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Founded in 1924, the Bahamas Humane Society is the oldest charity in the Bahamas and was originally called the Dumb Friends League.
It is affiliated to numerous international organisations, including the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

It is the only humane organisation in the Caribbean to hold membership of the Standards of Excellence Program sponsored by the American Humane Association of which it has been a member since 1989.
The BHS employs two full time veterinarians. It offers a 24 hour emergency ambulance service and provides care for sick, injured and abandoned animals.

The BHS is not responsible for the collection of stray or dead animals. Stray animals are the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (Canine Control Unit), while the Department of Environmental Health Services deals with dead animals.
2014 Membership Application Click HERE to download application form.


Thursday Evening Full Clinic
Do you have difficulty taking your pet to the vet during the week? Do you have a busy Saturday already without adding in a vet visit as well? The BHS has a solution! We now offer a *Thursday evening full clinic* from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. No appointment necessary!

Flea & tick shampoos, collars, leashes, ID tags and many other goodies also available to purchase! You can even pick up your dog license at the BHS ($6.00 per dog).

*Regular clinic hours* are also still in place: Monday to Saturday mornings: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Monday/Tuesday and Thursday afternoons: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. There is no afternoon clinic on Wednesday and Friday.

An Overview of ‘Operation Potcake and the Five Year Plan’ The Solution to the Street Dog Problem in New Providence
Contact Email for Operation Potcake:

What is Operation Potcake?
‘Operation Potcake’ is a 10 day high volume, high standard cat and dog sterilization campaign, often called a MASH clinic (Mobile Animal Sterilization Hospital) targeting up to 2,000 of the un-owned and loosely owned cat and dog populations of New Providence.
The cats and dogs will be sterilized in large numbers so that the populations are unable to reproduce and start to decline naturally. The animals will be treated for internal and external parasites and vaccinated against disease. The goal is a healthy population of cats and dogs who cannot reproduce.
EVERY animal protection organization on New Providence has joined forces to form a coalition to organize this campaign, in conjunction with Animal Balance, an international NGO who assists islands with humane animal management strategy. The local organizations are; The Bahamas Humane Society, The Veterinary Association Medical Association of the Bahamas, The Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture, BAARK!, Stray Busters, ARK, Proud Paws, and Pink Potcake.

What About The Future?
Operation Potcake will address the cats and dogs who will probably never see a vet in their lives, while the New Providence 5-Year Low Cost Spay and Neuter Initiative will continue to address the sector of the populations who have owners in low income areas. The Veterinary Medical Association of the Bahamas (VMBA) has pledged to sterilize 60 animals a week at a cost of $50 per animal, which totals 3,000 animals per year. The VMBA states
“It is anticipated that Operation Potcake’s contribution during 2012 would give a substantial boost to the total number of spays/neuters during the first year of our five year project. If, indeed, a total of 5,000 dogs and cats are spayed/neutered during 2012, [3,000 by members of the V.M.A.B. and 2,000 by Operation Potcake] this would provide an almost immediate reduction in the number of unwanted dogs and cats in the subsequent years, and would effectively jump-start the 5 year program”

Volunteer Veterinarians, Animal Technicians and Kind Helpers Will Descend on the Bahamas in January 2013!
This is a true milestone in animal welfare in New Providence. Now we can work together to efficiently take control of the over population of cats and dogs on New Providence. The Animal Balance volunteer veterinarians, animal technicians, dog and cat experts are donating their time, skills and expertise and are paying for their own airfares to help New Providence. They will be arriving in January from all over the planet to help the Bahamian animals.
Many people on the island are kindly donating accommodation for the volunteers. We will use empty building or tents as temporary animal clinic sites. We will bring expert dog handlers who can catch un-socialized stray dogs. We will all work together and pull resources to make this a success.

How Can YOU help?
1. Donations: We need your help so we can purchase the drugs and medical supplies that we will need to safely sterilize the 2,000 animals. Together we are holding a huge fundraising drive. We need to raise $50,000 before January. We can do that with your help. Please make a donation to Operation Potcake via Animal Balance’s website at:, or send a check to: Animal Balance, PO Box 8454, Bend, OR 97709. Or email for our wire details.
2. Supplies: Attached is a list of items that we need can you donate, start collecting or borrow any of them?
3. Supplies: Do you work in the medical field? Can you donate any of the items from the ‘medical list’?
4. Advertising: Do you work in advertising, graphic design etc. Would you lend us your skills and expertise?
5. Local Outreach: Are you involved with your local church, Boy Scouts or other community organizations? Could you help spread the word in your local community?
6. Would you like to help by fostering cats, dogs, kittens or puppies?
7. Would you like to help by participating in the clinic itself? See ‘Volunteer Opportunities’ attached.
8. Could you provide lunches, housing, transportation, or other items to the visiting team?

If you can help in any way, please contact Linda at
Why Should YOU Help?

High numbers of in-tact dogs and cats cause a myriad of problems for the community and the animals can suffer greatly as a result. By sterilizing them we will:
• Reduce the spread of any zoonotic diseases (from animal to human)
• Reduce the spread and increase of diseases amongst the animals
• Reduce the number of road accidents associated with large numbers of free roaming animals
• Reduce the number of bites and scratches incurred
• Reduce the number of free roaming dogs and cats that you see on the streets who are suffering from injury and disease
• Reduce the noise and disruption at night when males are chasing females in heat
• Reduce the roaming distances of male dogs as the females will not be coming into heat
• Reduce pack fighting over females in heat
• Help people to take better care of their pets
• Increase the human-animal bond
• Increase the degree of veterinary care that the animals receive
• Increase the health of the cat, dog and human populations
• Create a more harmonious existence for all

Together we can do this and help the cats, dogs and people of the Bahamas.
If you would like to find out more about Animal Balance, please visit;

To contact Operation Potcake directly, please email Linda at and she will forward your enquiry to the correct committee person.

Click HERE to download the Volunteer Application and click HERE to download the Volunteer Positions.

You can contribute to the Bahamas Humane Society by clicking the button below -- no amount is too small to help us assist animals in need.


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August 12, 2010 dsturrup

Bahamas Humane Society

Nice people

I went for collar for my dog and the people were so nice there, made me wanna come back. They also have a great variety of dog and cats up for adoption.

January 22, 2010 Paradise Sales & Rentals

Bahamas Humane Society

Great organization

Thank goodness for the BHS, their staff and volunteers! Spay Neuter Adopt!