A Sweet Repeat

October 28, 2014

Mortimer Women Continue a Family Legacy 'at' Sugar Rush 2

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Nassau Chef Gives Taste of The Bahamas on NBC Atlanta

October 17, 2014

The metro Atlanta area got a chance to see how to cook a Bahamian meal when Maurice Randal appeared as guest on a top rated NBC affiliate show...

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Dorie Greenspan: Here's what you should bake next

September 20, 2014

The annoying thing about Dorie Greenspan is that no matter how much you don't like to bake, aren't good at baking, don't even want to bake... If you listen to her long enough, you'll find yourself hankering to get your hands into some flour, certain even you can whip up some laborious, glorious baked treat. Her can-do attitude is that infectious.
It's okay to hate her just a little bit for it.
Luckily, Greenspan's latest cookbook, "Baking Chez Moi" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014), has little tolerance for time -- or skill-intensive baking. The idea for it came from the realization that even in France -- the country from which much of her culinary inspiration is drawn -- home cooks lack the time, tolerance and skill for anything but simple home baking.
"Real French people don't bake! At least they don't bake anything complicated, finicky, tricky or unreliable,"she writes in the book. "Pastry, the fancy stuff, is what pastry shops are for, and France has plenty of them."
We spoke with Greenspan recently and asked her what desserts Americans are too intimidated to make at home, but really should. The lesson, of course, is that the more you bake, the better you bake. She suggests picking a handful of easy items to master.
"It's really great to have these basic building blocks that you feel really good about and confident about.
And then you can play with what you're making. Then the pleasure of baking is doubled," she said.

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Food Fight Bahamas 2014 Highlights-Aspiring Chefs Battle for an Opportunity of a Lifetime

September 18, 2014

On June 27th- 28th 2014, Chef Jamall Petty, host of the “Island Flare” television show, in conjunction with the Sandals Foundation, Johnson & Wales University...

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Culinary Fusion Expo is on the Mark!
Culinary Fusion Expo is on the Mark!

September 11, 2014

Its time to show off your culinary talents Bahamas as Meeting of the Minds hosts their 2nd Annual Culinary Fusion Expo in Grand Bahama in November...

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Eat. Drink. Rock.

September 06, 2014

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Exciting Grand Prize Event Finale Planned For KFC Prize Patrol Promotion
Exciting Grand Prize Event Finale Planned For KFC Prize Patrol Promotion

August 28, 2014

10 lucky winners to vie for grand prize...

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August 25, 2014

All-Bahamian staff helps make the difference...

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Bahamian chef to participate in Food Network event

August 16, 2014

Chicago will get a taste of The Bahamas next month as Bahamian chef Simeon Hall Jr. will treat participants of a special Food Network concert at the Ravina Festival to Bahamian culinary delights.The concert, which will be held on September 20, will attract thousands of food lovers to Chicago. It's the first time that The Bahamas will participate in the event.Chef Hall will be among 75 top chefs and will participate in the "Hot Hot" luncheon prepared by the Islands of The Bahamas."We are going to represent The Bahamas, and we have three categories that we are working with. One of them is a VIP event for 300 people and a major event for 1,200 people and then there is something even bigger than that. I am just working along with the Food Network kitchen to produce," said Hall.

"It is a great privilege but first and foremost representing The Bahamas anywhere is fantastic. We are doing everything uniquely Bahamian...down home. We will be preparing conch chowder, old fashioned peas and rice, dried conch, and we are doing a twist on a dish, which is a little bit more modern but it is still uniquely Bahamian. Everything that we are doing is going to be uniquely Bahamian."The concert will also draw music lovers to its doors as John Mayer will be performing. A Bahamian DJ that lives in Chicago will perform at one of the scheduled events.

"It's going to be very Bahamian, and we plan to take some Bahamian props over there and we want it to feel very local because we are taking these things over there to sell The Bahamas," said Hall.The chef representing The Bahamas has an extensive resume from working as an executive chef, food and beverage manager, executive sous chef and as a culinary expert at locations such as Walt Disney Cruises, Marriott Hotels, Island Catering Inc, Grenada W.I., Taino Beach Resorts Ltd. to Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort and The Ritz Carlton's Abaco Club to name a few.

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Bahamian Chef Tim Tibbitts and Ministry of Tourism Heading to New York City to Represent Bahamas at Ocean Style's Taste of Caribbean

August 14, 2014

On August 6, Chef Tim Tibbitts of Flying Fish and the Ministry of Tourism took to New York City...

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I've never met a crawfish I didn't like
"I've never met a crawfish I didn't like"

August 13, 2014

You know them as lobsters … one of the best, most succulent seafood delicacies you'll ever taste. But here in The Bahamas we call them crawfish. Same incredible taste, just a different name...

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CHMI apprentice cook coordinator receives ACF honorary fellowship

August 09, 2014

Culinary Hospitality Management Institute (CHMI) Apprentice Cook Coordinator Chef Addiemae Rolle-Farrington has received honorary fellowship into the American Academy of Chefs (ACF).
Rolle-Farrington received her honorary fellowship medal on Sunday, July 27 at the 2014 ACF National Convention in Kansas City, Mo.
She was the second Bahamian - after Chef Edwin Johnson in 2006 - and first woman to receive honorary induction into the ACF.
"I was elated. I was speechless to tell you the truth," said Rolle-Farrington. "It means all the hard work has paid off. I've now become an ambassador for the country, and I can now sit at the table and attend meetings," she said.
The ACF organization was created for one basic reason -- to promote a professional image of American chefs worldwide through education of culinarians at all levels, from apprentice to the most accomplished certified master chefs of the culinary arts.
Through her honorary fellowship, Rolle-Farrington said she wants to be an inspiration for youth, showing them that they can come from humble beginnings, but they don't have to stay there.
"I want the students to know that, in everything they do, you must give 100 percent to accomplish your goal. And to never look for somebody to say thank you, and to just do it from your heart and do it for the passion," said the chef.
Rolle-Farrington has been a chef instructor since 1986, but has been in the industry since 1979, when she worked as an apprentice chef at the Holiday Inn, which is now the location of The Cove at Atlantis on Paradise Island.
The former 10-year president of the Bahamas Culinary Association (BCA) (1986-1997), she has traveled the world as a culinary judge, coach and competitor. She served as a private chef to former United States Ambassador Sidney Williams and U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She is also on the board of directors of the Caribbean Chef's Association and was chef of the year 1991-1992.
As a coach for The Bahamas Chef Association, she has trained chefs for local, regional and international culinary competitions including the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt Germany and the ACF South-East Regional and Central Regional Culinary Competitions.
The American Academy of Chefs, the honor society of the ACF, recognizes ACF members who have met the rigorous requirements and whose culinary achievements and involvement in the ACF qualify them for fellowship into the prestigious society. Honorary fellowships, such as those received by Rolle-Farrington and Johnson are conferred upon individuals in recognition of their dedication and service to the culinary profession as well as their unique accomplishments in enhancing culinary arts.
Nearly 800 chefs and culinary educators have been elected to the prestigious academy. To earn the right to list "AAC" following one's name, a culinarian must be a member of ACF, have fulfilled all the stringent requirements for membership in the AAC and be present at the ACF National Convention for induction. Honorary AAC Fellows like Rolle-Farrington and Johnson, enjoy the prestige and privileges of their ceremonial awards, but "HAAC" instead of "AAC" is listed after their names.

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Will the Bahamas Be Hosting the Next Taste of the Caribbean Competition?

July 29, 2014

Taste of the Caribbean is one of the most important showcases of Caribbean Cuisine. The famed food fest recently took place in Miami, but is there a chance that next year’s event will be hosted in the Bahamas? Tourism Minister, Obie Wilchcombe, certainly hopes so, having recently spoken to the press about the strong pulling power of Caribbean food: “Our food is important and we want people to go everywhere and talk about it. We are very proud of the effort that the national culinary team has made. I think that we have so much to offer and I would like to see this conference come to the Bahamas because I’d like to show the world what we can do in the culinary aspect.”

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Melia Supports Local Farmers Hotel Features Field to Table Fare

July 21, 2014

When a guest orders dinner at the Melia Nassau Beach on Cable Beach, chances are there’s a little something special on the plate...

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From the bottom to the top

July 12, 2014

It was a scene reminiscent of last year's Island Flare Food Fight -- Leanna Clarke found herself at the bottom of the pot after the preliminary cook-off round, but she rose to the top to become the toast of the town during the finals. Clarke walked away with the 2014 title and a $40,000 scholarship to the prestigious culinary institute, Johnson and Wales University. She also walked away with a one-week summer camp scholarship to the university
Clarke, a graduate of Anatol Rodgers High School, earned the win from the plantain competition with her rack of lamb stuffed with plantain, spinach and feta cheese. The dish was laced with a plantain, onion and mushroom relish and served with a plantain and herb couscous.
"I feel great and I'm actually surprised that I won," said Clarke, after she was able to compose herself. "Overall I was very excited about the competition. The [judge] told me that I corrected everything that went wrong [during the preliminary round], so that was probably why I won."
Clarke said she can't wait to attend a one-week summer boot camp at Johnson and Wales University from July 20-25. She also received airfare, accommodation, meals and uniforms.
"I'm so excited about the boot camp because we're going to learn different cuisines, so that's what I'm really looking forward to," she said.
Naquana Evans, a C.I. Gibson graduate, was judged second. She produced a plantain and pumpkin risotto served with poached plantain hog snapper and a plantain and spinach roulade with asparagus and buerre blanc.
Deandra Ellis, a C.V. Bethel graduate, was third. Ellis also won the prize for the most creative use of plantain for her dessert dish -- a deconstructed plantain and pineapple tart, nutmeg and plantain chip ice cream and plantain tuille with berry sauce. She took home a Kitchen Aid Pro Line immersion blender set for her efforts. Ellis is the first to win such a prize, as the award has just been introduced to the competition this year.
Evans and Ellis were both also awarded $40,000 in scholarships to Johnson and Wales University. All scholarships are contingent on the winners securing five Bahamas General Certificates of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examinations and maintaining at least a 3.0 grade point average. They will join Clarke at the summer culinary boot camp.
The food fight, which took place at Sandals Royal Bahamian Hotel (preliminary) and the Mall at Marathon (final), was sponsored by the Sandals Foundation, which donated more than $2,000 toward the equipment the students used to create their culinary masterpieces. Other sponsors included the Mall at Marathon, Kelly's, Master Technicians, Coca-Cola and Bahamas Local.
Before the competition, the student chefs practiced their plantain dishes in the kitchens at Sandals Royal Bahamian.
"The student chefs didn't disappoint. They brought their A-game," said Chef Jamall Petty, president and founder of Island Flare. "You could tell all of them had been trained for this big day and each of the creations they submitted was unique compared to the previous battles. Some of the stuff they did could have intimidated a seasoned chef."
This year made four years since the competition began.

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