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Oil giants form joint oil-spill-fighting venture without BP
July 22, 2010
Oil giants form joint oil-spill-fighting venture without BP

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Four of the big five Western oil majors have formed a $1 billion nonprofit joint venture aimed at combating future oil spills, possibly to head off stricter offshore-drilling rules

Exxon Mobil Corp. , Royal Dutch Shell PLC , Chevron Corp. and ConocoPhillips plan to build a rapid-response system to help contain future blown-out oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico.

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August 01, 2012
Why we can't wait

Dear Editor,

The general election has been concluded some two and a half months now. The political departure, for the final time, of the former prime minister has been set in motion. The question as to whether or not the current prime minister has accepted the fact that he is, again, now in fact the prime minister has yet to be answered affirmatively, if at all.
The electorate was sold a bill of goods and it may well be that when we present it to the proverbial bankers that it will be handed back to us marked "refer to drawer". It is understandable that a honeymoon period should be extended to a newly elected government. Honeymoons, however, seldom last for more than a week or two.
The people of this nation cannot and will not wait forever on the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration to find its collective feet. Hitting the ground running was a part of the seductive posture enunciated by that party during the campaign. One would have thought that the PLP and its allies would have learnt the simple lesson that proper public relations and marketing are key elements in good governance.
No doubt the PLP is doing something and no doubt that party believes the same, but what is on the ground that an ordinary man and woman in our beloved country is able to actually feel, touch and smell? The average person in The Bahamas cannot and will not wait much longer for the long promised hope and help. Talk is extremely cheap and real money still buys land.
Little comfort is being handed out to the displaced and badly treated former workers at the now defunct City Meat Market. The ball is in the court of the ministry of labor and other governmental agencies to ensure that those workers are treated fairly within the ambit of the law. Yet, I understand, that they have been told that the matter is still pending. How is it that the labor board and the minister have not stepped in to ensure that the owners of that defunct company do the right thing?
Because one may have supported and voted for any party does not give that party an automatic escape from criticism where warranted. I demand that the minister of labor, my erstwhile "friend", I believe, move quickly to bring justice and equity to those workers. We cannot sit by and wait any longer.
The deputy prime minister is the hardest working member of the Christie Cabinet, bar none. He too, however, has been placed in the balance and found wanting. Compensation was promised to those business persons and entities along the dug up roads by the PLP during the general election. Months later the roads are still in a total mess and there is no longer talk of compensation. The DPM now tells us that he expects the roads to be finished by October 2012, but he did not tell us at what financial cost.
Some within the PLP believe that I want something from that party. Let me disabuse them of that bogus notion. I want nothing that was not promised to me years ago. If they do not wish to do what they said that they would bring about, who cares? There is nothing or no one living or dead who is able to stop me. I am not prepared to pamper and cuddle up to anyone for a mess of red bean soup, with no salt beef.
We cannot wait while politicians live high on the hog and many of our people are still jobless, hopeless and often homeless. They make good speeches but don't really believe or live out what they are pontificating. The former prime minister was good at this form until he uttered the patently stupid statement, allegedly: "I am a one-man band."
Why should we wait when hotel workers are being let go just when schools are about to reopen? Why should we wait when the Chinese workers are working full time around the clock and our people are being displaced? Where is the minister of labor in all of this? In fact, where is the mantra of this administration: "Putting Bahamians first?" If ever there were a bogus political slogan this may well be it.
I do believe that Perry Christie means well but so many of his ministers and sycophants have changed overnight since they were returned to power. All former cellular numbers have been changed or go to voice mail. It is useless trying to access the now high and mighty. The PLP is behaving, collectively, just how the free National Movement (FNM) and its "hologramic" former leader used to behave.
You should see some of them strutting, like Boxer and Squealer from "Animal Farm" fame all over the place. You should see some of them creased up in their chauffeur driven blue-plated vehicles, air conditioned to the maximum. Now you understand why we cannot and will not wait to hold them to their 100-day challenge?
There was much talk about foreclosure relief during the campaign. Not a word since being elected to high office. There was talk about no victimization. More talk and the beat goes on. There was talk about swift justice but the attorney general says that she does not have a clue as to much of the statistics.
Cases are still piling up and alleged criminals are still walking the streets, but the commissioner of police crows that crime has gone down.
The good people of The Bahamas cannot and will not wait much longer to actually see, touch and feel the implementation of those programs highlighted by the PLP during the campaign. Its propaganda machinery seems to have gone south since the general election. Some say it is too soon to expect more from the Christie administration. Others believe that the former prime minister is still large and in charge and that he, so they say, still believes that he is better than all the rest.
I really felt bad for my good friend Dr. Hubert A. Minnis, so-called de facto leader of the humiliated FNM, during the one-man press conference convened by you know who. Dr. Minnis was a mere prop and stage figure while the one-man band dominated the press conference. In fact, Dr. Minnis did himself little justice, if any, during the same.
We cannot wait much longer on a government which is allowing a shell-shocked one-man band to dictate its agenda and time table relative to national events. Let the political dead rest in peace.
To God then, in all things, be the glory.

- Ortland H. Bodie Jr.

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October 27, 2012
Coastal residents lament Sandy's fury

As Hurricane Sandy barrelled across the western coast of New Providence Thursday night, Nirvana owner Cedric Munnings could not sleep.
By dawn, much of what he had spent years developing was gone.
"Last night was rough," Munnings told The Nassau Guardian as he worked with cleanup crews yesterday to clear the substantial debris left behind by the late season storm.
Nirvana is a popular beach spot for churches, businesses and families, but in Sandy's wake, it has become a mangled mess.
"All the rooms were full of water," Munnings said.
"Then outside in the parking lot was three feet of water. In the back here we lost the patio, we lost the sports bar, and we lost some trees and the fence."
Munnings said Nirvana Beach Bar has been through its fair share of storms in its 38 years, but he did not expect such damage from Sandy, which at times had winds in excess of 100 miles per hour.
Chris Fox, who teaches music, said they lost about $200,000 worth of equipment and materials which were stored at Nirvana.
"We had sandbags about six feet high trying to stop the water to the front because the sea was coming in," Fox said.
"We were definitely prepared. We had rocks stacked on the sea front and, if you looked out there the storm moved the rocks.
"If we didn't have those rocks there we might have lost the house."
Along the western coast of New Providence, other residents told similar stories.
The floors of some homes were blanketed with sand and furniture was tossed about like rag dolls.
As emergency crews carried out their work along West Bay Street yesterday, area resident Roger Gomez Jr. said the road was completely covered in debris after Sandy.
Gomez was busy clearing his parent's driveway of rocks and fallen tree branches when The Guardian spoke with him. Across the road, the waves were crashing as the remnants of Sandy raged on.
"The whole of the house was flooded and the garage was flooded," said Gomez, who had trouble standing in the fierce wind.
"We're just trying to clean up the debris on the driveway first. We had to nail up some doors too.
"Some trees fell, a few things blew around and the tractors were around here early clearing up the road."
Across the street, Omar Munnings said the waves the night before were ferocious.
"When I arrived here at 5 o'clock this morning I met the waves from the sea crashing against the place and [they] actually plunged a rock into one of the windows," said Munnings, who also lives on West Bay Street.
"I had about five inches of water in the house as well."
Munnings added, "We have a lot of work to do when this storm is over, a whole lot of work."
From Saunders Beach to Go Slow Bend the waves were crashing onto the road yesterday.
The sand from Saunders Beach had washed onto the road and completely covered the ground of the nearby Shell gas station and blocked off a portion of the road for most of the morning.
Earlier this year the Ingraham administration spent $2.2 million to restore sand to the beach.
Piles of sand near Sandy Port made the road impassible yesterday morning and a police car got stuck.
Noted psychiatrist Dr. David Allen was busy clearing a portion of a fallen tree branch outside his West Bay Street home.
The branch was blocking a portion of the road.
He seemed cool about the storm, noting that if he had pruned the tree regularly he would not be outside with a team of workers trying to move it.
"This was a scary one though; the sea was raging and it just took our shutters, knocked them off, broke windows in the bedroom, and took, I mean, big clay pots and threw them up," Dr. Allen said.
"I think we need to look at the islands and say God bless them."

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The Conch - Our Bahamain Queen
September 12, 2012
The Conch - Our Bahamain Queen

The queen conch - as defined in WildEarth's petition to the US government: The queen conch is a large gastropod mollusk characterised by a hard external spiral-shaped shell with blunt spikes.

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Thursday April 11th, 2013 Gas Prices
April 11, 2013
Thursday April 11th, 2013 Gas Prices

Thursday April 11th, 2013 Gas Prices

Presently Gas prices have had no dramatic change during the week , Esso's prices are still the best price for your budget. If you want to save even more check out Bahamas Public their bargains are affordable especially if you have a On the Go card you can capture even more deals along with their Ting's Tuff Promotion. If you wish to obtain a On the go card you can get one from their store on wullf road.

Today's Prices

BPSU On the Go Service Station- Regular price $5.73, $5.48 for On The Go Rewards Card holders, $5.48 for all non-card holders between 12-5:30 am

Shell-$5.71, Esso-$5.52, Texaco-$5.73 , Shell Wulff Road $5.62

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Monday November 12th 2012, Gas prices
November 12, 2012
Monday November 12th 2012, Gas prices

Monday November 12th 2012, Gas prices

Prices are the same as last week, with Shell and Esso tied with the same price and Texaco as the lowest price on the island.

Today's prices

Shell $5.68, Esso $5.68, Texaco $5.66, and Shell Wulf rd is $5.60 and Esso Bargain City $5.43 between the hours of 12am-5:30am.

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February 16, 2012
Two men murdered


Tribune Staff Reporter

A 23-YEAR-OLD man was found dead, bound and gagged in what police are describing as a "execution style" killing.

In one of two murders on Wednesday night, the body of Akyto Samuel Smith, of Faith Gardens, was found riddled with bullets in the trunk of a car.

Police say officers on routine patrol on Sir Milo Butler Highway noticed a suspicious vehicle parked hard against a wall just south of the Shell Service Station.

During a search of the vehicle they popped the trunk and found the body. He is said to have been shot at least six times.

Police believe he was in the trunk for only a few hours as rigor mortis had just beg ...

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September 19, 2010
Pelican Bay Hotel officially opens the Canal House

Freeport, Bahamas -
The Pelican Bay Hotel in Grand Bahama officially opened their new
conference facility called the Canal House on September 17th with a
brief ceremony and night of celebration on their property. The Rt Hon Hubert A.
Ingraham was in attendance for the occasion along with local
dignitaries, politicians, and business persons.

Guests arrived to
live Junkanoo music. The Grand Bahama Youth Choir led by Kevin Tomlinson
opened the ceremony with several Bahamian musical numbers, and after
remarks by general manager Magnus Alnebeck and the Prime Minister, a
ceremonial conch shell was smashed by Prime Minister Ingraham to
officially open the building.

Those in attendance were
then welcomed into the 5 level facility to enjoy food, drink and music
provided by The Matrix band and DJ President...

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Today's Gas Prices
April 26, 2012
Today's Gas Prices

Today's Gas Prices Shell $5.87, Esso $5.77 and Texaco $5.72 Shell Wulf rd is $5.75 Texaco Harbour bay is $5.65 and Esso Bargain City between the hours of 12am-5:30am is $5.52

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Today's Gas Prices
April 12, 2012
Today's Gas Prices

Today's Gas Prices Shell $5.74, Esso $5.72 and Texaco $5.72 Shell Wulf rd is $5.65 Texaco Harbour Bay is $5.68 and Esso Bargain City between the hours of 12am-5:30am is $5.47

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