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September 24, 2014
Sir Hilary Beckles appointed next vice chancellor of UWI

After months of intensive scrutiny in the search for a new vice chancellor that attracted in excess of 50 applicants from all over the world, the Search Committee of the University of The West Indies appointed Dr. Hilary Beckles as the next vice chancellor of the university, effective May 1, 2015. Chancellor Sir George Alleyne, in congratulating Sir Hilary, noted that he would be the seventh vice chancellor and would bring impeccable academic credentials, impressive managerial skills and the gravitas that such an office required. The chancellor expressed his confidence that Sir Hilary would have the support of the university's many and diverse stakeholders.
Sir Hilary Beckles, vice chancellor designate, is well known regionally and extra-regionally as the principal of the Cave Hill Campus and is currently the longest-serving campus principal. He has a distinguished record of achievement and service as a university administrator, economic historian and specialist in higher education and development thinking and practice. The vice chancellor designate has also distinguished himself internationally and currently serves as a member of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General's Science Advisory Board on Sustainable Development; chairman of the Caribbean Reparations Commission; vice president of the International Task Force for the UNESCO Slave Route and advisor to the UN World Culture Report inter alia. He is the recipient of many honors, awards and honorary degrees and serves on the boards of several of the region's largest corporations. Sir Hilary is an avid lover of cricket, was an accomplished cricketer in his youth, has written extensively on the subject and served on the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) for many years.
Dr. Barbara Rodgers-Newbold, head of the UWI Open Campus Bahamas, expressed her confidence that Sir Hilary will continue the momentum left by his predecessor, Vice Chancellor Prof. E. Nigel Harris, in blazing new academic trails not only in the region, but also internationally. As vice chancellor, Sir Beckles is charged with advancing the university's academic reputation and global standing, while championing the strategic direction as outlined in the university's strategic plan. According to the university, the Vice Chancellor must also possess the credibility, vision and intellectual respect needed to interact effectively with the highest levels of government, business, other academic and international organizations and civic society at the regional and international levels. Dr. Rodgers-Newbold joins her colleagues Dr. Robin Roberts,director of the UWI School of Clinical Medicine and Research Bahamas, and Dr. Andrew Spencer, program director and head, center for hotel and tourism management, in extending a warm welcome to the new vice chancellor.

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December 09, 2010
Intellectual Property Rights Office urged


Business Reporter

Caribbean companies will have access to European programs designed to support innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), according to a CARICOM trade specialist, who yesterday urged that Bahamian businesses should look to offer products or services "with a unique advantage that people are willing to pay a premium price for".

Matthew Spence, an intellectual property specialist, said reform of the Bahamas' legal framework relating to protection of intellectual property rights will not be "very useful" to Bahamian firms unless they, too, have something to ...

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The Duchess
  • Genre : Biography, Drama, History, Romance
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A chronicle of the life of 18th century aristocrat Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, who was reviled for her extravagant political and personal life....

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October 02, 2014
BSA set to host optimist nationals in Long Island this weekend

The 7th Annual Bahamas Sailing Association's (BSA) Optimist National Championships is set for this weekend in Salt Pond, Long Island.
This year's championship is expected to have the largest turnout in the short history of the event, which can be attributed to the fact that the age groups have expanded from 6-15 to 5-18.
Last year, 76 sailors (41 green fleet, 16 blue, 15 red, four white) from New Providence, Grand Bahama, Long Island, Abaco, Harbour Island and main land Eleuthera competed in the event. The red fleet featured 13-15 year-olds, the blue fleet catered to the 11-12 year-olds, the white fleet was for the 10-year-olds and the green fleet was for novice sailors.
Spencer Cartwright emerged as the overall winner of the male championship fleet, while Paloma Cartwright was crowned the overall winner of the women's championship fleet.
Isaac Fox was named the overall winner of the white fleet, and Tristan Eldon won the green fleet.
"We are really excited, and all of the kids are looking forward to it," said BSA Director of Sailing Operations Jimmie Lowe. "We should have between 90 to 100 boats from all over The Bahamas. A lot of kids from the public and private schools from Grand Bahama, Abaco, Harbor Island, Governor's Harbour and Nassau will all be represented there. It's a big undertaking and we really want to thank Long Island for putting it on."
Sailors such as Cartwright, Paul De Souza and Richard King have sailed locally here in The Bahamas and abroad, and can be looked at as veterans amongst the rest of the competition. Those three are expected to make the race for the championship fleet overall winner one to keep an eye on.
"We have some kids who sailed in the United States last year and they have really come to the forefront," said Lowe. "We still have De Souza and Cartwright and all of the guys who have been there for the last two or three years, but Ben Derbyshire and Tristan Eldon have really blossomed over the last five or six months."
The BSA acts as the governing authority of the sport of sailing in The Bahamas under the supervision of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

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January 05, 2011
'Youth vs. Experience' treat for tennis fans

AS anticipation builds for The Bahamas International Tennis Club's Doubles Week, local tennis fans will be treated to a preview of what is to come in a battle of "Youth versus Experience."

Kit Spencer, president of The Bahamas International Tennis Club (IC), who are putting on the event for The SG Private Banking Trophy, said the British team wanted to get some extra practice in before the tournament.

"So I thought it would be excellent practice for our top juniors to compete against them. It should be a fascinating encounter to see the battle between 'Youth and Experience' when the teams meet," he said.

The British team will get some early reps in for the tournament ...

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January 05, 2011
Bahamian junior tennis players set to face top British veterans


Tribune Staff Reporter

BAHAMIAN junior tennis players are set to gain invaluable experience and exposure when they face top British players this weekend.

The match between the aspiring stars and British veterans will kick off a six-day international team doubles competition staged by the International Tennis Club of the Bahamas and encompassing the teams of eight countries.

Kit Spencer, president of The Bahamas International Tennis Club, said: "The British team wanted to get some extra practice in before our tournament starts.

"So I thought it would be excellent for our top juniors to compete against them. It should be a fascinating encount ...

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January 05, 2011
IC's to compete for SG Private Banking trophy

TO celebrate 25 years as an IC, the Bahamas is expected to stage a six-day international IC team doubles competition for eight country teams January 9-15 at Breezes Superclubs.

The country IC's will compete for "The SG Private Banking" trophy, who is the main sponsor.

John Antonas, Neil MacTaggart, Kit Spencer, Mas and Sue Kimball, Dyphany Mortier, J Barrie Farrington, Edith Powell and Lesley Spencer are expected to compete for the Bahamas.

Kit Spencer, president of the Bahamas International tennis club (IC) thanked SG Private Banking and its president, Dominique LeFevre, for its sponsorship of the event.

"With the teams we have coming this is a truly international event for ...

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The Last House on the Left
  • Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Rating :

After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang led by a prison escapee unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging the parents of one of the victims -- a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of reve...

National Art Gallery of the Bahamas
National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Thursday 20th August 2009  8:00 PM

The Duchess movie is shown at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Georgina Spencer becomes Duchess of Devonshire on her marriage to the Duke in 1774, at the height of a period of fashion, decadence and political change. Start Time: August 20th at 8:00pm End Time: August 20th at 9:45 pm Where: National Art Gallery of the Bahamas, West and West Hill Sts. For more information, contact 242-328-5800/1

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July 22, 2014
Edmund Moxey, cultural giant, dies at 80

Cultural giant, musician and former Coconut Grove MP Edmund Spencer Moxey died yesterday morning in hospital.
He was 80.
Pastor Mario Moxey, his son, said Moxey was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit on Friday and diagnosed with pneumonia.
Moxey said his father was surrounded by close relatives when he died at 12:23 a.m.
Edmund Moxey, the creator of Jumbey Village, a recreation of a Bahamian village on Baillou Hill Road, and the Jumbey Festival, was born on Ragged Island in December 1933.
He moved to New Providence where he joined the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the 1950s.
He was among the PLP members who ushered in majority rule when the party won the 1967 general election.
During his tenure he vigorously promoted and encouraged a deeper appreciation for Bahamian culture.
Moxey served as parliamentary secretary for community development from 1968 to 1971.
He resigned from the PLP in 1977 after a falling out with then Prime Minister Lynden Pindling.
"I have come to the conclusion that there is no freedom in Pindling's PLP," he said at the time.
"There is no justice in Pindling's PLP. There is no way of life in Pindling's PLP. There comes a time when all real men make serious decisions. This evening, I have made one. I resign from the Progressive Liberal Party."
Moxey later served as a senator for the Bahamian Democratic Party, and as a member of the Free National Movement (FNM).
Later in 1977, he called for the resignation of Pindling and his Cabinet and said he was prepared "to go even unto death to bring about the liberty of my people".
He later staged a lie-in, in the House of Assembly in protest of the government's decision to borrow $11 million.
As a senator in 1978, he ripped up amendments to the Lotteries and Gaming Act, during debate on the bill, as he said the bill "spells serious trouble for the Bahamian people".
He also fended off several offers to return to the PLP.
Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday described Moxey as a cultural warrior, community activist and a musician extraordinaire.
He recalled that it was during Moxey's time as parliamentary secretary that he began the development of Jumbey Village.
"The late Edmund Moxey was a man who straddled many worlds," he said in a statement.
"His early life was spent as a Bahamas telecommunications wireless operator in his native Ragged Island, in Crooked Island and in Coopers Town, Abaco, before moving to Nassau.
"It was in these remote communities that he came to understand the challenges of life in The Bahamas in the 50s and early 60s.
"He will be best remembered, however, for his many years of fearless involvement in front line politics as one of the youthful members of the Progressive Liberal Party and in particular, its activist wing, the National Committee for Positive Action."
Christie said he was pleased that Moxey was recognized and honored as a Bahamian cultural icon during the celebration of the 41st anniversary of Bahamian independence.
"It was a well-deserved accolade," he said.
"Ed Moxey was a true Bahamian patriot and his passing will leave a void in the political and cultural life of our nation."
Sir Arthur Foulkes, former governor general, said he was deeply saddened to learn of Moxey's death.
"Mr. Moxey was a fine human being, a genuine nation-builder and a Bahamian patriot of the first order," Sir Arthur said in a statement.
"He possessed all the credentials of nobility."
Sir Arthur, a close friend of Moxey from the early days of the PLP, said his passion for cultural development never wavered over the years.
"He was always prepared to pay the price of his convictions and commitment to our country, however high that price might have been," he said.
"We have been enriched by his life and service and The Bahamas is a far better place because he lived.
"I believe that The Bahamas would have been an even better place today had his vision for our cultural development been allowed to flourish."
Moxey, a pianist, played with many performers during his career including his bands Edmund Moxey and Friends and the Coconut Grove Chorale and Folklore Troupe.

Freedom fighter
Pastor Mario recalled that his father was a freedom fighter who never regretted any of his decisions.
"He was a defender for those who could not defend themselves," he said.
"He lived a very selfless life.
"As a result of him standing and speaking out against injustices, he was victimized for it."
Long-time friend Theresa Moxey-Ingraham said many people thought that Moxey was her father.
"He was very, very close to my family," she said while appearing on the Love 97 talk show 'Issues of the Day' with host Wendall Jones.
"He was my MP for all the time he was an MP."
Recalling his campaign in 1967, she said, "I remember the day he came to our house and knocked on our door to say who he was and I remember my mother saying, 'We know who you are and you have our support'.
"He was different for his day. He was the kind of representative who inspired you to want to do things and do things differently. He saw a need and made efforts to address that need."
Former Director of Culture Dr. Nicolette Bethel said yesterday it is "indisputable that the vision he had for Jumbey Village was something that was ahead of its time"
Freddie Munnings Jr., also appearing on Issues of the Day, said many cultural icons are fading away.
"I feel like our giants are being lost to us and we only seem to come together when it is a time when they cannot hear how we really and truly feel about them," he said.
Moxey is survived by his wife Sylvia; his two sons Pastor Mario and Marlon Johnson; and four daughters Debra, Marva and Sharon Moxey and Hope Johnson.

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