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2012 Great Abaco Family Fitness Weekend, March 23-25

The 2012 Great Abaco
Family Fitness Weekend is set to take place starting Friday, March 23rd
and ending on Sunday, March 25th.  The beautiful Treasure Cay Resort and
Marina will play host to the event, with athletes confirmed from
Nassau, Freeport, Abaco, and Florida.  Many more are expected to
register this week as the price increases on March 12th.  

first event in the series is a 1-mile open water swim.  This event will
take place in the crystal clear blue waters of the Treasure Cay beach,
rated one of the Top 10 beaches in a reader poll by Caribbean Travel
& Life.  This takes place on Friday afternoon at 5pm, and is
followed by an awards presentation and welcome reception at the Coco
Beach Bar with refreshments provided by Sands Beer.  A pasta buffet will
follow for participants, their families, supporters, volunteers, and

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Boater Missing After Leaving The Bahamas
Boater Missing After Leaving The Bahamas

Worry and hope are high among family members of overdue boater Glen David Brandt, who has not been seen since departing in his fishing boat from a Bahamas port more than two weeks ago.

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Record delegation attends 'The Big Kuhuna'

The Bahamas is sending its largest delegation ever to this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in an effort to secure precious tourism dollars for the 2012 season.
The show, beginning today, attracts more than 150,000 people every year. Dubbed "The Big Kahuna" of boat shows, the Ministry of Tourism, Out Island Promotion Board (BOIPB), and the Marina Operators of the Bahamas (MOB) are joining forces for this all-important event.
Promoting The Bahamas to the world has perhaps never been more significant.
Although sales have been steady, with most marinas up slightly year-on-year, the situation is "nothing so stellar", according to Stephen Kappeler, the president of the MOB and Cape Eleuthera Marina and Resort. "We're not continuing to recede, so that's good news," he said.
"But it's not where it needs to be. This show is our market. It is exactly our demographic and we must take advantage."
The Bahamian delegation, led by the president of the BOIPB, Shavonne Darville, has an "expansive booth" intended to attract the attention of boaters and tourists.
Kappeler, who is representing the interests of the MOB, is feverishly promoting the specific deals and packages offered by members.
The MOB, he pointed out, has never been bigger or more organized.
This month, Guardian Business reported the addition of two new "powerful" members to the MOB - Lyford Cay and Palm Cay.
Central to the promotional push for marinas throughout The Bahamas is the unveiling of an exclusive map. Containing every known marina in the country, including those that are not members of the MOB, it is intended to create unity among stakeholders and promote awareness of exactly what The Bahamas has to offer. Mainstream boaters, Kappeler pointed out, often visit many of the standard ports of call.
The map shows people what waits for them right around the next corner - and it will be handed out at the show.
"This is the first generation map of its kind that will demonstrate in detail how easy it is to chart a course from the United States, in particular from Florida to The Bahamas," he said.
The hope, he added, is the map also creates a cache element to the travel experience. He expects people to put it up on the walls as posters or laminate them for placemats.
Preben Olson, the owner of the Grand Bahama Yacht Club, the country's largest marina slip holder, highlighted the importance of this show, saying it's "where you make all the contacts".
He told Guardian Business that his marina was slightly up in 2011, but they still have a long way to go.
"It was not a banner year by any means," he said.
"We're trying to see if we can get more revenue than last year. Times are tough. I'm very optimistic, though, because our bookings for November and December are looking good. Through regular marketing I think the economy will loosen up and better times are ahead of us."

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Gov't reverses Mayaguana land deal

Six years after the Christie administration signed an agreement with an American development company that provided for the transfer of nearly 10,000 acres of crown land on Mayaguana, the government yesterday signed an amended heads of agreement, reclaiming more than half of that land.
The signing came as a result of three years of negotiations to get back 5,825 acres of land for the Bahamian people, according to Tourism Minister Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, who spoke at the contract signing ceremony at the Office of the Attorney General.
The development was initially approved under the Christie administration as a joint venture between the government and the Boston-based I-Group.  Under that agreement, both parties owned the project through the Mayaguana Development Company. However, under the new deal the joint venture arrangement has been cancelled.
During the renegotiation process members of the current government harshly criticized the Christie administration for what they termed "the great land give-away".
"We are happy to have some of the waterfront and wonderful interior land returned to the land bank of The Bahamas to the amount of 5,825 acres," Vanderpool-Wallace said yesterday.
"We thought that the amount of acreage that was put forward in the original agreement was something that we thought we wanted to scale down on and move in another direction.
"For those who may have some difficulty understanding what 5,825 acres is, this is equivalent to getting Bimini back, getting Ragged Island back, getting Little Sand San Salvador back. That's the size and scope that we are talking about and Mayaguana, that is larger than the island of New Providence, so it is quite a significant island for development."
Vanderpool-Wallace said there are no new incentives in the amended heads of agreement.
Within the next 18 months, the I-Group is expected to complete the first phase of the development, which includes the resurfacing of the airstrip, upgrading of the airport terminal building, and construction of a 25 unit upscale boutique resort at North Beach.
"So you will see very quickly vertical construction on the ground," said Michael Scott, chairman of the Hotel Corporation of The Bahamas.
The plans also call for the construction of a marina.
Marc Herdegen, a vice president at I-Group, said he is pleased with the amended contract.
"We have come up with an agreement that puts in place a right-sized agreement," Herdegen said. "I think we'll be able to proceed at a pace that will be able to provide opportunities for Bahamians and opportunities for us to be successful."
Scott added that the I-Group development is a model that will be a template for future developments  in the islands of The Bahamas.
The first phase will also include hiking trails, a sauna and spa, a small clinic, and a golf putting green and driving range.
Over the next 15 years, the developers are also expected to bring on a hotel operator to develop and operate a 225-room hotel resort on Mayaguana.
The development was expected to materialize over a 15-year period.
Vanderpool-Wallace added that what's important about the new deal is that a significant portion of the land that the government got back for Bahamians is "beachfront, good quality land that now becomes available for future developments in ways that they see fit."
The original development was expected to be a $1.8 billion investment. It is still unclear whether the developers will still invest that much.

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Big Game: Balearia 'essential' to casino success

A top executive at the second largest resort on Bimini says direct ferry service from the U.S. will determine the success of the highly anticipated casino.
Michael Weber, general manager at the Bimini Big Game Club, said the resort is excited about the upcoming Resorts World Bimini Bay, set to open in December. But the proposed ferry service coming into Bimini from Ft. Lauderdale is essential, and if it fails to materialize, the island simply won't draw the numbers needed to justify its existence.
"Personally, I don't think we have the volume to have a successful casino. For it to work, I think the new casino has to play in conjunction with the Balearia coming in," according to Weber. "Casinos are based on getting bodies in there. We have sufficient bodies to keep us busy as a resort, but we're a small property. To keep a casino afloat, we're talking a lot of money. Something has to support it to make it work."
Weber pointed out that it has been more than two decades since Bimini had a direct ferry service come to the island.
The Balearia Bahamas Express currently services Grand Bahama, but dredging has begun in Bimini to accommodate the high-speed vessel. Bimini, which is just 50 miles away from the United States, is banking on the ferry's presence to bring Americans back and forth to the tiny island for quick trips.
"The role of the ferry is huge. We can do what we can with tour operators and such, and going after the corporate and wedding market, but those coming just for a couple of days, that's not available. But for Bimini, it's so close, and they can really spend the day here," he added.
Meantime, business at the Bimini Bay Resort is reportedly booming during its second phase of development.
With the addition of its world-class casino, the resort's executives plan to take advantage of infrastructural improvements on Bimini and aggressively market the property.
RAV Bahamas' CEO, Alejandro Capo, noted that 13 of phase two's 131 residential homes have already been sold, just six months after it started.
"We're really going to go with the great marketing effort for the second part of this year to see if we can get the up northerners because right now our primary markets are South America and South Florida," he said. "We really haven't hit any of those northern markets like New York, New Jersey, the Metro area."
With the new casino on schedule to open in December, Capo estimates there to be an increase in employment opportunities on the island.
"The casino will need to hire another 100 people on Bimini. Indirectly, he said, the need for more casino regulators and other spin off jobs will result in a total of 250 to 300 new jobs," he shared.
According to Capo, Bimini Bay's marina has seen an increase. Boating business is up by 50 percent compared to last year, he said, and all major holidays have been sold out months in advance.
"So we're really not seeing that downturn in our marina business," he added.
However, Capo noted the hotel portion of his business has suffered due to the lack of airlift into Bimini, although he is pleased that there are now plans for a new airport terminal.
The tourism minister, Obie Wilchcombe, recently revealed to Guardian Business that they are in discussions with several different airlines with a view to increasing airlift to Bimini. With the anticipation of increased airlift, Wilchcombe said there will be a need to improve that island's airport to accommodate the increased number of travelers.
"We are going to have to extend the airport's runway. That is not necessarily going to take place within the next four months, maybe over the next year [to] year and a half. The truth is we will have to consider the size of the aircraft that will be coming into Bimini," he explained.

He shared with Guardian Business that his team is currently in negotiations with three airlines and charter services, including the national flag carrier Bahamasair.

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Cape Eleuthera enters 'state of transition'

Cape Eleuthera has shut its doors to resort guests and entered a "state of transition" whereby all units in the development will be sold off to private homeowners.
Stephen Kappeler, the president of the Marine Organization of The Bahamas (MOB), resigned his post as general manager. While the marina remains open, Cape Eleuthera's website ( has been shut down, and patrons are asked to simply contact Dan Oliver, the property manager.
The news comes weeks after Cape Eleuthera was removed from the list of locations for the Bahamas Billfish Tournament due to insufficient interest. Fuel prices have proven to be a major deterrent for yacht owners in recent years. Cape Eleuthera lost up to $500,000 in fuel sales by not participating in the recent fishing tournament.
Oliver told Guardian Business that the development's "state of transition" does not have a set timeline, as it slowly returns to the "original plan" of offering only vacation homes.
"We don't operate as a resort," he said. "The resort was never part of the original plan. That just evolved over time. There is no closure."
With 22 units on the property, Oliver explained that many of them will need to be closed for updates and repairs before going on the market. He said there is still lingering damage from when Hurricane Irene rocked Cape Eleuthera last year. The property sustained damages estimated to cost up to $250,000, according to Kappeler.
The original developer has also expressed interest in retaining some of the units.
"They aren't telling me how many will go up for sale exactly. The market is not what it was when they were first built. Real estate prices have dropped somewhat. I have no idea where we'll be in terms of pricing," according to the property manager.
Oliver added that the marina is full service, and "there are quite a few boats out there right now". Cape Eleuthera is now coming into hurricane season, however, when marine business tends to slow down considerably.
The development's recent difficulties are indeed being felt throughout the island, Guardian Business understands.
High fuel prices and a rough economy are taking its roll on Eleuthera, and in particular Harbour Island.
Anne Ward, international client manager at Romora Bay Resort and Marina, reported that operations are still running at about 50 percent compared to pre-recession levels.
Thus far, 2012 has been even slower than 2010, she said. Ward explained that the business Harbour Island could count on has dried up, leaving only a handful of tourists that can still afford the experience.
"Ticket prices are a serious issue," Ward told Guardian Business. "And when you get here, it's too expensive. It seems to have reached a critical level. I think Harbour Island thought it had it good for a while, and it wasn't really hurt like the other islands."

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Ralph Carey, 93

Funeral service for Ralph Carey, 93 yrs., a resident of Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera who died on 31st January, 2012, will be held at Wesley Methodist Church, Tarpum Bay, on Friday, February 10th , 2012 at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Pastor Paul A. Scavella, assisted by Pastors Anastacia Ferguson, Peter Joseph, Reinaldo Dracket and Elder C. Melvin Lewis. Interment will follow in Tarpum Bay Cemetery, Eleuthera.
His loving memories will forever be cherished by his Four sons: Charles, Elvis, David, and Dennis Carey; Seven daughters: Betty Collie, Noralee Bain, Cherry Blackmore, Nelda Rose Dracket, Blossom Valleray, Helen Gardiner, and Ruthie Knowles; Daughters-in-law: Judy, Delores, and Alyce Carey; Sons-in-law: Terry Collie, Edmund Bain, Egbert Blackmore, Pastor Reinaldo Dracket, Clayton Gardiner, and Howard Knowles; Grand Children: Suzanne, Dyeson, Shenique, Latisha, Crystal, Jonathan, Andrew, Jason, Latisha, Davianna, Brandon, Rhondy, Candia, Ellanna, Desiree, Keva, Trevor, Jared, Alicia, Terran, Samantha, Cherie, Markus, Deandro, Demiko, Denisha, Kaline, Vanessa, Clay, Travis, Tristan, Tramayne, and Trevin; Great-Grandchildren: Jonathan, Brianna, Rajah, Teren Keithan, Nathan, Tashawn, Willneisha, Kamari, Dontez, Dremecia, Treven, Tyric and Devonte; Neices, Nephews and their families: Burt & Iris Carey, Dewitt & Remelda Carey, Roosevelt & Diane Carey, Edward & Kathleen Grout, Robert & Romanda Fairbeard, Victor & Ethel Cartwright, John & Vernae Carey, Mr. & Mrs. James Carey, Frances & Elizabeth Carey, Levar & Denique Carey, Philip & Yvonne Bethel, Joshua & Agnes Culmer, Theodore & Helen Allen, Obediah Jr. & Sandra-Mae Goodman, Kendrick, Frank, Jeannie, Sterlene Vernitta, Melva, Alvin & RoseMarie Johnson, Daisy & Gretchen; Brother-in-laws: Charles and Qurena Mingo; Sister-in-laws: Marina, Adelaide, Faye, Blanche and Esther.
A host of other Relatives and Friends including: Mrs. Angela Pinder & family, Mrs. Vera Carey & family, Mr. John Hunt, Stanell Bain, Darrel Miller, Terrance Weech, William Almonor, Dremicko Knowles, Racquelle Johnson, Keith Darling, Lillis & Grace Mingo, Daniel Evans & family, Mr. & Mrs. Olden Evans & family, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Knowles & family, Mrs. Ethel Knowles & family, Mrs. Hilda & Renae Carey, Mrs. Sherry-Ann Sands, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Knowles, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Clarke & family, Mr. Samuel Johnson & family, Mrs. Hilda Allen, Mrs. Mary Ingraham and family, Ms. Victoria Jackson and family, Officers and Staff of Atlantic Caribbean Union Mission, South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, and members of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Eleuthera, Ms. Karen Kemp, Dr. S. Smith, Nurses Regina Ingraham & Bernadette Rolle.
Friends may pay their last respects at the Wesley Methodist Church, Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera from 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, 9th February until service time on Friday.
Funeral arrangements are being handled by Demeritte's Funeral Home, Nassau, Bahamas.

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Nassau's SMOKIN' HOT Barbecue Competition 2014

Saturday 3rd May 2014  1:00 PM

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Nassau's SMOKIN' HOT Barbecue Competition 2014

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Banking mogul to build 30M resort on Eleuthera

Approval for a $30 million development in Eleuthera is being welcomed whole-heartedly by its soon to be next-door neighbor, Cotton Bay Estates.
Franklyn Wilson, chairman of the high-profile project, revealed that Luis Carlos Sarmiento, a Columbian billionaire, has reignited his ambitions on the island to construct a luxury resort.
With an estimated net worth of $10.5 billion, the banking mogul's project, combined with Cotton Bay Estates, has the capacity to "without question create the golfing capital of The Bahamas and the Caribbean".
World-class golf courses designed by professionals are intended to be the centerpieces of the neighboring resorts.
In its final cabinet meeting before the election, the government reportedly approved the Columbian's $30 million project to build an 80-room resort, golf course, spa, shopping area, restaurant and bar.
"If it happens it will be fantastic for our property," Wilson said.
"It would mean Eleuthera will have the two best golf courses right next to each other - the two best in the Caribbean. It is a tremendous thing for Eleuthera Properties Ltd."
According to Wilson, Sarmiento purchased the old Cotton Bay Club from Eleuthera Properties Ltd. in 1995. While there were plans for a "significant development", Sarmiento didn't share the same vision of the government. Any disagreements have apparently been resolved, however, and Guardian Business understands that Sarmiento has been negotiating with the Four Seasons to run the new resort.
After the approval, Ingraham said the project would mean more government investment in Eleuthera to bolster public infrastructure.The airport, roads and utilities may be poised for expansion, creating further stimulus to the economy and employment opportunities.
Wilson told Guardian Business that Cotton Bay Estates and Sarmiento's project have agreed to "significant cooperation".
"Firstly, if they have a golf course, and we do, clearly it makes us work together to find ways to let the golfing world know that these exist. Second, we'll talk to the same market - high-end luxury. They do not have a marina, whereas we do. A lot of people who come will want access to a world-class marina," he added.
Wilson felt the issue of water supply is a challenge both developments must tackle. The rise of both resorts has the capacity to reduce costs, he explained , through their "synergies".
"The two of us together will be exceptional for The Bahamas," he said.
Wilson, who is also the chairman of Arawak Homes, told Guardian Business last month that Cotton Bay Estates remains undeterred despite some recent setbacks.
"Eight figures" have so far been invested in the project, although he has expressed reluctance to place a specific timeline on the $200 million development's completion date.
He emphasized that Cotton Bay benefits from some "very deep pockets".
Located five miles south of Rock Sound, Starwood Hotels & Resorts first signed an agreement with Eleuthera Properties Ltd. in 2005 to develop the massive project. Comprising more than 100 estate lots, a clubhouse, a private marina and an 18-hole golf course, it was heralded as one of the largest projects ever undertaken by a group of Bahamian investors.

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Dunkin' Donuts lands on Paradise Island

The Dunkin' Donuts brand is poised to expand in New Providence, Guardian Business can reveal, with a sixth restaurant scheduled to open in a month on Paradise Island.
Nigel Travis, the CEO of Dunkin' Brands, flew into Nassau for the corporation's international conference at Atlantis. He sat down with this newspaper to announce the new location and discussed the global outlook.
The new Dunkin' Donuts, close to Marina Village, falls under the umbrella of George Myers.
Myers, the chairman and CEO of the Myers Group, owns a number of Bahamian franchises, including Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Quiznos Subs.
Ash Henderson, director of marketing at Restaurant Services Limited, said there is potential for even more Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in New Providence.
"We have tossed around the idea of eight or nine as a rough estimate of what we can ultimately do," he said. "We have a store opening in about a month on Paradise Island, next to Anthony's Grill. That brings us up to six altogether."
Travis told Guardian Business he met with stakeholders in The Bahamas during the conference.
The CEO said this country benefits from a number of factors. Language is not a barrier, he said, and given its proximity to the U.S. and high traffic of tourists, he anticipates a bright future for the franchise.
Dunkin' Donuts launched the flagship store in the downtown core back in 2009.
The store's visibility and familiarity for millions of tourists has proven to be a big plus.
"I think one of the unique characteristics is the sheer amount of traffic from the cruise business," Travis said. "I think it's going through a tough time at the moment. But every time I look out there, I see big ships. I think they warm to seeing Dunkin' Donuts. You tend to gravitate towards it."
The top executive said one of the advantages of the corporation is it enjoys "huge white space" both internationally and in the U.S.
In fact, according to projections provided to Guardian Business, between 260 and 280 Dunkin' Donuts are slated to open in the U.S. this year. For both franchises, between 550 and 650 stores are expected in global net development.
The company is projecting 6 to 7 percent revenue growth across all Dunkin' brands.
Travis revealed that by the second quarter Dunkin' Donuts hopes to launch its first-ever store in India. The brand continues to grow in China and throughout Asia as well.
"I would say we are an international company with an international heritage. But we haven't grown as well as I would like. And we're gearing up to do more in the future," he said.
Despite the presence of "pretty horrific unemployment rates" in parts of the U.S., one of the benefits of the franchise is price competitiveness.
The Bahamas' unemployment rate stands at around 15.9 percent.
Dunkin' Donuts is seen as an "affordable pleasure", with efforts made to keep costs down for consumers.
Placing the business in perspective, Travis said, based on the comments made by franchisees at Atlantis, spirits remain high for growth and continued profit. Limited time offers, such as the Big N' Toasty, the Smokehouse Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and Sausage Pancake Bites, have proven to be particularly lucrative to Dunkin' Donuts, he said. Consumers should look for more of these special offers in the coming year.
He said this approach tends to stimulate sales and differentiate them from the competition.
Also in the sights of the company is more utilization of its "very strong technology platform". Travis aims to deliver new ways of offering the brands to guests by pushing online activity, social media and mobile initiatives.
"We try and stay on top of these trends. Right now, most people think this is a brand with a lot of buzz," Travis told Guardian Business.

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