" and "La Di Da Di", he's been carving his path as rap royalty. With almost 30 years in the business, Hip Hop's human beat box continues to rock shows. And whether he's making television appearances, giving back to communities or teaching the world how to Dougie, the 47-year-old pioneering emcee remains an influential force in the world of hip hop, as evidenced by his surprise appearances to much acclaim, during a number of sets at the recent 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida. Doug E. Fresh took to the stage with Stanley Clarke, and Jamie Foxx. He even showed up for The Daz Band and the S.O.S. Band during the Old School Party.
Despite the glitz and glamor that is the industry, Doug E. Fresh says young people should educate themselves about the game. He does what he can in that arena by speaking to rising stars to make them aware. Any young person looking to get into the business he said should ensure that they aren't "blinded" by the bright lights that is the industry. And there's no better teacher, according to the man who is known as the world's greatest entertainer than experience.
"One of the things I share with the youth that want to be in the game are my experiences," he said. "When you go for a job and you get an internship, you run around and try to learn the ropes because no matter how much you learn in the books, there's a certain level of practical knowledge that you can only learn by going through the experience. So because I have so much experience, I try to share with them, to get publishing right, control, understand the way the numbers break down to make some money at the end."
He also said they should try to understand the tax game, get a good accountant, and try to deal with people they can trust. We've all heard the stories about people making it big -- of albums going platinum and the millions of dollars made from album sales, but the artist eventually declaring that they are broke.
"I tell them things that I've seen hurt people and things that affected me too. So I try to tell them from my experiences so that they can apply that," said Doug E. "And I've talked to different artists on the phone personally. I've talked to Drake, I've talked to Ross...Wayne -- cause I feel they need to hear wisdom if they want longevity, cause the money you make today may not be there tomorrow if you're not wise."'
Caribbean to the core
Even though he's an American, Doug E. Fresh is a Caribbean native to the core, having been born in Christ Church Parish, Barbados. The biggest misconception he says people make about him is thinking he has Jamaican heritage.
Recalling a trip to Jamaica where he was pulled over for speeding, he recalled even the police officer telling him he was Jamaican -- even when he tried to tell the officer he was Bajan.
"I get out the car and he says 'Who are you?' I say I'm Doug E. Fresh. 'He says,' You're Doug E. Fresh, you're Jamaican'. I say, 'No, I'm from Barbados'. He says, 'I said you Jamaican'. I say, 'Yea, mon.'" Doug E. says he got back into the car and left -- sans ticket.
"So basically," he said. "I don't claim no particular island or anything like that. I claim people, and I claim love as far as wherever I go."
He's been visiting Jamaica since 1990 with a number of sojourns to The Bahamas in between. He loves his conch.
"It just comes down to being able to embrace anybody, anyplace, anywhere, and that's the same way I perform," he said. "I perform in a way that it doesn't matter what age you are, what color you are, the one common denominator is art and fun. If you like art, and if you like to have fun, you and I will always connect."
The reason he popped up on so many artists set during the recent Miami music festival he said was because sometimes as an artist you forget it's about being an artist and not always about a check.
"When you started you always did it because you wanted to show your art and if you forget that's why you did it, you lose the gift. So I try to share it," said the entertainer born Douglas E. Davis, but is, of course, better known by his stage name, Doug. E. Fresh.
He said his goal is audience enjoyment.
"This Jazz in the Gardens was very important to kind of show how you don't know what to expect and what would happen. You don't know who is going to come out with whom. That's bigger to me than you paying me for everything that I do. The payment is in you'll enjoying yourself," he said.
And while he was definitely a surprise it was not his intention to take over any other artist's set.
"My intention whenever I perform with someone is to always try to add the piece that may not be there. For example, if Jamie [Foxx] is going left, then there has to be something done for the right. So I don't look at shows from a competitive [aspect] or of taking something from someone," he said. "I'm always looking at it as how can I complement something to make it bigger and make it better, because I never want anybody walking away saying I was good, but the show wasn't good. It doesn't work for me. What works for me is them walking away saying the show was good."
Mr. La Di Da Di
Doug E. Fresh's first appearance came in 1983 with a single on Top Flight Records called "Pass the Boo-Dah" based on "Pass the Dutchy" with Spoonie Gee and DJ Spivey. His first solo release came in 1984 with "Just Having Fun" on Soundmakers/Enjoy Records and "Original Human Beatbox" on Vintertainment. By 1985, Doug E. Fresh was one of the biggest names in rap music and his first single for Reality, "The Show/La Di Da Di" became a hip hop classic. It was recorded with the Get Fresh Crew that included MC Ricky D (only later to gain fame as Slick Rick), along with Barry Bee and Chill Will. His first LP, 1987's "Oh, My God!" featured most of his showpieces like "Play This Only at Night" and "All the Way to Heaven". His second album, 1988's "The World's Greatest Entertainer" broke into the Billboard charts thanks to the hot single "Keep Risin' To The Top".
Even though he was a 1980s household name, Doug E. Fresh does not believe that there is any era that reigns. He's a firm believer in creativity reigning and that creativity is endless and ageless.
"The only thing that matters is if something is good, it's good. So any artist that knows how to stay humble, how to stay creative and always give thanks will reign. The artist that becomes arrogant, egotistical, [and] everything is about a check and think that they can't be removed, they will be removed," he said.
As for his still youthful appearance, Doug E. Fresh says he does not allow people to stress him out.
"When you allow people to stress you out it wears you out," he said. He's learned to develop patience. And his mother's Alzheimer's disease affliction helped him on the road to developing that patience.
"Alzheimer's is a disease in which people forget, so sometimes if you don't know they have it you can flip because the person can get you upset. Being around my mother and taking care of my mother and dealing with her, it made me develop a tremendous amount of patience because I knew if I didn't have patience I couldn't take care of my mother. So I apply that same patience in every situation. I basically try to develop more patience with people. For example, somebody wants to take a picture, they don't know how to work their camera, which is common and you're just holding that smile. Instead of me bugging out, I understand that you don't know how to work the camera. So we're going to get someone who knows how to work the camera, rather than me looking at you like I'm upset. I think sometimes people get so hotheaded they just jump off and don't have no patience," he said.

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Clash of the Titans (3D)
  • Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
  • Rating : T - 15yrs and Older

The mortal son of the god Zeus embarks on a perilous journey to stop the underworld and its minions from spreading their evil to Earth as well as the heavens....

  • Genre : Action, Drama, Fantasy
  • Rating : C - 18yrs and Older

Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity....

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March 17, 2014
Putting country above party and self

"My critics will argue that I am a horrible politician. When the Christie government was on the brink of disaster, some might argue that the best political move is to let them plunge over the edge. I do not believe that such a posture is in the country's best interests."
FNM Chairman Darron Cash
In Greek mythology, Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, is a figure of tragedy. She had the power of prophecy, accompanied by the curse of never being believed. A more common version of the story is that, even though she served as a priestess of Apollo and had taken a vow of chastity in order to remain a virgin for her entire life, she was given the power of prophecy by Apollo so that he could seduce her but, when she refused him, he gave her the curse of never having her prophecies believed, no matter how accurate or logical.
This week, Darron Cash, the chairman of the Free National Movement (FNM), came under considerable criticism from his colleagues because he courageously cautioned the party's leadership that they had taken the wrong position in several matters of national importance. Therefore, this week we would like to Consider this... by taking such a bold and courageous position on matters of national importance that are in opposition to the FNM's stated policies and political positions, has Cash relegated himself to a position similar to that of Cassandra whose prophesies, no matter how accurate and logical, are dismissed by those who hear them, namely his colleagues?
The background
In a recent communication to the FNM executive committee, Cash stated that the purpose of his memorandum "is to invite the party to sacrifice its current (yet short-term) political advantage over the PLP government in favor of doing something directly through words and actions - that I believe will be in the country's current and long-term best interests".
Cash criticized two FNM policy positions: the first related to the regulation and taxation of web shops and the second to the party's opposition of the implementation of a value-added tax, especially without offering any concrete alternative recommendations. The latter was especially hypocritical and disingenuous because, as Cash noted, the same value-added tax would have been implemented if the FNM had been returned to office in the general election of May 7, 2012.
The FNM position on web shops
In his memo, Cash chronicled how, in 2010, then Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham confirmed that the FNM council and parliamentarians "greatly support" the regulation of web shops in The Bahamas. He also noted that "our FNM government facilitated the expansion of the web shops. Then we 'elevated' them by calling them in for formal talks, indirectly validating what they were doing. We then gave them more licenses. How have they now become devils?" It is crystal clear that the FNM, while in government, which included three of the current parliamentarians who then served as Cabinet ministers, supported the regularization of web shops.
However, after losing office on May 7, 2012, and before the referendum on January 28, 2013, the FNM, now in opposition, reversed its earlier position on regulating and taxing the web shops. Cash noted: "The leader of the opposition drew a hard line by declaring that the FNM would not support the government because it would not go against the results of the non-binding opinion poll."
Cash maintained, "...that is not a sustainable position. There is no ultimate political escape from a definitive tough position on web shops and gaming. I propose an official position in support of the government's decision to normalize web shops. I propose an early decision."
Cash also astutely observed, "If we want to inspire a new generation of Bahamians to support the FNM and follow us, we cannot be entirely like the FNM that thousands of those new-generation-Bahamians rejected on May 7, 2012. In my view, the announcement to oppose the government's planned action on web shops plays into the narrative that all the FNM wants to do is oppose anything the PLP does for opposing sake. In the new debate over web shops we have an opportunity to perform a course correction."
The FNM position on VAT
In his memo, Cash also challenged the FNM's position on value-added tax which the government intends to implement on July 1, 2014. He observed that FNM supporters were interested in understanding the party's position on VAT and that "the November statement on VAT by the leader [of the opposition] was regarded less as a statement of alternative tax policy and more as an attack on the government for offering a tax option that Bahamians would later learn that the FNM's own minister of state for finance had stated publicly that the FNM would have considered. To reiterate the point, we have to date offered no specific alternatives to VAT."
Stepping back from the edge
In his missive to the executive committee, Cash stated, "My critics will argue that I am a horrible politician. That might be true. At a time when the Christie government was on the brink of disaster some might argue that the best political move is to let them plunge over the edge. I do not believe that such a posture is in the country's best interests. There comes a time when the dream of a new Bahamas must come face to face with the reality of The Bahamas as it is today. Our party must demonstrate the ability to act in a different way."
Political maturity in putting country first
We disagree with those who might suggest that Cash is "a horrible politician". We believe that what he represents is a breath of fresh air in our domestic politics and a level of political maturity that is sorely lacking and badly needed throughout our body politic. We also strongly disagree with the deputy leader of the FNM who suggested that Cash "may have been misled by PLP propaganda" and "is probably misguided in some of the utterances that the PLP has put out there". Why did she not say the same a few years ago when, while she was a Cabinet minister, Cash took another principled stand against the FNM's sale of BTC? Moreover, following that very public divergence from stated FNM policy in favor of what he believed to be best for the country, if Cash was seen then as so easily swayed by opposing political rhetoric, why was he entrusted with the very sensitive and important post of FNM national chairman?
No, we must look at the deputy leader's current criticism for what it is. Spoken like a veteran practitioner of the old-school, tit-for-tat, "don't take no last", scorched earth political approach of an earlier era, the FNM deputy leader has demonstrated anything but a progressive posture; instead, she is demonstrating an approach that is characteristic of the deeply divided partisan polemics that have resulted in the current ineffectual, gridlocked governance of the American "democratic" system. We deserve better and Cash alone has demonstrated that he is prepared to do better.
We hope that the level of political maturity that we have seen this week from Darron Cash represents the next generation of politicians on all sides of the political divide who will be guided by putting country above party and self.

If Cash's mature approach is a precursor of the political behavior that will evolve in the 21st century, then our country will be better positioned to overcome the issues that will surely continue to confront us and emerge as the strong, secure, successful nation we all want to see.
o Philip C. Galanis is the managing partner of HLB Galanis & Co., Chartered Accountants, Forensic & Litigation Support Services. He served 15 years in Parliament. Please send your comments to

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