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Do all you can to keep your marriage healthy and happy

One of the most important things spouses can do is to show appreciation every day for each other. Too many spouses take each other for granted.  They expect the love they have to just last and last without doing anything.  This is false and dangerous.  Words that can help us understand the meaning and importance of appreciation are gratitude, thankfulness and gratefulness.  Spouses are to find ways to show daily how much they are grateful for their partners.  No day should pass without a spouse showing with words and action how much they love their partner.  When was the last time you said thank you to your spouse?  When was the last time you told your spouse they look lovely.  Remember, once is not enough.
According to experts there are at least four elements of appreciation:
Acknowledgment: The first step each of us can take in expressing our appreciation to our partner is to acknowledge the things he or she does.  Expressing appreciation for the little things cumulatively builds a rock solid foundation.  Receiving acknowledgment helps each of us grow as individuals, and sometimes, just survive the daily hassles of hectic schedules, deadlines, and responsibilities in the various aspects of our lives.
Adoration: Praising each other for the qualities and attributes that make us special as individuals is crucial.  Taking the time to genuinely let each other know how much we admire each other's virtues brings joy to us and reinforces our continued individual and relationship growth.

Acceptance: Learning to accept each other as we are, rather than trying to change the other, is a difficult struggle and adjustment for most couples.  Accepting each other as we are is a vital part of expressing appreciation in a marriage.  Over time we actually appreciate the differences and see the benefits they bring to us as individuals and as partners.
Affirmation: Letting each other know how important we are to each other.  Affirmations are important in building and supporting each other's sense of self-esteem.  Affirming your spouse is a way of validating who they are.  When we affirm each other, we kindle the depths of the soul of our marriage."
Here are a few examples how you can affirm your spouse.  Hold hands in the car when you are at the stop light.  Wink at each other across a crowded room.  Give a love letter or card on days other than birthdays and anniversaries.  Jump surprisingly in the shower with her, but do not have sex.  Take him a bunch of hibiscus flowers you picked from your garden.  Rush out to give your wife a cool glass of water while she is cutting the grass with the lawn mower.  Say "good morning honey" to your spouse.  Tell your spouse "thank you for that wonderful sexual experience last night."  Drive each other to work occasionally.  Eat lunch together regularly.  Cuddle each other in the living room without sex on the agenda.  Go on a date every week.  Gossip about your spouse to your friends as often as possible.  Have a photo of your spouse on your desk at work or in your wallet.
The latest research tells us that happy couples live longer and have healthier lives.  According to psychologist, Dr. Brent J. Atkinson, in his article "Emotion Intelligence" evidence suggests that those who succeed in their marriages will live an average of four years longer than those who don't (Gottman & Silver, 1999).  They will have an average of 35 percent less illness, have healthier immune systems, will be substantially less likely to become violent, homicidal, or suicidal, and less likely to experience an emotional or mental disorder.  They will have a lower risk of being involved in automobile accidents.  The children of those who succeed in their marriages will have fewer health problems, better academic performance, more social competence, less depression, less problems with social contact, more ability to regulate their emotions, lower heart rate physiological reactivity when experiencing negative emotions, and lower quantities of stress-related hormones circulating in their bodies.  Do all you can to keep your marriage healthy and happy.

Barrington Brennen is a marriage and family therapist. Send your questions to or call 242-327-1980 or visit

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Tasks for July

Since this is the start of the hot weather, I suggest that you do all hard jobs before or after the blistering part of the day is over.
Roses: Continue to cut back faded blooms to a healthy outside bud with five leaflets. Remove and dispose of leaves infected with black spot or mildew.  Continue your program of fertilizing, disease and pest control.
Fruit trees: This is the beginning of the mango season so you can give your fruit trees a small dose of fertilizer.  Check all your fruit trees for dead branches and remove any branch that may cause damage to your home in the event of a hurricane.  Check your citrus trees for thrips, mites and mealy bugs.  Remember to seal all wounds with pruning paint or sealant.
Flowers: Continue to remove spent blossoms of annuals, perennials and summer bulbs. Add organic mulch to control weeds and maintain moisture at the roots of the plants. Sow zinnias, marigolds and other annuals to be ready for fall  flowering.
Trees and shrubs: Prune summer bloomers to encourage blooming. Check hibiscus plants for scales and ixora plants for white flies and spray accordingly.
Lawns: Mow and fertilize your lawn.  If there is no rain, use a sprinkler to water your grass.  Continue with your weed control program.  If you have crab grass problem there is a selective herbicide "Image" which can be used effectively.
Watering: During the summer months you are required to do more watering of your lawn, vegetable and flower garden.  The most efficient way to supply water is at ground level. This minimizes evaporation and places the water exactly where it is needed in the soil. I would suggest that you use overhead sprinklers early in the day to minimize evaporation and allow time for leaves to dry.  Watering of your lawn should be carried out in the evening after 5 p.m.  An automatic timer ensures that the garden gets watered even when you are not at home, but always check a plant to see if it needs water by sticking a finger a few inches into the soil.  Water deeply if it feels dry.  Avoid letting plants get to the wilting point as wilting weakens overall plant health.  Keep newly transplanted plants well watered until they are established in the garden soil.

Watch for: Attacks by aphids, scale and thips, and spray with an insecticide containing Blackleaf 40, Malathion or Orthene Systemic Insect Spray.  Follow the directions given by the manufacturer for application.  To control slugs and snails, control using a bait containing Menurol or any other slug and snail bait.

Planting guide for July
Flowers: Aster, cosmos, gaillardia, marigold, portuluca, periwinkle, salvia.
Vegetables: Celery, collards, eggplant, okra, pepper, spinach and turnip.
Grasses: Bahia and Bermuda

For help with your garden problems, write to: Garden Korner, P.O. Box N-3011, Nassau.

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PLP Candidate Garden Hills responds to Minister: No Applications Yet For Mackey Yard Subdivisions Lots

Nassau, Bahamas - Enclosed is a Press Statement by

Dr Kendal Major PLP Candidate.

Many Bahamians are happy
that the Government has made the decision to regularize the shanty towns that
are filled with illegal aliens and squatters, which is a serious affront to our
laws and way of life.

Despite this commendation,
however, many Bahamians are deeply troubled by the timing and disingenuous
messages being sent by the spokespersons for the Government. This has resulted
in suspicion, anger, and a general lack of trust...

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Trial date set for murder of young woman

Two men facing murder and attempted murder charges learned their trial date yesterday.
Owen "Cat" McKenzie of Bamboo Town and Allan Knowles Jr. of Butler Street, were informed that their trial for the September 17, 2010 murder of Chrysteria Brown and the attempted murder of her boyfriend, Dario McKenzie, will begin on June 18, 2012 before Justice Vera Watkins. Their co-accused Anthorn Smith, who is on bail, was not present for the fixture hearing.
Brown was sleeping over at her boyfriend's home at Garden Hills when someone fired gunshots into their upstairs bedroom window.
Lawyers for McKenzie and Knowles asked Senior Supreme Court Justice Jon Isaacs to consider releasing them on bail pending trial.
Michael Kemp, McKenzie's attorney, said there was no fear of "retributive actions against him, as it has not happened to any of his co-accused." He also said the defendants had been committed to the Supreme Court since October last year.
Romauld Ferreira adopted those arguments in seeking bail for Knowles.
Isaacs deferred the bail application until next week to allow the Crown time to respond.

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Tavarie Williams Culmer Maycock, 31

Funeral Service for Tavarie Williams Culmer Maycock, 31 of Nassau Village will be held on Saturday 13th August, 2011 at 2:00pm at Whosoever Will Church of God International, Alexander Boulevard, Nassau Village. Officiating will be Prophet Derek Bastian assisted by Bishop Roderick McIntosh Sr. Interment will follow in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.

Left to cherish his memories is his: children: Mia, Alia, Dilliom and Jmani; parents: Nehemiah and Georgina Culmer; grandmother: Verlina Maycock; grandfathers: George Williams and George Paul; sisters: Lila, Verlina, Nadia, Sandy, Atalia, Kryzia, Beyonce and Amiah; brothers: Carl, Renaldo, Lamont and Nehemiahje; nieces: Jada, Acadia, Valiesha, Antona ...

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Man shot after alleged assault of police officer and attempted break-in


POLICE shot and injured a man yesterday after he allegedly assaulted an officer and attempted to break into a house.

Officers were on routine patrol around 11.55am in Stapeldon Gardens when they saw a man acting suspiciously in Swordfish Drive.

Assistant Superintendent Samuel Butler, the officer in charge of the Grove police station, said: "One of our patrol units observed the suspect leaving a premises. They proceeded to stop him and as they approached him, he put up a struggle.

"The suspect then attempted to disarm an officer and was subsequently shot in the leg."

ASP Butler said police believe the man was attempting to break into one of the residences i ...

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Dorcas Heastie Burrows, 87

Funeral Service for Dorcas Heastie Burrows, 87, of Sapphire Ridge Road, Sans Souci will be held on Saturday August 20th, 2:00 p.m. at Bahamas Faith Ministries, Carmicahel Road. Dr. Myles Munroe assisted by Dr. Dave Burrows and Pastor Robyn Gool will officiate. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John K. Kennedy Drive.

Left to cherish precious memories is her children: Leona Mitchell, Linelle Thompson, Phillip Burrows, Pastor Marilyn Gool, Dr. David Burrows, Sherwin Burrows and Terrance Burrows; sons-in-law: Stanley Mitchell, Robert Thompson and Pastor Robyn Gool; daughters-in-law: Dr. Bernadette Burrows, Angela Burrows, and Christine Burrows.

Seventeen grandchildren: Dr. ...

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Kerby Laurent, 19

Funeral Service for Kerby Laurent, 19, of East Street will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.


Calvary Haitian Baptist Church

West Avenue

Pastor Henri Cher-Aime

Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road

Left to cherish precious memories are his parents: Elda Lubin and Gabalieus Laurent; step-father: Manus Fleurisme; 2 grandmothers: Deliverance Oscar & Anne Marie Joseph;; 8 uncles: Amory Oscar, Whitney, Aldren, & Marc Henry Lubin, Jackson, Elysee, Benson & Mark Joseph; 7 aunts: Jeanette George, Annie George-Frandieu, ...

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Randolph Swaby, 80

Funeral Service for Randolph Swaby, 80, of Joans Heights died at the Princess Margaret Hospital on Saturday 6 August, 2011 will be held on Saturday August 20 at 2pm at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. Officiating will be Father Paschal Ukpeh assisted by Monsignor. Alfred C. Culmer. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Roads.
Left to cherished his memories are his sons: Anthony, Patrick, Jeffrey, Randolph Jr., Stanislaus-Brandon, Michael, Kevin Swaby, Dominique Hall; one daughter: Theresa Johnson; Sisters: Venus Heastie and Joan Swaby; brothers: Ira and Philip Swaby; Daughters-in-law: Melanie, Julie, Lavern, Chris, Faye, Majorie Swaby; son-in-law: Ron Joh ...

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Jermaine Nairn, 34

Jermaine Nairn, 34, of Tulip Avenue, Garden Hills #3 died at the Princess Margaret Hospital on Monday 15th August, 2011.
He is survived by his parents: Archie and Pauline Nairn; sisters: Areshea Nairn, Tica Stuart; brothers: Tomiko Nairn, Alexis Roberts; numerous nieces and nephews and a host of other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.
Funeral Announcements will be announced at a later date.

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  • Genre : Comedy, Drama
  • Rating : T - 15yrs and Older

A group of teenagers get ready for their high school prom....

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THE police are calling on members of the public to assist them in solving the country's 91st homicide for the year.

Pregnant mother Bareshallee Lewis of Flamingo Gardens was gunned down outside an unfinished commercial building on Prince Lane, off Prince Charles Drive.

She and her son were there to visit her husband, who is a security guard at the site.

In a press conference yesterday at the Central Detective Unit, Supt Stephen Dean appealed to the public for information on the murder of Mrs Lewis.

He said: "It's a serious matter, it's a matter that calls for community concern and every Bahamian should be concerned.

"Anyone who has information on the suspects in that re ...

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Mom and son face gun charges

Police have charged an ailing mother and her son with one of the country's largest weapon seizures for the year.
Officers seized 16 guns and 867 rounds of ammunition hidden in groceries and appliances after they stopped a truck at Potter's Cay Dock on August 19.  The occupants of the truck had just collected the items from a mailboat, police said.
Police brought Bronell Humes, 53, of Dignity Gardens, before Gun Court Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt yesterday shortly after her release from hospital.  Humes, who is hypertensive, passed out when police arrested her at the dock, her lawyer Tai Pinder told the court.
Humes was still wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers at her arraignment.
Humes and her son, Trevis Demeritte, 36, of Boil Fish Road, denied 16 counts of possession of an unlicensed firearm and nine counts of possession of ammunition.
The mother and son are accused of having the following weapons: A Zastava 7.63x2mm pistol; a Taurus .40 pistol; a MOD MPK .380 pistol; a C9 9mm pistol; a Smith and Wesson .38 revolver; an Austria Glock .45 pistol; a Beretta 7.65 pistol; a Colt .45 pistol; a Taurus .38 revolver; a MOD RG40 .38 revolver; an Austria Glock .40 pistol; a Ruger .45 pistol; a Colt Mk IV .45 pistol; a Draco 7.62x39mm pistol; and a Cobray P.Mac 11.
They are also accused of having 70 rounds of 7.62 ammunition; 152 rounds of 9mm ammunition; 166 rounds of .45 ammunition; 100 rounds of .32 ammunition; 150 rounds of 9mm ammunition; 50 rounds of .40 ammunition; 50 rounds of .357 ammunition; 50 rounds of .44 ammunition; and 79 rounds of .25 ammunition.
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Garvin Gaskin did not object to bail for Humes.  Ferguson-Pratt set her bail at $40,000 on the condition that she surrenders her passport to the court and reports to police on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays before 6 p.m.
However, Gaskin objected to bail for Demeritte, arguing that he faced serious charges and he would receive a speedy trial.  Ferguson-Pratt remanded Demeritte to prison until his trial, which is scheduled for October 24, 28 and November 7, 9 and 11.
Demeritte hugged his mother and told her to stay strong before police handcuffed him and escorted him to the Nassau Street Police Station.  Humes was taken to the station as well, but she did not stay there long.  Her bail was approved before the end of the court's day.
Terry Archer appeared with Gaskin.  Ian Cargill also represents Humes and Demeritte.

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TWO men were arraigned in Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with committing the country's 87th homicide for the year which occurred in Nassau Village.

Carlos Colebrooke, 23, of Williams Street, and Geovanny Lefleur, 20, of Hope Gardens, appeared before Chief Magistrate Roger Gomez in Court One, Bank Lane, in connection with the shooting death of Alexander Hepburn on Friday, August 5.

Hepburn, also known as "Boy Blue", died on Alexandria Boulevard after being shot multiple times about the body.

The accused were not allowed to enter a plea to the murder charge, due to the nature of the offence. The prosecution will present a Voluntary Bill of Indictment on S ...

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Tasia Shekira Rolle, 26

Home going service for the life of the late Tasia Shekira Rolle, 26 yrs., a resident of Minnie Street, who died on 21st August, 2011, will be held at Abundant Life Bible Church, Abundant Life Road, on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Officiating will be Pastor Cranston Knowles, Pastor Tom Roberts & other Ministers of the Gospel. ;Interment follows in Woodlawn Gardens, Soldier Road.
Left to cherish fond memories are her parents: Brian & Laverne Rolle; her brother: PC 3542 Teron Rolle; niece: T'earra Rolle; grandparents: Errol Sr. & Melitza Rolle & Deacon Bertram Archer Sr.; aunts: Catherine Johnson, Sharraine Walkes, Nadia Evans, Jasmine, Marie, Antoinette, Lucinda, & Patricia Rolle, Barbara Newbold, Debra Gibson, Patricia Dean, Martha McFall, Lenora, Sylvia, Cynthia, Evamae, Janice, Mary & Annamae Archer; uncles: Errol Jr., Michael & Scott Rolle, Colin Johnson, Corporal 816 Peter Walkes, Mervin Evans, Bertram Jr., Herbert, Mark, Franklyn & Sherwin Archer, Rev. Nelson McFall, Kirklyn Newbold & Bertram Dean; a host of other relatives & friends.
Friends may pay their last respects at Demeritte's Funeral Home, Market Street, from 10-6:00 p.m., on Friday & on Saturday at the church from 9:00 a.m. until service time.

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Marvin Kerr, 40

Funeral Service for Marvin Kerr, 40, of Ideal Estates who died on Tuesday September 20, 2011 will be held on Saturday October 1, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. at Church of God Auditorium, Joe Farrington Road. Officiating will be Rev. Rolston Smith assisted by other Ministers of the Gospel. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.

Precious Memories will linger in the hearts of his Wife: Sophia Kerr; Children: Tajhia, Marvia, and Alex Kerr. Mother: Muriel Williams. Father: Sidney Kerr. Step-Mother: Rosemary Kerr. Adopted Mother: Cholta Duncombe. Mother-In-law: Patricia Cox. Brothers: Ken, Glen, Sherwin, Justin and Devon Kerr ,Burail Daxon Tyrone Darl ...

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Greatel Maud Watson, 73

Funeral Service for Mrs. Greatel Maud Watson age 73 years of Alexander Drive formerly of St. Anne's Parish Jamaica will be held on Saturday August 27th at Evangelistic Pentecostal Church, Garden Hills at  11am. Officiating will be Bishop Simeon C. Wallace and internment will follow in the Southern Cemetery.
Those who mourn with hope are those who loved Greatel and stand in God's shadow waiting for His return: Her husband of 28 years: Solomon Watson. Her children: Ionie Simpson of Orlando, Florida, Loretta Braynen, Eloinise Burrows, Angella Witter of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Junior Lee Bryan of Kingston, Jamaica. Her step-children: Stephanie and Jerry Buder, Jestina Watson, and Lloyd Bryan. Her children-in-law: Peter Simpson of Orlando, Florida, Cephas Burrows and Courtney Lyle Sr. Her brothers: Alonzo Watson and Neville Allen, both of Jamaica. Her grandchildren: Marlon, Glen, Keena, Carsheira, Kevin, Abigale, Leon, Garvin, Arrissa, Vanessa, Shawn B., Omar, Crystal, Christina, Courtney, Corey, Seion, Mickel, Gonij, Brittany, Rochelle.justin, Christopher, Shawn, Shanalle and Maurice. Her great-grandchildren: GlenJr., LaCrista, Omar Jr., Clendeena, Angel, Andrey, Maira, Seina,

Other friends and relatives include: Marva Thompson, Isabella Burrows, Gerone Clark,
Robertson Dieudonne, Veronica Gibson, Lauramae Ennis, Gloria Pitter, Thomas Small, Indian, Daphne and Myers Burrell, Latoya Burrows, and Andrew Allen.

Friends may pay their respect at Demeritte's Funeral Home on Friday from 10am to 6pm and on Saturday at the church from 10 am until service time.

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Ruth Elizabeth Russell, 80

Funeral Service for Ruth Elizabeth Russell, 80, of Quakoo Street and formerly of Mastic Point, Andros will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at 1:00 p.m.


New Covenant Baptist Church

East West Highway

Bishop Simeon B. Hall
Assisted by:

Other Ministers of the Gospel

Woodlawn Gardens Cemetery, Soldier Road

This angel without wings leaves to mourn with hope six children: Doranell (Donnie), Dave, Minister Wendy, Deacon Gary, Dereck Russell and Deborah (Necie) Russell Strachan; grandchildren: Inger, Kenneth, Marion, Sonia, Valencia, Duery, Gromyko (Nike), Tosi Russell Rigby of Boynt ...

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Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee Set To Host Miami Carnival in the Gardens

Thousands of Carnival
Revelers and Masqueraders Set To Transform Miami Gardens into a Potent
Mixture of Caribbean Culture  

Miami, Fl - The Miami Broward One Carnival Host Committee (MBOCHC) is pleased
to announce one of  South Florida's signature events,

Carnival in the Gardens will be held on Sunday, October 9, 2011,
in Miami Gardens, FL. This year's parade will move this colorful and
rhythmic Caribbean party along the streets of Miami Gardens to the festival
area at Sun Life Stadium((

Dan Marino Boulevard, Miami Gardens, FL 33056). Miami Carnival has been
an important ingredient within the culture and fabric of the South Florida
community. It has been enthusiastically celebrated for the past 26 years
on Columbus Day weekend... 

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Carolyn Elizabeth Bowleg, 43

Funeral Service for Carolyn Elizabeth Bowleg, age 43 years, of West Bay Street, will be held on Saturday, August 27th, 2011, at 12:45 p.m. at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Boyd Road.  Officiating will be Fr. Martin Gomes.  Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens, John F. Kennedy Drive.
Left to cherish her memories are:  her  son : Dejon Bowleg ; her mother: Josephine Bowleg; three sisters: Vonique, Albertha and Ruthellen Bowleg; one brother: Nicholas Bowleg; sister-in-law: Marie Bowleg; two aunts: Roselyn Watkins and Sonia Smith; one uncle: Phillip Bowleg; three nieces: Andrenique Wright, Nicholette and Nichole Bowleg; two nephews: Deshad Turner and Zhavargo Rolle; Special friends: Crystal Johnson, Joy Campbell, Barbara Kurz, Geneva Burrows, and John Stuart; numerous cousins; and a host of other relatives and friends:  including The Grants Town and One Stop Beauty Staff, The Johnson Family and the Stuart family.
Friends may pay their last respects at Butlers' Funeral Homes & Crematorium, Ernest and York Streets on Friday August 26th 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p .m. and at the church on Saturday from 11:30 p.m. until service time.

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