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April 11, 2012
Andrew G. Deveaux Sr., 51

Andrew G. Deveaux
May 15th 1960 - March 31st, 2012
"The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and he delighted in his way though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand." (Psalms 37: 23-24)
It was a joyous occasion May 15, 1960 in the home of Perlina Wright in the picturesque settlement of Devil's Point Cat Island, when a baby boy was born to Perlina Wright and Norris Deveaux, handsome, yes! Bouncing baby he was not.  He was christened Andrew George Deveaux. Sr.,
Andrew, the second of three sons brought joy to his family and friends in his neighbor-hood. He received his early education at the Devils Point All-Aged School and later the Old Bight Senior High School.  Andrew was a charmer and a heart-breaker of many girls he outwitted several of them, yet He was an ardent student and kept focus on his studies.
His childhood friends Sham Burrows, Charles Smith and Octavia Mackey, were always up to mischief.  However, his grandmother Rapheletha Brown ruled him and his younger brother Inspector Nathan Mackey with an iron fist. They had to do chores that all family Island children did. Andrew was light skinned, he was afraid of the sun, so whenever they had to help their grand mother with the field chores he always choose the easy ones.  He was hard working and loved to go fishing and crab catching.  Andrew had and infectious smile and you knew when he was happy he would laugh and enjoyed himself to the fullest. He loved life and he loved his family.
Andrew the phenomenal man was a role model to his family.  He was loved dearly by all who came into contact with him. He saw opportunities when many saw problems.  Perseverance and hard work was the name of his game. He was trustworthy, talented; helpful are a few attributes that best described Andrew.
Upon graduation from High school, he migrated to Nassau and found employment at Super Value Warehouse. In October, 1979 he joined the Royal Bahamas Police Force and his first deportment was at the Airport Police Station. Andrew stayed at this location for a number of years.  He was a dedicated staff to his employer and was well versed in his academic profession that allowed him a very rewarding career. His hard work and dedication enable Him to matriculate to the post as ASP of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force.  There he served for thirty-three years until the time of his demise, he served his country well.
In 2008, Andrew became ill and had to seek medical care in the USA.  There were days when he had to fight this dreadful disease called cancer, but with the help of the Holy Sprit, he was determined to win this battle.  The doctors did all they could to assist Andrew and make life more comfortable for him.  However, Andrew knew that he was made from the dust and to dust he shall returned.  He spend his last hours with his family on March 30th, his eldest brother, Thaddeus, took him for a drive and they droved around Nassau all day.
During the early morning of Saturday March 31, he developed shortness of breath and was taken to Doctor's Hospital by his younger brother, Inspector Nathan Mackey.  The doctors applied all the medical expertise but to no avail Andrew George Deveaux Sr., sojourn on this side of the master's vineyard had come to an end.  Hence in the words of Paul the Apostle, Andrew had fought a good fight, he had kept the faith He had finished his course, henceforth there is laid up for him a crown of righteousness that the Lord himself will give him on that great coronation day.
Full Military Funeral Service for the Late Assistant Superintendent of Police Andrew George Deveaux Sr., 51 years of Cassarilla Street, Pinewood Gardens and Formerly of Devil's Point, Cat Island, will be held on Wednesday April 11th, 10:00 a.m. at New Bethlehem Baptist Church, Independence Drive. Rev. Dr. Everette Brown assisted by Bishop Benjamin Gibson, Fr. Stephan Davies, Chaplain RBPF, Rev. Dr. Errol Farquharson and other Ministers of the Gospel will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
Andrew's life will be lovingly remembered by his Mother: Perlina Wright; Father: Norris Deveaux, of Kemps Bay Andros;  3 Sons: Lavardo, Adrian and Andrew George Deveaux Jr., 6 Brothers: Thaddeus Wright, Inspector Nathan Mackey,  John, Ivan, David and Alexander Mackey, 3 Adopted Brothers: D/Sergeant 80 Kevin Louis, Marine Seaman Deoroope Louis and Police Reservist 412 Anton Wilson; (formerly of the  US Military); 8 Sisters: Alice Smith, Jestina Burrow, Barbara Mackey-Thompson, Cynthia, Paulette and Eva Mackey, Belinda Mackey-Gardiner, Addell Deveaux of  USA;  1 Daughter-in-Law: Carla Barry-Deveaux; 5 Grandchildren: Jada, Unique, Andrew III, Lavardo Jr., Jason Hanna Jr., and Jayla (Mama) Deveaux;  9 Aunts: Matriarch Florence Brown, Luella, Miriam, Agnes, and Virginia Brown, Mary Bodie, Paulette Mackey, Jane Mackey-Morgan, and Sybil; 4 Uncles: David Brown, Felix Bodie, Harold Taylor and Dencil Nottage; Mentor and Cousin: David Johnson of John Road, 2 Sisters-in-Law: Marilyn Wright and Amanda Mackey; Nieces: Dominic, Denise, Bernice and Lakeshia Wright, Natavia Mackey,  Amanda Mackey-Gibson, Shakiettra Major, Monalisa McPhee, Teki Mackey, Kendra Thompson, Vanessa Saunders, Minera Smith-Culmer, Crystal  Smith-Rolle, Cyprianna Cunningham, Anastacia Ferguson, Lydia McHardy, Derick and Daneisha Mackey; Nephews: Bonnet and Owen Wright, Delmaro, Nathan Jr.,  and Nashad Mackey, Anthony and Reginald Smith, Whitfield Stubbs, Harris, Miller, Lawrence Edgecombe, Damon Mackey, Tario Mackey, Kendal Thompson Jr. and Alexander Mackey Jr.; Grandnieces: Karen, Renae and Gladys Brown; Grandnephews: Sargent 1957 Harrison Brown, Hubert, David Brown Jr., Kingman and Dwight Brown; Great-grandnieces: Terrinique Wright, Kenisha Thompson, Jessica, Jolice, Javanna, Britika and Cardissa Wright, Marissa, Brianna Mackey,  Antonique, Anvaar and Adrianna (spoke-lady) Brown; Great-grandnephews: Harrison Jr. and Delmaro Mackey Jr., Bernard, Terran, Leonardo, Bennett, Kareem, Bonnet Wright Jr., and C.J.; Immediate Cousins: Geneva Dorsette, Mazie Simmons, Tezerene Gray, Ivan Rolle, Leroy , Frank, Lefred, Roosevelt and Junior, Verdell, Mavis, and Syblean Mackey, and Hazel McDonald, Charlotte Culmer, Mae, Clifford, Octavius, Anthony Mackey-Rolle and the entire descendant of Joel and Blossom Mackey, the descendant of Burke and Carlotta Clarke: Bloomfield, Esperline, Geletha, Annamae, Lorene, Charlene, Chris and Arnold Clarke, Steve, Dwight, Leslie, Tyrone, Trevor Miller and their families, Mrs. Lindsay Louis, Joan Stubbs and family, Pearline Johnson, Deborah Taylor-Edgecombe, Helena Morley, Reverend Benjamin and Mrs. Gibson, Pastor Emeritus Reverend Ishmael  and Mrs. (Albertha Smith) deceased, Reverend Dr. Everette J. Brown and Minister Sheila Brown, Reverend Joseph and Mrs. Saunders, Charles Smith & family , Samuel Smith and family, Israel Smith and family, Idell, Martha and Sarah Smith, Mrs. Rosalie Major, DeAndra and Scieska Major, Mrs. Luceal Brown, Keva and Kenisha Louis, Catherine Evans, Linda and Christine Martin, Craig and Corey Burrows, Keno and Neil Johnson and Perry Darling; Special Friends: Tanya, Glendina Saunders, Janelle Wallace and Bernadette Bannister, home-boys and room-mates Sham Burrows and Leroy Saunders.  Other relatives and friends including: the graduating class of  1978, Old Bight Senior High School, Christian Bain, Monica Martin & family, Lorna Hopkins and family, Eulean and Olive Dawkins, the entire Dawkins family, the descendant of Ruben and Hilda Smith, Henry and Rosabell Rolle, the descendants of Jerome and Mildred Gilbert, Hester Gray, Nathaniel Gilbert, the descendant of Sham and Francina Burrows and the entire community of Devil's Point and McQueen's Cat Island,  The Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade and all his fellow officers, Supt. Kevin Rolle, Supt. Oscar Sands, Supt. Don Wilson, Supt. Samuel Butler, Supt. Ken Strachan,  Supt. Ashton Greenslade, ASP Donna Francis, ASP Julian Butler, ASP Gregory Johnson, ASP Hurvin Curtis, ASP Dennis Sturrup, ASP Stewart Curtis, ASP E. Demeritte, ASP G. Demeritte,  Sgt. 1169 Armbrister, W/Sgt. Johnson, Insp. Neeley, Insp. Thompson, Insp. Adrian Curry, Insp.  Derek Ferguson, Insp. Roosevelt Curry, Insp. Cephas Rolle, Insp. Dencil Barr, Insp. Philip Rolle, Insp. Raymond Butler, Insp. Deborah McClure, Insp. Donna Barr, Insp. Bruce Thompson, Insp. Brian Miller, Insp. Ricardo Richardson, Insp. Robinson, Insp. Maycock, Insp. Zukie Rolle, Insp. E. Ramsey, Insp. V. Wells, ASP K. Hinsey-Rolle, ASP Hinsey, Supt. David Deveaux , Staff of Southern Police Station, Staff of South Central Police Station, and  the entire staff of the K-9 Unit Royal Bahamas Police Force,  Lesley Phillips, Mama Louise, Bernise Pinder, Robert Pinder, Lloyd Deveaux, Nelson Burrows, Jackie King, the Minnis Staff of the wood work shop John Road, and the entire  John Road Community.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Wednesday at the Church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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October 07, 2011
Alfred McArthur Johnson, 55

Funeral Service for the Late  Alfred McArthur Johnson, 55
Years of North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera and formerly of Governor's Harbour will be held on Saturday October 8th, 11:00 a.m. at Full Gospel House of God Temple, North Palmetto Point, Eleuthera. Rev. Leonard Culmer, assisted by Rev. Charles Sands and Fr. Scott Brennen will officiate. Interment will follow in Margaret View Cemetery.

He is survived by (2) Sons: Demetrius Johnson & Daniel Davis; (2) Daughters: Donnica Major & Nakita Taylor; (4) Grandchildren: Erin Major, Katelyn Major, Deryn Johnson & Amalio Taylor; (2) Brothers: David Johnson Sr., & Edison Sands; (5) Sisters: Shirley Gibson, Cynthia Lyles, Iva Bullard, Madeline Johnson, Deborah Johnson; (1) Daughter-in-Law: Deshon Johnson; (2) Sons-in-Law: Christopher Major & Leonard Taylor; (5) Sisters-in-Law: Karen, Alecia & Eleanor Johnson, Paula Saunders-Bethel & Sandra Saunders-Young; (4) Brother-in Law: Sherman Bullard, Algrie Johnson Sr., Oswald Bethel, Sidney Young; (22) Nephews: David Jr., Akeem, Alex, Andre, Andrew, Brandon, Brett, Craig, Carlton, Edward, Nolanza, Roland, Tyler, Shavardo, Denver, Algrie Jr., Kelin, Dorrington, Eurith, Deon, Luke, Akeem; (7) Nieces: Shavandrea, Shavante, Eulaunda, Faye, Flavia, Leah, Rebecca; (8) Aunts: Ella Delancy, Fredreka Johnson, Ellen Johnson, Myrtle Culmer of Nassau, Clearie Gardiner, Christine Major; Special Relatives & Friends Including: Stephanie & Vernal Bethel, Patsy Thompson & Family, Arnette Hanna, (cousins) Henry, Frankie, Francina, Theresa, Nikita Knowles & Families, Millard Bethel & Family, Clearie Bethel & Family, Stanton Cooper & Family, Mary, Crystal, Niedra, Lori, Nancy, Earla, Melany, Francine, & Ruth, Butch, Chestly, Andre, Hank, Leonard, Phillip, Paul, Chris & Family, Steven, Wilton, Irvin, Paulette, Janet, Shirleymae & Marion Culmer, Carolann Johnson, Arthur Turnquest, Patsy Sands, Ann Pinder, Sam, Sherwin, Sidney & Dencil Delancy, Jane Thomas, Rowena McKlewhyte, Janest Fernander, Ernest, Collins, Pastor Kipling, Madeline, Pam, & Charlene Johnson, Ava Gardiner & Deanne Sands, Sherine, Nathaniel, George & Donnie Johnson, Barbara Johnson & Janet Goins of Jacksonville Florida, Rev. Leonard Culmer & Family Kevin Johnson & Family, Brent Petty & Family, Gordon & Charles Sands & Family, Muriel Johnson & Family, Carol & Hawett Ingraham & Family, Melvin Sands & Family, Agnes Bethel & Family, Spencer & Rosemary Thompson & Family, Austin Knowles Sr. & Family, Theresa, Trecia, & Megan Thompson, Terry, Morris, Dewitt & Lavina Sands & Family, Alexander Sands, Dave McKlewhyte, Annie Culmer, Alban Johnson, Artie Johnson, Paul & Judy Simmons & Family, Linda Haschker & Family, Arlington Johnson & family, Hilton Johnson, Tommy Pinder & Family, Audley "J.J." Hepburn, Danny Cooper, Brindley & Elizabeth Cooper, Emmit "Clue" Campbell, Louis Johnson, Joe Deal Jr., Freddy Ingraham, David Brown, Glenville Thompson, Luke Bethel, Austin Ingraham, Chester Culmer, Clyde Bethel & Family, George Laddeus, Steve Culmer, Steve & Kelsey Rankine & Family, Andre Butler & Family, Donald & Eulie Fernander & Family, Lionel & Jayla Fernander, Billy Stubbs & Family, Steve Stubbs & Family, Mark Thompson & Family, Ormond & Charlotte Moss & Family, Diane Farrington, Diane Ingraham, Madeline Rolle, Alfreda Deal & Family, Mavis Johnson & Family, Butch, Naomi, Garnell, Portia, Linda, Adena, Theresa, Dereck, Pritchard, Brian Johnson & Families, Duke Davis & Greene of Harbour Island, Anthony Petty Sr., Loretta, Marlin, Bessie, Barbara, Frank, Lillymae, Marsha, Pauline, & Lincoln Bethel of Nassau, Veronica Sands & Family, Margaret Gibson of Savannah Sound, Irene Major & Doris Bethel of Nassau, Randy Petty, Ruthanne Griffin, Denise & Perry Clarke & Family, Kingsley Bethel, Peter Sands & Family, Elvis Cooper & Family.

May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Friends may pay their last respects at the Church Friday from 7:00 p.m. to midnight and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until service time.
Pall Bearers
David Johnson Jr., Brandon Johnson, Brett Johnson, Shavardo Bullard, Akeem Johnson, Edward Lyles, Nolanza Lyles, Roland Lyles
Honorary Pall Bearers
Demetrius Johnson, Daniel Davis, David Johnson Sr., Edison Sands, Craig Gibson, Carlton Gibson

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August 06, 2011
David F. Allen to be featured speaker at the Chautauqua Institution Hall of Philosophy

Dunkirk, NY - David F. Allen, M.D., M.P.H. will speak on the topic "The Shame of Failure", Monday from 7 to 8 p.m. in the Hall of Philosophy in Chautauqua Institution.

The director of the Renascence Institute in Nassau, Bahamas, Dr. Allen and his team of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts specialize in marital therapy, depression, grief and loss, addictions and crisis management.

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January 13, 2012
David Bradshaw Major, 58

Funeral Service for the Late David Bradshaw Major, 58 years of Koolacres will be held on Saturday January 14, 2012, 11:00 a.m. at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Kirk, Princess Street. Rev. Bryn MacPhail will officiate.  Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.
He is survived by Wife: Janet; Children: Marcia, David, Daana, Nicholo, and Romeo; Mother: Delories Major-Culmer; Sister: Michelle; Grandchildren: Nicole, Robyn, Savannha, Anaya, Deondre, Denae, Dai, Willicia and Maleah; Uncle: Earle; Aunts: Renora and Grace; Daughters-in-law: Edris and Glenda; Sisters-In-Laws: Angelique and Rochelle; Brothers-In-Law: Mario and Miguel; Mother-In-Law: Syliva Roker, Father-In-Law: Ivan Davis; Nephews: Michael, Jai, Raynard, Michael and Jordan;  Nieces: Mia, Lynann, Margo, Teneille and Marelle; Grand Nephews & Nieces: Javahreo, Jayden, Jared Trey, Valentino, Destiny, Crystal and Matai;  Cousins: Antoinette and Kirk Thompson, Robert and Brian Sands, The Culmer Families of Philadelphia, New York and Detroit. Numerous other Relatives and Friends: Philip, Keddy and Kirk Culmer of Eleuthera,  Whitfield, Freddie, Ishmael and Rev. Kenneth Major of Miami, Fla., Willard Ferguson of Grand Bahama, Mark Stubbs and Family, Ruth Darbouze and Family, Eddie Archer, Lester Taylor, Terry Thompson, Andrew 'Lil 5' Albury, Andrew 'Big 5' Albury, Kitty Culmer, Russ and Bob Thompson and Families, Dr. Austin Davis and Family, Mr. Donald Archer and Family, Families of Henry Sands and Ms. Anthrobus of Eleuthera, Edith Garnet and Family, Hortense Harris-Smith and Family, Patrick Edwards and Family, the Families of the Late Alfred & Clarita Thompson,  Jackson Burnside and Family, Samuel & Alma Sands, Mary Sands, Raymond & Dorothy Culmer, Harold  and Mursay Poitier, John and Constance Knowles, Roy and Sybil Miller, Corrine Mitchell, Ralph and Ruth Cartwright, the Staff of Templeton/Lyford Cay Foundation, the Staff of Security Commission of The Bahamas, Staff of Atlantis, Staff of RIU, Staff of Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre, Members of the One Family Junkanoo Group, Members of the Antique Auto Club of The Bahamas, St. John's College Alumni Class of 1970, The Major, Sands, Davis, Culmer, McCartney, and Johnson Families, The Communities of Kool Acres, Fort Fincastle, Savannah Sound, Eleuthera,  Members and Adherents of St. Andrew's Kirk, and the many others too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the Church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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May 17, 2012
David Marshall Top Dog, 28

David Marshall "Top Dog" age 28 years of White's Addition off Kemp Road died on May 9 2012.
He is survived by his parents: David Marshall Sr. & Bernadette Rolle; Two (2) Daughters: Shania & Dangela Marshall; Three (3) Brothers: Geno Andrew, Shanador Andrew and Dario McKinzie; Grand-mother: Meril Pinder; Numerous Nieces and Nephews and other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

Funeral Announcement has been entrusted to Evergreen Mortuary, located Collins Ave & 5th Terrace.

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February 23, 2012
Donald Porks, Doc Neely, 50

Funeral service for Donald "Porks, Doc" Neely, 50 yrs., a resident of #80 Palm Beach Street, will be held at New Bethany Baptist Cathedral, Key West Street, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Bishop Victor Cooper Jr. Interment follows in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, JFK Drive.
Left to cherish his memories are his Mother: Sylvia Neely; Sons: Donald III and Danavio Neely; Grandmother: Deaconess Evelyn Stuart; Sisters: Julie, Janet, Linda, Beverly Neely and Bernadette Colebrooke; Brothers: Eugene Sr., Adrian Neely Sr., and James Mackey; Aunts: Francis Stuart, Maria Cooper, Annamae Thurston of Grand Bahama, Anita and Yvonne McKenzie, Eleanor Wilson and Olive and Lauretta Neely; Uncles: Leonard Neely Jr., Freeman Thurston of Grand Bahama and Tyrone McKenzie; Nieces & Grand-nieces including: Latoya Neely-Fountain, Denise, Yolanda, Desarie, Alexis, Alicia, Symphony, Tameka, Evonie, Aleska, Adannika, Katonia and Latoya Neely, Priscilla Cox-Maxey, Lanisha Sands, Jeffette, Jesselle and Jaliyah Colebrooke, Lloydra Rolle, Milchand Adderley, Y'Sheika Glass, D'Andrea Sidra Sturrup, Rhordricia and Rhodisha Francis, Jatish Colebrooke, D'Asia and Devana Neely; Nephew's & Grand-nephew's including: Brian, Darrell, DeVaughn, Eugeno, Eugene Jr., Thomas Jr., Timothy, Prescott, Adrian Jr., and Kadin Neely, Jeffame and Javonta'e Colebrooke, Tameko Campbell, Terrell, Brian Jr., Lavon Sands Jr., Michael, Marlon and Joaquim Fountain, Jamie Moxey, D'Angelo Dawkins, Rodriquez Francis Jr., Camelo Moss, Javonta'e Jr., Jeffame Jr., Jeffrey and Javin Colebrooke, Lavon Sands III and Sidney Henfield III; Brother & Sisters-in-law: Jeffrey Colebrooke, Lynette and Karen Neely; Numerous cousins including: Samantha Stuart, Chauncey Thompson, Atwane Arnette, Andrew Colebrooke, Evangeline Hanna and family, Leatha Colbey-Smith, Patricia Whitfield, Coral Forbes, Claudia King, Julian, Michael, Patrick, Christopher & Kevin Russell Charlene Wilson, Dolce, Bradley, Queden, Devon, Sandy, Dalia, Sophia, Bertram Jr., Sean, Antoine, Devardo, Angel, Andrew, April and BeAngelo Cartwright, Faydora Miller & family, Brent and Keith Deveaux, Trevor Bostwick, Sharmaine Ferguson, Christopher Pennerman, Donna, Maria, Angela, Anthony, Sharon, Tyrone, Kevin & Caron Neely, Frank, Cheryl Thurston, Sandra Minnis, Marva Forbes-Minnis, Leon Bain of Miami Florida and family, Terry and Unika Neely; Godchildren: Kiprell Johnson and Sterling (Rambo) Strachan; Other relative and numerous friends including: Phillip Bethel & family, Franz Smith, Melbourne and Donald Miller, Ray Anthony and Diana Johnson, Kurt Stubbs, Lionel Rolle & family, Jeffrey and Marvin Johnson, Patrick Rolle, Calvin Rolle, Rio Major, Arnold Bain, George Rolle, Lavon Sands Sr. & family, Raymond Strachan, Pemmie and Michael Reckley, Sheila Gomez & family, Vanwright Dean & family, Valentino Josey, Mark Pedican & family, Harry and Veronica Seymour & family, Nicole Tinker & family, Shirley Adderley & family, Nyisha Smith, Kenneth Oliver, Carl Evans, Tashawn Cartwright, Yvelise Joseph, Merlinda Clayton, Jeancilia Lamond, Jerome Moss, David Adderley, Vernita Mackey & family, Wayne and Mavis Cartwright & family, Wilton Stubbs, Arlington Stuart, Robert Murphy, Ruth Johnson, Leah and Lisa Wright & family, Gwendolyn Thompson & family, Prescott Cooper & family, Debbie Adderley, Estella Gray & family, Bernard and Kenneth Bain, Reno Brennen, Hubert, Origin Fyne, Charmaine, Doril and Dornell Sturrup, Arthur Cooper & family, Maurice Armstrong. The entire Hanna's family (Hanna's Hardware & Plumbing Supplies), Rev. Dr. Victor Cooper, Elva Stubbs, Rhoda Munnings, Margaret Pratt & family, Glennis Hanna-Martin, (M.P), Jill Henry-Cooper, Mark Lett, The entire Palm Beach Street & Englerston Community, The entire Stuart, Stubbs, Newbold, Neely and Martin family, Cartwright Building Supply, Valley Boys, Bahamas Junior Brass Band, Bahamas All Star Band, RBDF Rangers, C. H. Reeves, Order of Eastern Star Youth Dept., and National Workers Credit Union and many, many others too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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David Bradshaw Major, 58
January 12, 2012
David Bradshaw Major, 58

Funeral Service for David Bradshaw Major, 58, of Koolacres will be held on Saturday January 14, 2012, 11:00 a.m. at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Kirk, Princess Street. Rev. Bryn MacPhail will officiate. Interment will follow in the Western Cemetery, Nassau Street.

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April 05, 2012
Mervyn Mansfield Hepburn, 90

Funeral Service for the Late Mervyn Mansfield Hepburn, 90 years of Sear's Road, Chippingham and Formerly of Rum Cay, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 10:00 a.m. at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, West Hill Street. Fr. Glen Nixon will officiate. Interment will follow in the Catholic Cemetery, Infant View Road.

Left to forever cherish his memories are: 4 Daughters: Remilda Sweeting, Andrea
Fountain, Theresa Bastian and Patrice Hepburn; 5 Sons: Sir Garet Finlayson,
Michael, Albert, Leo and Paul Hepburn; 4 Daughters-in-Law: Rowena Finlayson, Barbara Y., Ainsa and Barbara G. Hepburn; 2 Sons-in-Law: LeRoy Fountain and Terrance Bastian; 26 Grandchildren: Heida, Aisha, Shameka Visna, Nikki, Tanya, Leah, Ainsa, Royanne, Michelle, Theodosia, Tiffany and LeTrice, Mark, Rae, Alexander, Jelani, Justin, Mitchell, Gerard, Gerald, Adrian, Brendan, Dominick, Mikael and Jaime; 2 Grandsons-in-law: Allen Rigby and Ray Bain; 3 Granddaughters-in-Law: Najah and Michelle Finlayson, Shavonya Fountain; 17 Great-grandchildren: Alana and Ashley Rigby, Ravi and Marion Bain, Marjahn, Jhanee, Deriree, Radia, Rahim, Garet and O'chea Finlayson, Mattieu and Eric Beouf, Malia and Gernelle Hepburn, Shania and Brenae Fountain; sister, Dacel Williams; 1 Brother-in-law, Wellington Richards Sr.; Nieces: Constance Adderley, Francis Simmons, Willamae, Delores and Ruth Hepburn; Connie Daniels, Sandra Gordon, Dorothy, Cynthia, Leona and Elizabeth Braynen; nephews: Henry, David, Philip and Isaac Hepburn, Rodney, Richard and Clinton Saunders, Richard, Charles, David and Timothy Braynen and Wellington Richards Jr.; Other relatives and friends: LaGloria Demeritte and Family, Viola Rahming and Family, Zelda Pearson and Family, Joyce Morris and Family, Joseph Hepburn and Family, Marina Hepburn and Family, Leticia and Donald Curry, Dr. Nicole Adderley, Olga Richards, Sir Arlington and Lady Sheila Butler, Freddie and Beverley Russell and Family, Dr. Marcus Bethel and Family, Henry and Shirley Saunders and Family, Maxwell and Melverne Demeritte and Family, Edward and Theresa Minnis and Family, Valderine Adderley and Family, Richard and Janet Lightbourne and Family, Patrick and Lorna Lightbourne and Family, Barbara Bastian and Family, Florence Greenslade and Family, Juanita, Fenrick and Therez Tynes, Dunstan Babbs and Family, Drs. John Carter and Christina Thompson, Caretakers: Sharon Scott and Jackie Beckford; Conrad Sweeting, Vaughn Albury, The Women's Auxillary of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, The Men's Group of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, The Parish Family of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Sunshine Pilot Club of Nassau, Rotary Clubs of West and South Nassau, Bahamas Taxi Cab Union Association, SAC Class of 1974, Staff of C.W. Sawyer Primary School, Staff of S. C. McPherson Junior High School, Staff of Michael Hepburn and Co., Staff of Esso Baillou Hill Tiger Mart, Mr. Alfred Sears and Family, Staff of Lafayette Gardens and members of the Diocesan Chorale.

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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July 01, 2011
Anthony Curry, 28

A Funeral service for Anthony Curry, 28,  of Commonwealth Blvd., Elizabeth Estates, who passed away on 16 June, 2011, will be held at Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church, Elizabeth Estates, on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.  Officiating will be Pastor Leonardo Rahming.  Interment follows in St. Margaret's Cemetery, Kemp Road.
His memories will forever be cherished by:
One daughter: Anthonique (Missy) Curry

Mother:  Sandra Rolle-Curry

Father:   Andrew Curry,

Three Sisters: Charisma Simmons, Tamra Price & Lisa Clarke

Two Brothers: Edward Trevor Rolle and Police Constable Anton Curry

Eight Nephews: Edward Jr. & Tavaughn Rolle, Devonte Price, Joshua, Christopher, Jordon, Jayden & Zion Eden.  

Three nieces: Tayvia & Trevia Angel Rolle, and Ashati Curry.

Numerous Cousins: including childhood friends Dr. Tina Bethel and Patrick Mackey Jr.

Nine Aunts: Irene Thompson, Doris Rolle, Christine Rolle, Ernestine McKenzie, Theresa Edgecombe, Gaylene Rolle, Ruthmae Sweeting and Aretha Johnson

Six Uncles: Ira Burrows, Moses Rolle, Minister Patrick Mackey, David Rolle, Christopher Vernon & Jackson Mortimer
Seven Grand-Aunts: Mrs. Alfreda White, Ms. Icelyn Curry, Mrs. Nelly Curry-Butler, Ms. Muriel Curry, Mrs.Francis Smith, Mrs. Mearl Bain of Fort Lauderdale and Mrs. Florence Fernander
One sister in law: Cecelia Rolle
Special friends Shemika Knowles, Ishmel, Shorts and Forbes, a host of relatives and friends including: Nora Pinder & family, Esthermae Pinder & family, Angela & family, Theodore Burrows & family, The Smith family, the Kemp family, Cynthia Russell & FamilyFrancita Brice & Family, Virginia Hutchinson & Family, Princess & Family, Rowena Brown & Family, Ann Stubbs & Family, Ms. Rosie & Family, Josephine, Euna, Erma and David & Family, Carolyn Burdine-Coakley & family, Merilyn Deshanks & family, Nadine Young & family,  Phillipa Johnson and family, Sandra Daxon & Family, Brenda Cooper & Family, Lucille Rolle & Family, Eveelyn Lloyd & Family, The Ferguson Family the, Fernander family, & the entire Philadelphia Seventh Day Adventist Church family.

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May 17, 2012
Evelyn Mercianna Rodgers, 80

Funeral Service for the Late Evelyn Mercianna Rodgers, 80 years of #12 Ocean Street, Golden Gates #1 and formerly of Deep Creek, South Andros will be held on Saturday May 19th, 11:00 a.m. at Golden Gates Native Baptist Church, Lobster Avenue, Golden Gates #1. Rev. Dr. Alonzo A. Hinzey assisted by Rev. Leonard Miller and Other Ministers of the Religion will officiate. Interment will follow in S. Mark's Cemetery, Romer Street, Fox Hill.Daughters: Nurse Cleomie Collymore, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons Bernardette Thompson-Murray, Kathy Thompson-Green of Springfield Missouri, USA
Adopted Daughter: Christine Thompson-Bailey

Sons: Christopher Thompson & Capt. Kim Thompson

Grandchildren: Lakito Rodgers, PC 2775 Jermicko Collymore, Kimberly, Demetrius, Tanganique, Danielle, Chantal & Aaliyah Thompson, Duane, Jr. & Daryn Murray, Ron Bethel, Antonio, Jr. & Anthony Green & Crystal Thompson -Bailey.

Sisters:  (Twin) Mae Ellen Pratt, Eliza Miller, Maria Sweeting & Ruth Duncombe

Sister-in-law: Ruthnell Rodgers of Freeport, GrandBahama

Sons-in-law: Kemuel Duane Murray & Antonio Green
Granddaughter-in-law: Leslia Collymore & Ruthnell Bethel

Great-Grand Children: Jermicko Jr., Jamori & Christian Collymore, Renay & Robbin Bethel

Nephews: Roger, Charles & Derek Laing, Assistant Commissioner Police Glen, Ambrose, Luther & Cedric Miller, Stephen, Dave & Daniel Pratt, Frederick, Sgt. 1574 Andrew, Cpl. 818 Wayne, Daniel (Tony), David & Deon Rodgers, Douglas Duncombe, Glen Minus, Derek Higgs, Floyd Fernander, Paul Rahming, Cleveland Williams, Brian Johnson & Emmanuel Pelicanos.
Nieces: Elaine, Katherine & Margaurite Rodgers, Kathleen Fernander, Janet Cooper, Joycelyn Minus, Jacqueline Higgs, Carolyn Poiter, Euthalie Miller, Laverne Pinder, Lynette Farrington , Sandra Rahming, Denise, Cheryl, Kimberley & Michelle Pratt, Elva Sands, Zelva Johnson, Dianne Pelicanos, Donna & Stacy Rodgers, Miriam & Arabella Duncombe, Principal Nursing Officer Valarie, Dornell, Viola & Nathalie Miller, Portia & Melinda Laing.

Numerous Grand & Great Grand Nephews & Nieces.

Other Relatives & Friends including: Rev's Alonzo & Jessie Hinzey & Family, Mr. Frederick Murray & Family, Rev. Dr. Gloria Ferguson & Family, Dr. Elliston Rahming & Staff of Her Majesty's Prisons, Chaplain Leonard Clarke & Family, (Labora Dames),  Catherine Johnson, Evangelist Colamae Collymore & Family. Her Medical Team of Dr's. Isaacs, Farquharson, Minnis, The Honorable Shane Gibson & Family, The caring Staff of Female Surgical 1 & II & The Children's Ward, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bain & Family, Ismae Rahming & Family, Enamae Wright & Family, Mrs. Eureka Coleby & Family, Verona Bastian & Family, Mrs. Althea Sands & Family, The Fire Branch Services of Royal Bahamas Police Force Freeport GrandBahama, A. F. Adderley Junior High Family especially the Religion Department, John Curtis, Rev'd Dr. Gloria Ferguson & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Theophilus Rolle, Hannah Johnson, Andrea Moss, The entire families of Ocean St. Golden Gates 1, Golden Gates Native Baptist Church Family and others too numerous to mention.Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the Church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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