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Bahamian wanted for murder arrested in the U.S.

Guardian Senior Reporter
Police in Pennsylvania have arrested a man wanted in The Bahamas in connection with a five-year-old murder case.
Jason Reuben Marshall, 30, who police want to question in connection with a 2005 homicide, was arrested on a simple assault charge October 2 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
According toThe Associated Press,at the time police made checks to see if there were any outstanding warrants against Marshall they discovered he was wanted in The Bahamas.
In 2005, the Central Detective Unit(CDU)issued an all-points bulletin for Marshall. Police wanted to question him in connection with the murder of Fabian Joffer.
When contacted yest ...

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Field Events
In an effort to provide complete coverage and insight to all of the events in the recent World Championships it was decided that the track and field events should have been separated. This was a great and exciting championship for field events. For those true track and field fans who make the effort to travel to a World Championships, the competition in these Daegu Championships did not disappoint.
We saw the best of the world with athletes rising to the occasion to make their statements in going beyond where they had ever gone before and reaching the top of the medal podium.
Here follows an event-by-event analysis of the field events.
High Jump
In the qualifying round, 10 athletes made the standard of 2.31 meters (m). They included Darwin Edwards of St. Lucia who did a National Record, Jessie Williams of the United States, Donald Thomas of The Bahamas, Jaroslav Baba of The Czech Republic, Dmytro Dem'Yanyuk of the Ukraine, Dimitrios Chondroukoukis of Greece, Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar, Ivan Ukhov and Aleksandr Shustov of Russia, and Zhang Guowel of China.
Aleksey Dmitrik of Russia, Trevor Barry of The Bahamas, and Raul Spank of Germany were the other athletes added to make up the field. They jumped 2.28m.
In the final, Thomas, Edwards and Dem'Yanyuk cleared only 2.20m and missed 2.25m and were eliminated from the competition.
Trevor Barry of The Bahamas had jumped 2.29m three times prior and decided there was no benefit in attempting the next height, 2.29m. Barry then attempted 2.32m, a height he had never cleared before. He did it on his first attempt. Baba and Williams did the same. Dmitrik made it on his second attempt and Ukhov, Chondrokoukis, and Barshim made it on their third attempts.
Williams made 2.35m on his first attempt and Dmitrik on his second. Williams went home with the gold and Dmitrik the silver.
Since Barry had made a gamble on skipping 2.29m he had fewer attempts and was awarded the bronze medal. Barry is the third Bahamian High Jumper to medal in the World Championships. Troy Kemp won the gold medal in Gothenburg in 1995 and Donald Thomas the gold in 2007.
Pole Vault
In the qualifying round, athletes were requested to clear 5.70m. None were able to clear this height. In the final, Poland's Pawel Wojciechowski and Cuba's Lazaro Borges cleared a world-leading 5.90m. Lazaro used more attempts and received the silver medal. France's Renaud Lavillenie, who had jumped this height in Monaco in July, cleared 5.85m for the bronze.
Long Jump
Only defending champion Dwight Phillips of the United States of America (USA) and world leader Mitchell Watt of Australia were able to jump the automatic qualifying standard. Irvin Saladino of Panama, the Osaka and Beijing Champion, Ghana's Ignisious Gaisah, World Indoor Champion of 2006, and Raymond Higgs of The Bahamas were among those unable to advance to the final round.
Saladino jumped 7.84m and Higgs, who turned 20 in January, jumped 7.72m. In the final, Phillips cleared a season best of 8.45m on his second attempt. Watt jumped 8.33m, and Zimbabwe's Ngonidzashe Makusha finished third with a jump of 8.29m. The NCAA Outdoor Champion of 2008 and Outdoor Champion of 2011 attends Florida State.
Triple Jump
This was probably the most exciting Triple Jump competition since 1995 in Gothenburg when Jonathan Edwards set the current World Record. The event was held on the final day of competition and had lots of sparks. In the competition were Christian Olsson, the 2003 World Champion and 2004 Olympic Champion, Walter Davis, the 2005 World Champion, Nelson Evora, the 2007 World Champion and 2008 Olympic Champion, and Phillips Idowu, the 2009 World Champion.
Davis was unable to advance to the final. This was also the fate of Romania's Marian Oprea and Cuba's Arnie David Girat, both of whom had medaled previously. The automatic qualifying standard was 17.10m with seven athletes attaining it.
In the final, Idowu jumped 17.56m in the first round. The USA's Will Claye, who was a finalist in the Long Jump, took over with a Personal Best of 17.50m.
In the fourth round, Christian Taylor of the USA, who had qualified with a 16.99m jump, was energized and set a Personal Best and world leading performance of 17.96m, the fifth best jump of all-time. Only Edwards, 18.29m, Kenny Harrison, 18.09m, Teddy Tamgho, 17.98m, and Willie Banks, 17.97m, are better.
Idowu followed with 17.77m, a seasonal best. Cuba's Alexis Copello finished in fourth place with a best jump of 17.47m, Portugal's Evora in fifth with a best of 17.35m, a season best, Sweden's Olsson sixth with a jump of 17.23m, and The Bahamas' Leevan Sands seventh with a season's best of 17.21m.
Olsson had been making a comeback these last two seasons after being injured. Tamgho was injured earlier in the season and was not entered in the competition. It would have been interesting to see how the competition would have been if Tamgho had competed. After his final jump, Claye, the bronze medalist, took up his bible and showed it to the crowd, indicating that it was the reason for his success.
Shot Put
As usual, the USA's Christian Cantwell, Reese Hoffa, and Adam Nelson were in the mix in the qualifying round.
Germany's David Storl did a Personal Best of 21.50m in the qualifying round and topped it with a 21.78m throw in the final for the gold. Armstrong won the silver with a throw of 21.64m. Belarus' Andrei Mikhnevich won the bronze medal with a throw of 21.40m. Cuba's Carlos V'eliz, who celebrated his 24th birthday two weeks before the opening of the championships, was 12th in the final with a throw of 19.70m.
Discus Throw
No athlete made the automatic qualifying mark of 65.50m. Hungary's Zoltan Kovago had the world leading throw of 69.50m but did not finish in the top 12 to advance to the final. From the region, Cuba's Jorge Y. Fernandez advanced to the final with a toss of 64.94m. Jamaica's Jason Morgan threw 61.75m but was unable to advance.
In the final, Germany's Robert Hartig, the defending champion, threw 68.97m for the gold medal. Estonia's Gerd Kanter managed 66.95m for the silver medal and Ireland's Ehsan Hadadi won bronze with a 66.08m toss. Cuba's Fernandez finished eighth with a throw of 63.54m.
Javelin Throw
Norway's Andreas Thorkildsen had the world's leading performance of 90.61m. The automatic qualifying mark was 82.50m which was done by just two athletes, Guillermo Martinez of Cuba and Dmitri Tarabin of Russia. Fiji had an athlete Leslie Copeland attempting to qualify. He threw 76.57m.
In the final, Germany's Matthias De Zordo threw 86.27m in the first round which remained the winning throw. Martinez threw 84.30m in the first round which earned him the bronze medal. Thorkildsen threw his best, 84.78m, in the fourth round for the silver medal. He was the defending champion from Berlin and won both the Beijing and Athens Olympics.
Hammer Throw
Japan's Koji Murofushi had the best qualifying mark, 78.56m. He went on to capture the gold medal with an 81.24m throw, a season's best. Hungary's Krisztian Pars finished second with a throw of 81.18m and Slovenia's Primoz Kozmus earned the bronze with a throw of 79.39m. There were just two athletes from the North America, Central America, and Caribbean Area Athletics Association (NACAC) but none made the final. One of the oldest in the competition, Murofushi, won the 2001 Edmonton World Championships and the 2004 Athens Olympics.

High Jump
All 12 women made the qualifying standard of 1.95m. Russia's Anna Chicherova had the world leading performance of 2.07m, done July 22, her birthday. Venezuela's Marielys Rojas cleared 1.85m for a season's best. Nigeria's Doreen Amata cleared 1.95m to advance.
The defending champion Blanka Vlasic from Croatia battled with Chicherova for the lead. Both jumped 2.03m but Vlasic needed more attempts. The Russian therefore was awarded the gold. Italy's Antoinetta Di Martino jumped 2.00m for the bronze medal.
Pole Vault
No athlete cleared the automatic 4.60m qualifying mark. Brazilian Fabiana Murer set a new South American record of 4.85m to win the championship. Germany's Martina Strutz jumped 4.80m for a German National record. Former champion Russian Svetlana Feofanova cleared 4.75m for a season's best.
The USA's Jennifer Suhr, who had the world leading performance at 4.91 finished in fourth place with a jump of 4.70m. Cuba's Yarisley Silva finished in fifth place with a new National Record of 4.70m. World record holder Elena Isinbaeva finished sixth with a 4.65m jump and looked forward to performing better at the London Olympics.
Long Jump
Only five athletes were able to make the automatic qualifying standard of 6.75m. Defending champion Brittney Reese from the USA jumped 6.82m in the first round and fouled her next five jumps. Her 6.82m was enough to win the gold.
Russia's Olga Kucherenko jumped 6.77m in both the fourth and sixth rounds, winning the silver. On her final attempt, Latvia's Ineta Radevica stretched out to 6.76m, a season's best which was good enough for the bronze. Sweden's Carolina Kluft finished in fifth place with a jump of 6.56m.
Osaka champion Nadia Gomes from Portugal finished in 10th place with a 6.26m jump and Brazil's Maureen Higa Maggi, the Beijing Olympic Champion, finished in 11th place after fouling her first two jumps in the final.
From the region, Bahamian Bianca Stuart had the best performance, jumping 6.44m in the qualifying round. Stuart had established a new Bahamian National Record of 6.81m five weeks previously at the Sr. Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Championships. This was Stuart's first senior competition on the world level.
Jamaican Jovanee Jarrett jumped 6.19m and The British Virgin Island's Chantel Malone jumped 6.12m. Shara Proctor, formerly from Anguilla, jumped 6.34m on her last attempt, after fouling her first two jumps. Proctor moved her allegiance to Great Britain to be eligible to compete in the Olympics. Anguilla has no National Olympic Committee. She finished sixth at the Berlin Championships.
Triple Jump
The world leading marks were held by Cuba's Yargeris Savigne and Colombia's Caterine Ibarguen at 14.99m. Only three athletes made the automatic qualifying mark of 14.45m. From the region, Cuba's Yariana Martinez jumped 14.07m, Jamaica's Kimberly Williams jumped 14.06m, and Cuba's Dallenys Alcantara jumped 13.78m.
In the final, The Ukraine's Olha Saladuha won with a jump of 14.94m, Kazakstan's Olga Rypakova finished second with a 14.89m jump, and Colombia's Ibarguen finished in third with a jump of 14.84m.
Finishing in fourth, fifth, and sixth were Cuba's Mable Gay at 14.67m, a Personal Best for 2011, former Cuban and Sudanese Yamile Aldama at 14.50m a season's best, and former two-time champion Savigne at 14.43m. Gay did her best on her fifth attempt and Adalma and Savigne their best on their first attempt.
Adalma had been born in Cuba, moved to Britain, then to Sudan, and back to Britain. She celebrated her 39th birthday two weeks before the opening of the championships. The defending champion Savigne was hurt, fouled her second and third jumps, and discontinued jumping.
Shot Put
The automatic qualifying standard was 18.68m and all 12 athletes made it. New Zealand's Valerie Adams, the defending champion, threw 19.79m in her first attempt. The second best qualifier was China's Lijiao Gong who threw 19.21m. Trinidad and Tobago's Cleopatra Borel-Brown qualified at 18.95m. Surprisingly there were no Cubans in the competition.
In the final, Adams tied the championships record of 21.24m done by France's Natalya Lisovskaya in Rome in 1987. Belarus' Nadzeya Ostapchuk had the previous world lead at 20.94m. She finished in second at 20.05m. The USA's J. Camerena-Williams threw 20.02m for third. Borel-Brown managed a throw of 17.62m for 13th on her second throw.
Discus Throw
Only five athletes made the automatic qualifying standard of 62.00m. China's Yanfeng Li threw 66.52m on her second attempt for the victory. Germany's Nadine Muller made it to 65.97m on her second attempt for the silver medal, and Cuba's Yarelys Barrios threw 65.73m on her first attempt for the bronze medal.
The defending champion Stephanie Brown-Trafton settled for fifth with a throw of 63.85m. Cuban Denia Caballero finished in ninth with a throw of 60.73m. The Ivory Coast had Kazal Suzanne Kragbe throw 57.55m in the qualifying round and India had Harwant Kaur who threw 56.49m in the qualifying round.
Javelin Throw
Only five athletes did not make the automatic qualifying standard of 61.00m. In the final, Russia's Maria Abakumova threw a championships record of 71.99m on her fifth attempt. Barbara Sportakova of the Czech Republic, the World record holder at 72.28m, threw 71.58m for the silver medal. Sunette Viljoen of South Africa threw an Area record of 68.38m for the bronze medal.
Hammer Throw
Eight athletes made the automatic qualifying standard of 71.00m. Germany's Betty Heidler had the world lead at 79.42m. In the final, Wenxiu Zhang took the lead with a 75.03m throw on her first attempt. In the third round, Russia's Tatyana Lysenko threw 77.13m for a season's best that was not topped. Cuba's Ypsi Moreno, a multiple past champion, threw 74.48m for third place. In the fifth round, Heidler threw 76.06m for the silver medal. Moreno fouled on her last three attempts with the final one going into the net.
Unlike the track events fans get to see field event athletes do three or six attempts in the final, whereas there is only one race for the track events. They have an opportunity to see leads change numerous times in the competition. This certainly makes it very exciting. We hope we have been able to transmit some of that excitement. Next week we will do a detailed analysis of the track and multi-events.

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Drive Angry (3D)
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Thriller
  • Rating : C - 18yrs and Older

A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter....

News Article
Arts Calendar

The Gallery at Old Fort Bay presents artwork by Andros artist Judith Papillon, including paintings and sculptures from her "COCO" collection. The work will be on display today, Saturday, May 25 12:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Raffle to benefit the Bahamas Humane Society.
"Meet the Artist: Netica Symonette", a book signing and exhibition with Netica Symonette, takes place Sunday, May 26 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Doongalik Studios Art Gallery. For more information, call 394-1886 or visit
"Design", new works by Lemero Wright, opens Friday, May 31 at 6 p.m. at The Ladder Gallery, New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road. For more information, visit or telephone 327-1660. This exhibition will be open until June 28.
"Beg, Borrow, Steal", new work by Bahama Woodstarr, opens Friday, May 31 at 5 p.m. at Liquid Courage Gallery in Palmdale.
"Catch Ya Sef", original portraits celebrating Bahamian icons by Matthew Wildgoose, opened Thursday, May 23 at the Balmoral Club. Ed Moxey and the Boys will also be performing at the opening.
"Surfaces", new work by Jonathan Bethel, opened Friday, May 24 at 7 p.m. at the Windsor Room of the British Colonial Hilton hotel. To R.S.V.P., call 324-6213 or email
"From Versus Function: Contemporary Art Quilts", featuring five artists and quilters, opened Monday, May 20 at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. This exhibition closes on Tuesday, June 25. For more information, visit, email or call 328-5800/1.
"Art for Hope", a silent auction and cocktail reception, will be held Friday, May 31, 6:30-10 p.m. at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Featured artists include Bernard Petit, Yvette Rolle, Jessica Colebrook, Clifford Fernander, Allan Pachino Wallace, Alistair Stevenson, Kishan Munroe, Dawnita Fry, Trevor Tucker, Dion Lewis, Fabian Fountain, Toby Lunn, Paul Hennis, Makario Gibson, Neko Meicholas, Lemero Wright, William Munroe, Abby Smith and Cydne. Tickets are $30. For more information, call 325-9326 and email
"life on my island", original patterns and paintings by Fash|Art 2012 Jackson Burnside III Visual Artist Competition Winner Attila Feszt, opens Thursday, June 13 at Doongalik Studios Art Gallery. For more information, visit
"Artisan", featuring work by Jan Elliott, Jenny Guy and Muck Guy, continues at the Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery. Admission is free.
"Disrobed", currently on display at the D'Aguilar Foundation, showcases work exploring the beauty of the unclothed human form. This exhibition closes on Tuesday, June 11. The gallery is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, telephone 322-2323 or 357-9263 or email
"A New Direction: Mother & Child III", new work by Jessica and Erin Colebrook, continues at Hillside House. This exhibition ends Friday, May 31. For more information, visit
"Interkosmos", new work by British artists Rory and Ella McCartney, continues at Liquid Courage Galley in Palmdale. The exhibition closes on Thursday, May 30. For more information, visit
"JAB: A look at Trinidad's Traditional Carnival", paintings by Maria Govan and photos and video installation by Maria Govan and Abigail Hadeed, continues at Popopstudios International Center for the Visual Arts. This project and exhibition is supported by The D'Aguilar Foundation. For more information, call 322-7834 or visit
"The John Beadle Project", new work by John Beadle, continues at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. For more information, visit, email or call 328-5800/1.
"Master Artists of The Bahamas" continues at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Featured Artists are John Beadle, Jackson Burnside, Stan Burnside, John Cox, Amos Ferguson, Kendal Hanna, Brent Malone, Eddie Minnis, Antonius Roberts, Dave Smith and Max Taylor. For more information, visit, email or call 328-5800/1.
"Responsible Faith" continues at The Ladder Gallery, New Providence Community Centre, Blake Road. Artists will paint on 55-gallon metal drums, which will be exhibited and then donated to community parks. The drum covers will be used to create wall art for a permanent collection at The Ladder Gallery. Some will also be sold to benefit ACE Diabetes.
"SINGLESEX", an all-female portrait show depicting only female subjects, continues at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. NAGB Curator John Cox says it is meant to stand in dialogue with the "Master Artists of The Bahamas" exhibition (later this year), which has no female representation. For more information, visit, email or call 328-5800/1.
The Permanent Exhibition of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, displaying pieces under the theme "The Bahamian Landscape", continues this week at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Gallery hours: Tue. - Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Sun. noon - 4 p.m. Admission $5 adults; $3 students/seniors; children under 12 are free. For more information, visit, email or call 328-5800/1.
Book Launches and Readings
Dr. Jonathan Rodgers launches his second book, "The Bahamian Dream" on Friday, May 31 at 6 p.m. at Doongalik Studios. For more information, contact Doongalik Studios at telephone 394-1886 or email
The Meah Foundation's Music Festival takes place Saturday, June 1, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Charlotte Street, Downtown. Food will also be available from Van Breugel's.
Filmmaker Marion Bethel presents her documentary film, co-directed by Maria Govan, "Womanish Ways, Freedom, Human Rights & Democracy: The Women's Suffrage Movement in The Bahamas 1948-1962", on Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30 at Galleria Cinemas, JFK at 7 p.m. nightly. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for students. The showing is sponsored by High Tide Rising and Etsa Psi Omega Chapter of The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
New online workshops from the Gaulin Project will begin in May. "A Light Through My Window: Writing the Spiritual Memoir" and "When My Body Speaks" will run from May 6 to June 30. Registration for each workshop is $450. For more information, visit or email Helen Klonaris at
Bahamas Music Conservatory will hold its Summer Music Camp from July 1 to July 26 at the Duke Errol Strachan Music Centre on Village Road. The camp is geared toward young musicians ages eight to 18 and offered instruments are piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, tuba, viola, cello and double bass. The cost of the workshop is $600. For more information, visit
Bahamas FilmInvest International will host the 5th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase in June at Galleria Cinemas. This year's showcase will feature 29 feature films, documentaries, animations and children's films, with a special tribute being paid to the 40th anniversary of Bahamian independence.
Islandz, having acquired Downtown Art Tours, offers its Islandz Gallery Hop tours, examining art spaces downtown on Saturdays. Tickets are $20 per person for the two-hour tour. For more information or to book tickets, call 601-7592 or visit Islandz online at
Tru Bahamian food tours offers a "Bites of Nassau" food tasting and cultural walking tour to connect people with authentic local food items, stories and traditions behind the foods and the Bahamians that prepare and preserve them, through a hands-on, interactive, educational tour and culinary adventure. Tickets are $69 per person, $49 for children under 12. Tours are everyday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., starting at the British Colonial Hilton and ending at Tortuga Rum Cake Company. For more information, visit
Call for works
Family Guardian's annual Calendar Photo Contest is open to all Bahamian photographers, under the theme "A Celebration of Bahamian Pastimes". The deadline for entries is July 12. For more information, visit
The 10th Annual Bahamas International Film Festival invites filmmakers from around the worls to submit their narratives, documentaries, worls cinema, short films, animation and family films. This year's festival takes place December 5-13 on New Providence and Eleuthera. The deadline is July 17. For more information, visit
The 30th Annual Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Competition and Exhibition invites entries for its Open Category under the theme "The Independents", in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Bahamian independence, which is being celebrated this year. The objectives of the competition are to identify, recognize and encourage Bahamian visual artists. To qualify, participants must be citizens of The Bahamas, aged 18 or older (as of October 1, 2013) and not registered in secondary school. The Open/Senior Category Competition and Exhibition component will be held from Tuesday, October 1 to Friday, November 1. Artists under 30 years are especially encouraged to embrace this opportunity of the theme of "The Independents" as a challenge in terms of material and/or the role and responsibilities of independent thinking in art in The Bahamas, as well as, thinking of the larger political symbolism of independence of the country.

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Stephen Derick Seymour, 54

Stephen Derick Seymour, 54 of #100 McGillen Crest, Freeport, Grand Bahama and formerly of Ft. Charlotte, New Providence died at the Rand Memorial Hospital, Freeport, Grand Bahama on Sunday, January 2, 2011.

He is survived by his mother: Former Senator Naomi Seymour; son: Trovolt; daughter: Sherry; granddaughter: Jia; sisters: Vernique Stubbs, Arnette, Carol and Dr. Margo Seymour; brothers: Dion Seymour, Tyrone, Hon. Zharigo and Fabian Laing; 4 aunts, 4 uncles, numerous nieces, nephews and a host of other relatives and friends.

Funeral Arrangements will be announced at a later date.

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Eight charged over court riot


Tribune Staff Reporter

EIGHT people appeared in court yesterday in connection with the violent clashes that took place near the Bank Lane court earlier this week.

Jonice Adderley, 25, Lynaire Bethel, 18, Fabian Rolle, 24, Derrick Adderley, 24, Lyndell Bethel, 18, Clinton Charles, 27, Jarvis Burrows, 29, and Clinton Kemp appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethel in Court 8, Bank Lane.

They were before the bench to answer charges stemming from an altercation that occurred near the Central Police Station on Wednesday afternoon, minutes after the arraignment of Javan Colebrooke, 30, who is charged with the murder of 20-year-old L ...

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Bad Ass
  • Genre : Action, Drama
  • Rating :

A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime....

News Article
Anthony Hugh Holbert, 54
Anthony Hugh Holbert, 54

Funeral Service for Anthony Hugh Holbert, 54 of Bowe Avenue, Montell Heights will be held on Saturday 12th March 2011 at 2:00pm at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Everette Brown Assisted by Rev. Dr. Erold Farquharson. Minister Cecil Higgs and Rev. Joseph Saunders. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens Soldier Road.

Left to cherished his memories are his wife: Liliamae Holbert; children: Dennis, Denise and Dena Holbert; step-children: Dominique Shepherd, Chad Francis, Adrian Ramsey, Renardo Farrington and Tara Bodie; grand-children: Dillen and Kyden Holbert, Daryenne and Torres Dean, Brianna Shepherd and Sade’ Francis, Jovel and Fabian ...

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News Article
Government signs contract for Big Pond Park study

Nassau, The Bahamas
- The Bahamas Government awarded a  contract for $378,035 to 
C. H. Developers and Construction Ltd. to conduct a land contamination
study for the development of the Big Pond Park, during a ceremony at
the Ministry of Public Works and Transport on Monday, March 28. 

The contract was signed by
Public Works and Transport Minister the Hon. Neko Grant, Colin Higgs,
permanent secretary and John Canton, director. Fabian Bain signed on
behalf of C. H. Developers... 

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News Article
Barbara Baillou Arnette, 53

Funeral Service for the late Minister Barbara Baillou Arnette age 53 years of Johnson Terrace, Kelly Lane will be held on Saturday at New Mount Zion Baptist Church at 11:00a.m. Officiating will be Pastor. Andrew Stuart. Interment will follow in the Southern Cemetery, Cowpen & Spikenard Road.
Cherished memories will linger in the hearts of her husband: Prince Arnette; Four Daughters: Camille Mackey, Shannel Wilson Shekira Collins and Lashantay Baillou; Adopted Daughter: Nadia Laing; Stepson: Mario Arnette; Stepfather: Neville Deveaux; Adopted Parents: Cecil and Mavis Gaitor; 3 Sons-in-law: Stanley Wilson, Steve Miller and Phillip Humes; 4 Brothers: Arthur, Joseph, Charles and Cyril Rolle; 5 Sisters: Brenda Peet, Marina Stevens, Albertha Rahming, Betty Dorsette and Emma Williams; 3 Adopted Brothers: Cassius, Aaron and Edward Gaitor; 5 Adopted Sisters: Leteria Pinder, Kailean, Danielle, Lafeira and Senita Gaitor; 4 Brothers-in-law: Tamkio Sweeting, Teneil Williams, Terrance Peet, Alfred Rahming. Seven Grand-children: Steve, Darrius and  Cassie Miller, Zion and Zolton Wilson, Phillip and Philliyah Humes. Aunts: Sylvia Brice, Shirley Sential, Albertha Hopkins, Jessie, Morian, Barabara and Sheila Baillou; Uncles: Everette, Bernard, Alfonso and Kingsley Baillou; Nieces: Maxine Brown, Melissa Dean, Sylvia Cargill, Caffie Dorsette,, Shonique  Reckley, Patricia Johnson, Sylvian Rahming, Anna Jessica Rolle, Summer Rolle and Tenia Williams; Nephews: Tino, Ringo and Fabian Brown, Elvis Reckley, Jamal Turnquest, Samuel Stevens, Dwight and Jamone Johnson, Andi Baillou, Alferdo and Alex Rahming, Percy Marshall, Neville Dean, Daniel Williams and Charles Rolle Jr.; 10 Grandnieces; 12 Grandnephews; Cousins: Joanne Ferguson, Sherlyn Smith, Vevilan Hopkins, Helliena Cooper, Monique Baillou, Jackie Gaitor, Kenique Sential, Kim Morley, Jack Sential, Ty Fergusin, Dike and Prince Hopkins Jr, Leston, Ivan, Levan, Danny, James, John, Andrew, Remie, Neville, Nikki and Dancina Gaitor, Harvette Stacey, Denva, Remmique and Latario Gaitor, Anthony Goodman, Don and Troy, Shonell Gaitor, Frances Rolle, Sheryl Lightbourn, Pollymae Demeritte, Pam, Tezel, Terizen and Glenroy Baillou, Emma Romer, Alex, Raymond, Bernard and Ricardo Baillou, Ramond, Jamal and Sherice Gaitor, Sailes, Jessie and Rashekia Higgins and Mrs. Higgins. Special Friends: Lawrence Roker and Edward Dean; A host of other relatives and friends including Mr. and Mrs. Laing, Pastor Ishmael Martain and family, Mastic Point Community, P.H.A. family and co-workers. Bishop Laroda, Sister Davis and family, Louise, Joan and Sherone, Conerstone Church Family, Thomas Ferguson, Sister Prall and family, Rose Strachan and family, Evamae and family, Jennifer and Fabian, Ashley O'Brian, Jwina Johnson, Jance Sweeting, Vincent Collins and family, Randolph Mackey and family, James Wells and family, Sq. Patrick Brown and family, Rowena Burrows and family, Christine Humes and family and Andrew Nixon.
Relatives and friends may pay their last respect at Evergreen Mortuary on Friday from 10:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and again at the church on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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