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Laing: Govt not in talks with Harcourt Group

No new developments have surfaced on the status of the Royal Oasis Hotel, according to State Minister for Finance Zhivargo Laing, despite a report saying the government is in talks with the Harcourt Development Company. Laing told Guardian Business yesterday that any information suggesting that the government is in discussions with the Irish-based group isn’t accurate, and no form of communication has been made. “There are no changes in this area; I don’t know where this information is coming from,” Laing said. “No changes in that situation at all.” His comments come after a report from Timeshares Daily claimed that Laing is in talks with the ...

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Documentary Film Producers seek information / photos of Harcourt Brown of Bimini

Hollywood producers of a documentary on Prohibition in South Florida is looking for any
relatives of Harcourt Brown of Bimini Island in The Bahamas who might be able to talk about the role
Chalk Airlines played during those years.

They are also seeking any old photos or artifacts from the Prohibition era as well.

was a time when Pappy Chalk founder of Chalk Airlines and a gentleman
from Bimini, Harcourt Brown, would work as a team to import rum from the
Bahamas into the U.S.  The net result of the whole operation was that
Chalk's became the first regularly scheduled airline to operate in the
U.S. starting in 1919.

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Mifflin Harcourt International Publishers donate books to MICAL District

Nassau, Bahamas - Ms. Clare Symonette, local
representative for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt International Publishers presented
Minister of Education, The Honourable T. Desmond with 1200 textbooks, teaching and other educational materials for primary
schools in the MICAL District that were impacted by Hurricane Irene. Ms. Symonette in presenting the materials to
Minister Bannister noted that Houghton Mifflin Harcourt International
Publishers' partnership with the Ministry has existed for some forty-five (45)
years. She further stated that when it came to their
attention that the MICAL schools had lost all of their materials in the hurricane,
they were pleased to assist them in restoring their school's operation...

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Harcourt eyeing sale of Royal Oasis


Business Reporter

Harcourt Developments, the Irish-based property development company that bought the Royal Oasis hotel in Freeport in 2007, may be in talks to sell the property, the Minister of Tourism and Aviation said yesterday.

Having announced in late 2008 that the economic climate meant it would have to postpone its redevelopment plans for the damaged hotel and former major Grand Bahama employer, Vincent Vanderpool Wallace told Tribune Business yesterday that Harcourt continues to maintain it is not in a position to move ahead with the resort.

"The last time (the Government) heard directly from them was probably about two or three months ag ...

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Harcourt Big Boy McKenzie, 90

Funeral service for Harcourt "Big Boy" McKenzie, 90 of Rolleville, Exuma, who died on Monday, July 19, 2010 will be held on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, East Shirley Street. Officiating will be Fr. Mario Conliffe, assisted by Rev'd Willish Johnson. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens.

Precious Memories will forever live in the hearts of his Wife: Eloise Rolle-McKenzie; One Son: Chester McKenzie; One Daughter: Henrietta McKenzie; One Brother: Clifton McKenzie; One Sister: Carrie J. Rolle; Nine Grandchildren: Gordon McKenzie, Kenrick Thompson, Davina, Ramona, Police Constable 1767 Donovan, Marine Seaman 2965 Dorrian, Dana, Dom ...

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Kids learn that water is a precious resource

For 100 of the top fourth and fifth grade science students from 25 elementary schools around New Providence, it was an exciting day of learning about the importance of water and what they can do to help conserve the precious resource.

RBC Royal Bank in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers hosted the first Blue Water Summit under the theme "Every Drop Matters".

"Everything we do depends on water in some way," said Nathaniel Beneby, Jr., president and country head of RBC in The Bahamas. "Yet, lack of access to clean fresh water is one the major threats to human health and economic development around the world."

In The Bahamas, RBC supports several important water-related projects, including educational programs through the Bahamas National Trust and clean-up efforts of several blue holes in Andros in partnership with the Andros Conservancy and Trust.

Beneby said the summit is further extending RBC's commitment to water-related issues, by getting youth involved and building awareness of water conservancy. The summit was held on RBC's global Blue Water Day, a day set aside to celebrate RBC's 10-year, $50 million global commitment to protecting this essential natural resource.

"We are pleased to partner with RBC on the Blue Water Summit," said Clare Symmonett, area sales director, Bahamas, from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers. "Water preservation is an important topic, one that we believe will resonate with young people across The Bahamas."

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt arranged for Dr. Maria Schwarz, an international science consultant, to deliver an interactive presentation to the students about water. Following the presentation, the children toured Atlantis Resort, participating in the resort's learning program for children.

"In The Bahamas, we have a special connection to this cause. We continually face the challenge of providing clean, fresh water to our citizens," said Minister for the Environment, Earl Deveaux. "By investing in water-related causes, RBC is promoting economic development around the world."

RBC initiated the Blue Water Project in 2007 in recognition that water is the lifeblood of the planet. Since then, RBC has committed more than $28 million to more than 400 organizations worldwide. "The goal of RBC's Blue Water Project is to promote sustainable water use and create an understanding of the value and vulnerability of our water resources," said Jan Knowles, regional manager, RBC Royal Bank. "We look forward to working with our clients and communities to get involved to make a difference in conserving water and promoting fresh water projects."

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New interest in Royal Oasis

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama - According to Minster of State in the Ministry of Finance Zhivargo Laing, the Harcourt Group - owners of the Royal Oasis Resort - is having discussions with others who have an interest the property, which has stood dormant since September 2004.
“My understanding is that the Harcourt Group is having discussions with others who have an interest in the property and that those discussions continue, that is as much as I know,” Laing said.
While many have hoped for the reopening of the resort to stir life back into the Grand Bahama economy, Laing said that if some of the interest that he has seen materializes, it will bode well for that property, “if it ...

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Farrington retires as president of BHEA

After 31 years of service, J. Barrie Farrington, CBE retired as President of the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association (BHEA). The announcement was made today at the tri-annual meeting of the BHEA, attended by leading figures in the hotel sector and Director of Labour and Registrar of Trade Unions Harcourt V. Brown.
Robert D.L. Sands, Senior Vice President of Baha Mar, was elected to replace Mr. Farrington as President of the BHEA.
In his remarks, Mr. Farrington noted the importance of bringing young leadership to the forefront, ensuring that the organization is maintained and strengthened.
Mr. Farrington's resignation ended an era of remarkable development for the BHEA in industrial relations in the Hotel and Tourism sectors. Many leaders of the hospitality sector have known no person in the role of the association's president. It is widely credited with having laid down the guiding template for the conduct of the affairs of the association and many matters of the industry, particularly those within the sphere of industrial relations. Those who sat at the hotel sector's negotiation tables can attest to the fact that a new standard was set in industrial relations during Mr. Farrington's tenure.
Under Mr. Farrington's presidency this employer/union relationship operated on various levels, but always on a basis of mutual respect. An example of the effectiveness of the environment thus created was the establishment of a joint investment committee, which allows representatives from the management pension fund and the union pension fund to sit in one room and discuss investment opportunities and matters that are mutually beneficial to both pension funds. This unique and pragmatic approach does not exist in any other industry or union-employer relationship in The Bahamas.
Mr. Farrington is also admired for his effectiveness on a human level. His warm and reassuring manner, made it possible for him to forge relationships with labor leaders that helped to soften or remove the edge from their roles as adversaries at the negotiating table.
As this was the final meeting chaired by the veteran, he paid special tribute to individuals whose contributions were instrumental in the development of the association through the synergy of working relations; namely Michael C Reckley, executive vice president of BHEA, Robert D L Sands, senior vice president of BHEA and members of the association's executive committee.
Although there is still a long list of things to be accomplished by the association, Mr. Farrington said he was optimistic that these could be achieved through much perseverance within the industrial relations management framework of the industry. He thanked all for allowing him to serve in the capacity of President of the Bahamas Hotel Employers' Association and wished all good fortune.
Newly elected president, Robert D.L. Sands, served as senior vice president for BHEA for 22 years. He thanked all for their confidence in him and, in particular, Mr. Farrington for his tutelage and the valuable contributions he made to the BHEA. He referred to him as the 'glue' that has held the association together for many years. He also praised him as a 'steady-as-she-goes', level headed leader with a wealth of knowledge that has helped to guide and stabilize the association and the industry over the past 31 years.

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What is the Cancer Caring Center

The Cancer Caring Center (CCC) is a 10 room, fully furnished, residential facility attached to the headquarters of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas (CSOB ) on East Terrace, between Harcourt (Rusty) Bethel Drive and Fourth Terrace in Centreville.  Each room contains twin beds and an en-suite bath to accommodate 10 patients and 10 accompanying care-givers.  Accommodations are provided free-of-charge to cancer-stricken Family Island residents when they have to relocate to New Providence for cancer treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiation).
Whenever space permits, accommodations are also made available, at a nominal fee of $30 per day per room, to cancer-stricken individuals and their caregivers from neighboring Caribbean countries who travel to New Providence for cancer treatment.
The CCC does not provide meals for patients, and there is no provision on premises for cooking.  There is a dining room/kitchen, which is equipped with a microwave, coffee/ tea makers and toaster(s), as well as a refrigerator.  Each room is assigned a shelf in the fridge for storing perishable items.  Additionally, each room is assigned a small locker, with a key, in the dining room, for the storage of dry food items.
Laundry facilities are also located on premises for the patients.  There is a $1 per load charge for the washer; there is presently no charge for the dryer.  Patients provide their own detergent.
The CSOB provides free transportation for patients in the following instances: To and from their doctor's appointment or treatment facility; and a twice weekly shopping trip for patients and/or their caregivers to procure needed items.
During 2010, a total of 149 patients called the CCC home for varying periods of the year.  Of this total, 30 or 20 percent were new patients and the remaining 119 were repeat patients.  Of the 149 admissions, 19 or 13 percent were non-Bahamian citizens/residents from Antigua & Barbuda (11), Barbados (2), Grand Cayman (3) and Turks & Caicos (3).
Of the 130 Bahamian admissions, 67 or 51 percent were from the Island of Grand Bahama; 19 or 15 percent were from Andros; 18 or 14 percent were from Eleuthera; 12 or nine percent were from Exuma; seven or five percent were from Abaco.  Inagua, Cat Island and Crooked Island had four, two and one respectively.
Cancer, as we well know in The Bahamas, has no respecter of age, sex, race or denomination.  It is an equal opportunity attacker.  The CCC has been a melting pot as all groups and ages have been temporary residents over the years.  The oldest resident to date has been a Bahamian of 75.  The youngest, a 16-month old toddler from Antigua for a two-month period  receiving radiation therapy for kidney cancer.   She is presently doing well and attends pre-school in her native country.
Female patients have been far more predominant over the years, and the most common diagnosis has been breast cancer, followed by colon and cervical cancers.  Amazingly, in an age where cancer of the cervix can be prevented by regular screening, which the CSOB provides freely for uninsured residents, women are still being admitted to the CCC with a diagnosis of stage four of this preventable disease.
The CSOB is committed to, and spends considerable effort, funds and time on its primary objective, education for the prevention, early detection and effective treatment of various forms of cancers.  Despite years of active field work, a significant number of Bahamians are still being diagnosed with advanced stage cancer.
Centre supervisor Gloria Hanna says that at the top of her wish list is for people to be admitted before stage four.  She says early detection through early screening makes a difference.
A stay at the CCC is not all about treatment and doctor visits.  There are wonderful times of fellowship and fun as well.  For example, on Monday evenings a team from The Evangelistic Temple meet with the patients for a night of fellowship.  The Support Group meets the first and third Wednesday of each month in the Abaco Room at the CSOB.  One meeting each month is always a dedicated fun night which could take the form of games, dancing or movies, and in true-true Bahamian style, is always accompanied with delicious food.
If you would like to know more about the Cancer Caring Centre, or would like to contribute to the work of the CSOB, or wish to volunteer with the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, please call 323-4441 or 323-4482.  You may also email at:; or visit the Web Site: or

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The Director of Labour Atteds Workshop in Dominican Republic
The Director of Labour Atteds Workshop in Dominican Republic

The Director of Labour for The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Mr. Harcourt Brown attended an Organisation of American States Workshop held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on the 27th of July, 2010.

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