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Healthy Weight Gadget That Works
Healthy Weight Gadget That Works

If the pounds you dropped in time for summer are working their way back on, there’s a time-tested gadget that might halt the creep. It’s your bathroom scale. Research shows that people who weigh themselves regularly after reaching a goal weight do a much better job of keeping the lost pounds off.

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The Gift of Health

We've celebrated the mothers, now it's time for father's to be paid their due.  With less than a week to Father's Day, you're probably pondering what to get the special man in your life especially as you got him soap-on-rope last year, a tie the year before that and crabs the year before that, so you're mulling between maybe a bottle of cologne or the latest gadget.  But this year, why not opt to give the special dad in your life the gift of health?  This Father's Day what better way to say you love your dad than to take him for an annual physical which will not only be good for his health but ensure that he will be in your life strong and vibrant for years to come.
Ensuring your dad is on top of his health is a timely gift to undertake as men tend to shy away from the doctor's office if they have a choice in the matter, says Dr. Patrick Whitfield, a family medicine practitioner who operates out of Oxford Medical Center.
"It is important to encourage all persons, but men in particular, to get a regular check-up so that a medical professional can assess risks for common conditions that develop among the population," says the doctor. "Although many men may feel that there is nothing wrong with them and delay visiting a physician for as long as possible, in the medical field we practice preventative health which means we like to examine patients before they get sick so that early signs of conditions are picked up. This will in turn ensure that illnesses aren't prolonged or progress too far before treatment is sought.  It is very important to get men more aware of their health and well-being because not only in The Bahamas, but universally men live seven to eight years less than their female counterparts and this does not have to be".
The family medicine specialist says that as a loving family member urging your father, no matter his age, to see the family doctor is one of the best ways to show him that you love him.  As you will want to see your dad around for many years to come, Dr. Whitfield says helping him take care of his health now is a good gesture to give your dad for Father's Day.  But he says when your father makes his doctor visit there are certain things that he should be checked for depending on his age.  The doctor said men are screened for illnesses based on their age.  He says there are illnesses that are more prevalent in certain decades of life, and that the doctor assesses what he considers are your dad's needs and risk levels, and screens for them.
Men in their 20s and 30s
"This age group is low on the scale for most illnesses so their screening tends to be more so to assess their risk factors due to lifestyle habits and guide them on ways to avoid problems due to lifestyle choices.  Men in their 20s don't commonly suffer from things like cancers, heart attacks and strokes, so looking for early signs for these things aren't usually prioritized much in screenings.  What you can expect in a screening at this age is a basic full body physical to ensure nothing obvious is wrong physically.  Other things like blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index [BMI] are also checked.  It is also important at every age on an annual basis that blood tests for sexually transmitted illnesses are also taken.  Your doctor should also take his time to sit and talk about family health history and the normal practices of the patient to further assess risk factors for common illnesses developing in the future so preventative measures can be taken while [your father] is still young."
As long as there are no ongoing health issues or high risk for certain illnesses due to genetics and family history, men, he says, are likely to only have to undergo simple physicals and blood screenings until their 40s when the likelihood of developing certain conditions greatly increases.
Men in their 40s
"While more intense physicals that are undergone more often tend to occur after you are 40 [years of age], it is important not to believe that this means while men are young that they shouldn't be taking care of their health.  What happens later in life is greatly determined on how you take care of yourself while young.  So simple things like wearing seatbelts to avoid harm in case of a car crash, amount of alcohol consumption, choices of coping mechanisms for dealing with stress, amount of sleep you get at night, and eating and exercising habits are important factors to determine how healthy you are in the years when the likelihood of common lifestyle illnesses developing increases.  So even if your father has lived a good life in his youth and is relatively healthy by the age of 40, in addition to the annual physical and blood testing he should still start his screening for cancers of the prostate and colon.  If he starts screening at this age any early signs of cancers developing can be caught and treated to avoid greater problems later in life."
Men in their 50s and 60s
In his 50s and into his 60s, your father will continue to have heightened physical examines by his physician, especially as it relates to weight management, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is during these years when things like heart attacks, strokes and other ailments are more likely to occur says the doctor.
He also says most people tend to overlook updating their immunizations.  Dr. Whitfield says it is becoming more common to see older persons suffering from common childhood ailments like chicken pox.  To avoid contracting any of those childhood diseases, he said to let your family physician readminister all immunization shots every few years as required.
Men in their 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond
When your dad is in his 70s, in addition to regular check-ups and screenings it is important to have your father checked for ailments such as glaucoma and cataracts if he is diabetic or complains about visual problems.  A hearing exam among other tests may also be recommended depending on the growing needs of the patient.
"At the end of the day, screenings are personal due to the needs of the patient and we as physicians can only determine what is needed once the patient comes to us," says the family medicine practitioner.  "It is important to get patients to come to see the doctor before they feel ill so that if anything can be done to prevent conditions from developing they are done in time.  It is better to prevent than to cure and men need good health just as much as anyone else.  So help the men in your life to take care of themselves now so they won't have to worry about it later," says Dr. Whitfield.

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Custom computers A's for excellence
Custom computers A's for excellence

Several talented students will start their new academic year off right thanks to Custom Computers Ltd.

After randomly drawing 25 student names from the entries in the “As for Excellence” campaign, the winners of the top three prizes were recognized for their outstanding academic achievements with the latest technological gadgets sure to make project research and writing for school a little sweeter.

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Buddy Walk Grand Bahama 2012 - May 12th


, Bahamas - Come out to Buddy Walk Grand Bahama 2012? Saturday,

May 12th, 2012

at 7:00am.

GBPA Parking lot, north on the Mall drive around the circle in front of
the Court House and return to the GBPA parking lot (approx. 1 mile)

Completed Registration forms can be delivered to The Beacon
School-Frobisher Drive (352-8445), Gizmos and Gadgets-#5 Arcade Bldg.
Downtown (352-2255), The YMCA- Settlers Way(352-7074), or K. Brian Hanna
Chambers, Corp Law Court Building-Cedar Street (351-5580/351-4355)...

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The Hook Up

New ProvidenceHEART BALL: The 50th Annual Heart Ball will be held on Saturday, February 15 at the Melia Resort. Cocktails are 7:15 p.m. with dinner at 8:30 p.m.FESTIVAL RUM BAHAMAS: Festival Rum Bahamas, February 21-23 at Fort Charlotte, is an enticing mixture of local, regional and international rum exhibitors. During the three-day festival there will be product sampling, master classes on rum, bartending and cocktail competitions as well as Caribbean music and food. Of course there will be an opportunity to purchase everything that you try. For more information visit RELAYS: The inaugural (IAAF) International World Relays take place May 24-25 at Thomas A. Robinson Stadium. The event will bring together some of the best athletes in the world and is expected to attract many of the top sprint and middle distance medalists from the 2012 Olympic Games as well as the 2013 IAAF World Championships. For more information visit CHANGING OF THE GUARD: The changing of the guard, a display of Bahamian music and military exercise, takes place each month on the last Thursday and Saturday at 10 a.m. at Government House. The changing of the guard has been a tradition since 1958. The ceremony features the world-renowned Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching Band and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force guards.JAZZ AT THE HILTON: Jazz group Vice Versa, featuring vocalist Naomi Taylor, performs every Tuesday and Thursday at British Colonial Hilton at 6:30 p.m. Grand BahamaCOMEDY SHOW: Love and Laugh Comedy Show featuring Michael Blackson, known as The African King of Comedy from the hit movie "Friday" along with Daddi Whites from Nassau, Stephanie McRae from Comic View, A.G. White from BET's Comic View and Brooklyn Mike from The Chapelle Show and MTV Snaps will take place Saturday, February 22 at the Grand Lucayan Ballroom. Tickets can be purchased at Gizmos and Gadgets, Expression and Musik Lakay.VALENTINE EXHIBITION: Grand Bahama Artists Association's Annual Valentine Art Exhibition takes place February 6-28. Local and international artists gather in the Glory Banks Art Gallery to present their latest eclectic collection of still life, abstracts, island life, sea and landscape works in a variety of mediums. For more information telephone 353-4333 or 352-5438.AbacoFOOD, FOLKS AND FUN: Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, will play host to the first Devour! The Beach festival. It will take place, March 26-29 with culinary events led by international celebrity chefs from Chicago, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Dallas, Ottawa and Halifax. Food and wine lovers will also enjoy sessions hosted by a master of wine from the United Kingdom. Two nights will feature themed gala dinners from classic French cuisine to the pan-American cooking. The days will have various activities for the culinary and wine enthusiast, from fishing and diving, to chef beach cookouts, to wine and culinary demonstrations.LOVE RUSH WEEKEND: The two-day competitive event to be held February 21-22 evokes excitement and passion amongst Bahamians and visitors through the traditional music, costumes and dance that are displayed and paraded by local junior and senior Junkanoo groups. It will begin with the school groups and end with the community groups that are all competing for supremacy on this uniquely Bahamian stage in downtown Marsh Harbour.Acklins HOMECOMING: Salina Point Homecoming celebrations, February 24-27 is an annual reunion for former residents of Salina Point. The event features four days of daytime and nighttime activities, beginning with a float parade from the Spring Point Airport to the settlement of Salina Point. There will be live entertainment, dancing, a fashion show, plus Little Miss and Big Miss Salina Point Beauty Pageants. The festivities close out with a church serve on Sunday at Salina Point Public Park. For more information telephone 464-8521 or 476-0363.AndrosVALENTINE'S DINNER: This Valentine's Dinner/Banquet scheduled for Friday, February 14, will be an evening of music, food and dance hosted in a romantic atmosphere at the Lighthouse Club and Marina in Andros Town. For more information telephone 368-2286.Berry IslandsFISHING TOURNAMENT: The fifth Invitational Wahoo Fishing Tournament will be hosted at the Great Harbour Cay Marina, February 13-15. It includes three consecutive days of social gatherings and fishing. Tickets are available for those persons who would like to participate in the social gatherings only. For more information telephone 367-8005.The ExumasCARNIVAL FAIR: St. Andrew's Carnival Fair, February 20-22, offers three days of activities for the family, with lots of native dishes and pastries on sale. The venue is the softball park in George Town. For more information telephone 336-2120.ART AND CRAFT SHOW: The Yuma Arts Association Art and Craft Show on February 22 will feature locally made crafts including shell, sand and fish scale jewelry, intricate conch shell carvings, paintings and straw products. For more information telephone 336-2435.REGATTA: The George Town Cruising Regatta takes place February 24-March 9. The event includes 12 days of activities for visiting cruisers and Exumians. There will be two days of sailing activities as well as spectacular onshore activities such as conch shell blowing contests, a variety show, softball competition and lots of family activities. The venue is picturesque Elizabeth Harbour in George Town. For more information telephone 336-2430.Long IslandBASKETBALL JAMBOREE: High school students from throughout the islands will compete in the Basketball Jamboree, February 20-22 in Miller's, Long Island. For more information telephone 338-8662 or 472-1538.HOMECOMING: North Long Island's Homecoming Festival takes place February 27-March 2 in Glinton's Park in North Long Island. It features talent and fashion shows by students from schools on the island, a gospel concert, a live native band and lots of food, drinks, games and entertainment for the family.WINTER RECEPTION: The Winter Residents' Reception takes place on Friday, February 28. It is a celebration to express gratitude for the contributions made by the winter residents to the island. For more information telephone 338-8668.Ragged IslandRAGGED ISLAND: Valentine's Day Yachters' Party will take place Saturday, February 15. A highlight of the events calender, the annual get-together on Valentine's weekend, is a party like no other. Residents gather on Hog Cay, weather permitting, for a daylong celebration. The party begins with a Junkanoo rush-out led by students on the Ragged Island All-Age School. There's swimming, music and dancing. Native Bahamian and American dishes are served to satisfy the appetite.Rum CayFESTIVAL: The Rum Cay Day Festival takes place February 21-23 in Port Nelson's historic Milo Butler Heritage Park. The all-day festival is the signature event for Rum Cay. It features a church service, cultural entertainment, Rake and Scrape bands, games, local craft and food and drinks. For more information telephone 331-2828.o To have your event listed in The Hook Up, email your information to

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(VIDEO) Dolly Madison introduces 'Close Out Corner' with 40 off savings everyday

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island - If you like great deals, be sure to head to
Dolly Madison's newly opened Close Out Corner in the center aisle of the store for 40% off the regular price savings
everyday! When you enter Dolly Madison turn right, Closeout corner is in the
center aisle. You'll find all sorts of Household Gadgets For The Bedroom,
Bathroom And Especially For Your Kitchen; Collapsible Measuring cups & Strainers,
Unusual style Can Openers, Veggie Peelers, steamers, Pot holders, table cloths even
Bed spreads and more. No need to wait for a sale, at  Close Out Corner save up to 40% off everyday at
Dolly Madison.

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his fashion Launches With Top Fashion Brands for Men

The men in our lives are sometimes the most difficult to
shop for during the holidays. Tools and ties, gizmos and gadgets, navigating
the mass of items marketed to men can be overwhelming to say the least.

Breathe easy. If you are playing Mrs. Clause for a
fashionable guy, or one who could use a little help in the fashion department
gifting your guy a tres chic ensemble will ensure that your main man looks and
feels great this holiday season, and that you have a dapper don on your arm to

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Businesses 'treat cars better than computers'

Most people don't wait until they are stranded by the roadside to consider taking their car in for a tune-up.
Yet when it comes to information technology (IT) - the engine of any modern business - it seems common sense is far less common, according to a leading provider of hardware, software and IT services.
Though much neglected, maintenance is a vitally important aspect of any healthy IT system, said Managing Director of Armstrong Technology Consultants Sabrina Knowles.
Most businesses hesitate, she said, because of the long-established belief that investing in technology has to be expensive. Launched in 2007, Armstrong set out to overturn this perception, and over the past seven years has earned a reputation for offering top products and services at surprisingly affordable prices.
Using a creative yet structured model to craft IT solutions tailored to each client, the company offers everything from regular infrastructural support to advanced telephony systems and security and systems management.
"We consult with a business to find out what they are trying to accomplish and apply a formula designed to find the best option at the best possible price," said Knowles. "At the same time, every business is unique, so our approach must be formulated, but flexible."
One of the most common concerns is Disaster Recovery (DR), said Knowles.
"One of the DR services we provide is known as a Cloud Solution. It takes the data offsite, to another location, so even if the building burns to the ground, information is secure and protected," she said.
The company has recently branched out, adding a retail location at 48 Madeira Street. Just over a year on, business is booming - far exceeding expectations and driving the hiring of additional staff.
"By combining cutting-edge gadgets and hardware with our expertise in information technology, we are creating a business that truly is a benefit to our customers," said Knowles. "We cater to everyone from consumers looking for the latest tablet or television to businesses in need of networking and corporate support packages."
The 2,300-square-foot retail area is a hands-on space where customers can experience how various cutting-edge devices and services will make it easier for them to work and play.
"We're looking forward to continually bringing the latest technologies to consumers in a unique environment where they can explore how products and services fit together across business, entertainment, travel, music and more," Knowles said.
And while the retail business is thriving, the toughest challenge remains educating businesses about the importance of ongoing maintenance for IT equipment.
"What we find is the same business that maintains a fleet of trucks or its executive's cars with great care waits until a critical computer, server or other equipment fails to perform as expected and then they call for urgent service," said Knowles. "Routine maintenance for IT equipment results in smoother operations and far fewer interruptions."

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Your Weekly Computer Tips by WorldStart

The Bahamas Weekly is pleased to present

computer tips by

Get the latest Technology news, helpful computer and software tips, discounts on new gizmos and gadgets that make life easier!

This week:

Google's Logo Museum; How to check if your emails are being opened or read; How to make

fonts bigger before printing;

Patent Searches through Google; and

How to Cut and Paste...

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Keith Rolle selected Top Business Person of the Year
Keith Rolle selected Top Business Person of the Year

Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island - Local businessman and proprietor of Gizmo's and Gadgets and other businesses, was selected as the Businessman of the Year by the Grand Bahama Chamber of Commerce during their 3rd Annual Business Excellence Award ceremony held this past Saturday in the Great Harbour Cay Room, Our Lucaya Beach and Golf Resort.

Other nominees in this category were Kenth Symonette and Magnus Alnebeck; Lifetime Achievement Award went to T. Maitland Cates of Pricewaterhouse Coopers; and Presidents Award went to two companies: Freeport Container Port/Hutchison's Port...

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