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Nassau Police Make Ammunition Arrest - Conduct Overnight Operation

Nassau, Bahamas - 



Officers Make

Ammunition Arrest: A 19-year old man is in Police custody after he was arrested for possession of

ammunition on Friday 8th February 2013...

Police Conduct Overnight Operation:

A team of officers led by Superintendent Murray Evans conducted an overnight operation code name "Operation Blitz' that resulted in the following: 6 - Persons arrested for Outstanding Criminal Warrants,

2 - Persons arrested for Disorderly Behaviour


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Nassau is bloodier than New York City

Dear Editor,

It goes without saying that to most Bahamians New Providence is synonymous with Nassau and vice-versa. New Providence is 21 miles long by seven miles wide and has an area of 80 square miles. Despite its small size, it has a population of approximately 250,000.
This figure represents roughly 70 percent of the entire Bahamian population. The remaining 30 percent of the population resides outside of the capital. Yet despite this known fact, in the December 30 edition of The Tribune, activist Rodney Moncur, in an opinion piece, called for a lockdown throughout the country.
A lockdown is defined as the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot, as per Google. Imagine the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) putting a lockdown on the quaint settlement of Abraham's Bay, Mayaguana because of the murder crisis.
When was the last time a murder was committed in Mayaguana? Moncur's call came on the heels of the Fox Hill community massacre on December 27. That was the second mass shooting for the month of December on the island of New Providence. As a Family Islander, I am deeply offended that anyone would call for the entire Bahamas to be locked down when 95 percent of the murders are being committed in Nassau. I understand that another murder was committed in the capital just hours before 2014 rolled in. If this report is true, then the official murder count for 2013 is 120. This is not counting the many suspicious deaths which have gone on record as being dubbed as unclassified. If these suspicious deaths were factored in to the official murder tally, it would then mean that 140 murders to 150 murders were committed in 2013.
Politicians and RBPF officials who continue to perpetuate political talking points about the downward trend of violent crimes due to Urban Renewal 2.0 and other crime-fighting initiatives of the Progressive Liberal Party administration are sounding more and more like Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, better known to the world as Baghdad Bob, the former information minister and acting spokesperson of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
You would recall that during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which brought about the eventual demise of Hussein and his Ba'athist administration, Baghdad Bob made a complete fool of himself by going on international TV in order to propagandize the invincibility and success of the Iraqi army against the U.S.-led coalition, despite the fact that the Iraqis were being methodically routed. As incredible as this might sound, Nassau is bloodier than New York City.
Per The Huffington Post, 333 people were murdered in New York City in 2013. This is a 20 percent drop from 2012's murder tally of 417, which was a record low. Granted, the 333 murders in that city are 213 more than The Bahamas' official tally of 120. What we must bear in mind, however, is that New York City's population currently stands at 8,336,697. Nassau's population is 250,000, as previously mentioned.
This means that New York City's population is 33 times the size of Nassau's. And as unbelievable as this might sound, had Nassau's population been the size of New York City's the murder rate would be hovering around 3,300. For what it's worth, New York City is much, much safer than small New Providence, despite that U.S. city's massive size. Of every 25,035 New York City residents, only one was murdered in 2013. Conversely, of every 2,100 Nassuvians, one was murdered in 2013. Now do you see the glaring disparity, Nassuvians? As a Bahamian, I am very embarrassed at how low Nassau has sunk in violence.

- Kevin Evans

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Nat'l Security Minister observes Jamaica's electronic monitoring system
Nat'l Security Minister observes Jamaica's electronic monitoring system

The Minister of National Security, Hon. Tommy Turnquest, led a delegation of government officials to Jamaica on 8 January 2009, to observe the Government of Jamaica’s Electronic Monitoring of Offenders Pilot Project.

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Nathaniel Curtis, 67

Funeral Service for the late Pastor Nathaniel Curtis age 67 years of Bowen Sound, Andros will be held on Saturday April 28th, 2012 at 10:00am at Greater Bethel Cathedral, Faith United Way, Blue Hill Road. Officiating will be Bishop Ellis Farrington, Suffragan Bishop Wilfred Mackey, Suffragan Bishop Ezekiel Munnings, Suffragan Bishop Christopher Minnis and other ministers of the gospel. Interment will follow in Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum, John F. Kennedy Drive and Gladstone Road.
 Precious memories will linger in the hearts of his devoted wife: Minister Olive Curtis; son: Sergeant 2327 Elvis N. Curtis; adopted son: Sergeant 1426 Kym Flowers; daughters: Lavern Curtis, Registered Nurse Lucy Martin, Kathleen Munnings, Sharneka Burnside, Cynthia Annestor; grandchildren: Jewel Munnings, Clifford Martin Jr., Elvis Curtis Jr., Laurence Burnside Jr., Alfredo and Fredina Munnings, Giles Wells III; daughter-in-law: Michelle P. Curtis; adopted daughter-in-law: Diane Flowers; sons-in-law: Clifford Martin Sr., Freddie Munnings, Lawrence Burnside Sr.; sisters: Isabella Nesbitt, Susan Johnson, Virginia Curtis, Joyce Farrington of Fort Lauderdale; adopted sisters: Evangelist Rachel Mackey, Adrianna Lowe, Lovinia Coakley, Alice Kolp; brothers: Wellington, Cleveland, Emmanuel and Herbert Curtis; sisters-in-law: Marion, Emmaline and Gloria Curtis, Mildred Anderson, Mary Bowe of Grand Bahama, Patricia Brown, Clara Newbold, Katherine Edgecombe, Stephanie Brown, Beatrice Poitier, Prenell Clarke, Pamela Brown; brothers-in-law: Arthur, David and Dr. Eric Brown, Gerald Bowe, Charles Newbold Sr., Peter Poitier, Glenroy Clarke; numerous nieces and nephews: Rev. Cyril Curtis, Dwayne, Cleveland Jr., Larry, Alfred and Bastian Curtis, Elizabeth Brown, Anna Neely, Claire Rolle, Fayeann Reed, Cartwell Curtis, Alton Curtis, ASP. Hervin Curtis, Maria Tate, Christine Edgecombe, Sherry LaFleur, Sergeant 618 Chantel Hepburn, Gloria Whymms, Floridamae Gibson, Mildred, Idamae Nesbitt, Rev. Haywood Nesbitt, Pastor Arnold Nesbitt, Bernard Nesbitt, Shirley, Miriam, Lavanda, Otis, Randolph, Troy and Brandon Neymour, Castina and Daniel Bain, Sharanda and Justin Annestor, Marvin John, Sheryl Martin, Frankymae, Eileen, Shelly, Elder Charles Anderson, Clarrington, Edney and Elon Anderson, Loretta Ferguson, Jacklyn Marshall of South Carolina, Karen Brown, Ricardo Forbes, Kissy and Burke Bowe, Keyano Bowe, Dannielle, Charles III, Arsenio and Charlesetta Newbold, Marshanel, Antoinette, Clementina and Chantel Brown, Dezerene Rolle, Kingston Jr., and Livingston Brown, Erica Bethell, Roger, Robert, Robin and Roxanna Brown, Marvin, Rashad and Bodeisha Brown, Shekinah Edgecombe, Anvard Johnson, Maryann Brown, Edna Forbes; aunt: Janet Bain; godchildren: Glen Mackey, Herman Bain and Shantell Riley; numerous relatives and friends including: Officers and Members of the Highway Pentecostal Church- Blanket Sound, Suffragan Bishop Ezekiel Munnings and Family, Rebecca Munnings and Family, Lindwood Mackey and Family, Elon Anderson, Jeffrey Edgecombe, Merton Thompson, Steve Hanna and Family, Bishop Ellis Farrington and Family, Pastor Bruce Farrington and Family, Pastor Thomas Mackey and Family, Elva Newbold and Family, Janet Coakley and Family, Geneva Braynen and Family, Jacob and Mary Rolle and Family, Thomas and Cinderella Hinsey and Family, Elizabeth Evans and Family, Pastor Leon Hinsey and Family, Fred and Pearl Hinsey, Henry Bain and Family, Diana Beneby and Family, Pastor Prince and Marina Cargill, Reverend Adam Brown and Family, Helen Brown and Family, Joyce Robinson and Family, Adline Wilson and Family, Sidney Bain and Family, Getrude Newton, Patsy, Magnola and Anna Neymour, Mizpah Braynen, Hazel Sargeant and Family, Pastor Raymond Mackey, Beatrice Davis and Family, Pastor Dolly and Leroy Hanna, Elder Beecham Braynen and Family, Wilbert and Eulamae Edgecombe and Family, Apostle Trevor Williamson and Family, Bishop V.G. Clarke and The Calvary Deliverance Church Family, Pastor Simeon Wallace and Family, Rev. Dr. David Braynen and Family, Velma Braynen, Andy and Sharon Smith, Larry Marshall, Pastor Betty Hanna, Sheila Mackey and Family, McKellen and Donna Stubbs, Playdell Gayle, Mike Hornby and Family, Tim and Beth, Brian Hugh, Erma McGregor and Family, Isadora Scott and Family, Wendy McDonald and Family, Mrs. Marguerite Jackson and Family, Brian Major and Family, Minister Claudell Farrington, The North Andros Branch of the Bahamas State Council of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., The entire Central and North Andros Communities and a other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.
Viewing will be held in the Serenity Suite at Restview Memorial Mortuary and Crematorium Ltd., Robinson and Soldier Roads on Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and at the church on Saturday from 8:30am until service time.

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National Strike threat

Work could stop at government corporations and companies across the country next week, union leaders threatened last night.
The threat was issued during a rally at the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union Hall on Farrington Road, at the end of the second day of industrial action by hundreds of Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) workers.
The unions representing BTC workers are objecting to the government's plan to sell 51 percent of the company to Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC).
President of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union (BCPOU) Bernard Evans intimated that all of the public corporations would come together next Wednesday to publicly protest the s ...

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National championships underway in Grand Bahama

Only six male teams are competing in the Bahamas Basketball Federation (BBF) National Round Robin tournament, currently going on in Freeport, Grand Bahama.
This is the first year no female squads are participating in the annual tournament. President Charles Rubins apologized for not having female teams at the national event which crowns the top team with the Commonwealth title.
"There were some problems in Nassau," he said. "The girls were not able to come so we implemented a second division to fill the void. I am a little disappointed that we don't have them here. We really want to see the growth with that so I must take the blame on some of that. I didn't open it up like I did last year where we had teams play in exhibition games, which the crowd really enjoyed.
"It is about time Grand Bahama see the caliber of players that we have in Nassau, especially on the female's side. I am really disappointed in that and I will take the blame for that."
The four teams playing in Division I are New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Bimini. Grand Bahama and Andros are in the two divisions. So far, Grand Bahama B has picked up a win over Andros B, 96-50. Top scorers in that game were Antoine Bevans and Deondre Jones with 16 points each, and Keno Russell chipped in with 14 points.
Leading the way for Andros was Calsey Fowler with 12 points, Richard Miller added 11 points and Gary Gibson 10 points.
Abaco A got past Bimini A 62-38 and New Providence defeated Grand Bahama 62-59.
"Things are going very well," said Rubins. "The fans' participation is great, the games are going good, even though we had one or two blowouts. The only reason why we had blowouts was because some of the teams came in late and most of them weren't ready. I think things will pick up as the tournament continues. I expect a better showing from Bimini and Andros."
Grand Bahama and Bimini will take to the court today at 1 p.m., followed by New Providence and Abaco at 2:30 p.m.

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National records broken at RBC swim nationals
National records broken at RBC swim nationals

Even though a number of the top swimmers in the country were missing at this year's Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Bahamas Swimming Federation's (BSF) National Championships, the meet was still dubbed a splashing success by federation president Algernon Cargill.

Missing out on the meet were Olympians Vereance Burrows and Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, who had a college commitment. Vanderpool-Wallace's absence was noted but it cleared the lane for a few swimmers who had their eyes set on qualifying for top regional and international meets, to be held this summer. Along with many qualifiers, a handful of national records were broken this past weekend, at the swim meet, which was held at the Betty Kelly-Kenning National Aquatics Center...

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Nautilus Bahamas sponsors community bands
Nautilus Bahamas sponsors community bands

Nautilus Bahamas the bottle water company, sponsored six community bands participating in the 2009 Christmas Tree lighting ceremony. Each band was given $500.00 at the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture (MYSC), Thompson Boulevard.

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Nautilus confirms shutdown, plans to relaunch

A local bottled water manufacturer has confirmed that it has shut its doors and is currently in a legal dispute over the packaging of bottled water with its brand on it. Nautilus water is currently ahead of plans to re-launch full operations, potentially in partnership with another company.
Guardian Business understands that the water company may soon be set to partner with Source River, the producer of Echo Water, in order to achieve business synergies that will allow both to cut their costs of production in the highly competitive bottled water market.
Source River's president, former Cabinet minister and MP Tennyson Wells declined to comment when contacted by this newspaper yesterday and President of Nautilus Water Jason Evans said he could not comment as "nothing is finalized yet".
However, Guardian Business understands that a partnership between the two companies could be announced as early as next week.
In response to questions about whether financial difficulties had caused the company to lose access to its facilities late last year, forcing a shutdown of operations, Evans, confirmed that the company stopped production in December 2013, inventoried product was
o Nautilus, page B7 depleted in January 2014 and the company has been closed since.
However, Evans suggested that financial challenges had not driven the move, instead telling Guardian Business that the company's Lucayan Tropical facility was "too small to produce to meet market demand, so we have been in negotiations to get the brand up and running in a larger facility".
As to whether the company is aware of anyone else who might be packaging water with its logo on it and selling it as Nautilus water without the company's permission, since the depletion of the company's inventory, as sources have suggested to Guardian Business, Evans said, "This is a legal matter we are not able to discuss this matter at this time".
Evans said that 20 staff had been let go when the company closed, and five have since been re-engaged in a contractual basis, ahead of the company's impending move to a larger facility.
"This new facility will help us produce more efficiently and will help us meet the numbers we projected for 2014. If all goes well, we should have all Nautilus products back on stream by mid-May," said Evans.
He said that as many as 30 staff could be taken on, including as many of the company's former staff as are still available, once the business launches full operations again.
According to sources close to the matter, should the decision to officially join Nautilus and Echo water under the same company go ahead, the plan would be for Echo to be branded as the premium water product, while Nautilus would be targeted to compete with Chelsea's Choice and Aquapure.
Geoffrey Knowles, operations manager and principal at Aquapure, said he would not be surprised to hear of a merging of the two companies.
"It would sort of confirm what I had said last year, if you have two of the larger players in the business having to merge or accommodate each other because of the competition and the lack of opportunity," said Knowles. "They may be trying to get together to create some type of volume because in manufacturing, its all a volume business.
"Unless you can reach that break-even point, it's really tough to stay in business when you've got equipment costs, bank loans, electricity, which is huge, staff costs. There are very heavy variable costs."
Noting that he views his biggest competition in the sector as coming from foreign imports of bottled water, Knowles added that the decision by Coca Cola manufacturer, Caribbean Bottling, to start locally producing Coca Cola's Dasani brand of bottled water in late 2012 would have also made it more difficult for other companies to compete in the local market.
While producing bottle water can be a costly exercise, Caribbean Bottling would have already had the infrastructure in place to make drinking water, given water is an ingredient of its Coca Cola product, therefore making it "easy" to branch out into water production.

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Nautilus to provide water for Marathon Bahamas

ONCE again, Nautilus Water is thrilled to partner with Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas 2012 to provide "hydration resources" to all participants in the big event set for January 14-15 next year.

At 6am, the marathon, half-marathon and four-person relay are all slated to begin simultaneously from Junkanoo Beach.

"A strong Marathon Bahamas partner, Nautilus Water is all about community, athletic events, pure water resources and promoting healthy living for all and is committed to giving back to the community," according to a press release.

Said Jason Evans, president of Nautilus Water: "We are proud to, once again, support Marathon Bahamas. The success of the event is evi ...

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