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New Providence Events Calendar

Find out what is happening in New Providence. is here to serve the community of The Bahamas. It is our aim to provide positive content. We intend to depict the better-side of life in The Bahamas, and share how Bahamians are indeed people helping people. We provide a venue for Bahamians to feel connected to one another no matter what island of this archipelago

they live on, or even if they now live abroad.

List  your event here for FREE! Contact  

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Roberts press statement on 'Broke Status' of BEC

Nassau, Bahamas - Enclosed is a Press Statement by

Bradley B Roberts National Chairman Progressive Liberal Party.

The FNM Government Hid the
Indisputable Facts that Contributed to the 'Broke Status' of BEC, Which
They Dare Not Blame on the PLP

The Progressive Liberal Party is once again demanding that Hubert
Ingraham, Minister Earl Deveaux and Jr. Minister Phenton Neymour come
clean on BEC.

When the FNM came to power
in May 2007, they found a thriving, expanding Bahamas Electricity
Corporation, which they have allowed through arrogance and
mismanagement to be brought to its very knees.


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A SECOND teenager attempted to commit suicide the same day a student tried to kill himself on his high school's campus, police said.

Around 10.20pm on Tuesday, a 15-year-old girl slit her wrists and swallowed an excessive number of pills in a bid to end her life, said Press Liaison Officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings.

Police were called to her home in Colony Village and the girl was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Her condition is unknown.

The suicide attempt came just hours after a 15-year-old boy at Anatol Rodgers High School tried to kill himself with a pair of scissors in a administrator's office.

The distraught boy sought help from the administrator around 4pm on Tuesday. A ...

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High hopes of tourism boost from the new National Stadium


Tribune Staff Reporter

TOURISM chiefs are hoping the new National Stadium can help give their industry and the country a much-needed economic boost.

During a site inspection led by project manager for the development, Iram Lewis, Ministry of Tourism officials discussed the variety of opportunities the stadium could create.

They noted that when complete, the stadium will meet the standards of international bodies such as the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association).

The officials said this could open the way for the Bahamas to host a number of different international ...

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Bahamian Trio Release 2nd Movie'Showtime'

For the Guardian

In a world of violence, deviant behavior and costant negative reports associated with youth, encouraging news of hope and change comes in a heartwarming and positive event produced by young Bahamians with the help of adult mentor Pastor Dave Burrows.
The event is the official Movie release of"Showtime,"the story of a young rap artist who struggles to turn his life around after becoming involved with the dark side of the Hip Hop game.
A series of events in main character"Lil'Weazel's"life causes him to rethink the impact his lyrics are having on young people and the impact his lifestyle is having on him personally. One of the major events ...

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Letter: Very grateful for Police presence on Nassau streets

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please allow me to publicly commend the Royal Bahamas Police Force on the order they have brought to the streets of Nassau over the past two weeks.

Since the opening of schools, police officers have successfully calmed the usually-chaotic morning traffic.

The impact of their efforts has been very noticeable and much appreciated.

Motorists no longer have to sit in traffic to no end. Although there is still some waiting, there is no comparison to the waits that are endured when traffic officers are not present.

The public should realise that in directing traffic, police officers help reduce incidents of crime more than one would first recognise. This brings a level ...

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PLP urges deputy PM to assist arrested straw vendors

Guardian News Desk

The Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)has accused Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette of being less than helpful in the effort to assist a group of straw vendors in custody in the United States, accused of conspiracy to traffic counterfeit goods.
"A minister of foreign affairs cannot come off as politically impotent in their situation. When its citizens are in trouble, they expect that the government will come to their assistance,"said the PLP in a statement released yesterday.
Roshanda Rolle, Gayle Rolle, Marva Ferguson, Marvette Ferguson, Patricia Hanna, Shamone Thompson, Margaret Pierre, Judy Duncombe and Tracy Davishave been charged with cons ...

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AIDS Foundation hopes to raise 75K at Red Ribbon Ball

Guardian Staff Reporter
Executives at the AIDS Foundation of The Bahamas are hoping to raise at least$75,000 at this year's ColinaImperial Red Ribbon Ball-the majority of which will be used to fund a program that targets at-risk youth who are infected with the deadly virus.
According to Co-chair of Red Ribbon Ball Sandra Smith, for the past 17 years the gala event has raised over$750,000. She said that money has gone towards funding education and training programs as well as providing medicine to HIV-positive pregnant women.
"In the past we have had success with the ball and this year we're trying to help the kids,"said Smith.
According to Pre ...

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Progressive Liberal Party Statement On Straw Vendors in New York

Nassau, Bahamas - The Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette's remarks about the
arrest of the vendors in New York is unhelpful. A Minister of Foreign
Affairs cannot come off as politically impotent in their situation. When
its citizens are in trouble, they expect that the government will come
to their assistance. Thankfully, the technocrats in Foreign Affairs know
what their job is: to intervene to ensure that there is due process,
that they are being properly treated and have the benefit of all the
rights to which they are entitled. Now is not the time to lecture people
about what they ought to be doing but rather to seek to help in a bad

From what is in the public domain, firstly it is being
said that the Americans conducted a surveillance operation in the
Bahamas which led to the arrest of the individuals...

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Date set for Bishop Fraser sex trial

Guardian Senior Reporter

A date has finally been set for the continuation of Bishop Earl Randolph Fraser's sex trial.
Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell yesterday set aside three days in December for Fraser to present a defense to allegations that he had sex with a teenage member of his Pilgrim Baptist Church, St. James Road, who had come to him for counseling.
Fraser, who plans to take the witness stand and call 25 witnesses, returns to court on December 2, 3, and 14.
Prosecutors allege that Fraser abused his position of trust by beginning the alleged affair with the teenager during counseling sessions from July 2005 to February 2006.

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