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FNM gives thanks over 'timely and efficient' opening of the school year

THE Free National Movement expressed its gratitude yesterday to the numerous public servants, workers and contractors who helped to ensure the opening of the school year was done in a "timely and efficient manner".

With this gratitude extending to the teachers and staff of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Works, the Royal Bahamas Police Force and other agencies, the FNM said these public servants are owed a debt of gratitude by the entire country.

"The country owes a debt of gratitude to the private contractors and Bahamian workers who painted school buildings, plastered drywalls, and lent their talents to getting our children back to school on time," the party statem ...

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Blessed Mammas

The D'Aguilar Art Foundation opens its second exhibition"Blessed Mamas"on Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 5:30 p.m. The show of paintings and sculptures depicting women as mothers opens in time for CariFringe at the Virginia Street gallery. The show features works by Clive Stuart, Jean-Yves Smith, Jessica Colebrooke, Antonius Roberts, Lillian Blades, Amos Ferguson, Lavar Munroe, Jackson Burnside, Stan Burnside, Max Taylor, Eric Ellis and others.
"Youngie and Exuma: A Celebration of Joseph Spence and Tony McKay"opened at Doongalik Studios and Art Gallery on Village Road on Friday, October 1. An opening reception was held from 6 9 p.m. The show runs for the entire month of October ...

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Ryan Pinder statement on the Central Bank Report

Nassau, Bahamas - This
Free National Movement Government has failed Bahamians in their
governance and management of the financial affairs of The Bahamas
through reckless borrowing, uncontrolled spending and their overall
financial negligence. 

PLP Parliamentary Caucus in their communications on the Budget for this
fiscal year, made note on the inaccuracies of the budget projections.  Specifically,
in my Budget Communication I made note that this Government has had a
trend of inaccurate budget projections- underestimating expenditures and
over estimating revenue. It was pointed out that the most recent
example was last year's Budget where expenditure was 24 million dollars
more than forecasted and revenues were an alarming 94 million dollars
less than projected...

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Travelers looking for an adrenaline rush can find their fix at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort

Nassau, The Bahamas 
- Vacationers longing for a thrill need look no further than the
Nassau Beach Resort and its new Adventure Package*,
available on
bookings of four nights
or more now through November 11, 2010.  With rates from $229 per night,
the Adventure Package offers guests their choice of two complimentary,
unforgettable excursions for two. Hurry - bookings must be made by July


Package's excursion
options include:


Adventure -take a high-speed powerboat ride to Exuma, in the
Islands of The Bahamas, where they

can enjoy lunch on the beach, snorkel, get up close and personal

stingrays, feed the sharks and more;


- interact with friendly dolphins and watch them perform tricks

a waist-deep platform in the warm waters of Nassau;

Flying Cloud

Catamaran - spend a half-day sailing on a 57-foot catamaran,

take some time to snorkel and explore the beautiful Bahamian

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Bahamian Trio Release 2nd Movie'Showtime'

For the Guardian

In a world of violence, deviant behavior and costant negative reports associated with youth, encouraging news of hope and change comes in a heartwarming and positive event produced by young Bahamians with the help of adult mentor Pastor Dave Burrows.
The event is the official Movie release of"Showtime,"the story of a young rap artist who struggles to turn his life around after becoming involved with the dark side of the Hip Hop game.
A series of events in main character"Lil'Weazel's"life causes him to rethink the impact his lyrics are having on young people and the impact his lifestyle is having on him personally. One of the major events ...

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PM outlines govt initiatives against crime

PRIME Minister Hubert Ingraham in a nationally televised press conference yesterday outlined several initiatives he said his administration has implemented to address the issue of violent crime in the country.

"Even as my government continues to work to help provide economic security for Bahamians, we are doing likewise to address national security and well-being. My administration has begun to put in place long-term measures such as the reform of the criminal justice system. We have begun to seriously address the backlog of cases through the provision of personnel and facilities," Prime Minister Ingraham said.


Prime Minister Ingraham further stated, "We are taking ...

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New Providence Events Calendar

Find out what is happening in New Providence. is here to serve the community of The Bahamas. It is our aim to provide positive content. We intend to depict the better-side of life in The Bahamas, and share how Bahamians are indeed people helping people. We provide a venue for Bahamians to feel connected to one another no matter what island of this archipelago

they live on, or even if they now live abroad.

List  your event here for FREE! Contact  

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Ministers pledge help to families of nine detained straw vendors

THE MINISTERS of Education, and Labour and Social Development pledged their assistance yesterday to the families of the nine straw vendors currently being held in the United States.

In a joint statement issued to the media yesterday, Education Minister Desmond Bannister and Labour Minister Dion Foulkes said that their respective ministries are in the process of providing help to the families of the straw vendors here at home.

"The Ministry of Education will offer support and counselling to the children of straw vendors in the school system. The Ministry will continue to monitor their well-being during this difficult time for these children and families.

"Senior officers from the Ministr ...

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Guardian News Editor
With the government pushing a plan to borrow$58 million from a Chinese bank to build a new highway on New Providence, Progressive Liberalâ Party(PLP)MPs intend to use today's debate on the loan resolution to raise the alarm over the growing national debt amid ongoing economic uncertainties.
The most recent Central Bank report placed the national debt at just under$4 billion. Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has said previously that before the end of the current economic downturn, government debt-to-GDP will likely exceed 50 percent.
The Ingraham administration intends to enter into aconcessional loan agreement with the Export-Import ...

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Progressive Liberal Party Statement On Straw Vendors in New York

Nassau, Bahamas - The Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette's remarks about the
arrest of the vendors in New York is unhelpful. A Minister of Foreign
Affairs cannot come off as politically impotent in their situation. When
its citizens are in trouble, they expect that the government will come
to their assistance. Thankfully, the technocrats in Foreign Affairs know
what their job is: to intervene to ensure that there is due process,
that they are being properly treated and have the benefit of all the
rights to which they are entitled. Now is not the time to lecture people
about what they ought to be doing but rather to seek to help in a bad

From what is in the public domain, firstly it is being
said that the Americans conducted a surveillance operation in the
Bahamas which led to the arrest of the individuals...

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