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Haiti Earthquake Update
January 15, 2010
Haiti Earthquake Update

Up to 50, people killed
Thousands of people still trapped
7.0 magnitude earthquake
Relief workers pouring in form around the world
3 million people homeless
100 million donated from the US
Bill Clinton & George W Bush spear heading a fund effort

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May 10, 2012
Luma Louise Johnson, 78

Funeral service for Luma Louise Johnson, 78 yrs., a resident of Sir Lynden Pindling Estate & formerly of Mastic Point, Andros, who died on 1st May, 2012, will be held at Good Shepherd Church of God, Ida Street off Robinson Road, on Saturday at 11:00 a.m. Officiating will be Bishop Shervin Smith, assisted by Evangelist Franklyn Rolle. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish her memories are her sons: Phillip Smith, Elizah Forbes and Steven Pearce; sister: Roxie Johnson; grandchildren: Gary Rolle Sr., Natasha Riley, Savenia and Urie Rolle, Edith Turnquest, James Bain, Ricardo, Phillipa, Valentino, Sheena, Cleo, Maylene, Ron, Phillip II, Phillip III Smith, Lexus, Alexia, & Elijah Forbes, Michael, Toya, Nardo Burrows, Shantell, Stephon, Steven II, Eryn, Justin Pearce and Garvin Rolle; adopted sons: John Burrows of Miami, Fl. and Sherwin Rolle; nieces: Laura Roberts of Upper Bogue, Eleuthera, Christine Oliver and Jacqueline Evans of Nicholas Town, Andros; nephew: Heaslie Johnson of South Eleuthera; grand nieces: Dorothy Marshall, Lolita Colebrooke and Willicy and Julian Bethel; grand nephew: Bradley and Everette Woodside; great grand children: Gary Jr., Ryan, Prinston, Garanique, Matteo, Renaldo, Renardo, Everette, Lyntino, Moniqua, Nia, Denay, Kenderia, Ricsha, Stefan, Fred, Barinque, Theodora, Sandra, Samantha, Sheray, Shequa and Antonio; 11 great grand children; in laws: Brenda Smith, Shakeya Pearce, Tina Rolle, Tamara Rolle, Jean Petit-frere, Luther Riley and Patrick Kemp; godchildren: Ruthmae Coleby and Ethmae Lightbourne; other relatives & friends including: Leona Davis, Merle Smith and Family, Elton & Sylvia Turnquest and Family, Louis Deveaux, Delicia Bradshaw, Delisa and Diana Ambrister, Hiram and Susimae Rolle, Eleanor Rolle and Family, Fredrick and Detrice Moss and Family, the Penn Family, Christopher Collie, Sharlet Newchurch, Irene Johnson and Family, the Hay Street Family, Bishop Wilbert Rolle and Family, Rev. Coakley and Mission Baptist Family, The Good Shepherd Church of God Family, the Mastic Point Community, The Salvation Army, Angelo Greene and Family, her caregiver Miss Ina Daley, Anernel Ramsey, and the staff of Female Medical II.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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May 05, 2012
The poles melt, we drown

In 1982, the less than one-year-old Caribbean small island state, Antigua and Barbuda, raised the proposition at the United Nations that Antarctica should be regarded as a global common similar to the deep-sea bed and should be managed by the UN for the good of mankind.
Few could understand why a small island-state would want to raise a matter that seemed to be "big country politics". Today, as "polar ice caps melt and small islands drown", the reasons for Antigua and Barbuda's concern in 1982 have become very apparent.
In 1982, arrangements for the governance of Antarctica lay exclusively in the hands of the signatory states to the Antarctic Treaty System. It was an exclusive arrangement between 12 countries. Of the 12, seven -- Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the United Kingdom -- have territorial claims, sometimes overlapping (as in the case of Britain and Argentina in the region of the Falklands/Malvinas islands). The U.S. and Russia also maintain a "basis of claim".
As matters turned out, Antigua and Barbuda was too recent an independent nation and lacked the resources to continue to press the case for the UN declaring Antarctica "a global common" that should be managed by the UN for the good of all nations. It was left to Malaysia to take up the cudgels.
In 1983, Malaysia argued at the UN that Antarctica should be a global heritage similar to that of the high seas and any benefits derived from Antarctica should be shared by all and not only the exclusive right of certain vested countries and parties. Malaysia also argued that the pristine "Antarctic environment be protected and preserved".
The seven countries with claims to Antarctica were as unhappy with the Malaysia proposal, as they were with Antigua and Barbuda's aborted first raising of the issue. Nonetheless, Malaysia garnered sufficient support to ensure that until 1996, the question of Antarctica was discussed at the UN. But, in 2005 it dropped off the UN agenda.
There is clear evidence now that the worry about preserving the pristine condition of Antarctica was very valid when it was raised in the UN in 1982. Human activity in the area and climate change in Antarctica and in the Arctic are adversely affecting small island states and vulnerable coastal areas of larger countries.
This point was well made at a conference most people would say small island states in tropical climates had no business attending. The International Polar Year Conference 2012, under the theme, "From Knowledge to Action", was held in Montreal, Canada, from April 22-27. Organized by several partners, especially the World Meteorological Organization, Ronald Jean Jumeau, ambassador for climate change for the small island state of Seychelles, made a compelling argument for the continued active concern by small island states for what is happening in Antarctica.
His remarks at the Montreal Conference have particular relevance because small island states and developing countries with vulnerable coasts (such as Belize and Guyana) appear to have lost the toe-hold at the UN for discussing Antarctica and the effects on them of melting glaciers. In 2005, the UN agreed, in its First Committee, that Antarctica would not be placed on the agenda of the UN General Assembly. It hasn't been on the agenda since then. But, it should be.
Here are Jumeau's remarks on the effects of climate change in the two poles: "The worse the situation gets in the Arctic and the Antarctic, the more worried we islanders get. For the more your ice melts in the north and the south, and on the mountain tops and in the glaciers of the world, the more our world, in tiny Seychelles just four degrees south of the equator and in the rest of the Indian Ocean and in the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Caribbean as well, the more our world goes under. As the poles melt, we drown".
He pointed out: "The melting ice at the poles is not just contributing to sea level rise, it is affecting the oceans as drivers of the world's climate as well. The seas around our islands, some of which are the lowest land on earth, are rising, and coastal erosion is getting worse and worse to the extent that some islands may be swept away before the waves cover them and wipe them off the face of the earth".
The ambassador ended by saying: "The poles' global linkages make the Arctic and the Antarctic a common, a global, heritage of the whole community of man and womankind".
And, if it might be felt that the Seychelles ambassador's warnings are self-serving, this is what Ban-ki-Moon, the UN secretary-general, said about the situation in 2007: "Antarctica is on the verge of a catastrophe - for the world." He offered figures to support his claim: "glaciers on King George Island have shrunk by 10 percent, while some in Admiralty Bay have retreated by 25 kilometers; the 87-kilometer "Larsen B ice sheet" collapsed several years ago and disappeared within weeks; the entire Western Antarctic Ice Shelf is at risk - it is all floating ice, one fifth of the entire continent. If it broke up, sea levels could rise by six meters or 18 feet." Since then, matters have gotten worse.
Work is being done by small island states to raise attention to the growing threat to their existence, and to the dangers posed to their productive areas and human habitats - both food security and human dislocation are real issues.
This matter should be forcefully pressed at the forthcoming Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference in the interest of all small island states and vulnerable coastal areas. It should also vigorously be pushed back on to the UN agenda however resistant may be those countries that regard Antarctica as their exclusive preserve.

o Sir Ronald Sanders is a business executive and former Caribbean diplomat who publishes widely on small states in the global community. Send responses to:

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May 03, 2012
Alliance (Trailer) Francaise Next Movie feature: Piece Montee, May 4th


Nassau, Bahamas - Alliance Francaise Des Bahamas French Movie Club presents: 

Piece Montee

on Friday, May 4th, 2012 at 6.30pm.

Piece Montee,  a film by Denys Granier-Deferre with Jean-Perre Marielle, Jérémie Renier, Clémence Poésy, Danielle Darrieux.

Synopsis: Vincent
and Berenger, both from bourgeois families, are getting married in the
church in the presence of their loved ones. The day which started out
more or less, slowly falls apart as the hours tick by. The marriage is
seen differently by certain members of the family of the young couple,
not to mention by the couple itself...

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May 03, 2012
George Appo Raymond, 82

George Appo Raymond, 82 yrs., a resident of Charles Vincent St. died at PMH on 1st May, 2012.
He is survived by his children: Sandra Davis, Leona Dean, Geleta Davis, Emily Davis, Naasha Bain & Martin Davis; 1 brother: Lukin Calex; nephews: Phlome Elcen, Eette Jean & Philome & a host of other relatives & friends.

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Vendetta Report: Breezy Da Don  Back Like He Never Left
April 29, 2012

In recent years, Rap Kreyol has grown to a respectable sub genre in the Hip-Hop community. This movement has been spearheaded by rappers such as Wyclef Jean, Mecca Grimo, and Billy Blue. Now added to that list is local Haitian-Bahamian rapper Breezy Da Don.

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Star Trek: Nemesis
  • Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Rating :

After the Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan planet of Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a truce, the Federation soon find out the Romulans are planning an attack on Earth....

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April 26, 2012
Gene Chea, 78


Gene Chea passed away peacefully with loving family by his side on April 17, 2012.  Beloved husband and best friend of Wendy for 58 years.  Devoted father of Wellington (Patrice), Wilson, Ann, Williamson (Christine), Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth, Walter (Gathnie), Diane (Peter), and William. Proud Papa of Kyle, Christie, Rachel, Calais, Wilson Jr., Travis, Cleopatra, Alexandra, Amanda, Matthew, Aimee, Tiffany, Timothy, Christina, Celeste, Walter Jr., Grace, John, and Alyssia.  Loving brother-in-law of Elaine, Terry (, and Sue (Bill Tam) and their families.  He will be missed by many nieces, nephews, cousins including Percy, Jimmy, Linda, Annie, Mary, Julie and their families, and numerous friends.oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooFUNERAL SERVICEFuneral service for the late Mr. Gene Chea, age 78, of the Eastern Road, Nassau, The Bahamas, will be held at Calvary Bible Church, Collins Avenue, Centreville, on Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.
Pastor Allan R. Lee assisted by Pastor Frederick Arnett and Pastor Thomas Albury will officiate and interment will be at Ebenezer Methodist Cemetery, East Shirley Street, Nassau.
He passed away peacefully with his loving family by his side on April 17, 2012.  Beloved husband and best friend of Wendy for 58 years. Devoted father of Wellington (Patrice), Wilson, Ann, Williamson (Christine), Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth, Walter (Gathnie), Diane (Peter), and William.  Proud Papa of Kyle, Christie, Rachel, Calais, Wilson Jr., Travis, Cleopatra, Alexandra, Amanda, Matthew, Aimee, Tiffany, Timothy, Christina, Celeste, Walter Jr., Grace, John, and Alyssia.  Loving brother-in-law of Elaine, Terry, and Sue (Bill Tam) and their families.  He will be missed by many nieces, nephews, cousins including Percy, Jimmy, Linda, Annie, Mary, Julie and their families.  Sir Orville Turnquest, Pastor Allan R. Lee and the Calvary Bible Church family, Dr. Gloria Ageeb, Beryl Dillett and family, Rosemary Knowles and family, Oswald Finley, Edna Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Sear Ping Yee and family, the Chinese Association of the Bahamas, the staff of Palmdale Furniture - Stephanie Rolle, David Scavella, Jean Louis Olbrice, Naomi Rolle, Marline Alian, and LaFrance Francique, and numerous other relatives and friends.  Special thanks go out to Dr. Lauren Yee and staff, the staff of Windsor Regional Hospital, and Dr. Ian McGilvray and the staff of Toronto General Hospital.

Family and friends may pay their respects at Kemp's Funeral Home Limited, 22 Palmdale Avenue, Palmdale, Nassau, on Friday, April 27, 2012 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

There will be no viewing at the church.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, P.O. Box S.S. 6539, Nassau, in memory of Mr. Gene Chea.

Arrangements by Kemp's Funeral Home Limited.

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April 19, 2012
Vaughn Vivian Randal Roberts, 66

Funeral Service for the Late Vaughn Vivian Randal Roberts, 66 years of South Beach Estates, will be held on Saturday April 21st, 10:00 a.m. at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, West Hill Street. Fr. Glen C. Nixon will officiate. Cremation will follow.
He is survived by his loving and faithful Wife of 45 years: Frances Roberts; Children: Dr. Tracy Roberts-Halkitis and Shariff Roberts; Grandchildren: Kiran and Soraya Halkitis, Adero, Jaya, and Sameer Roberts; Sisters: Keva Nethersole, Donna Roberts, Dr. Lynda Roberts-Riddle of Cincinnati, Ohio, Delvera Wallace, Brenda Tinker, Patrice White of Savannah, Georgia, Marsha Roberts, Yolanda Thomas. He was predeceased by brothers Anthony, Robert and Dr. Stephen Roberts and survived by brothers: Bradley B. Roberts, Dr. Robin Roberts; Aunt: Ruth Rolle of Syracuse, New York; Son-in-Law: Senator Michael Halkitis; Daughter-in-Law: Donna Palmieri-Roberts; Sisters-in-law: Hartlyn Roberts, Winnifred Roberts, Carolyn I. Roberts, Mary Roberts, Carolyn Roberts, Ivy Drakeley, Marie Stewart; Brothers-in-law: Garfield Deal, Gilles Deal, Lincoln Deal, Livingston Stewart, Kenneth Drakeley, Donald White; Nieces: Nicole Roberts, Michelle Roberts, Tina Roberts, Stacey Roberts, Aliya Riddle, Simone Thompson, Darnell Joyner, Jennifer Roberts, Tamar Roberts, Ann Bedford, Therese Drakeley-Smith, Kimberely Drakeley, Sherry Fax, Barbara Darville, Jacqueline Russell, Sandy Bootle, Cindy Deal, Tara Deal, Roxanne Strachan; Nephews: Obie Roberts, Ryan Strachan, Simeon Roberts, Rupert Anthony Cyril "Duggie" Roberts IV , Chad Roberts, Stephen Roberts, Alex Riddle, Julian and Corey  Wallace, Elsworth Cumberbatch, Taj Anderson, Mario Stewart, Jason, Jaime and Luciano Cooper, George Fax, Paul Bethel, Lynden, Brian, and George Deal, Gilles Deal Jr., Kenneth Deal, Miguel Deal; Godchildren: Genaye Sturrup, Svetlana Thompson, 2666 Inspector Chaswell Andre Hanna of The RBPF, Garnell Curry. Dear relatives include: Elva Armbrister, Joy and Radcliffe Nichols, Debbie and Paul Longley, Wendy Lightbourne, Mae Albury and family, Franklyn Sands and family, Lynn Curry, Helaena Dean and family, Val Sturrup, Marie Dean and family, Rena Cargill, Carolyn Fox, Angie Sands, Anne Sands, Judy Turnquest, Agatha Green, Hortense Rahming and family, Nadine Rolle, Tasma Brighthaup, Kevin Rolle, Peter and Maria Wallace-Whitfield. Dearest friends include: Steve Kandel, Julian Brown, Anthony Ferguson, Sandra Knowles, Cherese and Samuel Brown, Inez Brown, Colleen Collie, Linda Dean, Helen and Maria Hanna of Katy, Texas, Beverly and Geno Nairn, Oswald and Yvonne Isaacs, Maria McKenzie, Constance Gardiner, Mae Culmer, Elaine Pinder,  Shirley Cooper, Joyce Bain, Brenda Gilbert of Toronto, Canada, Cyril Roberts, George Sherman, Walter Sherwood of Boston, Thomas A. Robinson,Reverend Godfrey and Judith Huyler, Herbert and Jenny Huyler, Angela Cartwright, Lilles Strachan, Elizabeth and Gladstone Mackey, Mitzi Swaby, Lamont "Yellow" Bain, Kiffer Morris, Randolph Scott, Pete Deveaux, Hervis Smith, Greg Knowles, Ruth Sands, Louise Thompson, Ruth Bowe Darville, Paula Williams, Phyllis and Basil Knowles, Rosie and Brendan Foulkes, Bishop Clarence Williams and Reverend Doctor Barbara Williams, Hopeful Hanna, Fred Ramsey, Bishop Samuel Green, Helena and Pam Ferguson, Deborah and Eugene Thompson and family, Chrissie Carroll, Carolyn Beneby, Henry and Alma Ferguson,  Jacinta Thompson, Dr. Caryn Sands-D'Aguilar and Adrian D'Aguilar Jr., Dr. Marcia Bassett, Dr. Sara Friday, Dr. Tamina Singh, Dr. D'Arbrielle Hunt-Burrows, Dr. Dionne Dames, Dr. Dane Bowe, Dr. Colleen Fitz-Charles. Special thanks to: The Nurses and Staff of Princess Margaret Hospital Oncology Clinic, especially Dr. DuVaughn Curling, Dr. Margo Munroe, Nurse Sylvia Butler, Nurse Beverly Williams, Mrs. Judy Ward-Carter, Mrs. Valderine Sweeting, Dr. John Lunn and staff especially Melanie Hanna and Karen Walcott, Dr. Wesley Francis, Dr. Delton Farquharson, Dr. Adrian Sawyer, Dr. Elizabeth Darville and the staff of Fourth Terrace Diagnostics, Physicians of MD Anderson Cancer Center: Dr. John Abbruzzese, Dr. Jean Vauthey and Alicia Cross, Princess Margaret Hospital A&E Staff especially Drs. Horton and Joseph, the staff of Bonaventure Medical Laboratory, the staff of Doc's Pharmacy, the Nurses of Private Medical Ward, Princess Margaret Hospital, The Saint Francis Xavier Cathedral community, His Grace, Archbishop Patrick Pinder, Father Glen Nixon, Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery, his caregiver, Nurse Pearl Mills and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.
**There will be NO Public Viewing.
In Lieu of Flowers, Donations may be sent to the Cancer Society of the Bahamas, P.O. Box SS-6539.
In celebration of Vaughn's life the family requests that all attendees wear the colors of the rainbow.

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April 13, 2012
Chef Roland Boulet to leave a rich legacy in Grand Bahama

Freeport, Bahamas -
After 37 years of making a tasteful and educational contribution to the
Grand Bahama culinary scene, Chef Roland Boulet will be returning to his
European homeland in April 2012.

Born Roland Jean-Francois
Boulet in Rouen, France in 1947, he attended preschool at the La
Madeleine run by the Catholic nuns and La Maitrise St. Evode primary and
musical school of the Cathedral of Rouen from age 6 to 14 years of age.

1962 at 15 years of age, Boulet attended one of the first schools of
Bakery and Pastry in France, and after 4 years of schooling and
interning in different pastry shops and bakeries, he graduated as
"Boulanger, Patissier, Confiseur, Glacier..."

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April 13, 2012
Murder case to continue with or without defendant

An accused murderer will be tried in his absence if he does not show up for the start of his trial.
Supreme Court Justice Roy Jones said yesterday that every effort will be made to ensure that Ryan Omar Butler is present when the trial begins on May 21.
However, Jones made it clear that the trail would proceed with, or without, Butler.
Jones issued an arrest warrant for Butler earlier this month when he failed to appear for a fixture hearing.
Butler's co-accused Anthony Charles Hall was also a no-show for the hearing. Jones revoked Hall's bail after it was discovered that he was not complying with his reporting conditions.
The men are accused of the December 2002 murder of Jean Claude Louissaint, who was killed during a home-invasion armed robbery.
Last month, police named Butler as a person of interest in the March 24 shooting death of Rolando Smith at Ridgeland Park.
Murrio Ducille represents Hall and Dorsey McPhee appears for Butler.

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April 12, 2012
Idell Jane Brown, 90

Funeral service for Matriarch Idell Jane Brown, 90 yrs., a resident of Adelaide Gardens & formerly of Betsy Bay, Mayaguana, who died on 29th March, 2012, will be held at Zion Baptist Church, East & Shirley Streets, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. T. G. Morrison, assisted by Rev. Anthony A. Sampson, Bishop Simeon Hall & other associate Ministers, Deacons & Evangelists. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Left to cherish her memories are: Five Sons: Reubin, Neutal Rolle, Charles Brown, Anthony Brown, and Andrew Brown; Four Daughters: Carolyn Barr, Paulette Dixon, Esther Johnson; and Daphne Hanna; Twenty Two Grand Children: Bernadette Barr, Det. Corp #470 Leonard Barr, George McCartney, Miguel, Adrian Shavaha,Terez & Latoya Rolle, Det. Corp #472 Abdel Dixon, Avard & Atara Dixon, Ryan, Antonia & Erica Brown, Julian & Rosheka Johnson, Anwar & Christopher Bethel, Giovanni, Hakeem & Andrea Brown; Six Great Grand Children: Lynae Barr & Lahliah Barr, Aiden & Amari' Dixon, Gizelle & Keeano Brown; Two Brothers: Evangelist Laban Brown & Arthur Brown; One Sister: Joanna Brown; Two Daughters-In-Law: Nursing Officer Carmita Rolle & Elizabeth Brown; One Son- In-Law:Christoff Hanna; Two Sisters-In-Law: Monica Brown & Emmeritta Brown; One Grand Daughter-In-Law: Keisha Bethel; One God Child:Charles Higgins; Caregivers: Rosliene Jean & Clercila Joseph; Numerous Nieces & Nephews Including: Barbara Smith & Family, Idella Taylor & Family, Allan Brown & Family, Kingsley Black & Family, Nursing Officer Caffine Brice & Family, Nursing Officer Eugolia Brown & Family, Queen Russel & Family, Greta Brown & Family, Leroy Collie & Family, Nursing Officer Ruthmae Collie & Family. A Host Of Other Relatives And Friends Including: Rev T .G. & Mrs Roy Anne Morrison & Family, Bishop Simeon & Minister Linda Hall & Family, Rev Trajean & Minister Rhonda Jadorette, Rev & Mrs Wilton Strachan & Family, Rev & Mrs Joseph Thompson & Family, Rev & Mrs Eldmond King & Family, Hon. Mr. Tennyson Wells, Hon Mr. Sidney Collie & Family, Hon Mrs Glenys Hanna Martin & Family, Mrs Alqueenia Pratt & Family, Joy & Terrell Brown & Family, Raymond Resslio, Mrs Sylvia Wallace & Family, Mrs Joyce Hanna & Family,The Mayaguana Community, The Joan's Heights Community, Staff members from The Office of The Judiciary, Adelaide Primary School, Learning Resources Unit, Ministry of Works, Doctor's Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Human Resources, Accident & Emergency Department, Princess Margaret Hospital, Zion Baptist Church, East & Shirley Streets, New Covenant Baptist Church and The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Families.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Business Listing

Gleniston Centre for Learning, Ltd.
Schools - Special Academic Education
  • Jean Street, off Prince Charles Drive
  • Nassau
  • Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas
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April 11, 2012
Agnes Agatha Pinnock Perkins, 60

Memorial service for Agnes Agatha Pinnock Perkins, 60 yrs., a resident of Anathol St. Ridgeland Park & formerly of Clarendon, Jamaica, who died on 27th March, 2012, will be held at United Pentecostal Church, Prince Charles Drive East on Thursday at 6:pp p.m.  Officiating will be Pastor H. G. Ferguson.  Interment follows in Clarendon, Jamaica.
She is survived by her 1 son: Oniel Perkins; 3 daughters: Delphia Perkins-Assanah, Sharon Perkins, Fiona Perkins; 4 brothers: Clive Pinnock, Errol,k Ray & Patrick; 7 sisters: Veta Russell, Delores, Sonia, Sharon, Jean, Joan & Andrea; 10 grandchildren & a host of other relatives & friends.
Funeral arrangements are being handled by Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street.

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April 05, 2012
Gloria Marie Miller, 56

Funeral Service for the Late Gloria Marie Miller, 56 years of St. Ann Crescent, off Culberts Hill, Winton Heights, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 11:00 a.m. at New Covenant Baptist Church, East-West Highway. Bishop Simeon Hall assisted by Associate Pastors of New Covenant Baptist Church will officiate. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, Soldier Road.
Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

Gloria Miller
Gloria Marie was born to the parentage of Joslyn
and Priscilla Jarrett on the sixth day of May, 1955.
She was the first child from this union. "Glo", as
she was affectionately called, "glowed" in every
sense of the word. She had an excellent spirit.
She was soft-spoken, loving, humble and although
strong-willed, she always had a sweet smile and a
pleasant disposition.

Glo's early education began at St. Mary's pre-school and continued at Oakes Field Primary which at that time was called the Base Road School. She then matriculated to J. F. K. Secondary School which was located at the site of the present H. O. Nash Junior High School. Glo always wanted to be a teacher and from early childhood she would sit her siblings, the cat and the dog down and then proceeds to "teach" them. Her love for teaching pushed her to enroll at the Teachers' Training College (now the second campus for C. C. Sweeting Secondary School). She was determined to achieve excellence in her chosen field.

Glo met Mr. Wellington Edison Miller, her "Androsian stallion", and a beautiful courtship ensued. "Welly" was indeed her soul mate. He was quiet, loving, faithful, reliable and very much in love with her. Welly strummed his box guitar and sang his way into Glo's heart. They were joined in matrimony on July 30, 1977. God blessed this union with three sons: Terru, Wellington Jr. (deceased), and Tristan Miller.

In 1978, Glo was transferred to Marsh Harbour, Abaco along with her husband, who was now an Immigration Officer. She was posted to Spring City Central High School where she taught until 1980. In 1980, she was redeployed to New Providence where she taught at S. C. McPherson Junior High school for a short time before being transferred with her husband to Inagua where she taught at the Inagua All Age School from 1980 - 1982. She was once again transferred to New Providence and in late 1982 she was redeployed to the Columbus Primary School.

At Columbus Primary, Glo headed the Remediation Program. It was here that she helped to organize the "Garden Club" which she used as a tool to effectively teach her students who were mainly kinesthetic learners. Her hard work resulted in her being blessed with the title Teacher of the Year for the Northwestern District while at Columbus Primary School.

The need to perfect the gift with which God had blessed her resulted in Glo enrolling in the College of Saint Benedict. She attended classes at the campus here in Nassau and then made the sacrifice of leaving her young family in order to complete required studies at the Minnesota Campus. In May of 1990, she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education and proudly returned home to her family.

Glo was a teacher "par excellence" and never missed an opportunity to hone her skills. In the final stage of her career, she developed a special interest in children who had long stays in the hospital; their education became very important to her. As a result, in December 2007, she accepted the post of Principal of the Hospital School and went on to excel in that field.

Glo's desire to use all the talents that God gave her was not limited to the classroom - it was exhibited in her role as a loving, dedicated, caring and faithful wife and mother and more importantly in her love for God and faithful stewardship to her church. Glo loved the Lord. On September 12, 1982, she and Welly joined New Covenant Baptist Church one week after the church's doors opened. At that time it was located in the Chicken Unlimited building on Mackey Street. She was faithful to her church. A teacher by profession, Glo was immediately drawn to the Sunday school where she would work her way up to become the second person to be elected Sunday school superintendent. She also had a beautiful and melodious voice and loved to sing. As a result she immediately joined the choir and would later be elected President of the Senior Choir. Later, Glo would coordinate the New Covenant Early Learning Centre, join the Executive Council of the church and along with her husband, serve as co-chairman of the Marriage Ministry for four years. She was faithful to all of her assignments!

Some people have green thumbs but Glo had green fingers and toes! She could take a sprig and make it bloom. She was always in her garden - planting and singing to her flowers, the grass and the trees. Her garden is beautiful because of the songs, sun, rain and fertilizer. Her yard won the Yard of the Year Award in 2007 as a result of her gardening skills and creativity. She was a member of the Horticulture Club and the Perky Garden Club.

Years of dedicated service in the field of Education and faithful stewardship to her church landed Glo many awards. Some of them include:

1991 - Honored for Outstanding and Dedicated Service to the Sunday School of New Covenant Baptist Church.
2000 - honored by the Young Adults Ministry for her dedication and faithfulness.
2001 - Awarded for faithful and dedicated service to the Senior Choir of New Covenant Baptist Church.
2003 - Awarded by the Ministry of Education Primary Principal's Association for long and dedicated service.
2003 - Awarded by The Ministry of Education for special contributions as a writer of indigenous textbooks for the Bahamas.
2004 - Honored by Sunday School of New Covenant for dedication.
March 2010 - Awarded Ministry of Education's Special School Administrators Award for Principals of Hospital Schools
2004 - Along with her husband, she was awarded by Marriage Ministry of New Covenant for being most unselfish couple.
2011 - Honored by Youth Department of New Covenant for outstanding work.
2011 - Honored by The National Baptist Association for longstanding and dedicated service.
1997 - She was named Mother of The Year by her church.

There will come a time in all our lives when we have to go to battle for what we hold dear. Glo strongly believed that faith that was not tested could not be trusted. She was therefore ready for the battle of her life. She began to feel peculiarities in her body that told her that something was wrong. She attended physicians locally and abroad and in February 1999, she was diagnosed with lupus. This predator began to nip away at Glo's health. Year after year her body deteriorated. Her struggle to enjoy more well days was great as she was in and out of the hospital. Yet, her faith in God remained steadfast and her spirit grew stronger. Her valiant struggle became a living testimony of unwavering faith. As the years passed, the lupus took its toll and she could no longer do many of the things that she enjoyed. She was no longer able to sing or work in her garden. Her husband and sons formed a triangle of love, support and comfort around her through the painful and sleepless nights. When asked how she was doing, Glo would always declared, "It is well." This was a testimony not to her physical health but to the condition of her immortal soul. Through all the changing seasons of her life, Glo never failed to give God praise.

Left to celebrate her wonderful legacy and exemplary life are Husband: Mr. Wellington Edison Miller; Sons: Terru and Tristan Miller; Adopted Sons: Andre Seymour, Matthew Rolle, Rekeno Johnson, Rashad Thompson, Avard Cargill, Avery Cargill, Keith Thompson and Dwayne Lowers; Adopted Daughter: Jessica Hanna; Daughter-in-Law: Michelle Seymour; Mother: Mrs. Priscilla Jarrett; Sisters: Joy Rahming, June Penn, Christine and Eleanor Jarrett; Brothers: Dennis Jarrett, Joslyn Jarrett Jr., Carl Jarrett; God Children: Lanna Rolle, Alexia Nottage, Aaron Francis, Tiffany Francis, Kayliesha St. Cyr and Ellesha Daniels; Aunts: Leah Rolle and Leona Hepburn; Grandaunt: Lean Stubbs; Uncles: Kemuel Hepburn, Ezra and Wellington Hepburn
Granduncle: J. J. Stubbs; Sisters-in-Law: Grace Jarrett, Panchita, Rosa, Doretha and Erma Miller, Gertrude Pedican and Isadora McQuay; Brothers-in-Law: Vince and Charles Miller, Ernie Pedican, Ralph Adderley, Rudyard Penn and Patrick Rahming.
Nieces: Kimarrah Rahming, Raquel Penn,Leotha Debbie, Charlene. Linda. Paula, Jennifer, Necree, Donna,Jan, Goldie,Cheryl, Danise, Dominic, Demara,Nyoshie, Lynn, Dale, Tanisha and Shenequa; Grandnieces: Merchante Rahming, Trevette, Treva.
Niece-in-Law: Monteria Rahming; Nephews: Udahrae Rahming, Dennis Jr., Jerome, Tyrone, Kirk, Wayde, Ronnie, Edward, Shayne, Oscar, Troy, Brent, Travis, Darren, Theo, Waden, Liston, Alfred Jr., Zendall, Jerry and Allan; Grandnephews: Trevor Jr.
Cousins: Carolyn Hanna ,Malita, Jennifer, Ingrid, Claudia, Denise, Laontyna, Franz and Father Dwight Rolle. Other Relatives: Phipatoya, Lasheca, D'Adron, Garkeno, Indalisha, Dolly, Icelyn, Alphonso, Pastor Kirklyn Smith and the Smith Family; Maudline, Aranah, Iklyn, Mr. Harvey and Mrs. Roselda Woodside and all of the Woodside family; Mr. Carlton and Mary Bowleg; Mr. Zack and Mrs. Sharon Francis and Family; And friends of the family: Mrs. Maedawn Munroe and family; Mrs. Valencia Nottage and Family; Mr. and Mrs. Berkley and Partice Chisolm and family; Mr. and Mrs. Val and Marie Coley, and family, Pastor Willamae Braynen, Mrs. Evangeline Penn and family, Dr. Dionne Dames-Rahming,Mrs. Maltese Davis, Mrs. Nellie Walkes, Mr. and Mrs. Errol Bethel, Mr. and Mrs. Haldor Russell, Mr. John Ford and Family of Inagua, The Adderley Family of Inagua,, Mr. Elon and Shirley Arnette and family, Mr. Peuchler Jean, Mrs. Elicia Richards, Mr. Ronald and Cleomi Sutherland and family, Mr. Harold and Mrs. Carol Dorsette and Family, Lester and Shirley Farrington and Family and Mrs. Katherine Brown and Family. All the Farrington Road Family including: the Dean, Smith, Woodside, Eneas, and Sands Families, Maxine Daxon, Kim Hanna, Mr. Roy and Mrs. Arementhia Hanna, Delores Ferguson, Eloise Mackey, Lucianne Sturrup, Marsha Deveaux, Karen St. Cyr, Patrick and Debbie Johnson, Sherman and Royanna Swann (from Abaco), Clover Pratt, Yvonne Heath, Mary Moxey, Veronica Micklewhite, Sylvia Bethel, Martha Dean, Jacqueline Burrows, Barbara Burrows, Mavis Miller, Dorothy Darville, Tommy and Mizpah Smith and family, Barbara Johnson and Family, Cheryl Minnis and all the other teachers and friends. Church Family: Bishop Simeon and Minister Linda Hall and the entire membership of New Covenant Baptist Church especially the Senior Choir and Sunday School; Mrs. Beverly Beneby and Family, Mrs. Helen Thompson, Ethel Farrington, Sybil Taylor, Tyrone Miller, Whitlen Dorsette, Herbert Cash II, Chris Mullings, and The Sunday School Department.

The Bahamas Olympic Committee, The Amateur Boxing Federation of the Bahamas and all other Sporting Federations and Associations of the Bahamas, all the doctors and nurses on the third and fourth floors of Doctors Hospital, Dr. Vincent Nwosa, Dr. Kevin Moss, The Perky Garden Club, the Horticulture Garden Club; and others too numerous to mention.

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News Article

April 05, 2012
Audrey Angela Colebrook, 65

Funeral Service for the Late Audrey Angela Colebrook, 65 years of Sandford Drive, will be held on Saturday March 31st, 11:00 a.m. at Annex Baptist Church, Wulff Road & Pinedale. Apostle Mitchell Jones and Rev. Alfred Stewart will officiate. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.

Left to cherish her memory are her Father: George W. McKinney; two children: Anree Colebrook and Ashlar Colebrook; six brothers: Whiteley McKinney Sr., Barry McKinney, Andrew McKinney, Samuel McKinney, Glen McKinney and Talbot Mckinney; five sisters: Beverley McKinney, Georgiemae Bethell, Deborah McKinney, Enid McKinney and Jeleta McKinney; four uncles: John Adderley, Mathew Mckinney, Jerome McKinney And David McKinney; Three Aunts: Annie North (Aunt Catherine) and Enid Taylor and Queenie Ford. One Grand Aunt: Queenie Smith.

Four Godchildren: Damien Munnings, Brian Bastian, Ian Stewart and Charles Taylor; relatives & friends: Voldi, Vincent, Glen, Leslie, Tan, Vaughn, Michael Taylor, Winifred & Ralph Jean, Brennen, Joe Adderley, Michael "Skinny" Strachan, Whiteley Jr., Christina, Jonathan, Bonnie, Maurice, Kimberly, Michael and Richard Horton, Richard, Remon, Fraitino, Christia, Niki, Nessy, Nisha, Valedrine Heastie and Christopher McKinney, Anthony, Urusla McKinney, Nicola and Olivia McKinney, Alfred & Jackie Stewart and family, John Dennis (JD), Ian & Aja Stewart, Charles Taylor, Kirk, Cheryl, Bid, Elaine, Indi, Nadia & Kenny Simms, Pandora McKinney Smith, Sharara, Shenill Smith, Joanne & Peter Campbell, Stacy & Dwight Marshall, Peter Jr. & Andrea McKinney, Anthony J. & Constance McKinney, Charles, Candice and Dominique McKinney, Bernadette & Michael Saunders, Judith, Sharon, Steven, Robert, Michelle and Arthur Colebrook, Sheila, Lynn, Nadia, Georgina, Annamae, Michael, Danny, Sybline Delancy, Samuel, Charles (Wank), and Thaddeus Symonette, Kendal Butler, Monique & Lee, Danielle, Dayde King, Glen and Dwight Rahming, Sheba & Lee Armbrister, Carolyn & Rodney Collie, Neil Strachan, Jennifer Petty, Vasco Bastian, and Denise Turnquest, Thelma Deal, Barbara, Eddie and Charles Smith, Georgina Albury; special friends: The Hon. Leslie Miller, Frank Walkine, Walter Wells, Ruiz Munnings, Betty (Elizabeth) Knowles, Natasha Laville, Ericka Rolle, Anna LeGreory, Rochelle Wilkinson, Jayson & Natasha Clarke, Michael Taylor, Gavin Bastian, Melba Lightbourne, Sherry and Shawn Thurston, Elva & Anthony Rolle, Anthony Braynen, Wes Bastian, Dr. Owen Bastian, and Elma Campbell

Friends may pay their last respects at Bethel Brothers Morticians, #34 Nassau Street on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday at the church from 10:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article

April 04, 2012
Bail revoked for numerous murder suspects

A judge yesterday revoked a murder suspect's bail for reportedly tampering with his electronic monitoring device.
Gary Leon, who is accused of the February 2011 beating death of Jason Brown at Homestead Street, was released on $20,000 bail on September 15, on the condition that his movements were monitored.
Leon reportedly used foil to deactivate the GPS-enabled tracking system.
Senior Justice Jon Isaacs ordered Leon remanded to Her Majesty's Prison during a bail revocation hearing.
Meanwhile, two other murder suspects are now back in custody for defying a court's order to sign the bail register at the police station.
Justice Roy Jones learned that the men were not signing in when they failed to appear for a status hearing on April 2.
Kevin Hart, who is charged with the January 2003 murder of Kendal Braynen, and Anthony Charles Hall, who is accused of December 2002 murder of Jean Claude Louissaint, are now back in custody.
Justice Jones issued an arrest warrant for Hall's co-accused, Ryan Omar Butler, who is still at large. Last month, police named Butler as a person of interest in the March 24 shooting death of Rolando Smith at Ridgeland Park.

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News Article

April 02, 2012
Chef Roland Boulet to leave a rich legacy in Grand Bahama

Freeport, Bahamas -
After 37 years of making a tasteful and educational contribution to the
Grand Bahama culinary scene, Chef Roland Boulet will be returning to his
European homeland in April 2012.

Born Roland Jean-Francois
Boulet in Rouen, France in 1947, he attended preschool at the La
Madeleine run by the Catholic nuns and La Maitrise St. Evode primary and
musical school of the Cathedral of Rouen from age 6 to 14 years of age.

1962 at 15 years of age, Boulet attended one of the first schools of
Bakery and Pastry in France, and after 4 years of schooling and
interning in different pastry shops and bakeries, he graduated as
"Boulanger, Patissier, Confiseur, Glacier..."

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News Article

April 01, 2012
Chef Roland Boulet to leave a rich legacy in Grand Bahama

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama -- After 37 years of making a tasteful and educational contribution to the Grand Bahama culinary scene, Chef Roland Boulet will be retiring and returning to his European homeland in April 2012.
Born Roland Jean-Francois Boulet in Rouen, France in 1947, he attended preschool at the La Madeleine run by the Catholic nuns and La Maitrise St. Evode primary and musical school of the Cathedral of Rouen from age 6 to 14 years of age.
In 1962 at 15 years of age, Boulet attended one of the first schools of Bakery and Pastry in France, and after 4 years of schooling and interning in different pastry shops and bakeries, he graduated as "Boulanger, Patissier, Confiseur, Glacier."
Afterwards Chef Boulet became interested in cooking and started a cooking apprenticeship which took him into the French army where he worked in the general officers' dining room in Papeete, Tahiti.  He received his first executive chef title in 1973 when he took a job to work at a large gourmet restaurant, Le Charles V in Rouen.

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The Expendables 2
  • Genre : Action, Adventure
  • Rating : C - 18yrs and Older

Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat....

Repo Men
  • Genre : Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Rating : C - 18yrs and Older

Set in the near future when artificial organs can be bought on credit, it revolves around a man who struggles to make the payments on a heart he has purchased. He must therefore go on the run before said ticker is repossessed....

News Article

March 29, 2012
Abaco man charged with murder

A 38-year-old Abaco man was arraigned in a magistrate's court yesterday in connection to the murder of Wendal Miller, who was stabbed in the neck last week.
Rodriguez Jean Pierre, of Charles Boo Yard, appeared before Deputy Chief Justice Carolita Bethell where he was formally charged with killing 59-year-old Miller.
Pierre was not required to enter a plea.
According to initial police reports, Miller was found bleeding from a neck wound on Saturday, near the Road Traffic Department on Crockett Drive and Bay Street in Marsh Harbour, Abaco around 2:30 p.m.
Police said he got into a fight at a home in the slum community of The Mudd.
He was with his friends when the altercation took place, police reported.
Prosecutor Ercel Dorsett told the court that he intends to proceed by way of a voluntary bill of indictment (VBI), which means that the case will be fast-tracked to the Supreme Court.
Before the case was adjourned, Pierre, who was not represented by an attorney, expressed concern that he was not able to afford an attorney. However, Bethell explained that a crown attorney will likely be appointed to him during the proceedings at the Supreme Court level.
The matter was adjourned until June 15, at which time the VBI is expected to be presented.

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News Article

March 27, 2012
Transforming Spaces Artists 2012

Caroline Anderson

Delton Barrett

Richardo Barrett

Angel Bastian

Sue Bennett-Williams

Chantal Bethel

Margot Bethel

Orchid Burnside

Carla Campbell

Katrina Cartwright

Maria Chisnall

Agnieszka Christie

Cynde Jasmin Coleby

June Collie

Darchell Creary

Linda Cunningham

Melanie Darville

Claudette Dean

Veronica Dorsett

Jan Elliot

Ruth Elliot

Sonia Farmer

Keva Fawkes

Attila Feszt

Del Foxton

Yutavia George

Robin Hardy

Sony Jean-Jacques

Veronica Jenkins

Ashley Knowles

Latisha Knowles

Ruth Lightbourne

Pheobe Luk

Susan Mackay

Jeff Major

Wanda McPhee

Jeffrey Meris

Tyler Miller

Imani Moss

Kishan Mullings

Keisha Oliver

John Paul

Nasta ...

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News Article

March 23, 2012
Embracing multiculturalism

The comments of Haitian President Michel Martelly to Haitian-Bahamians when he recently visited The Bahamas led to much debate. Martelly advised Bahamians of Haitian descent to form a voting bloc, and to vote for the party that has their best interests at heart. His remarks exposed raw emotions on the immigration issue in our country.

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News Article

March 23, 2012
Will Haiti survive

This question seems presumptuous since Haiti, which lost some 300,000 people (more than the combined population of Dominica, Montserrat, Anguilla, BVI, Turks and Caicos, St. Kitts, Cayman Islands and Antigua) in the earthquake of January 12, 2010, bounced back almost immediately in terms of daily survival.

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News Article

March 16, 2012
Theodore Thomas Dawkins, 63 yrs

Funeral service for Theodore Thomas Dawkins, 63 yrs., a resident of Jackfish Drive & formerly of Stanaird Creek, Andros, who died on 23rd February, 2012, will be held at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Farrington Road, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Rev. Dr. Wilton Strachan. Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Looking forward to that glorious sunrise are: His loving wife of thirty- eight (38) years Muriel Dawkins, two (2) devoted children Theon Theodore Dawkins and Atiya Smith. One (1) son-in-law Makarios Smith and one (1) prospective daughter-in-law Shaniqua Riley.
Two (2) surviving brothers Herbert Dawkins Jr. of Riviera Beach Florida, Samuel Lester Dawkins of Freeport, Grand Bahama, Robert and Roscoe Dawkins ( pre-deceased), Two (2) sisters Deaconess Malvenia Porter-Williams and Reverend Vyreen Bain (Principal, Stafford Creek Primary), Four (4) brother in laws: Vincent Albury, Dr. Huntley and Bertcut Christie and Deacon Irvin Bain. Five (5) sister- in- laws Marjorie Albury, Lerhlean and Lavan Christie, Claudine and Deloris Dawkins.
Nephews: Dr. Bert Williams of Baltimore, Maryland, Wilton and Herbert Antonio, Robert Williams of Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, Brian Williams of Abraham's Bay, Mayaguana, Henry, Hubert, Herbert and Lester Dawkins, Leading Mechanic Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) George Lightfoot, Dr. Kirk Christie, Kendrick, Miguel, Cleon, Deon, Philip Jr. D'Caprio, and D'angelo Christie, Jhvon and Shawn Albury.
Nieces: Elsiemae Mackey of Staniard Creek, Andros, Veronica Sweeting of Mastic Point, Andros, Donnalee Rowell of Ocala, Florida, Wendy Forbes, Elaine Williams, Monique and Leslie Dawkins, Carla Lightfoot of Lower Bogue, Eleuthera, Candice and Tameka Lightfoot, Pamela, Krystle, Phillippa, Apryl, Phaedra, Christine, Victoria and Bertica Christie, Karla and Simone Albury. 22 grandnephews, 23 grandnieces.
Numerous Cousins including: Hon. Desmond Bannister-Minister of Education, Richard, Dudley and Thomas Smith, Lewis Dawkins, Sidney, John, Joshua and Caleb Lightbourne, Christopher, Shadrack and Alphonso Johnson, Freddy Munnings, Min. Roselda Woodside, Inez Knowles, Pearl Neely, Joyce Bannister, Olga Rolle, Margaret Cash, Barbara Jean Dawkins, China Ferguson, Gloria Johnson, Simeon and Willie Dawkins.
Numerous Relatives & Friends including: Hon. Byron Woodside, Lester Frith, Arthur Sweeting, Hansel Johnson, B. Andrews, Rev. Harrington Frazier Sr., Willard Barr, Jerome Brown, Rev. Dr. Iffill & Evang. Judy Russell & Family, Willamae Riley, Carlise Davis & Family, Brenda Riley & family, John Manson, Charles, Bursel, Glen, Lloyd, Barry and Leslie Riley, Mias Johnson & Family, Sheena Johnson & Family, Rev. Dr. Wilton Strachan & Family, Rev. Terrance G. Morrison, Rev. Arthur Peet and Family, Ellis & Naomi Whyms, Rev. Janneth Marshall & Family, Evang. Angela Jones & Family, Timothy, Matthew, Rupert and Roger Johnson, Elizabeth Hanna & Family, Thomas & Thelma Porter & Family, Joyce Sands & Family, Wilfred Johnson & Family, The Dawkins families of Cat Island, Andros, and Eleuthera, The Moxey family of Calabash Bay, Andros, the entire Peet Family, The Christie and Treco Families of Nicoll's Town, Andros, the entire settlements of Staniard Creek and Nicholl's Town, Andros, The Mt. Moriah Church Family, the administration, staff and students of Stafford Creek Primary, Queen's College, Abraham's Bay High School, Harbour Island All Age School; the staff of Doctor's Hospital and as many friends and relatives that are too numerous to mention.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m. on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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News Article

March 10, 2012
BLTA hosts first Hall of Fame ceremony

The first Hall of Fame induction ceremony for the Bahamas Lawn Tennis Association (BLTA) will take place tonight at the SuperClubs Breezes.

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News Article

January 13, 2012
Haiti's help is your yes

Two years after the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, a group of 10 organizations have banded together to host a concert to raise funds to assist the people of Haiti.
The concert dubbed "Haiti's Help Is Your Yes!" will be held tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Enoch Beckford Auditorium on Carmichael Road. Admission is free, but donations, pledges and gift offerings will be accepted.
Performing gospel and conscious music will be Benedict Lamartine, Anna Calixte, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Group D'Homme Emmanuel (Berean Baptist Church), Theogene Jean Louis (Cornerstone Church), Paul Hanna, Poem by Rosny Jean (Queen of Peace), Seventh-day Adventist men's group, Boys of God, and Mr. J (Gefner Dalmon).
They are expecting the 3,000-seat auditorium to be filled at capacity to hear the uplifting music, guest pastor Maxso Joseph and amputee victims from Haiti.
"The primary purpose of the concert is to sensitize Haitians and Haitians of Bahamian descent, Bahamians and the world to Haiti's current plight and pain," said concert organizer Robert Dieudonne. "Two years after the earthquake, Haiti is still in need of prayer. Haiti is still in need of participation in its restoration."
Organizations comprising the Power of 10 group include the Haitian Embassy, United Associations of Haitians in The Bahamas, Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, the Haitian Pastors Association, Real Men Ministries, Haitian Chapter Viahmo, Bahamas Faith Ministries Intl., True Vision Media Group, Church of the Nazarene and Benedict Larmartine.
"The Power of 10 have realized this finger-tapping won't work and that we need a consolidated effort, a collaborative front in order to bring any real effectiveness -- even in a small way," said Dieudonne. "So we've committed to come together to focus on particular projects and we will focus on the kids, the domestic servants, kids who can't go to school but are allowed to work 12 to 16 hours a day just to have a place where they can be accommodated. We're going to focus on the more than 100,000 amputees who are still waiting on prosthetics, wheelchairs, therapy, and vocational training."
The billions of dollars that have been collected, Dieudonne says can go towards constructing infrastructure. He says they are interested in dealing with the human element and building lives - that is where they will focus their support.
Dieudonne says people have no excuse not to help their Haitian neighbors because if they want to adopt a family, they will help them do that. If someone wants to adopt a child, he says they will help them do that. And any denomination from $20 to $2,000 is acceptable. And he says sponsors will know where their aid money goes because they will receive a call from the recipient to say they received it.
New Haitian Mission Baptist Church pastor, Rev. Cherelus Exante, who has an ongoing effort feeding, clothing and educating 50-plus orphans in an orphanage, says the concert people will be given the opportunity to partner with actual efforts now. And get the assistance they need to create initiatives of their own.
"Two years on, we are not here only to organize the concert, but to also give God thanks, and to thank the people of The Bahamas for standing with the Haitian people to help Haiti, so we continue to do work in Haiti and provide aid to Haitians," said Rev. Exante.

What: Haiti's Help Is Your Yes! concert
When: Friday, January 13
Where: Enoch Beckford Auditorium, Carmichael Road
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Admission: Free, but donations, pledges and gift offerings will be accepted
Performers: Benedict Lamartine, Anna Calixte, Bishop Lawrence Rolle, Group D'Homme Emmanuel (Berean Baptist Church), Theogene Jean Louis (Cornerstone Church), Paul Hanna, Poem by Rosny Jean (Queen of Peace), Seventh-day Adventist men's group, Boys of God, and Mr. J (Gefner Dalmon).

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Star Trek: Generations
  • Genre : Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Rating :

Captain Picard, with the help of supposedly dead Captain Kirk, must stop a madman willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter a space matrix....

News Article

March 02, 2012
Caribbean small business initiatives require greater scrutiny and planning

As a Caribbean Canadian living in the Canadian diaspora, I am always delighted when initiatives are announced to improve the social and economic upliftment of people and institutions in the Caribbean Commonwealth region.  At the same time, regional recipients are urged to pay greater attention to what is being offered and most importantly whether the assistance is sustainable and what are the likely long-term qualitative outcomes.
Unfortunately, many of the regional agencies that have made decisions to accept assistance often ignore these important questions as the ulterior motive seems to be survival, as the fee for service is advanced to meet day-to-day operating expenses.
If my memory serves me correctly, following the 1979 revolution in Grenada, Washington and many of its regional allies became so agitated that the imminent birth of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) became a reality.  Many selected regional organizations operating mainly out of Barbados benefitted greatly from Washington's agitation and fear.
In addition to receiving large amounts of grants and contributions from various United States donors, representatives of these organizations were regularly hosted and dined in Washington by Reaganites like Elliot Abrahams, Robert McFarlane, Jean Kirkpatrick and Ollie North.  Former prime ministers, John 'Tom' Adams of Barbados and Eugenia Charles of the Commonwealth of Dominica, relations to the above Reaganites were well-known.
The OAS was an active partner in the Caribbean Basin Initiative, which resulted in the broadening of their Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) and later formation and support of local National Development Foundations (NDF).  It is clear that Washington's motive at the time was to use the local NDFs as local vehicles to strengthen small enterprises and contain "regional leftists" as a result of the process that was taking place in Grenada.  These local NDFs survived for a while but later became unsustainable when Washington pulled the CBI funding plug.  It was indeed a very sad spectacle.
Once again, the OAS and its Washington organs have now found new institutional collaborators in the region by promising to focus on the creation of small business centers in the region.  While I am not in a position to make a detailed critique of Caribbean Export's motives, evidence would indicate, like its father in Georgetown, it is at a 'stand still' and any foreign assistance that it can derive for the next few years that will assist in daily operations, Caribbean Export and the other regional collaborators will remain blessed.
I find the Caribbean Export collaborative initiatives with the OAS quite disturbing.  Why am I disturbed?  At a time when Canada and CARICOM countries are about to sign the CARIBCAN trade agreement, we have heard nothing from this organization that would demonstrate its interest and operational mandate if pushing Caribbean exports in the Canadian marketplace.
There is no doubt that the development and sustainability of small enterprises in the region is very important to the economy.  However, the success and sustainability of these enterprises will not be as a result of cash infusion and ignoring rural populations.  Small enterprise development in Caribbean economies must allow for extensive global links, ensuring that rural communities get access to some of these initiatives, culturally driven and influenced and de-emphasis on bogus foreign consultants plagiarizing others' work and arriving with multitude of three-ring binders and USB hubs.  In essence, those regional collaborators who have bought into the OAS expedition must be reminded that residents' success, growth, sustainability and expanded knowledge should come first before organizational survival.
The OAS and PADF have been quite visible in many roguish and corrupt Latin countries.  They have claimed success with their micro-enterprise development initiatives and are feeling that they could be used as models in the Caribbean Commonwealth member states.  While this might very well be the truth on their outcomes, Commonwealth Caribbean organizations must understand that there is no homogeneity between Spanish- and English-speaking Caribbean people and carte blanche importation of models must be accepted with care and caution.
The OAS and their NGO affiliate have done some very good work on the arts and craft industry in the Caribbean.  Unfortunately, this industry seems to be on the decline in the region, as we see the growing arrival and display of foreign arts on our local retail shelves.  What is also disheartening about the presence of these items on our local shelves is the blind eye given by state organs that have the responsibility for monitoring the imports of certain goods in the state.
It will be interesting to see how the OAS/PADF regional collaborative initiatives on small business center development will pan out.
Pardon my ignorance.  I thought previous PADF/NDF initiatives were geared to establish entrepreneurship centers.
oIan Francis resides in Toronto and is a frequent contributor on Caribbean affairs.  He is a former assistant secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Grenada and can be reached at

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