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This is no time for a weaker Caribbean Community

At the opening of the 33rd Conference of the 15-nation Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM), the incoming chairman, St. Lucia's Prime Minister Kenny Anthony, called on governments of the region to "develop a common policy and program for engagement with new and emerging global partners". The words "common policy" are especially significant, and it has to be assumed that he did not use them lightly.
As small, vulnerable countries, lacking in military capacity or economic clout, effective diplomacy is the best tool available to them. And, while, from time to time, these small countries have scored impressive diplomatic victories in the international community, they have been most successful when they have adopted common policies and pursued them jointly.
The St. Lucia prime minister was also careful in stating that the terms of engagement with new and emerging global partners "must be defined by our strategic interests". Again, it is assumed that by the use of the word "our" in this context, the prime minister meant the collective strategic interest of all CARICOM countries, and not just the interests of individual nations. Where individual interests have been pursued in the past, only short-term objectives have been served, and individual countries have found themselves subject to the dictates of external forces over the longer period.
While, even as a collective, the small size of CARICOM countries and their markets do not make them powerful, they are able to bargain more strongly together than they can individually. That was the lesson of the Lomé and Cotonou agreements signed with the European Union (EU). In negotiating those agreements, Caribbean countries worked in lock-step with the countries of Africa and the Pacific something that it did not manage to achieve in the more recent negotiations with the EU for an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).
Anthony expressed the hope that the CARICOM countries would dedicate their efforts "towards a dynamic and outward stance of engagement with third states, particularly with Africa, Latin America and other emerging economic regions". He was right to do so, for the two regions offer both diplomatic and economic opportunities if they are pursued in the context of an overall CARICOM plan.
He did not mention by name the most important region Asia where two large developing countries, China and India, have emerged as global economic players. This may be because he is conscious that CARICOM countries have no "common policy" with regard to China and Taiwan, since five of them (including his own) are tied to Taiwan and nine to China (the 15th CARICOM country, Montserrat, is a British colony with no authority for foreign policy).
This particular issue is not likely to be settled any time soon. The countries that are tied to Taiwan are dependent on the Taiwanese government for much needed financing and infrastructural development, and unless an arrangement could be worked out in advance by which China assumes the Taiwanese undertakings on similar or better terms, they will resist change. This means that CARICOM will be unable to develop a long-term, predictable arrangement with China covering economic, political, cultural and scientific relations.
One solution to the problem would be for CARICOM to agree to a parallel track approach to Asia, with all of them collectively developing relations with India, while relations with China and Taiwan are pursued separately by the nine and five countries with coordination of their activities by the CARICOM Secretariat. The fly in this ointment is that China and Taiwan might not agree. But, China is now too crucially important a global player not to be fully engaged by CARICOM countries. Something has to be done to break this log-jam, and soon.
As Anthony emphasized: "This is not the time for a weaker community". He has identified the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group and the Commonwealth as two fora where CARICOM countries can enhance their global reach and relevance. He is right. But, the task will require a well-thought out vision and strategy, and its implementation will need joint machinery, including joint overseas diplomatic missions, directed by an engaged ministerial council.
The strength and purposefulness of the community is about to be tested by the European Union (EU) which, through the European Commission, has indicated that it may take as many as eight Caribbean countries to arbitration under the EPA signed in 2008 for non-implementation of tariff cuts on EU goods entering their markets.
It is safe ground to say that the EU can determine that the failure to make the tariff cuts constitutes a dispute and, therefore, can take the matter to arbitration. The EPA does provide for a consultation process, and no doubt this will be invoked by the EU with each of the eight countries. While Jamaica has been identified by the EU as one of the eight countries, the others are yet to be officially named. Reliable sources indicate that Suriname is among the remaining seven.
But, consultations will not necessarily lead to leniency by the EU. Indeed, because of their concern about on-going negotiations with some African countries for EPAs, the EU is most unlikely to want to give any quarter lest it serve as a precedent for the bigger African countries whose markets are more significant to Europe.
It is important to recall that each of the eight Caribbean countries will have to engage the EU, through the European Commission, on their own since the EPA was signed between the 27-nation EU collectively and the Caribbean countries individually. Some of them will not have the resources to represent themselves in the consultations, and certainly will find arbitration proceedings prohibitively expensive.
A strong Caribbean community would establish joint machinery to support each of the eight countries in the consultation process to avoid arbitration. It would also assemble the means now to effectively review the EPA in October 2013 (and not early 2013 as I inadvertently stated in my last commentary) to make it realistic in present conditions, and fairer.
o Sir Ronald Sanders is a business executive and former Caribbean diplomat who publishes widely on small states in the global community. Send responses to: Printed with the permission of

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Man arraigned for multiple murders

A man wanted in connection with a double murder and three attempted murders made his initial appearance before a magistrate yesterday following his discharge from hospital.
Police issued an all points bulletin for Cornelius Roberts after the May 2013 murders of Amati Knowles and Odrick Telusma outside a home at Bar 20 Corner and Kemp Road. The men were killed during a drive-by shooting by gunmen in a white Dodge Ram truck, police said.
Officers found Roberts, 23, of New Hope Drive, Nassau Village, in November 2013 when they responded to a shooting report in Malcolm Road.
Roberts, who had been shot multiple times, was taken to hospital where he remained under heavy police guard.
Roberts was not required to enter pleas to the charges at his arraignment before Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt.
In addition to the murder charges, Roberts is accused of the attempted murders of Anthony Roache, Lanardo Wilson and Arlington Stubbs.
He was also charged with possession of a prohibited weapon.
Roberts has been remanded to prison. He returns to court in May for the presentation of a voluntary bill of indictment that will forward his case to the Supreme Court.
Roberts is the fourth man charged with the incident. Carlon Rolle, Sean Higgs and Rashad Clarke were charged last year and have already been arraigned in the Supreme Court.

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Jazz in the Gardens bound

Danielle Prabhu, Glenda Roker, Kareema Styles and Thalia Campbell will experience the magical tradition that is Jazz in the Gardens, courtesy of The Nassau Guardian, Star 106.5 FM and Hot 91.7.
Each of the winners and a guest have won the opportunity to take in live the star-studded line-up of artists over the weekend at the ninth annual event in Miami at the Sun Life Stadium --Grammy Award winners LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx, and Anthony Hamilton; bass guitar legend Stanley Clarke; the beloved Maze featuring Frankie Beverly; R&B artists Trey Songz; original Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland; R&B funk group Mint Condition, six-octave vocal songstress Rachelle Farrell and 2014 Grammy nominee jazz artist Boney James.
This year's JIG host -- D.L. Hughley is one of the most popular and highly recognized standup comedians today.
Prabhu, whose package include airfare with Bahamasair for two, car rental with Dollar Thrifty, hotel accommodations at Staybridge Suites and concert tickets for two for both nights, along with tickets for two to tonight's Friday Night Opening Party, featuring The S.O.S. Band and The Daz Band, made it a girls weekend, as she decided to take her sister Bean Prabhu with her.
"I was actually in shock to find out I had won," said Prabhu. "This is the first time I've won anything this big."
While excited to have won, she's no stranger to the Jazz in the Gardens experience having gone to the last two festivals. This time she's happy she did not have to spend her own money.
The artist lineup she said makes this year extra special. The 20-something said she's most excited to see Trey Songz.
Kareema Styles who walked away from the promotion with a package for two that included airfare, accommodations, car rental and concert tickets for both nights.
Unlike Prabhu, Styles will experience the magic that has become the tradition for Jazz in the Gardens for the first time.
"I was actually very excited to win because I had been saying for a couple of years that I wanted to go and had never made it yet, so winning worked out well," she said. And only having to come up with pocket change she said would make the experience that much sweeter. She too was looking forward to seeing Trey Songz. She took her boyfriend with her.
Glenda Roker's winning package included round trip airfare for two and concert ticket passes for both days. She planned to meet up with a cousin in Florida to take in the Festival, including tonight's Friday Night Opening Party as she looked forward to getting her old-school groove on with her boyfriend. She's excited to see Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly and attending tonight's grown and sexy party.
"It's a different kind of experience, even though I'm going to be looking forward to seeing Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J and I know Kelly Rowland's songs but it will be interesting to experience the classics," said the 20-something year old.
This will be Roker's first time at JIG.
Star 106.5FM and Hot 91.7 programming director Tony Williams said the winners should expect to be "blown away". He described this year's line-up as a good mix that caters across the generations. Williams himself was most interested in seeing what LL Cool J would bring to the stage, and about the Funky Friday Night Opening Party that he said has added new flavor to the event.
"The Funky Friday Night Opening Party is something different, especially for the old school folks who may not know too much about the new artists and for those people who may be going over to Florida early," he said.
Williams was also eager to see performances by Jamie Foxx, Kelly Rowland and Mint Condition.
"Jamie Foxx can be considered old school as well as new school, and he's a comedian, so I think you're going to get a good show out of Jamie Foxx, so I'm looking forward to seeing him as well as Kelly Rowland who I've never seen before, but she's got quite a body of work including Dirty Laundry and Kisses Down Low which were very big for her, plus she had songs before that, including some gospel songs, so I think people will enjoy her. Then there's Mint Condition who I've never seen, but I know their music," said Williams.

What: 9th Annual Jazz in the Gardens
When: March 14, 15 and 16
Where: Sun Life Stadium, 2269 Dan Marino Blvd., Miami Gardens, Florida

Performing artists line up
Saturday, March 15 (Gates open at 3 p.m.) -- Line-up is subject to change. Times can be adjusted without notice.
4 p.m. -- Local talent TBA
4:35 p.m. -- Local talent TBA
5 p.m. -- Boney James
6:20 p.m. -- Mint Condition
7:40 p.m. -- Kelly Rowland
9 p.m. -- Trey Songz
10:30 p.m. -- Jamie Foxx
Sunday, March 16 (Gates open at 3 p.m.) -- Line-up is subject to change. Times can be adjusted without notice.
4 p.m. -- Local talent TBA
4:35 p.m. -- Rachelle Ferrell
5:55 -- Stanley Clarke
7:10 p.m. -- Anthony Hamilton
8:30 p.m. -- LL Cool J
10 p.m. -- Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Host: D.L. Hughley
Tickets: On sale at, the Sun Life Stadium Box Office, or call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000.

Opening night party:
Featuring Dazz Band with S.O.S. Band
When: Friday, March 14
Time: 9 p.m.
Where: Calder Casino & Race Course located at 21001 NW 27th Ave., Miami, Florida.
Tickets: Can be purchased at

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The bizarre ramblings of our police commissioner

Faced with a new round of questions over police reporting of crime, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade last week went off into his characteristic defensive, emotional overreaction.
We saw it in 2012 when we questioned him on the failure of police to report a spike in rapes in New Providence.
We also saw his bizarre and angry response a few weeks ago after we reported a drug suspect was allowed to marry at Central Police Station.
The thing about this kind of response from the commissioner of police is that he often leaves us confused over who his anger is directed at.
Such was the case last week after we reported the United States Embassy had advised its citizens of an attempt to rob an armored truck outside Wendy's restaurant at Cable Beach just over two weeks ago.
The attempted robbery, according to the Americans, happened at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday.
The Bahamian public was told nothing about two criminals escaping in the area after the incident.
Bahamian police failed to report the crime to this country's citizens.
Last Monday, The Nassau Guardian reported that Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson confirmed the attempted robbery and denied there was any attempt by police to suppress reporting of the incident.
A day later, Free National Movement Deputy Chairman Dr. Duane Sands, who was contacted by us for comment, questioned whether the failure of police to report the crime was an accident, a deliberate omission or whether the political directorate sought to suppress that information.
Responding to reports on the matter, Greenslade said in an interview with The Nassau Guardian, "Please, I beg you, stop selling The Bahamas short.
"I have difficulty with that and I am not sure what that agenda is [but] it must be an agenda, and it is not a good agenda."
When asked who those comments were directed at, Greenslade did not respond directly.
"I am not sure what the agenda is," he reiterated.
"I will tell you whatever has been said based on the intelligence I have, and the intelligence our people in this country have, there is something terribly wrong with the conversation."
Despite the failure of police to report the matter, Greenslade said he is satisfied with the level of transparency of the police force.
He also said it was "out of order" for any comments to have been made on the matter without him properly verifying the facts.
In an apparent reference to comments made by Assistant Commissioner Ferguson, Greenslade blasted, "No other person reserves the right to speak for me unless I brief them.
"And those people that I brief are the minister of national security and the right honorable prime minister of this country.
"And anyone else is offering an opinion and the public would do very well to be careful of those opinions."
Anyone listening to the police commissioner could easily see why we were left confused by his comments.
Who exactly is he accusing of selling The Bahamas short?
Was it the media for daring to question him on the failure of police to report certain incidents?
Was it Dr. Sands for raising questions on the matter?
Who exactly is he accusing of having an agenda? And what agenda is he talking about?
And what of the strange response that seemed to be directed at Assistant Commissioner Ferguson?
Was the commissioner suggesting that this very senior officer was out of line to respond to a reporter's questions on this incident?
There is no one in this entire matter who spoke for the commissioner, so who exactly is he referring to when he said "no person reserves the right to speak for me unless I brief them"?
A more appropriate response from our police chief would have been an explanation on why the public was not made aware of an attempt to rob an armored truck at a very busy restaurant in a highly-populated area on a Friday afternoon.
Wouldn't everyone living in Cable Beach want to know that three criminals had just tried to rob an armored truck and escaped into their neighborhoods?


These kinds of statements from the police commissioner do not foster goodwill and trust between the police and the public.
They do nothing but feed the sentiment of mistrust in the organization.
Minister of National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage also did nothing to help the situation.
He reported on the floor of the House last Wednesday that the matter had in fact been reported, but he failed to expand on his claim.
In fact, his statement appeared disingenuous, or perhaps he himself was not properly briefed.
Neither the minister nor the commissioner would be able to point to any report to the public of an attempted robbery of an armored truck outside Wendy's in Cable Beach Friday before last.
The truth is, police did not report what happened.
We went back to our police report on that date, just to be sure.
Here is what police reported in relation to the attempted robbery of an armored truck:
"According to reports, around 6 p.m. on Friday 21, March 2014, police acting on intelligence went to the parking lot of a shopping complex located at western New Providence, where they uncovered a handgun along with a quantity of ammunition. No one was arrested in connection with this incident. Investigations are ongoing."
If you are waiting to read the part about the three criminals who attempted to hold up the two armored truck workers transferring money into the truck, then your best bet would be to refer to the report from the United States Embassy.
All of us as citizens and residents of The Bahamas ought to be concerned about whether police are accurately reporting crimes and in their full context.
This debate erupted earlier this year when Sands highlighted that police statistics on shootings and rapes are notably lower than records kept by Princess Margaret Hospital.
It was another moment that placed Greenslade on edge.
If the failure to properly report this one incident involving the armored truck was an oversight then our commissioner and our national security minister should explain it as such.
Their credibility rides on such matters.
Too often our officials respond to public concerns and media probing with defensiveness and obfuscation.
How are we to have trust in our police officials and indeed in our government officials when the attempted armed robbery of an armored truck outside a popular restaurant on a Friday afternoon is reported as a firearm discovery in a parking lot?
This kind of vague reporting cannot be trusted and ought not be defended by a commissioner of police and a minister of national security who appear more concerned about their reputations than keeping us safe.
We as citizens should be outraged and offended that we have to learn of such matters from the United States Embassy and not our police officials.
The commissioner's recent statements do not help his image or that of the force he leads.
Disingenuous statements and incomprehensible comments to reporters leave us wondering what we can believe from our leaders who are responsible for the security of our nation and its people.

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Police probe reports of bodies in Anguilla Cays

Police are investigating reports of dead bodies in the Anguilla Cays in the Cay Sal Bank near the coast of Cuba.
Assistant Superintendent Anthony Ferguson said he sent a team to the area to investigate and had no further details up to press time.
The Guardian understands that fishermen reported the incident on Wednesday evening.

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Bodies 'set afire on remote cay'

Four bodies found on Anguilla Cay had tires placed on top of them and set on fire, Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) Lt. Commander Raymond King said yesterday.
King said the Royal Bahamas Police Force and RBDF launched a joint operation to recover the bodies, which were discovered nearly two weeks ago by fishermen.
King said the bodies were those of three men and one woman. Officials believe they were Haitians.
King did not say what led them to believe that.
They were transported from Anguilla Cay to New Providence yesterday.
"We arrived at the cay shortly after sunrise yesterday (Thursday) morning and within minutes we were able to locate the bodies based on the odor that was being emitted," he said.
He added, "The bodies were badly burned.
"It appears as though the individuals used tires to try and disintegrate the bodies."
On Tuesday, Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said police had yet to find any bodies on the cay.
King said police used a helicopter in their original search and found nothing.
"We conducted a more thorough search yesterday (Thursday) and were able to locate the bodies," he said.
When asked how the bodies ended up on the cay, King said, "There weren't any signs of any vessel being shipwrecked, so we have no idea in terms of how the bodies were taken to the cay or how they met their fate on Anguilla Cay," he said.
Anguilla Cay is located in the Cay Sal Bank near the coast of Cuba.

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Woman, 24, shot at home, dies

A woman was shot inside her Yellow Elder Gardens home yesterday morning; she died a short while later, becoming the fifth person murdered in the country since Saturday, police said.
Relatives identified her as Leoneise Jones, 24.
Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson said the shooter approached the home on Old Cedar Street around 2 a.m. and shot through a window, hitting the woman in the neck and face.
According to police, she died in hospital.
Ferguson appealed to anyone with information on the matter to contact police.
He said police did not have a motive or a suspect.
When The Guardian visited the home yesterday, relatives did not want to speak.
Jones' neighbors, who said they were shocked by the incident, described her as a quiet and kind young woman.
"She never came out and she never hurt anyone," one neighbor said.
On Jones' Facebook page, a friend posted, "If I had known Saturday would have been the last time I saw you, I would have snapped a few more pictures."
The murder count for the year now stands at 28.
On Saturday, a man was stabbed to death outside a home at Graham Drive, Yellow Elder Gardens, at 3 p.m., police said.
Alexis Smith, 15, was shot to death outside a bar in Kings Subdivision, Eight Mile Rock, around 3:06 a.m. on Sunday, police said.
On Monday, police said two men were murdered on Grand Bahama.
Lenardo Pierre, 22, was found with multiple gunshot wounds on Adventurers Way around 1:45 a.m.
The second victim was shot on Weddell Avenue shortly after 9 p.m., police said.
The crime problem remains a great national concern despite efforts by the government and police to address it.
On Friday, Prime Minister Perry Christie renewed his commitment to "smother and suffocate" crime.
In a recent interview with The Nassau Guardian, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade said all categories of violent crime with the exception of murder have trended downward up to March 19.
He called murder a vexing issue that the police with the assistance of all stakeholders "have to get a handle on".
During an open house and exhibition at the Government Printing Department on Old Trail Road, Christie said the government will dedicate more resources to law enforcement and social intervention programs.
"I am continuing to dedicate resources to the police force because I intend to smother, to smother and suffocate this," the prime minister said.

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Man convicted of 5 armed robbery

A man arrested moments after a $5 armed robbery has been convicted.
A jury unanimously convicted Balmont Thompson of the 2012 hold-up after deliberating just over two hours.
According to the evidence, Thompson and two other men accosted three women as they were leaving the One Family Junkanoo Practice on Market Street.
Thompson took a Dooney and Bourke purse that contained $5 from one of the women, whom he had dashed to the ground.
The woman later saw Thompson walking with her purse. According to the evidence, the woman clipped Thompson with her car and he fired two shots, which struck the car's bumper.
Officers on patrol in the area heard the gunshots and arrested Thompson a short time later in Hospital Lane.
Thompson denied the allegations at his trial.
Justice Carolita Bethell will sentence him on May 29 at 2 p.m.
Anthony Delaney, Anishka Hanchell and Cordell Frazier prosecuted.
Gregory Hilton appeared for Thompson.

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Batelco Radars back In spotlight with noble gestures to stalwarts

I remember quite well, the period during the 1960s when the Batelco Radars was one of the best softball teams in the country. It was a pivotal era. The ethnic gap in the game of softball was about to be totally bridged. Traditional softball competition at Garfunkel Field, that saw the participation of few black players, was transforming into league play at the new John F. Kennedy Drive Park.
Prior to that change, the Southern Recreation Grounds (now Cannon William Thompson Park) was where a large number of black players performed. On Sundays, the Southern Recreation Grounds (SRG) was one of the main venues of activities for black athletes.
At the same time, many of them were playing cricket or soccer at Clifford Park, Windsor Park or St. George's Park. The SRG enjoyed that kind of popularity and the Radars were the softball darlings of the time. The top players evolved as stars, household names. When visiting the SRG, most often, fans watched Brian "Boldie" Gibson, the last of the great underhand delivery specialists.
He was the star pitcher of the Radars. Then, there was Russell Franks who was an avid athlete and a bit of a socialite. He was one of the original Radars. The peers of Gibson and Franks included Anthony "Boots" Weech, Keith "Muggins" Archer and Audley "Congo" Williams, who also thinks of himself as one of the better whist players in the country. Well, the jury remains out on that one.
They were a part of the catalyst group that contributed to etching the name Batelco Radars into Bahamian softball history.
A few years behind the aforementioned stalwarts but significant, nevertheless, to the tradition of the Radars, was Charles "Chuck" Mackey. The 1960s and 1970s were special decades in the development of softball in the country. The Radars, through the outreach connections of it players, had much to do with the expansion of softball into commercial and recreational play.
These days, Williams is still as boastful as ever, Weech remains quiet but profound and Muggins forever the supreme unionist, all of them still in love with the game of softball. Boldie gave us a scare a while ago. He was fading rapidly, but through the power of the Almighty, he is back, seemingly as vibrant as ever.
The same can't be said for Franks and Mackey. They are both facing challenges and are greatly incapacitated in comparison to the active individuals we once knew.
It was thus a fitting gesture, when the Radars decided to pay tribute to their colleagues. Weech first mentioned the plan to me and I thought it a great idea. This past weekend a social bash was held at the home of Archer, in Imperial Park, and it was a great reunion of Radars, honoring two of their very own.
This is a special moment in time in Bahamian sports history.
More and more, organizations are recognizing the importance of connecting the generations by bringing back into the spotlight those who made a positive sports difference. Now, a little bit more is known about Franks and Mackey.
Best wishes to them!
o To Respond to this column, kindly contact Fred Sturrup at

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Sands: U.S. Embassy's reporting of crimes raises questions

Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Chairman Dr. Duane Sands said yesterday the fact that the United States Embassy in Nassau has once again made a crime public that was not reported by police "creates room for speculation" about the Royal Bahamas Police Force's policies.
Sands was contacted to respond to comments Assistant Commissioner Anthony Ferguson made to The Nassau Guardian on Sunday in defense of police policies on crime reports.
Ferguson responded to a previous Nassau Guardian article which pointed out that a new U.S. Embassy crime warning referenced an attempted armed robbery of an armored truck at Wendy's restaurant two weeks ago.
The matter was not included in police crime reports.
"What Bahamians ought to be asking ultimately is who is determining what ought to come to the attention of the Bahamian people," Sands said.
"If there is a discrepancy and the U.S. Embassy or one of its agents would report something that was not reported locally [by police] then we have to ask why or how did that happen.
"Was it an accident? Was it a typographical error, was it an omission or was it a deliberate instruction that came from somewhere. And if it came from somewhere was it the political directorate that sought to suppress that information or not?"
Sands said the minister of national security and minister of state for national security should be questioned over the matter.
"When a sovereign [country], the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, finds itself in the unbelievable internationally embarrassing situation of having a crime of this magnitude reported by our neighbor and we haven't reported it, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be made to give a public account, the Ministry of National Security should be made to give a public account and the prime minister should feel red-faced," he said.
On Sunday, Ferguson said police do not cover-up or downplay any crime in the country that "ought to come to the attention of the Bahamian people".
Ferguson confirmed the attempted armed robbery of the armored truck and said a firearm was recovered.
"I am telling you I am aware of the attempted armed robbery of the armored vehicle, and what could have very well happened in that case [is that] the information did not get to the press officer in time when he was sending out his release," he said.
He added, "Obviously, if the U.S. Embassy got it, they must have gotten it from a police source."
However, the incident was not included in other crime reports since March 14.
In February, there was widespread speculation about the consistency of crime reporting for 2013 after it was revealed that the Princess Margaret Hospital's records showed that more people were treated for injuries than the number of shootings and rapes listed in the police statistics.
When questioned about this, Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade said police statistics and hospital data will "never be the same".

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