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Shelters on New Providence are ready for Irene

While residents scramble to board up their houses and stock up during the last open hours at local groceries stores, hurricane shelters across New Providence are preparing for an influx for residents as Hurricane Irene approaches into the afternoon.
At New Providence Community Center, one of many hurricane shelters for the Western division of New Providence, a special team has been training with The bahamas Red Cross all year to provide assistance during a hurricane at their location.
"We have a dedicated team of 15 volunteers who have decided to give their time in the event of an emergency here in the shelter," says director of NPCC William Tucker.
Ready for 100 or more people with such a strong storm on the way, NPCC remains on guard and advises those who may need to seek shelter -- such as those in low-lying areas or areas by the sea -- to know their options.
"Don't wait too late.  Know your options early," he says.  "For those who are non-mobile, call social services ahead of time for arrangements because some shelters like ours are non-mobile."
At the Salvation Army locations on Mackey Street and Meadow street, which are one of several hurricane shelters for the Eastern and Central divisions of New Providence respectively, generators are full, food and water supplies are secured, and flashlights are stocked.
"We basically have everything intact -- we are prepared and ready and our command centers are open this afternoon," says Captain Vernitta Hepburn, speaking on behalf of her divisional commander at the Salvation Army.
With Irene's rapid development into a category three hurricane overnight and projections for it to strengthen, they even have emergency preparations underway for evacuations if necessary, providing trucks and even a bus if the building becomes damaged or flooding occurs.
"We looked at that in our emergency meeting and we are prepared to deal with that," says Captain Hepburn.  "We have persons available and manpower available. We have people on-call and stand-by radios to call each other and transformer radios to BTC."
With all the preparation, they are on guard to accept more than their maximum capacity of people and to provide assistance to those who may need refuge for three days to a week after the storm has passed.  With a major hurricane bearing down on the islands, they know anything is possible.
"Don't take it for granted that nothing will happen," she advises.  "If you need to come, then come."
Indeed, at Golden Gates Assembly World Outreach Ministries on Carmichael Road, which is a hurricane shelter for the Southern Division of New Providence, a staff of Defense force officers and Red Cross representatives are prepared to handle any number of people in the densely populated area.
"Because we're right in the heart of Fire Trail Road where a number of Haitians live, we could have any number of people here," says Bishop Ross Davis.  "I know one year we were really crowded; last year we were not crowded.  This year we might be because this is a big one and a goodly number of people have been calling."
Though they are technically a shelter for the duration of the storm, they too will be accommodating to those who may need extra assistance in Irene's aftermath.
"We'll be here until other arrangements are made," says Bishop Davis.  "We'll see what happens but I'm praying of course none of that will be necessary -- I'm praying that after the storm we'll just be saying 'Thank you Lord'."
NEMA advises even residents who have made adequate hurricane preparations on their houses to have an emergency evacuation plan and emergency pack in case they need to leave their house.
Emergency packs for shelters should include any prescription or special medications, a first aid kit, flashlights and batteries, a portable radio player, drinking water and non-perishable food with a can opener, toilet paper, paper towels and pre-moistened towelettes, personal hygiene items, pillows, blankets and/or sleeping mattress, garbage bags, a camera, important papers such as passports and other identifications, extra clothing and items to keep children occupied.
They advise to shut off electricity and water before leaving and to close all windows and lock all doors. It is also advised to let friends or relatives know where you are going so someone knows your whereabouts when the storm clears.
They will be broadcasting information on local radio stations about where and when shelters will be open.
The National Emergencement Agency (NEMA) advises that based on the latest timelines for Hurricane Irene's path through the various islands in The Bahamas, all shelters in The Bahamas should be activated at 6 p.m. today.
All shelter managers must report in to their assigned shelters by 4 p.m. Persons responsible for opening shelters should be in place.

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Bad Girls from Valley High
  • Genre : Comedy
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Three snobbish high school girls prematurely age brought on from a curse, a drug (or something) after the arrival of new transfer student whom they believe is connected to a murder they committed a year earlier. A fate worse than death....

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Dengue fears driving insect repellant sales

The outbreak of dengue fever in New Providence is driving the sale of the popular insect repellant OFF!.
One consumer said in an interview that she went to two stores before being able to get the item.
"I went to the smaller stores in the Carmichael area - the Chinese stores," Margaret Beneby said.
"They were both out.  Their stocks were not probably major to begin with, but I was told that OFF! was their biggest seller."
Justina Adderley had a similar experience.
"I went to Supervalue in Cable Beach last week looking for OFF! because my mom is going to Harbour Island and we asked the worker and he said they were out," she said.
That store has since replenished it's stock, according to a representative.
Nikki Simmons, marketing manager at City Market, told The Nassau Guardian that OFF! is also moving off their shelves quickly.
Simmons said sales picked up over the last three weeks.  Sales increased further, she added, following a press conference held at the Ministry of Health last week when Dr. Hubert Minnis revealed a growth in the number of reported dengue fever cases.
Simmons said City Market is in the process of ordering additional shipments of OFF!.
"We're being as proactive as we can," she said.
Additionally, the chain has been giving out informational flyers to its customers, Simmons said.
Last week, health officials reported that there were more than 1,500 recorded cases of dengue fever in New Providence.
However, that number likely has grown significantly, as scores of people continue to flock to public and private health care facilties with symptoms of the virus.  Symptoms include fever, headache, eye pain and joint pain.
The large number of cases this year has burdened the public health care system.
The government has urged citizens to ensure there is no standing water in their yards in order to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. The Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for spreading the virus.
Over the past week there have been an average of 100 reported cases per day of dengue fever, according to estimates from the Ministry of Health.

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Man shot dead near park

A man was shot and killed at Mermaid Boulevard, off Carmichael Road, early yesterday morning, police reported.
Police said the victim, who they believe is in his 30s, was shot several times around 1 a.m., but other details were limited.
His body was found in a public restroom at a nearby park.
Superintendent Paul Rolle, head of the Central Detective Unit, said police believe the man ran into the restroom in an attempt to escape his shooter.
He was pronounced dead at the scene.
This incident pushed the murder count for 2014 up to 49, according to The Nassau Guardian's records.

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Seven deaths for 2014 remain unclassified

Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said "every effort is being made" to classify several unclassified deaths this year, five of which have occurred this month.
Seven deaths in four separate incidents have yet to be classified for 2014.
Ferguson, who was contacted for comment, indicated that police are concerned about the lingering matters.
But he said police must be thorough with every investigation, some of which include forensic analyses.
"We have our partners that we are affiliated with in terms of doing our DNA work, but sometimes some things linger longer than some people would like," he said.
"But every effort is being made to conclude all of these matters, which we are concerned with."
On April 13, police found the partially-clothed body of a woman between 30 and 40 years of age in bushes near the entrance to Dignity Gardens, off Carmichael Road.
Police said they were unable to determine the cause of death or the woman's identity and the death was being treated as a homicide.
Ferguson said police were still investigating that matter, but had not yet determined the cause of death.
On April 3, the defense force found four burned bodies -- three men and a woman -- on Anguilla Cay. Authorities said tires were placed on top of them and they were set on fire.
Defense force officials said they believed they were Haitians, but did not say what led them to believe that.
Ferguson said police are trying to complete their forensic investigation into that matter.
He said as far as their identities and the classifications of those deaths "we haven't reached that stage yet".
On February 8, police found the partially-decomposed body of a man in a shallow grave in Coral Harbour.
Asked about that matter, Ferguson said police were still awaiting DNA results.
On January 5, a man's body was found burned beyond recognition in a car off Cowpen Road, police said.
"We are no closer now than we were with that incident," Ferguson said.
"We are still appealing to members of the public who may have information with that."
Ferguson said that matter also required forensic analysis.
He said each of those outstanding matters are being investigated as homicides.
The murder count for 2014 stands at 39, according to The Nassau Guardian's records.

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Clarence Earl Smith, 69

Clarence Earl Smith, 69, of Dolphin Drive, The Grove West, will be held on Saturday at 11am at St Gregory's Anglican Church, Carmichael Road. Officiting will be Father Atma Budah assisted by other ministers of Religion. Cremation will follow.

He is survived by his wife Minister Sheila Smith, children Clarence Jr. (CJ), Cutell Miller, Pacino, Rev. Reno Smith, Pamela Bowe, Linda Smith, Adopted daughters Sharon Bullock, Pamala Crispo, Sisters Brenda Johnson, Charlene Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, and Cheryl Smith; brothers William and Ricardo Smith. Grand Children Dwjuan and Dwayne Miller, Shavar Rahming, Michael and Danard Yasmin, Britney, Revanno Bronique, Michael Mariam, Aunts, Mizie Hanna of ...

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Man dies in hospital following head-on collision

Police yesterday said a head-on collision on Monday night involving a motorcycle and a sedan left a man in his mid-30s dead.
According to police reports, the driver of a white 2000 Nissan Sentra traveling south along Iguana Way, collided with a motorcyclist traveling in the opposite direction shortly before 5 p.m.
The operator of the motorbike received severe injuries and was take to hospital via a private vehicle.  However, he succumbed to his injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital, police said.
The victim was identified by police last night as Delsworth James-Curry, 31, a resident of Wingate Drive off Carmichael Road.
Police press liaison officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings told The Nassau Guardian it was not yet clear who was at fault for the accident.

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PLP probing voter fraud claims

Thirty people will have their eligibility to vote in North Andros challenged during a public hearing in that constituency tomorrow, Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel said.
Earlier this week, Bethel said seven people would be called to testify in the voter fraud hearing, but yesterday revealed that the number has increased to 30.
Bethel anticipated that the hearing will stretch beyond tomorrow, but could not say how long he thinks it will take for the matter to wind up.
Lawyer and Progressive Liberal Party Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis said his party is representing three of the registered voters in question. He added that the whole exercise is vexatious and could hurt the Free National Movement's candidate for the area, Desmond Bannister.
Davis suggested that Bannister 'castigated' voters by his claims of fraud.
"I think it's a whole waste of time, quite frankly," he said yesterday.
"My initial view of it is that it's utter nonsense, the complaint, but not knowing all the details I will reserve what I think about what's going to happen on that day.
"On the face of it, the complainants have a challenge ahead of them to establish what their real case is."
Davis speculated that if some people who registered in the area are not eligible they may have been confused by recent amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act - specifically the changes to the definition of what it means to be ordinarily resident - and did not deliberately try to defraud the election process.
"We are concerned about the names, but we are gathering the information concerning those persons, and I would not say they are planted there," Davis said. "The law has changed and persons have a right to decide now where they want their ordinary residence to be.
"They may not be fraudulent. They may have made a genuine error as to where they may be able to vote. That's not fraud. To accuse people of fraudulent behavior is a serious charge and in the nature of things I don't think anyone will knowingly register themselves in an area where they know that they cannot vote.
"They may be in error. As we've discovered in a number of cases, people say this is where my mother lives, this is where I spend most of my time and this is where I want to vote and they register there. They don't do it because of any malice or a view to mislead people."
The allegations of voter fraud came to light about two weeks ago after Bannister, the education minister and MP for Carmichael, claimed 36 people registered illegally in that constituency.
Bannister also accused unnamed "PLP operatives" of flying people into North Andros, free of charge, to register to vote.

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WANTED: Prison Escapee - Frederick Neely

Nassau, Bahamas - 

Police are requesting your assistance in locating 29 year old FREDERICK GREEN aka FREDERICK NEELY of CARMICHAEL ROAD.

Fredrick is described as having dark brown complexion, medium build and stands at 5'11" tall.

Police want to question this suspect reference to ESCAPING LAWFUL CUSTODY.

According to police reports around...

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New Providence Police investigat traffic fatality - Investigate shooting incident - Armed robbery suspect detain by citizens -

traffic accident that has left a 31 year old male of Wingate Drive off
Carmichael Road dead.The incident reportedly...

ARMED ROBBERY SUSPECT DETAINED BY CITIZENS A 21 year old male of Columbus Avenue is in police custody after being detained by residents of St. Albans Drive and released...

POLICE INVESTIGATES SHOOTING INCIDENT Police are investigating a shooting incident that has left a 24 year old male of...

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Wayde Wendal Rolle, 47

Funeral service for Wayde Wendal Rolle, 47, a resident of Bimini Avenue, who died on 19th February, 2012, will be held at Golden Gates World Outreach Ministries, Carmichael Road, on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Officiating will be Bishop Ros Davis. Interment follows in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, JFK Drive.

Left to cherish his loving memories are his dedicated mother, Patricia Kelly-Brown, his stepfather, Arthur Brown; Seven Children, Deangelo Thompson-Rolle, Wayde Jr., Christopher, Shantiche, Moesha, Waydesiha and Nehemiah, one granddaughter, Jasmine Thompson. Four brothers, Vincent, Salatichel, Whitney Rolle and Sancto Kelly. Five sisters, Emily, Maudline, Judy, Merancer Rolle-Morley and Shanette Kelly-Rah ...

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Haiti's help is your yes

Two years after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, a group of 10 organizations have banded together to host a concert to raise funds to assist the people of Haiti.
The concert dubbed "Haiti's Help Is Your Yes!" will be held tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Enoch Beckford Auditorium on Carmichael Road. Admission is free, but donations, pledges and gift offerings will be accepted.
Performing gospel and conscious music will be Benedict Lamartine, Anna Calixte, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Group D'Homme Emmanuel (Berean Baptist Church), Theogene Jean Louis (Cornerstone Church), Paul Hanna, Poem by Rosny Jean (Queen of Peace), Seventh-day Adventist men's group, Boys of God, and Mr. J (Gefner Dalmon).
They are expecting the 3,000-seat auditorium to be filled at capacity to hear the uplifting music, guest pastor Maxso Joseph and amputee victims from Haiti.
"The primary purpose of the concert is to sensitize Haitians and Haitians of Bahamian descent, Bahamians and the world to Haiti's current plight and pain," said concert organizer Robert Dieudonne. "Two years after the earthquake, Haiti is still in need of prayer. Haiti is still in need of participation in its restoration."
Organizations comprising the Power of 10 group include the Haitian Embassy, United Associations of Haitians in The Bahamas, Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, the Haitian Pastors Association, Real Men Ministries, Haitian Chapter Viahmo, Bahamas Faith Ministries Intl., True Vision Media Group, Church of the Nazarene and Benedict Larmartine.
"The Power of 10 have realized this finger-tapping won't work and that we need a consolidated effort, a collaborative front in order to bring any real effectiveness -- even in a small way," said Dieudonne. "So we've committed to come together to focus on particular projects and we will focus on the kids, the domestic servants, kids who can't go to school but are allowed to work 12 to 16 hours a day just to have a place where they can be accommodated. We're going to focus on the more than 100,000 amputees who are still waiting on prosthetics, wheelchairs, therapy, and vocational training."
The billions of dollars that have been collected, Dieudonne says can go towards constructing infrastructure. He says they are interested in dealing with the human element and building lives - that is where they will focus their support.
Dieudonne says people have no excuse not to help their Haitian neighbors because if they want to adopt a family, they will help them do that. If someone wants to adopt a child, he says they will help them do that. And any denomination from $20 to $2,000 is acceptable. And he says sponsors will know where their aid money goes because they will receive a call from the recipient to say they received it.
New Haitian Mission Baptist Church pastor, Rev. Cherelus Exante, who has an ongoing effort feeding, clothing and educating 50-plus orphans in an orphanage, says the concert people will be given the opportunity to partner with actual efforts now. And get the assistance they need to create initiatives of their own.
"Two years on, we are not here only to organize the concert, but to also give God thanks, and to thank the people of The Bahamas for standing with the Haitian people to help Haiti, so we continue to do work in Haiti and provide aid to Haitians," said Rev. Exante.

What: Haiti's Help Is Your Yes! concert
When: Friday, January 13
Where: Enoch Beckford Auditorium, Carmichael Road
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Admission: Free, but donations, pledges and gift offerings will be accepted
Performers: Benedict Lamartine, Anna Calixte, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Group D'Homme Emmanuel (Berean Baptist Church), Theogene Jean Louis (Cornerstone Church), Paul Hanna, Poem by Rosny Jean (Queen of Peace), Seventh-day Adventist men's group, Boys of God, and Mr. J (Gefner Dalmon).

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Abducted mother forced to hand over 3,500

A MOTHER was abducted from her Paradise Island home yesterday morning by two teenagers who ordered her to drive them to a Carmichael Road bank, where she was forced to withdraw $3,500.

Police reports were sketchy last night, but it is understood that the mother, the wife of a businessman, had taken her two children to school early that morning. She returned to her Paradise Island condominium around noon only to find two young people -- the boy might have been about 18 and the girl about 15 - loitering near the property.

It is understood that someone walking in the area earlier that morning had seen the "children" hanging around and asked it they were looking for someone. No one paid too muc ...

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Seven people to be challenged at North Andros hearing

The eligibility of seven people who have registered to vote in North Andros will be tested at a fraud hearing this Friday, Parliamentary Commissioner Errol Bethel told The Nassau Guardian yesterday.
The seven people represent a fraction of the 36 people Education Minister Desmond Bannister previously claimed registered illegally in that constituency.
Bannister, current MP for Carmichael and a native of North Andros, is the Free National Movement's candidate for the area.
Bethel said the seven people will be called to testify before the constituency's revising officer during a public hearing in Nicholl's Town.
What happens to those registered voters after that depends on the revising officer's ruling, he added.
"The hearing will be public in Nicholl's Town. It should be at the courthouse. It's just a hearing for him to be able to satisfy himself as to who should or shouldn't be there. After the hearing, he should make a ruling," Bethel said.
Bannister has also charged that Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) 'operatives' have been flying in out-of-town residents to North Andros, at no cost to them, to register to vote. Party Leader Perry Christie has denied this.
Yesterday, Dr. Perry Gomez, the candidate for North Andros and the Berry Islands, said he does not want to publicly get involved in the matter.
According to the law, any three registered voters in a constituency can object to the name of any other person on the voter's register for that constituency, by delivering to the revising officer a notice of objection.
Upon receiving the notice, which discloses why the name of that other person should be removed from that part of the register, the revising officer shall as soon as practicable fix a day for hearing the objection, which shall be a day not later than 14 days after the day on which he received notice of objection.

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DNA votes could have helped FNM win

The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) won no seats in Monday's general election, but made history by garnering the most votes ever for a third party in The Bahamas.
And fared so well in some races, that had the number of votes cast for the DNA gone to the Free National Movement (FNM) in at least a dozen races, the outcome of the general election would have been much different.
The DNA got 13,186 votes of the 155,804 votes cast, which accounts for 8.4 percent of the overall vote.
While that number pales in comparison to the 75,806 votes cast for the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), and the 65,518 votes cast for the FNM, it more than covers the 10,288 votes that decided the winner and the runner up.
For example, in Mount Moriah, DNA candidate Wayne Munroe received 471 votes. However, PLP MP elect for Mount Moriah Arnold Forbes beat FNM incumbent Tommy Turnquest by just 250 votes.
In Bamboo Town, DNA Leader Branville McCartney got 1,022 votes. However, PLP MP elect Renward Wells only beat FNM candidate Cassius Stuart by 279 votes.
A similar situation occurred in Fort Charlotte where DNA candidate Mark Humes got 519 votes. However, PLP MP elect Dr. Andre Rollins beat FNM candidate and former Minster of State for Finance Zhivargo Laing by 152 votes.
In Carmichael, the DNA's Theofanis Cochinamogulos received 527 votes, while the PLP's Dr. Danny Johnson beat the FNM's Darron Cash by only 94 votes.
Similar situations exist in Elizabeth, Garden Hills, Golden Isles, Marathon, Sea Breeze, South Beach, Southern Shores, Marco City and North Andros.
However, in several constituencies, if DNA votes were cast instead for the FNM, the outcomes would have been the same.
In Centreville, PLP Leader and Prime Minister Perry Christie, won by 1,349 votes; DNA candidate Celi Moss got 302 votes.
In Englerston, PLP Glenys Hanna-Martin faced six opponents and still won by 1,386 votes; DNA candidate Emmanuel Jacques got 219 votes.
Returning Fox Hill MP Fred Mitchell beat FNM candidate Shonel Ferguson by 877 votes; DNA candidate Kendal Smith got 351 votes.
Returning Golden Gates MP Shane Gibson beat FNM candidate Winsome Miller by 1,275 votes; DNA candidate Allsworth Pickstock got 435 votes.
A record 172,130 Bahamians were registered to vote.

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(Video) Remarks at Carmichael Office Opening by Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas - Remarks by the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham, FNM Party
Leader at the Constituency Headquarters Opening, Carmichael on March
20th, 2012:

Colour Red is surging across the country! On Saturday FNMs came by the
thousands to support Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe and the other members of
our Dynamic Five in Grand Bahama.  We are going to sweep all five Grand
Bahama and Bimini seats.

On Thursday night Colour Red will be in Yamacraw with Dion Foulkes.  The
little crowd Melanie Griffin had at her headquarters opening will look
like a drop in the ocean compared to the sea of red that's coming to
Yamacraw this Thursday...

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Stronger emphasis on Bahamian ownership in tourism needed

The Free National Movement's Carmichael candidate, Darron Cash, thinks the Bahamian economy is recovering well from what has been described as the "Great Recession".
Cash shared with Guardian Business that the country's economic recovery is reflected in what he is calling investor confidence from both the domestic and international communities.
In this week's edition of My Ten Cents, Cash noted that while The Bahamas' economy should be in good standing over the next five to 10 years, there still needs to be a stronger emphasis on encouraging Bahamian ownership.
He pointed out that it is through increased Bahamian ownership that the economy will expand.
The FNM candidate stressed the importance of the country's tourism product but recommended that it be diversified in order to maintain its competitive edge against other touristic destinations.
One area Cash suggested tourism stakeholders need to focus on is creating opportunities for Bahamian entertainers.
"There are many ways for us to improve our tourism product and I think therein are the opportunities for Bahamians to provide new avenues for ownership. Specifically, there has been an agelong concern that there is more that can be done to expand the opportunities there are for Bahamian entertainers," according to Cash.
"There are many ways for us to expand the number of things tourists do when they come to our shores and I think there is no question at what the Ministry of Tourism has been doing by way of promoting the Family Islands."
In addition to strengthening the country's tourism product, Cash encouraged Bahamians to take advantage of entrepreneurial-based projects provided by the government such as the self starter and jump start programs.
He said now is the time for them to take advantage of these opportunities, as the job market becomes even more competitive.
While he is encouraged by the fact that most businesses in The Bahamas are considered to be small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), he shared with Guardian Business that many of them still fail due to a lack of financial and technical support.
As chairman of the Bahamas Development Bank, Cash noted that many businesses have been significantly funded by the bank.
However, he admits the challenges that SMEs face don't always boil down to finances.
"The key point for us to remember is that the greatest challenge for SMEs is not always on the financial side, but on the technical side. Very often it is about the marketing, the operational and financial weaknesses that have to be addressed to make sure that the people who bring fantastic ideas to the table also have the support to bring those ideas to fruition," said Cash.

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Branville McCartney, MP remarks at Southern Shores Constituency office opening

Nassau, Bahamas - The following are remarks made by Hon. Branville McCartney, M.P. on March 29th, 2012 at the
Street Meeting in Carmichael at the Southern Shores Constituency office opening.

When the Rally is Over

Good evening BAHAMAS!

Good evening my fellow Bahamians!

The Bahamas is now on the brink of economic collapse and social decay. We need REAL CHANGE. And, we need REAL CHANGE NOW.

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Doyle Alton Baby Doyle Bastian, 31

Funeral service for Doyle Alton "Baby Doyle" Bastian, 31 yrs., a resident of Holiday Drive, South Beach, who died on 19th March, 2012, will be held at Southside Christian Ministries International, Carmichael Road, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Apostle, Dr. C. Clifford Smith III. Interment follows in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, JFK Drive.
Left to cherish his loving memories are his mother: Karen Ingraham; father: Alton Bastian; step-father: Orpheus Ingraham; two sons: Doyle and Doylano Bastian; one daughter: Doyleisha Bastian; one brother: Corey Bastian, two sisters: Sharmaine Ferguson, Cassie Battiata; step brother: Dasario Ingraham; step sisters: Olivia Ingraham; grandfather: Alfred Bastian; five nieces: Kevinna Pennerman, Adreana, Allyhandra and Amanda Battiata and Daysha; seven nephews: Shaquan and Cardino Ferguson, Adrian Jr. and Amaziah Battiata; thirteen aunts: Melvern, Joyce, Sandra, Burnese, Stephanie and Docas Bastian, Bridgette Miller, Alfreda Sears, Shonie and Melonie Strachan, Tesaline Evans and Belkis Dames; eleven uncles: Carl, Sidney, Ednal, Edward, Sheldon Bastian, Charles Sands, Terrance, Robert and Bernard Strachan, Shawn Benjamin and Lynden Miller, two brother-in-law: Cardinal Ferguson and Adrian Battiata; grandaunts: Anita McKenzie, Miriam Brown, Arlean, Cheryl and Rehesa Smith, Eulalee, Emily and Majorie Bastian, Muriel Bullard, Pricilda Ferguson and Muriel Ash; granduncles: Anthony, Zebedee, Nathaniel and Paul Bastian, Kendal and Stevason Smith, Henry Bullard, Elijah Ferguson and Livingston Ash; cousins: Tameko, Lakeisha, Crystal, Lithera, Laranda, Urshala, Peaches, Hollina, Elaine, Johnisha, Shan, Shakera, Shanique, Xena, Alyah, Daysha, Candace, Dasha, Ednika and Achara, Claude, Deangelo, Charley, Theo, Tevon, Terran, Marcus, Elan, Samuel, Solomon, Salathiel, Sanny, Rico, Phillip, Elton, Coran, Garvin, Brendan, Dillon, Sidney Jr., and Sheldon Jr., Barbara and Cheryl; best friends: Mackey, James and Jason; a host of other relatives and friends include: Mosko Construction, Jimmy, Johnny, Mike and Troy, Truck Drivers, members of Southside Ministries, Virgo Car Rental Staff, Staff of Big Ten, Dallas and Family, The Biker's Crew, Arebea, Johnathon, Abby, Felisha, Larette, Lavernay, Kendal, Jeff, Tony, Cleon, Allie, Stephon, Arnold, Apostle Clifford C. Smith and Family, Ingraham Family, Sheena and Family, Janice and Family, Chris, Keisha, Benjie, C.C. Sweeting Graduation Class of 1998, The Staff of Bamboo Shack, the Staff of Anthony's Bar and Grill & many others too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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Rallies more important than the message

Dear Editor,

I have attended the rallies of the Free National Movement (FNM), the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and the street meetings of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA). All of these political parties have one quest: to be the next government of The Bahamas.
The FNM has pulled out all of the stops. It has more commercials being aired than the other major parties combined. Its posters are much larger than its adversaries and it has the majority of airtime on ZNS.
The PLP has also pulled several hats out of the bag. Its rallies are jam-packed. It has the best entertainment that money can buy and it like the FNM is literally hosting major concerts and parties.
The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) seems to be a bit different. It is not having parties, but meetings and it is speaking only on the issues. Is its message falling on deaf ears though? Time will tell on May 7.
I talked to several supporters of the FNM after the party's mass rally on R.M. Bailey Park last Thursday. All I heard them discussing was color red and the thousands of people that attended. I didn't hear anything about the crime problem in The Bahamas, the unemployment problems and the social decay in our country. All I heard was talk about the red splash.
On Saturday past, when the PLP rally at Clifford Park was completed, I spoke with many party supporters. They were very enthused. As I listened to them talk all I heard was the Gold Rush and that they believe in Bahamians. There was no talk about how this gold was going to be attained and there was no talk of evidence of the belief in Bahamians.
Both the PLP and the FNM supporters seem to be more concerned about the crowd gatherings and who had the largest crowd as opposed to the message of the candidates and the leaders.
I attended the DNA street meeting on Carmichael Road and I listened to a well laid out speech by the party's leader. He spoke on a myriad of issues and solutions to move this country forward. There was no mudslinging, but rather a balanced critique on the successes and failures of successive governments.
Bahamians are inexplicably put in a trance after attending rallies of the FNM and the PLP. Most of them are only talking about numbers and the large crowd in attendance. I reiterate my stance that this election will be one for the ages. The election results on May 7, 2012 will determine our path for the next 20 years. I implore all Bahamian registered voters to please not only look at the numbers, but look at the message.
The message being delivered should be vital in your decision making process. Don't just vote for a party because you are impressed with a large gathering. Vote for who you truly believe can best solve our country's problems. Let's vote for real progress and show all these politicians that only good governance will impress us.

- Dehavilland Moss

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