Good Samaritan Senior Citizen's Home

Good Samaritan Senior Citizen's Home
Yellow Elder Gardens
P.O. Box:
Nassau / Paradise Island, Bahamas

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March 21, 2012 Derek17

Good Samaritan Senior Citizen's Home

A phone call to remember

In today's growing society where knowledge is a crucial part of minds being developed from birth to our death, we all ask questions. Questions are the bridge between ignorance/vulnerability and Knowledge/power. As a student in high school in Nassau, I desire to know more and having the task of B.G.C.S.E course work it's a must for research. I decided to call The Good Samaritan Senior Citizen's Home and i have been taught by my parents to have manners and respect when talking to older people. But in calling there, i barely received the same respect as only desired 5 minutes of their time to ask 5 questions. The response i received was in fact 'Grouchy', 'Rude', 'Disrespectful' as a middle age man (i'm assuming) went from grumbling to shouting at me and others on his side of the line. It was angering and frustrating to me as a young person, as situations like these makes me ponder if All adults/employees that are there are like this and how they treat the seniors! This decrepit attitude from this man ended in him hanging up on me with 2 of my questions answered. This will certainly be a phone call to remember as I share this with my fellow classmates and teacher tomorrow.

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