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Linkline Services
Secretarial & Typing Services
  • Chesapeake Road
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Linkline Services
Property Management
  • 31B Chesapeake Rd
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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Commonwealth Drug & Medical Supplies
Pharmaceutical Products & Supplies
  • Commonwealth Plaza, East Street South
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
News Article
Switch off that default worry setting

The Bahamas has an enviable reputation for its chilled attitude to life -- making it the ideal holiday destination. However, it's hard not to be anxious due to the global recession, and being a manager is always a stressful occupation.
In his new book "How Not To Worry", Paul McGee aims to eradicate our anxiety and stop us worrying, using his expertise as a psychologist and experience from working for public and private sector organizations, including Glaxo-Smith Kline and National Health Service.
"How Not To Worry" is a concise, humorous and common sense manual to help those poor humans who seem programmed to worry. The author explores the nature of worry, ways to reduce it and why it can sometimes be helpful. The book is split into two sections that utilize McGee's "SUMO" (Shut Up, Move On) format and introduces a new philosophy: "Stop, Understand, Move On".
In section one, we are told to 'Stop, Understand' and challenge our worries to reduce anxiety, or we risk worry becoming our default setting. Then, in section two, McGee examines why we worry, exploring a range of factors such as a lack of influence over change, wallowing in worry and overexposure to "bad news". He shows us how to use a certain degree of worry to spur us on towards constructive action and leave the anxiety behind.
Helpful suggestions to manage worry include making your environment friendly, preparing for impending change, diet, exercise, avoid people who 'escalate' bad news, have realistic expectations, organize and prioritize. This is underpinned by his "Triple A" strategy that includes:
o Awareness about your worries, what are you worrying about.
o Analyze your worries to understand what is within your control.
o Action to address them.
The vital questions are: where is this issue on the scale of one to 10? And how important will it be in six months? There are two types of worry: one that motivates you into taking remedial action and worthless worry about something that might never happen.
Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points, supported with amusing anecdotes and exercises to help us deal with nagging worries. However, this is not therapy and for those requiring professional support other resources are cited.
"How Not To Worry" will appeal to anyone concerned about the increase in work-related stress, absenteeism and wants to contribute to a well-being culture within their organization, protecting that priceless relaxed Caribbean spirit.

o 'How Not To Worry' by Paul McGee
Published Capstone by and available from

o Keith Appleton JP, BA (Hons), N.Dip.M, MInstLM has extensive experience within an academic, managerial and strategic leadership role. He is a member of the UK Institute of Leadership & Management and can be contacted at

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Rebecca Stirm leads the pack on Mission Catwalk Season 2

Kingston, Jamaica
-  Caribbean fashion reality series Mission Catwalk is on its sixth
episode and Belize's Rebecca Stirm, the only contestant to win more than
one challenge since the start of the second season on March 27th- has
copped her third win with a dress designed around the red HIV/AIDS
awareness ribbon.

In Rebecca's design, the ribbon framed a high neckline and continued
down the back of the dress forming a dramatic scoop and crossing at the
lower back.  Rebecca said she wanted to create a look that would portray
strength and courage since HIV is "nothing soft or pretty to face." 
She found the perfect grey jacquard fabric...

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News Article
Team Bahamas displays a gold medal performance

The meals were cooked, the cocktails stirred and the pastries baked. The judges scored every detail of the "Taste of the Caribbean" culinary competition that led to The Bahamas picking up a bunch of medals with Chef Sheldon Tracey Sweeting leading the way picking up a gold medal at the recent regional competition in Florida.
Sweeting presented the judges with chocolate with Caribbean flavors in white, dark chocolate, lime and passion fruit Bavarian, banana ice cream, caramel, white chocolate, cream cheese, ganache, chocolate cake, spiced mango sauce, ginger pudding, buttered chocolate rumble, cinnamon tuille. His dessert was given a perfect score.
"It feels good," said Sweeting of the win. "It was six months of hard work, a lot of trial and error and refinement," he said. "I just wanted to make our country proud with it being our 40th anniversary."
The gold medal haul for The Bahamas amounted to four -- the Caribbean national team segment, culinary student, Dwayne Sinclair's gold medal in the junior chef of the year category and Jamal Small's gold medal and the win in the beef competition, along with Sweeting's pastry gold.
The team returned home with three silver medals --Emmanuel Gibson in the chef of the year contest; Charon McKenzie in the bartender of the year competition; and Ron Johnson in the cheesecake competition.
Three bronze medals were also in the haul, from Ancilleno Solomon in the ice carving competition; Ron Johnson in the seafood competition and a team bronze in the mystery basket rum competition.
The Bahamas also won the best use of chocolate award and the Tony Mack Spirit of the Competition award.
"We cleaned up a lot of awards. I thought we were going to win," said Sweeting. He said this year's results were the best by a Bahamian team in the 27-year history of the competition.
Barbados was crowned Caribbean Culinary Team of the Year. The highest individual honors were bestowed upon Jamaican Brian Lumley (Caribbean Chef of the Year); Puerto Rico's Roberto Rodriguez (Caribbean Bartender of the Year); Sweeting (Caribbean Pastry Chef of the Year) and Trinidad & Tobago's Naomi Lovell (Caribbean Junior Chef of the Year).
The competition was held at the Hyatt Regency in Miami.

The list of winners
Winner -- Barbados
Gold medals -- Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago
Silver medals -- Anguilla, Curacao, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Suriname, USVI
Bronze medals -- Bonaire

Chef of the year
Winner -- Brian Lumley, Jamaica
Gold medal -- Brian Lumley, Jamaica
Silver medals -- Lester Gumbs, Anguilla; Emmanuel Gibson, Bahamas; Andre Nurse, Barbados; Adriyel Lourens, Curacao; Joel Rodriguez, Puerto Rico; Jethro Daniel Wirth, Suriname; and Dennis Vanterpool, USVI.
Bronze medals -- Robertico Bernabela, Bonaire; Jeremy Lovell, Trinidad & Tobago

Bartender of the year
Winner -- Puerto Rico
Gold medals -- Roberto Rodriguez, Puerto Rico; Clinton Ramdhan, Trinidad & Tobago; Brandon DeCloux, USVI.
Silver medals -- Levon Richardson, Anguilla, Charon McKenzie, Bahamas, Rohan Hackshaw, Barbados, Tarimar Thom, Bonaire, Glenn Kemp, Curacao, Melissa Fletcher, Jamaica and Michel Marlon Blackson, Suriname.

Pastry chef of the year
Winner -- Sheldon Tracey Sweeting, Bahamas
Gold medals -- Sheldon Tracey Sweeting, Bahamas; Eric "Bernie" Burrell III, USVI
Silver medals -- Lashaunda Davis, Anguilla; Julian Broome, Barbados; Pablo Colon, Puerto Rico and Cheryl-Ann Shortt Charles, Trinidad & Tobago.
Bronze medals -- Lincoln Peterkin, Jamaica; Giovanni Ismael Asmo, Suriname.
Honorary mention -- Junior Janga, Bonaire; Carlos Anthonij, Curacao

Junior chef of the year
Winner -- Naomi Lovell, Trinidad & Tobago
Gold medals -- Dwayne Sinclair, Bahamas; Javon Cummins, Barbados, Naomi Lovell, Trinidad & Tobago
Silver medals -- Mtima Daniels, Anguilla, Ashohary Juliana, Curacoa; Jay Samuda-Thomas, Jamaica; Julio Lamberty, Puerto Rico; Vanina Candes Tjon a Tjoen, Suriname
Bronze medals -- Giovannie Veld, Bonaire; Ilejah Crabbe, USVI

Ice carving competition
Silver medal and ice carver of the year -- Hamac Palms, Jamaica
Bronze medals -- Ancilleno Solomon, Bahamas; Dwight Cross, Jamaica

Seafood competition
Winner -- Nathan Crichlow, Barbados; Sherwin Alexander, Suriname
Silver medals -- Laureen Anique Perkins, Anguilla; Gian Stewart, Jamaica; Rochelle Grindley, Jamaica; Jeremy Lovell, Trinidad & Tobago
Bronze medals -- Ron Johnson, Bahamas; Shanot Ocalia, Curacao; Joel Rodriguez, Puerto Rico; Gary Klinefelter,USVI

Beef competition
Gold medal and winner -- Jamal Small, Bahamas
Silver medals -- Kenneth Whittington, Barbados; Adriyel Lourens, Curacao; Randy O'Brien Smith, Suriname; Adrian Cumberbatch, Trinidad & Tobago; Dennis Vanterpool, USVI.
Bronze medals -- Claudio Gumbs, Anguilla; Dwight Cross, Jamaica; Angel Santiago, Puerto Rico

Rums of Puerto Rico Mystery Basket Competition
Gold medals -- Puerto Rico; USVI
Silver medals -- Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, USVI
Bronze medals -- Anguilla, Bahamas, Bonaire, Curacao, Jamaica, Suriname

Cheesecake competition
Winner -- Teresa Clarke, Jamaica
Gold medals -- Carlos Antonij, Curacao; Teresa Clarke, Jamaica; Pablo Colon, Puerto Rico; Janelle Olliviere, Trinidad & Tobago
Silver medals -- Ron Johnson, Bahamas; Julian Broome, Barbados; Michael Harrison, Barbados; Rochelle Grindley, Jamaica
Bronze medals -- Giovanni Asmo, Suriname; George Sittig,USVI
Honorary mention -- Norison Conquet, Bonaire

Taste of the islands -- Best team
Winner -- Trinidad & Tobago
Taste of the islands -- People's choice
Winner -- Puerto Rico
Best use of chocolate
Winner -- Bahamas (Chocolate with Caribbean flavors) -- white, dark chocolate, lime and passion fruit Bavarian, banana ice cream, caramel, white chocolate, cream cheese, ganache, chocolate cake, spiced mango sauce, ginger pudding, buttered chocolate rumble, cinnamon tuile)

Best use of Certified Angus Beef
Winner -- Nathan Chriclow

Hans Schenck Commemorative Award for Most Innovative Menu Utilizing Indigenous Ingredients
Winner -- Bonaire (Fresh mango mousse topped carrot cake served with candied red pepper and spicy smoked mango salad, red pepper paint and cocoa tulle sticks)

Most Impressive/Creative Menu for a Gastronomy Event
Winner -- Anguilla

Best vodka drink
Winner -- Trinidad & Tobago

Best non-alcoholic drink
Winner -- Puerto Rico

Most Creative Cocktail
Winner -- Chutney Bacchanal, Barbados

Tony Mack Spirit of the Competition
Winner -- Bahamas

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Finco-Finance Corporation Of Bahamas Limited
  • Finco Bankline
  • Freeport
  • Grand Bahama, Bahamas
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Mr Music
Sound Systems Consultants & Equipment,Music Teachers
  • Jean St & Hillside Pk
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
Darling Companion
  • Genre : Drama
  • Rating :

The story of a woman who loves her dog more than her husband. And then her husband loses the dog....

News Article
Atlantis commits to continuing sponsorship of Roots
Atlantis commits to continuing sponsorship of Roots

Representatives from the executive body of the Roots Junkanoo group paid a special visit to Atlantis, Paradise Island recently to meet with President & Managing Director George Markantonis and SVP for Public Affairs and Retail Ed Fields...

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