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International coastal Cleanup Day
International coastal Cleanup Day

Saturday 15th September 2012  8:00 AM

International coastal Cleanup Day September. 15th, 2012 8am-12pm Project B.E.A.C.H. Dolphin Encounters Ocean Conservancy Sun, Sand & Sea...Celebrate Our Beaches! What to bring: water bottle & work gloves What to wear: T-shirt, Hat, work pants & closed-in shoes! It's that time of year again. Please join Dolphin Encounters for the annual Coastal Cleanup. Hope to see you there! Free Bus Transportation Every 30 minutes from 7:30am-Marathon Mall Town Center Mall Locations: South Beach ( Pool & Beach Sides) Bring 4 buddies and enter to win beach passes! (242)359-0278 Community Service Hours Available-Bring your Forms!

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BHTA: Bahamas 'on course' over airlift

The president of the Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) has claimed that The Bahamas is "on course" to meet its airlift needs by the end of the year, despite fears from members of the tourism industry.
"Right now, things are on course," said BHTA President Stuart Bowe. "Airlift is something that really goes with demand, and so we work with the various agencies to ensure that we have all the factors covered."
Bowe claimed that the government is aggressively seeking to increase airlift in three areas ahead of several new resorts coming on stream, including Baha Mar.
"Certainly there's the Ministry of Tourism. There are also initiatives by the various promotion boards, mainly the Nassau/Paradise Island promotion boards, as well as individual hotels that have big marketing budgets.
"The airlift is increasing. It's starting to accelerate to ensure that we have the necessary airlift to accommodate the 2,200 rooms at Baha Mar, the rooms for the Marriott, rooms in the Family Islands, and we look forward to working with all of those organizations in the coming months."
Earlier this month, Marriott Group President Dave Grissen said that insufficient airlift remained the "biggest risk" facing the tourism sector ahead of Baha Mar's opening.
Grissen stated, "I think to have the Southwests, the Jet Blues, will make a big difference for a market like this.
"Airlines go where there is demand. Given the quality of Atlantis, the quality of what Baha Mar looks it will be, I think you'll get demand for the island and the airlines will follow. That's certainly the hope."
Harrison Thompson, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, claimed that the country is currently exploring airlift from Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States and Central America.
"We're having some new airlift coming into the country very shortly," said Thompson, while stating that other islands have already seen significant growth, namely Grand Bahama, due to the opening of the Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino Resort in March.
Thompson added that Memories resort has been "the catalyst for new flights that have opened increased airlift to the island. "Because of Memories in Grand Bahama recently we opened markets in eight cities in the United States with direct flights coming into Grand Bahama," he said.

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Operation Potcake
Operation Potcake

Monday 21st January 2013  7:00 AM

Operation Potcake On 10 January Operation Potcake kicks off and we’re all madly scrambling around to get the final bits and pieces in place. We have sourced the majority of our supplies, accommodation has been organized for most volunteers, funds are continuously coming in (we still need lots of donations!) and marketing has also begun. Teams are putting up promotional posters in their areas this week. If you would still like to volunteer some time, even if it’s just a day or two please get in touch! Operation Potcake is January 10th to 21st, 2013. This campaign aims to sterilize 2,000 dogs and cats. We still need lots of volunteers and donation of items to make the campaign a real success. For more information visit Founded in 1924, the Bahamas Humane Society is the oldest charity in the Bahamas and was originally called the Dumb Friends League. It is affiliated to numerous international organisations, including the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). It is the only humane organisation in the Caribbean to hold membership of the Standards of Excellence Program sponsored by the American Humane Association of which it has been a member since 1989. The BHS employs two full time veterinarians. It offers a 24 hour emergency ambulance service and provides care for sick, injured and abandoned animals. Clinic Locations The Fox Hill clinic is the Fox Hill Community Centre just north of the roundabout on Fox Hill Rd. Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21 The Kemp Road clinic is St. Bede’s Church Hall off Strachan Alley. Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21 The East Street clinic is 31 Fowler Street, off East Street. Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 21. The Carmichael clinic is at Oral’s Golden Auto, 290 Carmichael Road. Dates: Jan 10-14 and 17 to 19 Montell Heights clinic is behind the Superwash on Robinson Rd, near Minnie St. Dates: Jan 20 to 21 The Gambier clinic is at the St. Peter’s Native Baptist Church hall at the corner of the Gambier road and West Bay Street. Dates: Jan 10 to 11 The Adelaide clinic is down the beach road on the south side. Dates: Jan 12 to 13 The Mt. Pleasant clinic is at La Hipica, next to Goodfellow Farms. Dates: Jan 14 Recent Posts

Stride For Life
Stride For Life

Saturday 6th October 2012  6:00 AM

Stride For Life Fun Walk Cancer Society of The Bahamas October 6th 2012 6:00am Donations: 13 yrs and under-$10.00 14yrs and over-$20.00 On Sale: Chicken Souse, Pig Feet Souse & Stew Conch Co-Chair Kevan Marcus Mckenzie Co-Chair Dr. Ebby Jackson Prizes All registered participants will receive a T-shirt and gift and all walkers will be eligible to win many exciting prizes in free raffle Route Staring at the Cancer Caring Center, East Terrace, Centerville (2 doors south of ZNS), South on East Terrace to 4th Terrace. West to Collins Ave. North to Shirley St. West to School Lane, North to Dowdeswell St. East to East Bay St. Crossing to the "New Paradise Island Bridge, ascending to Beach Drive, Paradise Island Drive to Golf Course. West on Paradise Island Drive to Casino Drive around the round about to the "Old" P.I. Bridge, descending to East Bay St., advancing to Mackey St, South to Shirley St. West to Collins Ave. South to 2nd. Terrace (Now Rusty Bethel Drive) East to East Terrace and South along East Terrace concluding at the Cencer Caring Center. Stride For Life Fun Walk Registration Form

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Police identify murder file leak suspects

The officers who police suspect released the murder scene photos of Nellie Brown-Cox have been identified, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.
Greenslade said, however, that he has not yet decided what punishment the officers will face for allegedly leaking the photos to the public.
Brown-Cox was chopped to death sometime between April 6 and 7.  Prince Hepburn, 49, was charged with the murder.
Police found her mutilated body in the kitchen of an apartment on Bougainvillea Avenue, South Beach.
Photos of Brown-Cox's chopped body, the blood-filled apartment she died in and the murder weapons used were circulated via e-mail across the country.  A police case report was leaked.
"Based upon the investigation that was done into the leaks, and based on what is in the case file, I will give a public statement shortly. I do have the case file on my desk and it tells us clearly who is in breach," said Greenslade.
"We have to be held to the highest professional standards and we cannot side step where there was a wrong. Where the trust of the public has been breached, where a wrong has been committed, no officer is going to be above the law."
Greenslade added that he was also forced this week to discharge three officers for "conduct that is in breach of what is right and decent."
He said two of the officers were found to have taken illicit drugs after testing positive during random drug tests. A third officer was accused of a number of violations each of which warranted discharge from the force, said Greenslade.
"I go to bed with a clear conscience that I'm protecting the rights of all citizens in this country and we're not going to allow anyone to breach laws and feel they can get away with it," said the commissioner.
Greenslade emphasized that the officers had internal police trials before being discharged.

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A sports lesson for the nation

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier in the CONCACAF region, going on at the national facility at the foot of the Sidney Poitier Bridge on East Bay Street is providing much more than competition excitement.
Interestingly enough, although without any initial focus, the qualifier is bringing to center stage a cultural enigma in this country. It is difficult to understand why the growing presence of residents, biologically connected to Haiti, evokes so much passion in this country among those who consider themselves indigenous Bahamians.
A reality check should have been done long ago. People of Haitian background are now etched in the very fabric of this nation. They are cemented in the base of this archipelago, actually from Grand Bahama and Abaco in the north, all the way down to Inagua in the deep southern Bahamas.
The time has arrived for all Bahamians to appreciate that the legal immigrants, however they got to be here and their offspring, for whatever reasons they came to be born here, are part and parcel of the legitimate Bahamian mix.
I looked down at the line up of Team Bahamas prior to the start of the game against Guatemala. Our National Anthem was being played. There was Lesley St. Fleur and Team Captain Nesly Jean lustily singing along as patriotically as any other on the squad. In the matches, they were out there with Gary Joseph, putting every ounce of strength in their bodies on the line to bring honor and glory to The Bahamas.
When Jean scored the nifty winner out of a goalmouth scramble, we were ecstatic. It was 4-3 Bahamas with a little over a minute to go and we were headed for history and an established presence in CONCACAF Beach Soccer.
The victory over Guatemala Thursday, combined with the 9-1 triumph over Puerto Rico in the first match, was a collective statement by The Bahamas. Whatever happened in the following game on Friday against the United States (played after this column was produced), The Bahamas had already sent a clear message to fellow CONCACAF nations.
Our beach soccer program is making waves.
This is the case largely because of players of strong Haitian background.
Note that against Puerto Rico, St. Fleur scored three of the nine goals. Joseph netted two and Jean got his first of the tournament. Against Guatemala, along with the clincher, Jean scored another. Take them out of the picture and you are eliminating their eight goals as well. The Bahamas scored 13 goals in the first two games.
I believe readers get the point.
It surely is a sports lesson for the nation.
St. Fleur is perhaps the best Bahamian soccer player since the days of the fierce striker Leroy 'Uncle Lee' Archer Sr. They are the two most ferocious Bahamian attackers I have ever seen. It was danger time always when Uncle Lee got on the ball.
The same is so for St. Fleur. Further, he has been our most noted soccer ambassador. He has played at a high level in Canada and Jamaica over the last three years and is well respected by peers.
The little dynamo is not named Rolle, Smith, Major, Moss, Jones, Sawyer, Albury, Sands, Bethel or Sturrup.
Let's ask the question.
How did we come by those surnames? Those are heredity names we inherited from immigrants.
What is the beach soccer qualifier demonstrating?
The event is showing all and sundry that the St. Fleurs, the Jeans, the Josephs, the Pierres and those of the many other French-sounding surnames can carry the banner of The Bahamas just as ably as anyone else.
I had a chat with Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis following the Bahamas-Guatemala match and he is very aware of the cultural significance being emphasized at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 CONCACAF Qualifier.
Go Team Bahamas!

o To respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Prostate Screenings

Tuesday 18th September 2012  6:00 PM

Prostate Screenings September 18th – Elizabeth Estates Clinic PROSTATE CANCER AWARENESS History: - Established in the Bahamas on 20th April, 2001 under the auspices of the Head Office in Downers Grove Illinois. Objectives: - Give Support to Men afflicted with the disease; Educate the population on the effects of the Disease and Advocate Men to take action about Screening and early Detection of Prostate-related illness. Procedure: - Make Presentations at Health Fairs, Men Groups, Corporate Institutions and Religious and other Organizations on the Details and effects of the Prostate and the illness associated with it. Activities: - Organize an Annual Walk to create Awareness and Advocacy, entitled ‘1,000 Man-Walk’ and Four Annual Clinics in the Month of September, Screening Men of the Bahamas for signals, signs of Prostate Cancer. The screenings (PSA & DRE)* are held at the Government Poly-technical Clinics of Elizabeth Estates, Flamingo Gardens, South Beach and Fleming Street all in the Month of September. Additional screenings for General Health ailments mainly Blood Pressure, Glucose and Cholesterol in particular are conducted simultaneously. The General Health Screenings and the PSA and DRE are conducted by Volunteer Doctors, Phlebotomists and Other Caregivers and volunteer Coordinators, together with the Members of Us TOO Bahamas Chapter. Chapters: -Us TOO Bahamas has successfully established new “Chapters” in Freeport, Exuma and Cat Island and are progressively organizing several other new Chapters in the Archipelago, particularly Andros, and Eleuthera. Support: -Small tokens of appreciation are appropriate to the Volunteers and Care-givers and any ‘much needed’ Assistance (technical and financial) and/or new Volunteers would be welcomed and appreciated. Financial Assistance: -Contact and Donations to “Us TOO Bahamas” may be made through the Cancer Society of the Bahamas at our ‘Fixed Address’ attention Prostate Cancer or addressed individually as follows: Chapter Leader - Valentine Maura P.O. Box CB 11915 Telephone (393-4060; 636-9023) Secretary - Wendell Barry – P.O. Box N4671 Telephone (325-0823; 465-2235) Treasurer – Charles Sands - P.O. Box N 1503 Telephone (393-2439; 436-5117) Members – any of the active known-Personnel Meetings are held on the Third (3rd) Thursday of each Month at the Cancer Society of the Bahamas Complex, South of the ZNS Building, off Collins Avenue. PSA - Blood Extraction and Lab-Testing (prostate influenced) DRE – Digital Examination of the Prostate (finger & texture) Both save many lives as “Early Detection” of Cancer may be treated successfully before it progresses. On average, One (1) out of every Six (6) Men will get Prostate Cancer or at least an “Enlarged Prostate”. If appropriate, further testing – a Biopsy - will be made to confirm existence of the Cancer and determine the Stage – One to Four – of the Cancer and the Pace or Speed of its progress by the “Gleason Score” Grading. Consultation with a certified Medical Specialist – the Urologist should then be made to understand the Cancer, the Treatment available and the Method preferable and suitable, considering the Health of the Patient and other considerations, such as finance and age. An Oncologist after examination with evidence of Cancer treats the Patient with Chemotherapy and/or Radiation. A high number of the PSA reading (above) may not indicate Prostate Cancer and may conflict with the condition of the DRE. Likewise, an effected Prostate, resulting from the DRE (exam) may not show a high PSA Reading. Both are necessary for a clear indication on Prostate Examination. Us Too Bahamas Chapter Prostate Cancer Support, Education & Awareness

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Bahamas Baptist Union annual conference a rallying call

As the Bahamas Baptist Union of Churches (BBUC) goes in to its annual conference, the church's leadership says they are excited about the future, because they believe that God is with them and that they are about to become benefactors of the Joshua promises.
"We are excited about the future, for we are persuaded that God is with us," said Garth Rolle, second assistant superintendent of the BBUC. "As in the teaching of the first chapter of the book of Joshua, we believe we are now about to become benefactors of the Joshua promises. This conference is seen as a rallying call to bring the people along both past and present to join in this mighty band as we march on for Christ. We are the recipients of a godly heritage and a solid foundation and must therefore do our part to ensure it continues," said Rolle.
The 121st conference will be celebrated under the theme "The All-Sufficient God," May 19-23 at the Enoch Backford Auditorium on Carmichael Road. Day sessions begin at 10 a.m. Evening sessions begin at 7:30 p.m.
BBUC Superintendent Reverend Charles W. Saunders, who has served in the position for 39 years will deliver the opening message, before the 3:30 p.m. Sunday service of celebration and thanksgiving that will be held at Salem Union Baptist Church at which time he will officially retire.
On Monday, May 20 (Whit Monday), the day session will take the form of a business working session for the executives and pastors. But a soul-stirring worship experience is expected to be the order of the day for the evening session with praise and worship, stirring congregational singing, and a dynamic message by Rev. Wilton Mckenzie, first assistant superintendent of the union and pastor of the South Beach Union Baptist Church.
On Tuesday, May 21, the women will take charge. During the day session, there will be a presentation on the "Positive Effects of Magnetic Therapy" by Henry Butler as the church takes a holistic look at the whole man, both spiritual and physical. Uplifting praise and worship and a wonderful time of fellowship will kick off the night session at which Rev. Carrington S. Pinder, pastor of St. Mark's Native Baptist Church will preach.
The morning session of Wednesday, May 22, will take the form of teaching sessions. Topics to be discussed will include developing a church growth strategy which will be presented by Pastor Richard Pinder of Bahamas Faith Ministries. The interactive session will target pastors and other leaders with oversight of congregations.
The second topic, "Multiply: Disciples making Disciples", will be presented by Rev. Heuter Rolle, pastor elect, of Salem Union Baptist Church. Both of these are designed to impart biblically based strategies on growing the congregations of respective churches. The preacher for the night session will be Rev. Ivan Butler Jr. pastor of the Kemp Road Union Baptist Church.
The final day of the conference on Thursday, May 23, will see four simultaneous lectures take place. Pastor Richard Pinder will present the second part of developing a church growth strategy. Rev. Heuter Rolle will conclude his presentation, "Multiplying: Disciples making Disciples". The two other sessions will have Pastor Delton Ellis and Gena Brown from Mt. Tabor Full Gospel Church presenting on "Ushering /Greeting 101". Sister Sharmaine Sinclair will present on the topic "Vacation Bible School Training Module - Kingdom Rocks".
Apostle C. Clifford Smith III, pastor of Southside Christian Ministries International will close out the conference.
The Bahamas Baptist Union was started in 1892 by Rev. Daniel Wilshire.

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Franklyn Norman Turnquest, 58

Funeral Service for Franklyn Norman Turnquest, age 58 years, of Nassau Village, will be held on Saturday  10th, September  2011 at 11:00 a.m. at All Saints, on Calvary Hill Anglican Church, Joan's Heights, South Beach. Officiating will be Rev. Father Colin Saunders assisted by Rev. Father Sebastian Campbell, Rev. Father Berkley Smith and other ministers. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish his memories are his wife: Mercianna Turnquest; one son: Lester Turnquest; two daughters: Delglica, Franklee Turnquest; one daughter-in-law: Portia Turnquest; two grandchildren: Xelvran and Lester  Jr.; five  brothers:  Martin, Ashwood, Sherwin, Sherlock and Sterling Turnquest; six sisters: Alfreda, Frankilee, Rachael, Annie, Rosalee and Andra; seven brothers-in-law: Kenrad Wilchombe Sr., Freddie Nabbie Jr, Ivan, Harold, Prince, Patrick, Leroy and Neville McPhee, Delton Bain Sr. and Frank Stuart; six sisters-in-law: Patty Turnquest, Yvonne Miller, Elizabeth Stubbs, Rita King, Cynthia Bain, Princess Ferguson, Gwendolyn Stuart, Brenda and Dr. Evaneth McPhee and Sellistine; two uncles: Freeman and Willard Cartwright; three aunts: Esther and Rose Cartwright and Faith Hepburn; twenty three nephews: Owen Joe, Marco, Sherron, Kenrad Jr, Sanchos Sr., Max, Kennard, Shashake, Ashwood Jr, Tanario, Austin, Maranio, Jakeim, Delton Jr., Terrance, Kenneth, Philip, Edward, Anthony, Patrick, Alex, Gregory and Dr. Alva Smith; twenty three nieces: Sheyna, Tiffany, Tasheena, Ashnique, Tonia, Destiny, Sabrina, Arinthia, Sandra, Kayla, Karen, Kenva, Kathy, Deborah, Monique, Esthermae, Berilyn, Usheika, Quetelle, Deidre, Erica,Tiffany and Jan; four grand nephews: Sanchos Jr., Kenard Jr, Nicholas, Kellon; Other relatives and friends including:  All Saints Anglican Church Family, Management and Staff of Dozier Heavy Equipment Company, Ethlyn Smith and Family, Uricka Smith and Family, Dr. Nicholas Hepburn, Collona Wallace, Rose Barrett, Reverend Dr. Philip McPhee and Family, Maedawn Munroe, Pascal Hepburn and Family, Lynden Hepburn, Kendal Hepburn, Cherise, Marion McPhee and Family, Verna Wilson and Family, Mrs. Johnson and Family, Brenda, Kermit, Birdie, Eloise, Kay, Nora, Paulette, Una, Christine, Mavis, Philip, Patrick, Ellis, Simeon, Stephen, Lagloria, Pamela, Andrew, Noel Jeffrey, Kisyla, Charity, Ovinia, Asnthia, Crachine, Stephanie, Silas, Enoch, Roston, Roosevelt, Tony, Ashwood, Shawn,  Andy, Marcia, Philip Brice, Malcolm, David Vernish, Janette Horlston, Richard, Calvin, Charles, Antoinette, Antela, Raymond, Oris, Winifred, Thelma, Ramon, Frederick, Inez, Cornelius, Thomas, Mary, Freeman, Susan, Alice, Dorothy, Timothy, Kenneth Cheryl Deal, Patrick Bowe, The Turnquest, Major, Burrows, Cartwright, Knowles, Smith, Dean and Wells families of Long Island and the community of Jackson Street, Nassau Village and many others too numerous to mention.

Friends may pay their last respects at Butlers' Funeral Homes & Crematorium,
Ernest and York Streets on Friday September 9th, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at the church on Saturday September 10th, 2011 from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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DJ Tunezz Presents Whine and Kotch
DJ Tunezz Presents "Whine and Kotch"

Thursday 29th August 2013  7:00 PM

One Of The Biggest Dance For The Summer Bring Your Friend, Tell Your Friend, Carry Your FRIEND Entry $10 All Night Location: Da Chill Spot, East Street South (Pass CV Bethel, By the Beach)

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Neymour: Hurricane Irene could impact dengue fever outbreak

Hurricane Irene could potentially fuel the dengue fever outbreak, according to Minister of State for the Environment Phenton Neymour.
He explained that the system could impact the government's response to the outbreak.  However, the minister added that the storm could also help the government get a handle on the outbreak.
"The ministry is concerned because the hurricane is coming --  not just because it's a hurricane but in regards to the dengue outbreak," Neymour said.
"There are positives and negatives to a hurricane in that if there are high winds, the winds may blow the mosquitos away and not allow them to reproduce.  It could also assist in the further outbreak in that regard.  So a hurricane could assist but at the same time it offers challenges with fogging exercises.  The high winds may impact fogging."
On its current path, the eye of the storm is expected to pass over New Providence between tomorrow and Thursday morning.
Minister of Health Dr. Hubert Minnis told The Guardian yesterday that more than 3,000 people have contracted the virus to date.  However, he noted that not all of the persons who have dengue fever received medical attention and therefore would not have been added to the count.
And with the health care facilties already inundated with patients, any increases in the dengue fever outbreak could further strain the public resources.
However, Dr. Minnis said the Ministry of Health is preparing for that eventuality.
"Though we may have strained resources, we find that opening the clinics on the weekends specifically for dengue cases is very, very helpful in reducing the burden," he said.
The South Beach and Fleming Street clinics are open on weekends for dengue cases.
"If the need arises we would do what is necessary.  If more clinics need to be opened we will make them available.  We are finding that our policies are working, and the staff is performing well.  So we will continue on this track."
Minister Neymour said the Department of Environmental Health is also prepared to expand its fogging exercises.
In the meantime he said heavy fogging exercises will continue.
However, he advised residents to continue to empty containers around their homes, especially after bouts of rain.
Dr. Minnis said residents should also spray their homes and businesses with mosquito repellents during closing hours as an extra precaution.
He said all medical facilities are being sprayed to avoid contamination.
The Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for the spread of the virus.  Fever, muscle pain, eye pain and headaches are some of the symptoms associated with the virus.
People with mild symptoms are being asked to treat themselves at home by getting rest, drinking fluids and taking medicines such as Panadol or Tylenol.

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Kevin Jackson Laing, 47

Funeral Service for Kevin Jackson Laing, 47, of Nassau Village, will be held on Saturday, December 10th, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at South Beach Union Baptist Church, Summer Haven Estate. Officiating will be Rev. Wilton Mckenzie, assisted by other Ministers. Interment will be made in Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Solider Road.

He is survived by: His Wife: Rochelle Smith – Laing; Children: Pedro, Dwight, Dwayne, Jackie, Latonia, Candiz, Jamaal, Keve, Rashad , Richa and Lakera; Stepdaughter: Lashonda Smith; Grandmother: Jean Laing; Brothers: Oswald , Fredrick of Pompano Beach Fl., Marvin Ricardo and Theodore Laing; Sisters: Susan Forbes, Elder Paulamae Clarke and Debra Ranger; Grandchildre ...

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Tour of The Bahamas to attract world class cyclists

The biggest cycling extravaganza in the country is just a few days away and the excitement is brewing!
Organizers expect the 9th Annual Tour of The Bahamas, set for this Saturday and Sunday, to attract many of the top local cyclists as well as a bevy of international riders to these shores.
Staged in January during the winter season, the event is always a top attraction for North American riders looking to escape the chilly conditions in their home towns. According to reports, this year's event will be no different as a number of professional cyclists and enthusiasts have expressed interest in coming to The Bahamas. In total, more than 100 riders have registered for the two-day event.
According to Director of Sports in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Tim Munnings, the event is one of the most important events on the local sports calendar because of what it promotes - competitive racing, healthy lifestyles, and foreign participation. For instance, world renowned cycling team, BMC Hincapie, is expected to send a junior development crew to take part in the Tour of The Bahamas. As a matter of fact, Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans is a member of the BMC Racing Team. Foreign participation is also expected to come from No Tubes AXA, Jamis Sutter, FloridaVelo Elite & Masters, ASV and Texas Road House.
Hosted by JAR Cycling Club, this year's event is sponsored by the Bank of The Bahamas, Mahogany House, BTC, Scottdale Bedding, The Windshield House, National Fence Company, Cycles Unlimited, Atlantis, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, and the Ministry of Tourism. It carries a total purse of $16,000.
"We would like to thank our sponsors and we welcome cyclists in this tour where we expect 115-120 local and international riders," said event organizer Jeff Major.
"This being an olympic year, we also have olympic hopeful Jay Major who will be competing in the Tour of The Bahamas in Category 3."
Jay Major is the current
Junior National Champion and a former Caribbean junior cycling champion. The 17-year-old local standout is expected to be challenged by a number of top local cyclists including current Senior National Champion Tracey Sweeting and current National Time Trial Champion Mark Holowesko.
The first race in the three-race series will be the Individual time trial at 8:30 on Saturday morning. That race will cover three miles. Race number two will get underway immediately afterwards. The pros will cover a 42-mile distance (seven laps on a six-mile course), and the masters and women will ride for 30 miles.
The juniors will cover an 18-mile course. The third and final race in the series will get underway at 8 a.m. on Sunday. The juniors will cover a 24-mile course, the masters and women will ride for 57 miles, and the professionals will endure 76 miles. All of the races will start at the Clifton Heritage Park and will trek along the south western part of the island. A welcome cocktail party is set for Friday evening at the Wyndham Nassau Resort starting at 6 p.m.
Also this year, one of the lead sponsors, Bank of The Bahamas (BOB), will be staging a 'Family Fun Ride', set for Saturday afternoon starting at 4 p.m. at Caves Point. The 10-mile course will take riders east along the Cable Beach strip and back to Caves Point.
BOB Marketing Manager Michael Basden said that the bank is just ensuring that it does its part to get more community involvement in cycling, and sports in general, and promote healthy habits among the young people and the community at large.
"Cycling is one of those things that Bank of The Bahamas tends to take very seriously," said Basden yesterday.
"We were out in full force last year and we had a dedicated team for the 'Ride for Hope'. The Family Fun Ride is open to everybody. We encourage all who want to be a part of something fun and to be a part of something that promotes bike safety to come out and be a part of the Family Fun Ride.
"We're real happy to be a part of it and we thank the organizers for allowing us to be a sponsor. This ride is going to give the opportunity to riders around town to do a 10-mile loop with some of these foreign competitors. It gives you a sense of what it feels like to be competitive, but the main thing is we really want to drive more awareness to bike safety."
Interested persons are encouraged to register for the two-day event at

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News Article


Tribune Business Editor

ONE FALLS, another seemingly soars. Robin Hood yesterday confirmed to Tribune Business it was looking to re-open its Prince Charles store "imminently" to exploit City Markets' current woes, a move its president said could create 120-125 jobs.

Declining to give a firm date for the second Robin Hood outlet's re-opening, Sandy Schaefer, the retailer's president, said the closure - at least temporarily - of City Markets' Seagrapes Shopping Centre and South Beach stores had given his company "renewed impetus" to re-establish a physical presence in eastern New Providence.

Barely two months removed from his own woes, and a p ...

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Breco Patrick Armbrister, 34

Funeral Service for Breco Patrick Armbrister, 34 yrs., a resident of Saunders Road, Rockchusher, who died on 1st February, 2012, will be held at St. Barnabas Anglican Church, Baillou Hill & Wulff Roads, on Friday at 1:00 p.m. Officiating will be Rev'd Canon Basil Tynes, assisted by Fr. Roderick Bain. Interment follows in Southern Cemetery, Cowpen & Spikenard Roads.
Left to cherish his memories are his daughter: Brenique Armbrister; sisters: Yvette, Shanette, Adeisha & Trecie; brothers: Roscoe, Terrance, Marvin, Matthew (Pre-deceased); aunts: Isadora Lamm, Elizabeth Taylor, Marvain Nickey Johnson; uncles: Jeffrey Armbrister, Paul Armbrister, Timothy Coakley & Paul Lamm; grandmother: Caralyn Johnson; grand aunts: Weaves Smith, Gwendelyn Thompson, Nicey Brown, Mary & Drusilla Armbrister of Pompano Beach, Fl, Rev. Julia (Liz) Pratt, Remona McClain of Mastic Point, Andros, Arabella Johnson & Dora C. Dean; grand uncles: Bishop Asa G. Armbrister of Baltamore, Rev. Stephen Armbrister of Duncan Town, Ragged Island, Leeton of Miami Fl. Charles (Nipier) & Capt. Lee Armbrister; numerous nieces & nephews & friends including: Sheryl & family, Agnes Francis & family, Valthea & Joyce Bonaby & family, Bridgette Musgrove & family, Agnes McPhee & family, Mr. Roderick Taylor Jr. & family, the Johnson family, Cynthia Elliott & family, Mr. Edgar Grant, Constance Hall & family, Mr. Christopher Cambridge & family, Ms. Moss & family, Kelsy Williams, the Farrington Road & Rock Crusher community & others too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10- 6:00 p.m. on Thursday & on Friday at the church from 12:00 noon until service time.

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Letter: Is the time ripe for change

EDITOR, The Tribune.

"I'm taking my talents to South Beach!"

These are the famous words uttered by Lebron James last summer when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers and joined the Miami Heat. Lebron's announcement shook up the basketball world; and for good reason. You see Lebron James is arguably one of the best basketball players in the world. He has proven himself by becoming a perennial All Star Player and by being a fixture on the All NBA Team. The hype that Lebron created speaks to his superior talent as a basketball player.

During the past four weeks, Dr Andre Rollins and Mr Renward Wells took their talents to the PLP. Additionally, Mr Cassius Stuart took his ta ...

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Murder suspect 'attempted suicide'In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an

In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an apparent attempt at suicide, according to a police report.
When officers arrived at the scene on Bougainvillea Boulevard in South Beach last Thursday, they found the 45-yearold suspect sitting only inches from Brown-Cox’s body, which was in the kitchen, the police report shows.
The suspect had reportedly ingested some pills in an attempt to take his own life, the report revealed. The police report said he was immediately
taken into custody and driven to the Princess Margare ...In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an apparent attempt at suicide, according to a police report.
When officers arrived at the scene on Bougainvillea Boulevard in South Beach last Thursday, they found the 45-yearold suspect sitting only inches from Brown-Cox’s body, which was in the kitchen, the police report shows.
The suspect had reportedly ingested some pills in an attempt to take his own life, the report revealed. The police report said he was immediately
taken into custody and driven to the Princess Margare ...

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Murder suspect 'attempted suicide'In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an

In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an apparent attempt at suicide, according to a police report.
When officers arrived at the scene on Bougainvillea Boulevard in South Beach last Thursday, they found the 45-yearold suspect sitting only inches from Brown-Cox’s body, which was in the kitchen, the police report shows.
The suspect had reportedly ingested some pills in an attempt to take his own life, the report revealed. The police report said he was immediately
taken into custody and driven to the Princess Margare ...In the midst of a gruesomely bloody scene, the suspect who was later arrested for the murder of 42-year-old Nellie Brown-Cox sat on the doorstep of the apartment where her body lay inside. He had wounds to both arms in an apparent attempt at suicide, according to a police report.
When officers arrived at the scene on Bougainvillea Boulevard in South Beach last Thursday, they found the 45-yearold suspect sitting only inches from Brown-Cox’s body, which was in the kitchen, the police report shows.
The suspect had reportedly ingested some pills in an attempt to take his own life, the report revealed. The police report said he was immediately
taken into custody and driven to the Princess Margare ...

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DNA unveils first election candidates


Tribune Staff Reporter

BAMBOO TOWN Member of Parliament Branville McCartney unveiled nine of his Democratic National Alliance party's general election candidates at the official DNA launch last night.

Before a packed ballroom at the Wyndham Nassau Bahamas Resort, Mr Cartney announced the following candidates: Chelphene Cunningham, Garden Hills; Floyd Armbrister - Exuma; Sammy Poitier- South Beach; Farrel Goff - Clifton; Ben Albury - Montagu; Adrian Laroda - MICAL; Roscoe Thompson - South Abaco; Charlene Paul - Elizabeth and Alfred Poitier - Kennedy.

As the leader of this new political party, Mr McCartney said that he would not be mak ...

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Woman is stabbed to death after alleged domestic dispute

A WOMAN was stabbed to death yesterday in an alleged domestic dispute in South Beach.

Police found the woman lying on her back with multiple stab wounds "all across her body" in an apartment complex on Bougainvillea Boulevard.

She became the country's 38th homicide victim, and the second woman in two weeks to be murdered. Police would not confirm what weapon was used to inflict the wounds, although onlookers claimed it was a cutlass.

Superintendent Theophilus Cunningham said a man is helping with inquiries.

Tribune sources claim the man was taken to the hospital by ambulance, as he was "cut up real bad".

It is unclear if the wounds were self-inflicted, or whether they resulted ...

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