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Manager wins 26,600 from Superclubs Breezes


Tribune Business Editor

A FORMER receivables manager at SuperClubs Breezes has been awarded $26,560 after the Supreme Court found the Nassau-based all-inclusive resort wrongfully dismissed her, the judge ruling it had failed to prove she had falsified company documents as alleged.

Justice Neville Adderley, in his August 6, 2010, ruling, detailed how SuperClubs Breezes watered down its justification for dismissing Marion Morris, going from the November 18, 2004, summary dismissal letter, which alleged she had altered invoice dates and made accounts receivables uncollectible, to its argument of 'gross negligence' made at trial.

Although SuperClubs Breezes, in its def ...

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SuperClubs Breezes Bahamas 'going green'


Tribune Staff Reporter

GIVING an update on the ongoing renovations and improvements at SuperClubs Breezes, company chairman John Issa announced that the Cable Beach resort is in the process of "going green."

The two towers have be renovated over the course of two years, closing a block at a time to install energy efficient chillers for the air-conditioning units, energy efficient fan coils and broilers.

Low flush toilets and flow restricting faucets have also been installed to cut down on water consumption.

So far, around $20 million is estimated to have been spent on the renovations, which were contemplated with the goal of cutting energy cons ...

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SuperClubs Breezes Partners with Bahamian soap

The election and crime wave are on many minds, but there's something else that's catching those headliners up.
It's called Gippie's Kingdom, The Bahamas' first televised soap opera. In a press release, Ian Strachan, show writer and director, said: "Gippie's Kingdom aspires to do for TV what the Ferguson's of Farm Road did for Bahamian radio."
The producers of the show are announcing another corporate sponsor: SuperClubs Breezes.
Breezes has agreed to host the world premiere of Gippie's Kingdom. The premiere is tentatively set for June. The internationally renowned resort is also giving one lucky television viewer a free week-end stay at the Cable Beach resort.
Sales Manager at the resort Hedda Smith said: "Breezes is happy to partner with Gippie's Kingdom producer/writer Ian Strachan in this latest project of his. This soap opera will be the first of its kind in The Bahamas and we are very excited to come on board as one of the corporate sponsors. This is a great opportunity to not only expose some of the problems we are experiencing in our society today, but to show how to address them and hopefully offer some solutions."
Strachan added: "We're extremely excited. We believe that this show is going to be the topic of conversation in the majority of Bahamian households. It will be talked about around the water cooler, and around the photocopier at work. We believe that once Gippie's Kingdom hits the airwaves, it's going to become a Bahamian institution. We commend Breezes for having the vision to get on board early."
The eight-part series tells the story of three generations of the Gibson family. Life experiences and social issues, common to all Bahamians, are explored in each episode -- sweethearting and "illegitimate children", juvenile delinquency, crime and justice, domestic violence, Haitian/Bahamian conflict, and most of all, the power of love.

o The program is scheduled to run every Wednesday and Sunday night on ZNS TV13. To find out more about the soap opera, fans can visit the website

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Track star Usain Bolt visits as road to hotel is renamed
Track star Usain Bolt visits as road to hotel is renamed

Jamaican track and field sensation Usain Bolt was among the special guests who gathered yesterday at a section of the old West Bay Street...

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New Year's Eve party hotspots

The countdown is on to 2012 and of course there are fabulous events being held island-wide where you can party away 2011 and ring in the New Year, and The Nassau Guardian has the entire scene covered for you -- from the hottest party in the east to the wildest and most glamorous affairs in the west.

Mario's Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace
It's being billed as two levels and two parties all at one venue, at Mario's Bowling and Family Entertainment Palace in the Summer Winds Plaza on the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.
With a $5,000 balloon drop, scheduled for 1:12 a.m., (to ensure that people have time to make it out after church to collect their change) Leslia Miller says their Masquerade Party is one not to be missed.
With two levels, two parties, one venue, in the Heineken Platinum green lounge cake and champagne will be circulated all night. Every twelfth person will also receive a New Year's gift bag filled with goodies until the clock strikes midnight. And anyone attired in green will gain admission into the Heineken lounge for half price
The second lounge will be the Countdown VIP Dance Floor, where the balloon drop will take place.
Besides the money, Miller says Mario's will have the hottest deejays, drink specials and fireworks.
Doors open at 10:30 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Compass Point Beach Resort
Anastacia Kemp says the Compass Point Beach Resort New Year's affair will definitely appeal to people who want to relax to bring in 2012.
"You don't have to be over-dressed so you can feel relaxed," says the front desk manager. For $185 per person, you get a four-course served meal and access to an open bar. The event which starts at 8 a.m. and runs through to 12 midnight, will feature a deejay, live band, Junkanoo rushout and fireworks.

Hammerhead's Bar and Grill
Hammerhead's Bar and Grill on East Bay Street invite you to dive into 2012 at their establishment with a party that party kicks of at 9 p.m. with $2 shots and $4 drink specials. With bottle service all night, and music by Nassau's hottest deejay, they say it's the spot to be.

SuperClubs Breezes
SuperClubs Breezes will host a New Year's Eve Gala at the resort on Cable Beach from 6 p.m. until you say when. In the main dining room you have a raw bar with iced cocktail shrimp and Caribbean claws, a soup station with four soups, a salad bar which allows you to mix it up as you like it, their famous trio station, their taste of the world station, a Caribbean-style ratatouille station, and an unforgettable sumptuous dessert station.

Marley Resort
The Marley Resort on Cable Beach hosts a New Year's Eve cocktail party on Saturday, December 31 from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. A live band plays for your enjoyment. The $75 cover charge includes appetizers, party favors and a free glass of champagne at midnight.

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Demonstration as PM attends forum

Protesting BEC workers have taken their third day of demonstrations to the front of the Superclubs Breezes where Prime Minister Perry Christie is attending the opening of the International Development Bank's Caribbean Growth Forum.

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Breezes Bahamas covers Pharrell's 'Happy'

Amazed by its popularity, staff of Breezes Bahamas got together to create their own Breezes version of Pharrell's wildly popular 'Happy' video.
In the video, posted to the resort's YouTube channel, team members from all areas of the beachfront resort sing along and perform choreographed numbers as they conduct their daily tasks.
"The song is so infectiously 'happy' and bright" said Muna Issa, vice president of operations to SuperClubs - Breezes' parent company.
"It was a perfect fit for our resort and the fun-loving atmosphere. So we wanted to share it!"
Located on Cable Beach, Breezes Bahamas is a playful paradise for occasions of all sorts--a quick reprieve from the cold, an economical spring break, or a memorable honeymoon, said the company in a release.

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Nottage: Prison should be last resort for petty criminals

Insisting that prison should be a place of last resort for people who commit petty crimes, National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage said yesterday only five classes of criminals ought to be incarcerated at Her Majesty's Prisons (HMP).
"At the risk of again being wrongly accused of going soft on criminals, I would suggest that we need evidence led data to guide our policies in respect to incarceration," said Nottage as he addressed the Caribbean Association of Corrections Conference at SuperClubs Breezes."And the data seems clear that whether convicted or simply charged, prison should be reserved almost exclusively for five categories of persons: violent dangerous offenders; drugs, arms and human traffickers; multiple recidivists; child molesters and corruption offenders.
"Persons charged or convicted of non-violent petty crimes should as far as is possible be confined to prison only as a measure of last resort."
Nottage noted that the overcrowding at HMP is largely due to the large number of petty criminals who are incarcerated.
"For far too long the prison has been used as a sanction of first resort for those accused or convicted of relatively minor offenses," he said.
"In many of our jurisdictions it is still felt that to lock them up and throw away the key is the antidote to crime and violence.
"While tight-fisted policies might be a popular posture, the evidence is clear that only when prisons are used as a first resort for hardened, dangerous, violent offenders and the place of last resort for petty minor offenders, society tends to be safer and remediation amongst wrongdoers seems more assured.
"Indeed, the evidence is clear that for dangerous, hardened criminals punishment works mostly when it is swift, sure and severe. For petty offenders, treatment and rehabilitation seem to offer the best prospects, not incarceration."
According to prison officials, the facility's daily population was around 1,300 inmates up to October 2011. However, it is now around 1,550, representing a near 18 percent increase.
During a tour of the Fox Hill facility three weeks ago, Nottage said the conditions are "unacceptable" particularly in the maximum security wing.
Prison Superintendent Dr. Elliston Rahming said the maximum security wing was holding nearly twice the number of inmates it was built to house. The facility, which was designed to hold up to 450 inmates, is now "bloated" with close to 900 prisoners.
According to Her Majesty's Prison 2010 Report, the vast majority of inmates who are sentenced were convicted of petty crimes.
Of the 749 people who were sentenced in 2010, 71 percent were sentenced to serve a year or less in prison. Another 12 percent or 93 inmates were sentenced to more than two years, according to the latest report.
Only 13 people (less than two percent of the people admitted to prison in 2010) were sentenced to 10 years or more, said the report.

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PM: Govt committed to protection of underwater cultural heritage

Prime Minister Perry Christie reaffirmed the government's commitment to the protection, preservation and expansion of Bahamian underwater cultural heritage this week.
Christie, who was speaking during the opening ceremony for the UNESCO Regional Meeting on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean at SuperClubs Breezes, said the Bahamian seas hold many treasures that must be protected.
UNESCO has partnered with the Bahamas government to raise awareness on the issue.
Through the meetings, which ended on Friday, UNESCO is hoping to encourage more countries in the region to support and implement the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and to safeguard and valorize their precious submerged heritage, Assistant Director General of Culture for UNESCO Kishore Rao said in a statement.
"The Caribbean region has a spectacular legacy of submerged archaeological sites ranging from shipwrecks to sunken cities and numerous prehistoric sites, preserved in the depths of the oceans," Rao added.
He noted the importance of curtailing the "scourge of illicit looting and commercial exploitation".
Christie said work must be done locally to establish a conservation plan to preserve the marine resources. He also noted the "pristine condition" of Bahamian waters.
"It is more than fitting that this meeting is being hosted in The Bahamas, a country that is rich in underwater cultural heritage," Christie said.
"The strategic geographic location of The Bahamas as the gateway to the Caribbean and the Americas has been shown for centuries, starting with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 to the island of San Salvador.
"As the gateway between the Americas and Europe and the home to numerous reefs and shallow shoals, many ships ended their journey in our waters."
Christie said in addition to telling the stories of the treasures that are in the ocean, regional experts must also work toward finding ways to create opportunities.
"It is not enough for experts to study and present these stories," he said.
"But it is how the research into the Underwater Cultural Heritage can be merged into the future regional development of the Caribbean..."
Dozens of regional experts attended the meetings.
Director of UNESCO in Kingston, Jamaica, Christine Norton said such seminars are vital to raising awareness about protecting the ocean and everything in it.
Norton added that there are a number of issues threatening the oceans across the world, including treasure hunting and the increase in offshore industries.
Given those threats, Norton insisted that it will take a united effort to get results.

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Association to host seminar on utilizing solar energy

The Association of Bahamian Architects (ABA), in collaboration with Walker's Industries and Scotiabank, are hosting an alternative energy seminar with a focus on solar energy and solar products.
The seminar is geared toward the public to give pertinent information on incorporating solar energy products into homes and businesses.
In a release, the association noted that The Bahamas enjoys approximately 13 hours of sunlight daily during the summer months and "needs to encourage persons to harness this energy to assist with running the services that are essential in their lives".
Walker's Industries has been a leader in the structured cabling industry for the last 20 years. To continue the company's growth, it has successfully ventured into the solar energy field and can provide certified designs, installation and maintenance of solar panels from 1KVA to 90 KVA, said the ABA.
The seminar, which is free to attend, will be held on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 6 p.m. at the SuperClubs Breezes resort.

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